Adventures In Mexico Day 01

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Finally, after several years, we are able to go on another vacation by ourselves. We catch our flight to Mexico, but this time we are going to the Caribbean side of the country and staying at a remote resort on the beach. The late night flight takes off and we relax in our first class seats anxious to arrive at our destination. We have been in the air for a couple of hours and have been served our meal and several complimentary drinks.

We cover ourselves with a large blanket for two that we were given by the flight attendant. We were told when we boarded the plane that we were the only ones in first class and we wouldn’t be disturbed after we finish our in-flight meal. What the flight attendant told us was true. There wasn’t anyone else in first class, barely anyone on the plane at all, and she did not disturb us after our meal was finished.

The plane was very nice. The first class seats reclined so they almost made a bed. Because they reclined so much there was a great deal of room between our seat and the seats in front of us. It didn’t take my imagination very long to start racing with ideas and after all of those drinks our inhibitions had pretty much fallen by the wayside. Well, at least mine had.

I started to slide my hands up and down your body, caressing your legs, sides, arms, and neck. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen in my shorts. Your eyes were closed and you started to moan slightly at my touch and whispered to me how good my hands felt on your body. Thank God you decided to wear a skirt while traveling.

I reached down under the blanket and caressed your legs sliding my hands over your soft, sensitive skin. I slid my hands up the inside of your legs and they parted slightly as if they had a mind of their own. I traced a line along them from top to bottom and they opened even more, enough for me to rest my fingers against the crotch of your panties. I massaged your pussy through the thin material. Your breathing increased in pace and intensity as I caressed your pussy. You started moving your hips to get more friction from my fingers. I move the crotch of your panties to the side and slip my fingers between the wet, slippery folds of your cunt. Your juices are very evident and soon my fingers are coated with your copious love liquid. I push two fingers inside your hot cunt and cause you to gasp out loud. Realizing how loud you were you immediately put your hand over your mouth to keep anyone from hearing you again.

My cock is completely hard now and dripping my juice from the opening in its head. I move down to the floor in front of your seat, crawl under the blanket, and spread your legs wide enough for me to put my face against your cunt. My tongue laps at the juices flowing from your honey pot gathering as much as I can. I push my tongue inside your cunt, swirling it around trying to lick its sweet walls, while my nose bumps your hard, engorged clit.

You’re massaging your full tits and pinching and pulling on your hard, distended nipples. I eat your cunt like it’s the last meal I’ll ever have. The pussy lashing that you’re getting is almost too much for you to handle, so you grab the blanket and shove it into your mouth as you cum hard, trying to keep your screams muffled and from the ears of the passengers in coach. Just then the flight attendant slides the curtain open, takes a step into the first class cabin, and freezes in the opening as she sees what we are doing. She then quietly steps back into the galley and closes the curtain. Your eyes were closed so you didn’t notice her come in, but I heard the curtain move. I didn’t stop licking and sucking your wonderful cunt. As a matter of fact, I increased my efforts on your pussy, bringing you to another, stronger orgasm with my mouth and tongue.

As you cum you let out a little squeal and I turn to see if the flight attendant is looking. I notice the curtain pulled slightly away from the side of the doorway and I could see her peeking through a small opening, watching us in our sexual bliss. Seeing that she is watching us I know that she isn’t going to stop us or report us, so I remove the blanket and your panties and proceed to pull my shorts and boxers down to my ankles. I spread your legs and hook them in my arms, so I have a straight shot at your juicy opening. I move forward and split your cunt with the head of my thick cock, driving deep into the bottom of your tight pussy in one long stroke until my pubic bone presses against your huge clit.

Your eyes roll back in your head as you feel the length of my cock slide into your hot, wet depths. I plunge into you hard, banging against your swollen clit and stretching your pussy lips so tightly that I can feel them gripping the shaft of my cock as if they were trying to keep my cock from moving at all. I slow down and slowly grind my cock into your cunt and over your big clit. I grab your hips and let you fuck up and down on my cock causing the rigid head to stroke your G-spot. You then pick up the pace and fuck me as if the impending orgasm was your lifeblood.

