Amanda Becomes a Slave Ch. 02

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The next day as Amanda and her owner are eating lunch…

Amanda says “Sir, I am curious how did you know I was in such a financial predicament?”

“Well,” Sean said “I liked you from the moment I saw you in the restaurant. I always tipped extra when I ate at your table requesting you to serve me when I ate there. But you brushed me off anytime I attempted to hit on you. I made my intentions pretty clear.”

“You see I work for a company that does hacking and counterhacking. It was relatively easy once I got your address and tags. It wasn’t until you said I could never have you that I decided to do some real digging. Learned a lot from your facebook, too; you should really make that private.”

“You look lovely today. That dress is stunning on you.” Her dress was black showed off all her curves and hung off the shoulders perfectly accentuating her perky breasts. Amanda blushed smiled and gazed down.. Sean placed his hand on her nylons.

“Today at dinner I have something new for you to wear.” He pulled out a short black butt plug. “It has a vibrator. When we go to dinner you will go to the bathroom insert it and wear it until we come back home.”

Amanda was indignant, “No I dont want to,” she said.

Sean looked at her raised his eyebrow and gave her a cold look. “Well you can choose not to but if you dont there will be consequences.”

“I bahis firmaları dont want too.”

Sean took her by the hand leading her to the play room. “Ok,” he said “either you agree to wearing the plug or you can go in the cage for a while your choice.”

“Its just Ive never worn a butt plug or had anal sex I’m afraid it would hurt,”

“You did agree to whatever I want,” Sean said what that smug look.

“I had no idea you wanted that!”

“Oh you are just beginning to understand what I want. I tell you what this time I’ll put in in for you, with lube ok? I’ll be gentle.”

He walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a small black object. “Lean over the bed.” He pulled her hips close to the edge of the bed and pulled her dress up underwear down. He leaned close gentle licking a little at her anus and suddenly she felt something cold. “Thats just the lube,” he said. He stroke her clit with his fingers, hoping to help her relax a bit.

“Oh,” she breathed in sharply.

Sean gently pressed a little of the tip in Amanda whimpers a little. A little deeper in and out delving just a little deeper each time.

“Wow that actually feels kinda good,” Amanda says.

Finally he works it all the way in. His expression was cold. “Put your hands here,” he said. He bound them one on each side. “You told me no.” He walked over to the cupboard. kaçak iddaa He came back with a long black rod that had a triangle piece of leather on the end. Instinctively Amanda tensed her muscles he brought it swiftly down on her ass.

Amanda cried out in pain and writhed but she was securely fastened. He waited until she relaxed and brought it down with a swish on the other side and a crack.

Amanda had sensed this was coming but she had no idea it felt so intense.

Strangely it made her pussy ache, too. A few more times she was developing some stripes on her ass. “Please, I’ll be good oh it hurts.”

“That was only six, 4 more.”

Amanda groaned, “I’m sorry Sir.”

“You will be.” He brought it crashing down on her ass a few more times alternating sides. Amand whimpered. “Ok last one.” He made the last one a little extra hard. He touched the bruises that were beginning to form. Then he caressed her pussy with his hand. “Thats enough for now, but if I need to punish you again I won’t be so gentle.”

“That was gentle!” Amanda exclaimed.

“Yes now fix yourself and keep the plug in; go get ready for tonight.”

Later that night at dinner.

Sean smiled at Amanda, “are you enjoying your food?”

“Yes thank you its delicious.”


“Now go to the bathroom remove your underwear bring it back at set it on kaçak bahis the table while we eat desert.”

Amanda blushed beet red, but she got up went to the bathroom removed her underwear came back and placed it on the table.

Amanda felt exposed and self consciously tugged at the back of her dress trying to pull her dress down in the back.

“We are going to go home check on your daughter and then I want you in the play room.”

They drove home and he was feeling her body touching and teasing her nipples and in between her legs. “How does that butt plug feel?”

“Weird to be honest, and it fell out a couple times before we left”

They checked on her daughter, she was in bed.

“Lets go in the playroom. Ok lean over the bench I’m going to take out the plug. I’m going to fuck you in the ass now try to relax. Push your ass towards me slowly.

Seans hand held Amanda against him slowly presing himself further inside.

“Just breathe relax,” in and out he slowly takes his time easing Amanda into it rubbing her pussy.

Amanda begins to moan and writhe in pleasure. Sean takes her hips and begins to ram it in and out reading her response. sean got into a rythm and their bodies moved together in unison.

“You want it, pet? You want my cum in yor ass hmm.” Sean paused waiting not pulling out or pushing in.

“More please, more Sir.”

“Rub your pussy and cum for me, pet.” Seans balls were slapping her pussy. “Tell me you want my cum in you. You like being my property, pet?

“Oh god, yes please cum in me please. Oh Sir it feels so good.”

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