Amazing Grace Ch. 1

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It was 7:00am on a hot, sunny Monday in New York. Ethan was drowning his sleepiness in black coffee and the New York Times, lounging on the patio of his favorite cafe in Manhattan. The sun had risen brightly over the tall buildings and directly into Ethan’s face.

Squinting his eyes, he held his watch up to check the time. It was now 7:30. He finished the last bit of his coffee and tossed it into the waste basket on his right. Reluctantly, he pulled himself up, tucking the paper under his arm and headed towards the subway. The train was sure to be crowded as is customary this time of day. He hurried into the station, sliding his MetroCard through the slot, rushing to catch the “F” Train to Wall Street. The people piled in behind him and he quickly slid into the last remaining seat.

The train jerked to a start and plummeted down the track. He slowly opened up the paper to the finance section, finally he was able to see well enough to check the day’s stock quotes. He was just folding the paper back up when he felt a thud at his feet. He looked down to see a pink, satin ballet slipper on the ground, the ribbons fanning out over his wingtips.

He turned his glance a little to the right to see a pair of perfectly turned out feet beside his. His gaze drifted up the long, languid legs and past the line of her hip. His gaze continued up to discover a long, thick mane of copper hair.

“Excuse me, Miss?” He asked nervously.

She turned around to reveal the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her emerald green eyes flashed as they met his steel grey-eyed gaze.

“Yes?” she replied coolly.

“Is this your shoe?”

“Oh, yes, thank you! I must have dropped it.”

She gracefully bent over and picked it up as Ethan tried to keep from staring down her tight tank top. She slid the shoe into her bag and zipped it securely.

The train screeched to a halt and passengers got up and filed out at the zümrütevler escort bayan first stop. Ethan motioned for her to be seated in the newly available seat to his left. She lowered herself down smoothly and opened up her bag, pulling out hairpins and a brush.

“I’m Ethan,” he said warmly and extended his hand.

“Grace,” she answered back with a smile.

“That’s appropriate for you.” he answered back.

There was no reply from Grace, as she was piling her hair into a thick bun at the base of her neck. Ethan noticed on her bag was embroidered with “New York Urban Dance Center”. She stood quickly as the train jerked to a stop. She turned to look down at Ethan. “I saw you staring at my ass. Call me.” she said with a wink, handing him her number.

Later that evening they were meeting for drinks at “Sophie’s”, a trendy little bar on the lower east side. Grace sat at a table near the front, a little early as usual. She pulled out a tiny mirror and re-applied a thin layer of ruby lipstick and straightened her flowing maroon dress.

Ethan breezed confidently through the door to find Grace running her hands down her dress. He was pleased to find it was very low cut and when she turned to greet him, a sliver of her pale nipple slid outside the material.

They both ordered a martini, very dry with two olives and laughed because they shared the same favorite drink. They kept the drinks coming and their inhibitions were lowering. Grace pulled Ethan onto the dance floor and pulled him close to her. She ran her hands down his muscular chest and grinded her hips into his. She grabbed his hands and slid them under her dress, guiding them up her tight thighs. He could feel she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Come home with me,” she persisted.

Ethan just nodded, picked up the tab, and they got a cab. They couldn’t keep their hands aydınlı escort bayan off each other on the way to her place.

When they finally got there, Grace pulled Ethan to her bedroom. “Sit on the bed.” she instructed. Ethan did as he was told and sat on the bed. Grace put on some music and began to dance for Ethan. She ran her hands down her body, pirouetting and letting her skirt fan out, revealing her pale, tight ass and shaven pussy. She faced the back and untied the halter neck of her dress, rolling her hips around. She turned again to face the front, pulling the top down slowly to reveal, her small pale breasts. She let go and let the dress fall swiftly to the floor and stepped out of it, her fingers pinching her hard nipples.

Grace slid into a straddle, facing the back, and rolled her hips through, showing off her clean, pink cunt. She rolled to face him, and brought her hand up her thighs to her clit. Rubbing in circles, she makes herself nice and wet. She brings a finger to her mouth and tastes her sweet juices, and then dips it back into her little hole. She crawls toward Ethan and puts the finger in this mouth, letting him taste her sweetness.

She grabs his shirt and tears it open as she kisses him deeply on the mouth, then biting down his neck as she pulls the shirt off of him. She kisses his chest, sucking and nibbling on his nipples and licking down his tight stomach. She grabs for his belt and undoes it her hands rubbing along his stiff member. She reaches the button and undoes it, slowly unzipping and tugging off his pants. Then she starts to lick his hard dick through is boxers. She tugs of his boxers and throws them over her shoulder, revealing a huge, thick cock. She smiles as she brings herself down to between his thighs to kiss the head. Her hand plays with his tight balls. She takes his dick deep into her mouth, her long red hair tickling his balls as she massages gebze escort the shaft with her hand. Swirling her tongue around the head, his legs start to shake.

“I want you to lick my pussy while I suck your cock.” She crawls up his body to straddle his face. He can smell the sweet aroma of her wet, waiting pussy. She lays across his chest, continuing to suck his big dick as he starts to lick her sweet cunt, flicking his tongue against her clit and sticking a finger in her tight hole. He stars sucking her clit into his mouth as he slides in another finger, alternating sucking her clit and flicking it with his tongue. She moans in pleasure as he does this, “Faster!” she cries, fucking his face. All of a sudden she stands up above him, he looks up at her hot pussy. She lowers herself onto his chest and slides down, her wetness spreading on his chest.

Grace slides herself onto Ethan’s huge cock, taking all of it inside her tight hole. She bucks her hips against him. Fucking him harder and harder. He takes her tiny tits into his hands and pinches her nipples. Then runs his hand to her waist to pump her up and down against his hard dick. “Oh, yeah, I love to ride your big dick.” she screams as he fucks her harder. “I want it doggie” she tells him, and he obeys, flipping her over. He plunges his dick deep inside her soaking wet box, while she fingers her clit. He slams his dick hard into her fucking her harder and faster. She tells him to put a finger in her tight asshole while he fucks her.

He sucks on his index finger, getting it nice and wet and slides it into her asshole. Fucking her harder with his cock, and gently finger fucking her ass. She slams her ass into him.. “Harder, harder. Yeah, fuck my ass! Tell me I’m your little whore.”

“Ooooh.. I’m gonna cum he moans, grabbing her by the hair and fucking her..

“Cum on my face..I love that.” she tells him. He walks around her shoving his cock in her wet mouth. He moans as he squirts a hot load onto her lips and chin, rubbing it around with his huge prick. “Mmmmm… she says as she sticks her fingers in it and tastes it…

She walks him to the door, and he takes one more look at her beautiful body.

“Call me sometime, next time I’ll really fuck your brains out.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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