I üsküdar escort hear a small noise from across and behind me. I look over my shoulder and see the flight attendant sitting on the edge of the seat in the row across from us with her skirt pulled up, her legs spread, and her fingers frantically rubbing her clit and finger fucking her pussy. You see my head turned to the side and look to see what I was looking at. You’re startled at first, but then you move your hips to meet mine and fuck me harder than ever, quickly drawing my attention back to our coupling. I don’t know if it is the knowledge that someone is watching us fuck or what, but my cock got even harder and your pussy got even wetter and we both came explosively.

As we both came I could hear the flight attendant cum as well. Both of us were lying there spent and breathing heavily and at the same time we looked across the isle where the girl had been furiously rubbing her pussy only to see nobody was there. Did we really see her there? Did we imagine her getting herself off while she watched us fuck? Or maybe we had too much to drink and were hallucinating. The only thing we knew for sure was the fact we needed to clean ourselves up and try to get some sleep before we arrived in Mexico.

We were awakened by the flight attendant a while later and she told us that we had to raise our seat backs and make sure we were buckled up, because we were going to land shortly. She asked us if we wanted anything else to drink and she winked at us as we requested some bottled water. As we de-boarded the plane she gave both of us a knowing smile as she thanked us for making the flight a most “memorable” one.

A little while later we arrived at our resort. We checked in and were escorted to our private bungalow down on the beach. The bungalow was situated among several coconut trees and palmettos, which made our little area very private and hard to see unless you were only a few yards away. The other bungalows were situated in the same manner. The closest bungalow to ours was about 100 feet away. The interior was decorated in a Mayan motif and there was a rather large patio that was enclosed with mosquito netting on the back of the structure and was facing the ocean. Tiki torches were placed all around the building. We even had our very own private pool. It wasn’t very big, but big enough for us and maybe another couple. It was a very romantic, and dare I say, sexy setting.

This was going to be a very “HOT” vacation. We brought along an array of sex toys, lube, my “special pills”, and my cock pump. You know. The essentials! My cock was hard just thinking about fucking my hot wife every chance I could and everywhere I could.

We unpacked our clothes and “essentials” and went to the beach to get some sun. Both of us have been dieting for months and now we looked good in our new swimsuits. Sherry applied sunscreen to my exposed body and I did the same to her. I took a little longer to apply the sunscreen to her, because I love the feel of her body as I rub my hands all over her, lingering in a few special places. We lounged on the beach soaking up the sun when we noticed that there were other people along the beach as well. We didn’t notice them at first, because we were all scattered out from each other with quite a distance between us. What really caught our eye was the fact that they were all nude!!! We were the only ones on the beach that had any type of clothing on at all.

There were all types and shapes of people, all ages, and some of their “features” were very “prominent”. What I mean is, there were men with penises that ranged in size from small to large to very large and there were women whose breasts were of various shapes, sizes, and “perkiness”. I found myself staring at some of them and noticed that Sherry couldn’t keep her eyes averted for very long either.

We were both getting a little excited from checking out the unclothed beach goers. Our eyes met and we both knew exactly what the other was thinking. Since we had lost weight and toned up we didn’t mind showing off our naked bodies. We started removing our swimsuits. I had mine off in a flash and watched as Sherry removed hers. She looked amazing standing there naked in the bright sun. Her big beautiful tits swayed gently as she moved and her shaved pussy made my mouth water and my cock hard. We were going home without tan lines. The only problem I could see was that I would be lying on the chaise or walking on the beach with my hard cock jutting out in front of me leading the way, pulsing, and dripping cum.

We figured since we removed our swimsuits we should apply sunscreen to the normally covered areas, so she squirted a glob into her hand and coated my hard cock and dangling balls and then on my white ass. I also squirted a good amount into my hand and made sure I covered her pussy, tits, ass and everything else that would normally be covered. I didn’t want sunburned genitals to keep us from having sex!

