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I grab your arm and push you against the wall. I press against you, spreading your legs with my feet, holding your wrists tightly in my hands, your breasts crushed against the hard surface. You try to fight me off, pushing against my body.

“Stop fighting, I know you’ve wanted this for years,” I growl softly into your ear.

Despite the sternness in my voice, the warm breath against your skin sends an electric charge down your spine. I kiss and lick up and down your neck. A moan sounds from inside you.

“You like that, don’t you?”


I nibble softly on your neck, and on your ear. I grab both of your wrists above your head with one hand, and run the other hand up and down your side and upper leg before finally arriving on your ass cheek. I knead and caress your ass, feeling you push against my hand. I slide my hand between us, undo your skirt, and tug on it until it slides down your legs. I move my hand back to your body, feeling your silky panties and the soft firmness of your gorgeous ass. You feel the sensation of hardness as the bulge of my cock presses between your cheeks. I slide both hands up your sides, slipping them under your blouse, and pulling it over your head and up your arms, before throwing it across the room. I move one hand back to your ass, and the other to your ample breast. I fondle your breast and ass, eliciting a sigh of pleasure.

You turn your head towards me, your lips welcoming my mouth as I attack them. Our tongues find each other, intertwined, willing us to come closer still. I break away from you for a moment, and whisper into your ear, “You want this, don’t you?”


“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me. Take me. Fill me.”

I attack your mouth again, with an animalistic fervor. You moan softly, it resonating in our mouths. I slide my hand off your breast and the soft fabric of your bra cup, and force it under the bra, taking your breast in my hand. Your skin is smooth and soft, your nipple against my palm hard enough to cut glass. I squeeze your wonderful breast, bringing forth a small sigh with each movement. I reach behind, and unclasp your bra, releasing your amazing breasts. I pull your bra up and over your head, and drop it to the floor. I seize one your wonderful tits in each hand. I run my hands over your stiff dark chocolate nipples, rubbing them between my fingers and gently pinching them. I trace circles around your areolas before clutching your breasts in my hands.

After giving your chest some well deserved attention, I slide my hands down your sides, my finger tips slipping inside your silk panties. I grab the smooth, flimsy material and slide them off your ass, and down your legs. I hold you close as you step out of your skirt and panties. They end up as a heap upon the floor. One hand finds its way to your curvaceous ass, as the other slides around in front, caressing your stomach. I rub circles on your skin, agonizingly slowly gliding lower and lower. Your desire grows as I approach your forbidden fruit.

I sweep my hand across your hot pussy, evoking a deep passionate moan. I massage your lower lips, as you gyrate to my every touch. I run a finger between your lips from bottom to top, giving you an almost electric shock as it lands on your clit. My finger circles this sensitive bead, before attacking it, rubbing it hard and fast. A gasp escapes your lips, and turns into a steady stream of moans. I move my other hand to your breast, attacking your nipple and clit simultaneously. Your whole body pushes against me, writhing in pleasure. You feel the heat rising as I assault your sensitive parts, bringing you ever closer to the point of no return. I feel your body lock as an orgasm explodes from deep within you, unleashing a loud scream of pleasure.


As your senses return, you softly whisper, “Thank you.” I respond with a low chuckle, “Oh baby, we’re just getting started!”

You quickly turn around to face me, a devious look in your eyes. You plaster your lips against mine and throw your arms around my neck. Our kiss expresses the passion and need we both have at that moment. My hands move to your ass, pulling you hard against me. You feel my stiff cock press against your body, triggering a sense of wanton desire. Your hands slip between us, unbuttoning my shirt and quickly sliding down to my pants. You fumble with the belt, button, and zipper, wanting to reach the prize that awaits you inside. You tear my pants down and pull my shirt off, before grabbing my cock, feeling its hardness through the fabric of my boxers.

You drop to your knees and quickly pull the last bit of my clothing off, releasing my cock. You give a short gasp of surprise as it springs forth to greet you. You look up at me, and huskily whisper,”It looks like you are happy to see me!”