We lounged on anadolu yakası escort the beach for a while longer watching the others and decided to go back to the bungalow and cool off in the pool. As we walked to our bungalow we noticed most of the others were watching us as well. When we got inside of our bungalow Sherry looked down at my hard cock and told me that her pussy was soaking wet from being naked in front of all those people and watching them as well. What a powerful aphrodisiac, being a voyeur and an exhibitionist at the same time.

We jumped into our personal pool to cool off. We may have cooled our bodies off temperature wise, but the sexual temperature was almost at the max. My hot, sexy wife grabbed my cock under the water of the pool and pulled me close to her. She straddled me and placed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy. Even though we were in the water her pussy was still extra lubricated and my cock sank deep into her slippery cunt in one long thrust. She rode my pole with earnest, sliding up and down, gripping my cock on every out stroke. Our tongues were entwined dueling with each other. Her tits were rubbing my chest as she rode up and down causing her nipples to harden. Her arms were wrapped around my neck holding on for dear life as she fucked me with abandon.

I thrust my cock up into her tightly gripping cunt as she continually slammed her pelvis against mine. The orgasmic energy was building to a crescendo in our thrashing bodies. Then, all at once, our orgasms hit us at the same time. My cock fired thick ropes of cum into her pulsing pussy as she coated my rod with her sex fluid. While we held each other tightly, coming down from our sexual high, we detected movement in the palmettos just a few feet away. We both saw a man and a woman hurrying away. Evidently they had heard us fucking and snuck through the tropical growth to watch. We got out of the small pool and went into the bungalow to shower and get ready for dinner.

I was dressed and waiting for Sherry, when suddenly she appeared from the bedroom. She was a magnificent sight. She was wearing a stunning thigh length dress made of a light, thin material with a tropical design. As she stood there with the light behind her I could see the outline of her gorgeous body through the material. The dress had a low plunging neckline that showed off her beautiful breasts and cleavage. It tied around her neck like a halter top and it was apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were obviously hard which made them poke through the thin dress. There were no panty lines, so I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a thong, which she often did, or not wearing any at all. I would later know the answer to that question.

We decided on the restaurant where we were going to eat and proceeded to walk down the path to its location. The pathway wound through the tropical plants and was lit with tiki torches. A cool ocean breeze caused the palm trees to sway seductively as we slowly walked along.

We arrived at the restaurant after a short distance and were greeted by the hostess. She showed us to our table, which was situated against the wall near the back of the dinning room. The lights were low and there was a band playing soft music. We ordered drinks and an appetizer and enjoyed the musical entertainment while holding hands. The waiter, a young, good looking, Mexican boy about 25 years old, brought us our drinks, Tattoo and Diet Coke. We wasted no time drinking them down. We ordered another round. The second round of drinks was much stronger than the first, so we took our time drinking them. Our appetizer, which consisted of two dozen raw oysters, arrived shortly after our drinks. We ate the oysters, feeding each other and rubbing our legs against one another.

We finished our second drink when our entrée arrived, so we ordered another round to have with our dinner. We both had Caribbean Style Blackened Amberjack, steamed veggies, and wild rice. Again, we fed each other while staring into each other’s eyes and playing “footsie”. We finished our dinner and began to feel the effects of the Tattoo. While sitting close together in our booth you took my hand, placed it at the hem of your dress, and pulled it slowly up your legs until you reached the top of your thighs. You then spread your legs and pressed my hand against your shaved pussy, which, by the way, was not covered by any panties. With my hand in yours, you rubbed up and down the warm, moist lips of your pussy slightly grazing your clit in the process.

You took two of my fingers and pushed them between your lips and into your wet slippery hole, engulfing them and squeezing them with your cunt muscles. Our lips meet and our tongues venture into each other’s open mouths, one massaging the other. You are so wet my fingers easily slide in and out of your juicy cunt. You slide two of your own fingers into your quivering honey pot along side mine, stretching the tight ring of your sex. You massage your clit as our fingers move ataşehir escort in and out while I kiss and lightly bite your neck. Your breathing is deep and increases with the tempo of our fingers. I feel your pussy start to spasm around our fingers and your juices drench them as you cum. Your breathing slows as you come back to reality. I withdraw our fingers from your soaked cunt and continue to kiss your mouth, neck, and chest, licking the perspiration from your skin.

As if you could read my mind, you bring our fingers up to our mouths and we lick and suck them clean. We both need a drink now and hope it won’t be too long before the waiter brings us our third round of the night. We are surprised to see two full glasses of Tattoo and Diet Coke sitting on the table in front of us and realize that the waiter must have brought them while we were finger fucking your cunt and sucking each other’s tongues. We looked into each other’s eyes and began to laugh, wondering what he must have thought at the sight before his eyes. Just then he came back to our table and asked if we were ready for dessert. We told him that we had enough dessert for now. He said if there was anything else he could do for us to give him a call. He then gave us a wink, turned, and walked away.

He had written his cell number on our dinner receipt. We looked at each other and I put the receipt in my wallet. You then grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. The band was playing a slow romantic song, so we held each other tight and I pressed my extremely hard cock against your abdomen. My hands slid up and down your bare back and down to your nice tight ass, gripping it with both hands. The next song was more upbeat and we could let loose a bit. I love to watch you dance, because you look so sexy and seductive when you move to the music. I notice several of the people dancing around us and sitting at the tables next to the dance floor were watching us. The men were watching you and the women were watching me. The women weren’t looking at my face; they were gazing at my crotch.

I had forgotten about the raging hard-on causing the front of my pants to poke out. I figured the men were ogling you because you were so beautiful and because they could see through your dress! I leaned in to your ear and told you about the couples that were watching us and why. That must have excited you, because you then started to put on a real show for them, twisting and turning, thrusting your hips and shaking your fine ass. Their eyes never left your sexy body the entire time we were on the dance floor. I have to admit that I was excited as well, knowing the women were staring at the tent my cock was making in my pants and that the men were probably getting just as hard watching you dance and seeing the silhouette of your sexy body through your dress. Not to mention your luscious tits bouncing and swaying to the music. They were cheering and whistling at us and that made us even more adventurous.

After several more dances and a few more drinks we sat down in our booth to rest and cool off. We sat there for a few minutes and you leaned to me and sucked on my earlobe, breathing your hot breath onto my neck. Then you whispered to me to take you to our bungalow and “fuck you like an animal in heat!!!” You didn’t have to tell me twice! I took your hand and headed for the door. As we neared the door I saw our waiter and motioned to him that I would call him in a few minutes. He nodded that he understood, his eyes lit up and a big grin spread across his face. I’ll bet his heart even skipped a couple of beats.

On the way down the path to our bungalow we stopped to kiss, grope, and grind on each other several times. Once we finally arrived, we started to get undressed. I put on some sexy, silk, boxers, which you bought specially for this trip, and you told me to fix us a couple more drinks while you “changed into something more comfortable”.

I went to the wet bar, made our drinks, and called the waiter, which we now knew as Juan. He answered, I told him what I wanted him to do and that I would pay him well. I also told him I needed him to get here as soon as he could. He said that he had just gotten off work and needed to shower and that he would be here in about 20 minutes. I told him that I would leave the door unlocked for him and to quietly come in and get ready as soon as he arrived. I had your drink in hand and knocked on the bedroom door. You told me to set your drink on the table next to the door and that you would get it in a minute. I then got out my cock pump and started to make my cock nice and thick and long.

I knew this was going to be a night to remember. After a few minutes the bedroom door opened and you stood in the doorway leaning against the side with your arms up over your head. Oh My God!!!!! What a sight you were!!! You had on a red and black corset, matching garter, black stockings, and stiletto heels. The corset pushed your tits up and together making them bulge and create a nice cleavage. Your nipples were exposed and hard, aching to be sucked. You weren’t wearing any panties under the garter, which was fine by me, because I love to see you in a garter and stockings with no panties. You look so sexy with your pussy showing under a garter and easier to access too. My cock got extra long and thick at the sight of you standing there.

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