You grasp my cock in both hands, feeling its hardness in your soft hands. You begin to slowly pump your hands up and down my length. I close my eyes bakırköy escort and enjoy the feeling as you gradually increase the tempo of your assault. Suddenly, I feel a warm, intense sensation, causing me to groan loudly. I look down at you, to see the amazing sight of my cock buried in your mouth. You look up at me, your eyes sparkling with lust. You trace your tongue around the head, exploring every part, before you begin to suck on it. As I let loose another load groan, I feel you moan, the vibrations a new and pleasurable stimuli against my manhood.

Your head bobs up and down, your lips enveloping my cock. You grab my ass with one hand, while the other gently massages my heavy balls. Your saliva coats my member as you try to capture its length in your mouth with every stroke. You pull your mouth off and lick down the underside of my cock. You lick and suck on my balls while jacking me off. You kiss my head and suck on it before taking me back into your mouth. Overcome by the sensation, I thrust my hips forcing my cock deeper than you expect. You briefly gag before growing more accustom to the pressure at the back of your mouth. I run my fingers through your raven colored hair. I grab your hair and pull you deeper, fucking your mouth harder and harder with each stroke. You try to fight against my thrusts, but soon give in, swallowing my cock. The large purple head slides into your throat, my balls resting on your chin.

I let go of your head, and you pull away coughing. You look up and give me a wink before taking me back into your mouth. You lick and suck my cock while jacking my length with both hands. You work your mouth and hands faster and faster, willing me to cum. I feel the pressure growing in my balls. I look into your eyes, “I’m getting close…do you want me to cum in your mouth?”


I unleash a stream of groans as I get closer and closer. As I climax, I yell out, “FUUUCK YESSSSSS! OH MY GOOOOOD!” My hot cum shoots onto your waiting tongue. Stream after stream fills your mouth. You try to hold it all in, but a few drops slip past on your lips landing on your breasts. You rub the sticky wetness into your skin, and rub your nipples. You let my cock go with a pop. You smile at me and part your lips to show me your mouth full of my cum. You stick out your cum-slathered tongue before closing your mouth and swallowing everything. You lean forward and take my cock back in your mouth, cleaning every drop off of its length. I smile down at you.

“That was amazing! Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. But I think my pussy is dying for some attention,” you whisper back.

“Hmmm…I think we can do something about that.”

I take your hands and help you to your feet. I grab you in my arms, and kiss you deeply, tasting the saltiness of my cum in your mouth. I pick you up and carry you to the bed and lay you down on the cool sheets.

I kiss your soft lips, and then your cheek, and down your neck. I trace my tongue across your neck and down your chest, burying my face in your cleavage. I kiss from your cleavage up onto one of your breasts. I circle your breasts with my tongue, I trace around your areola, tantalizing close to your hard nipple. As I teasingly pull away from your breast, you sigh disappointedly. I wink at you and then attack your breasts, sucking on one erect nipple, and fondling your other breast with my hand. I nibble softly on one nipple, while pinching and rubbing the other between my fingers. I trade sides, so that both breasts feel equally loved.

I continue to journey further south, kissing down your stomach, circling your belly button, and heading towards your waiting pussy. Just as I am about to reach your happy place, I detour down one of your legs, receiving a groan of disappointment. I then kiss, lick, and nibble my way up your inner thigh. I get close to the goal, before teasingly skipping over to your other leg, giving it the same treatment. I finally return to your pussy, licking up and down your outer lips. I blow cool air over your wetness, sending a shiver down your spine. I trace my tongue up your slit, and flick it across your clit. I clamp my mouth down on your sensitive spot and suck hart on it. You gasp for air, the sensations becoming so intense. I slip a finger into your pussy, feeling how wet you are. You pussy clamps down as I trace the contours of your canal. Then I slide another finger inside you…and then a third. I slowly build a rhythm, finger-fucking you.

I quickly trade, diving my face into your wetness, while rubbing your clit with my fingers. You are lost in pleasure, a constant stream of moans escaping your lips. I trade back and forth a few more times, before burying my tongue into your waiting pussy. I lick every inch of your pussy, tasting your sweet flavor. As I plant my lips on your clit again, and slide all four fingers into you, a strong orgasm hits you.

“YES! YES! DON’T STOP!!!” you scream out.

Your back arches, pushing your body against başakşehir escort my mouth. I pull my fingers out of you and grab your ass with both hands forcing your pussy even tighter against my lips. You put your legs over my shoulders, clamping onto my head with your thighs, while I lick your pussy, sucking up all your juices.

You eventually let go of the death grip on my head. You look down at me, and whisper, “Come here.”

I move up to meet you, your lips awaiting mine. I kiss you deeply, letting you taste your juices on my lips. We embrace each other, our arms, legs, and tongues intertwined.

– – – – – – – – – –


Amy Johnson. I knew she was the best kind of trouble from the first time I met her. Despite her plain name, she got her gorgeous looks from her mother, an immigrant from India. She was petite with beautiful dark skin, jet black hair, and deep brown eyes that I always got lost in. Her thin 5’4″ body was a perfect match for her perky 30D breasts.

As for me, my name is Sam Williams. Although I don’t have the athletic build that I used to pride myself on, I’m still a fairly taut 6’2″ with blue-grey eyes and light brown hair.

Amy and I went to school together at a small college in the Midwest. We were study partners, thick as thieves, and unrequited lovers. Despite a whole lot of sexual tension, we never ended up together. Whenever one of us was single, the other was dating someone else. We traded back and forth like that until our last year of school, when she got engaged to a fellow classmate…a douchebag named Mike.

After college we drifted apart. I ended up taking a job in the Houston area. Amy and Mike got married, and moved out to the West Coast. Mike became increasingly jealous and controlling, and I was forced to stop talking to her. I moved on…with the memories of what could have been.

– – – – – – – – – –


I was newly single. I had been dating Melissa, a voluptuous spitfire of a woman who I thought was the love of my life. She and I both worked for the same company. She was a hot shot art director for the advertising department, and I was the manager of the sales department. Everything seemed to be perfect. That particular night, I arrived at her condo, ready for the moment of truth. I had roses in my hand, reservations to one of the best restaurants in town, and a diamond engagement ring in my jacket pocket.

I quietly slipped through the front door, intending to surprise her. However, I was the one who would be surprised. I heard soft moans coming from her bedroom. I smiled and thought to myself, “Hmmm, she must be enjoying herself.” My smile quickly disappeared when I heard a man’s voice. My head jerked in the direction of the sound…what is going on back there? I crept down the hall and peaked around the corner. What I saw changed everything. There on the bed that we had made love on just this morning was Melissa. Naked. On all fours. Her fiery red hair and large tits bouncing around. Getting railed from behind by Brian, her boss and the manger of the advertising department.

I was at total loss. What should I do? Before I could make up my mind, the issue was decided for me.

“Could you imagine how pissed off Sam would be if he found out about us,” Brian asked.

“I bet he would be furious. But I don’t care. If he couldn’t figure out that we’ve been doing this for months, it’s his own fault,” Melissa responded in between moans.

Feeling my blood begin to boil, I weighed my options. I was well within my rights to run in there and put a physical end to this encounter. Instead I decided I wanted to get some payback. I pulled out my cell phone and shot a few pictures and a short video, making sure to get both of their faces clearly in all of it. I then covertly moved back down the hall, grabbed a bag, and packed the few things I didn’t mind leaving at her place.

I silently stepped outside, got in my car, and left this part of my life behind me. I drove around for hours lost in my thoughts. I finally pulled into a deserted parking lot, and got out. I sat on the trunk and dialed my boss, Joel, the company’s president. I explained the situation, and forwarded the video and pictures. He had been my friend for a few years and had hired me when he took over the company. I could tell that he was almost as pissed off as me, foremost that his friend had just had his life torn apart, but also that two of his employees would engage in such underhanded behavior. He promised to deal with Melissa and Brian quite harshly, and said that he would fully support any decisions I made in regard to staying with the company. I told him that I would take some time off and think things over.

– – – – – – – – – –


I was lying on my couch, still feeling sorry for myself. I had barely done anything but sleep and be depressed for a few weeks. Just the day before, I had talked to Joel and told beşiktaş escort him that I would not be staying with the company…there were just too many painful memories, even after he had summarily fired both Melissa and Brian. Fortunately, he had put together a very generous severance package for me. Additionally, he had arranged to have all of my personal items cleared out of my office and shipped to my house. And if that wasn’t enough, he had talked to a colleague of his and set up a similar position for me with that company whenever I wanted it. I was blown away by his generosity.

I raised my head as I heard the ‘new mail’ chime come from my laptop. “What now,” I thought. I opened up the screen and checked the inbox. I read the subject of the first email –”Hey Stranger!” The sender was…Amy! My old friend. Just the type of person I needed to talk to right then.

I read her email, picturing her beautiful face as I did. She was separated from Mike. He had become increasingly abusive and hostile to her. He had hit her on a few occasions, but always immediately apologized and said that it would never happen again. They had planned on waiting a few years to get their life together established before they had children. Recently, she had asked when he wanted to finally start a family, and he said that he no interest in doing so. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she had recently found out that he had been having a series of affairs going to almost the beginning of their marriage. She had moved out about six months ago, and filed for divorce.

She said how much she missed me, and she wished things had worked out differently between us.

“Me too,” I thought to myself.

She also said that she would be in Houston on a business trip in a few weeks, and that we should definitely get together.

I called her, happy to talk to my friend after many years apart.

Over the next few weeks we talked almost daily, for hours on end, reconnecting and making up for all the lost time. We also arranged the details for us to meet up.

– – – – – – – – – –


You and I sat across the table from each other at one of my favorite places, a hip sushi restaurant in downtown. The dim lights and sensual music set the mood. You were truly a sight to behold. Every time our eyes met, you beamed a smile that made my heart skip a beat. We enjoyed sushi, sake, and catching up with each other.

As we shared some green tea ice cream and a bottle of rice wine, I felt you run your foot up and down my leg.

“So there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Oh?” I replied.

“Yes. My divorce was finalized last week. Which means…for once, you and I are single at the same time.”

A grin crept onto my face. I take your hands in mine, and asked, “Amy, my dear, would you be my girlfriend?”

“Sam, I would love to. But first, tonight, will you be my lover?”

I caught the attention of our waitress and ask for our check.

“Does that answer your question?”

We walked back to my car, our arms wrapped around each other. I opened your door and pulled you close; kissing the lips I had longed to kiss for so many years. I helped you into the car and quickly got in as well.

“Drive, my lover”, you beamed at me.

I floored it, and we arrived at your hotel a few minutes later. We had our hands all over each other as we made our way through the lobby, into the elevator, and up to your floor. As you unlocked the door to your room, I grabbed your hand and forced you inside…

– – – – – – – – – –


Your soft hand slides down my back and in between our hot bodies. You take hold of my quickly hardening cock.

“I’ve waited years to feel this monster inside me. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

“Yes, ma’am”, I respond, earning myself a playful swat.

You roll onto your back and spread your legs, welcoming me into your promised land. I kneel between your legs and rub my cock up and down the lips of your pussy and across your clit.

“You tease!” you cry out.

“Yes I am…and you like it!”

I get down on my hands and knees and push my engorged head into your pussy, eliciting a soft moan. Slowly I slide my cock in a little at a time, until you take all eight inches deep inside.

“Oh my god, baby, it’s so big!”

“And you are so tight and wet!”

You wrap your legs and arms around me, holding me tight. I pull out until just the tip is inside, and then slam back into you, making you cry out in both pleasure and pain. Slowly I build up a rhythm until we are fucking like rabbits. Moans and the sound of my balls slapping your ass filled the air.

“Harder! Harder!” you scream out.

I thrust my cock into you harder and harder as you slam your hips against me. I feel your hot juices dripping out of your pussy and down my balls. Suddenly you stiffen and cry out as you are hit by another orgasm. Your eyes rolled back in your head and you scream out my name, as you drag your fingernails across my back. I can feel the muscles of your pussy flutter and contract on my rod. God, I’ve never felt anyone as tight as you. That sniveling asshole Mike must have had a tiny penis not to have stretched you out. I stop my assault on your slit, and let us both catch our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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