A Shy Kid Ch. 06

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Alexis Ren

A Shy Kid Ch. 06
When I got home the house was dark as usual except for a couple of night lights, I found my mother lying on her bed wearing a see through negligee waiting for me to get home. Even after the night I just had, my mom looked so hot lying on the bed. She had on one of her mini negligees that didn’t hide much at all. You could easily see her big beautiful tits and nipples through the material and it came down to just barely below her crotch thus showing off her beautiful legs. When I stepped into the room, she rolled over onto her back spreading her legs giving me a nice clear view of her shaved cunt, she said, “Oh sweetie, I’m so glad you are home, I was getting worried that you may of have had car trouble or something.”

“Oh no, nothing like that mom, just spent more time with Gloria than I expected to.”

“So how did it go?” She continued with a curios look on her face while she nonchalantly slid down her negligee shoulder straps totally exposing her nice big tits saying, “Was it a good decision today to save yourself for this evening?” She then placed her hands under her exposed tits and shook them at me.

I had to laugh saying, “Oh god I love those tits of yours, ahhhh, they are so fucking nice. Yes it was a good decision; I had the unexpected pleasure of fucking Gloria.”

“So, were her tits better than mine?”

“Oh no mom, yours are the greatest.”

“Even better than Gloria’s mom’s tits?”

“Hers are not better, just bigger.”

“Really, you fucked Gloria on your first date? Wow, that’s outstanding, I want to hear all the juicy details. But do you have anything left in your tank for me?”

“Of course mom, I will always have some spunk for you.”

My mom, without realizing it I think, had spread her legs a little further apart upon sitting up revealing more of her sexy pussy said, “Well, tell me what happened.” While just looking at my mom’s nearly naked hot body, I wanted to fuck her immediately even though I’d been fucking two ladies only minutes before. My cock got rock hard due to both thinking about Gloria and her mother plus just looking at my mom stretched out on the bed with her big tits and hot cunt in full view.

I said, “I will mom, but first I think that I need to take care of you.” I quickly removed my clothes and crawled onto the bed positioning myself between her outstretched legs. She had slipped off her negligee and was welcoming me with open arms and spread legs. I sank my cock into her waiting cunt and began my typical fucking routine with her. She was obviously more than ready, as soon I as began thrusting my cock into her pussy, she was meeting me with upward thrusts of her hips and said, “Oh fuck, I have been waiting for this all evening, I need to feel you cum inside me sweetie, I need a big load of your juicy cum dumped deep inside my cum starved cunt. I want you to flood my pussy with your semen, your baby making delicious sperm.” We immediately got into an intense fucking session and probably had the shortest cum time, I think we may have only been fucking for a couple minutes before we both reached a climax and totally juiced up her cunt. I collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her arms and legs around me holding me very tight until our climaxes totally passed.

She was the first to speak, “Oh baby, you are the best, what a nice way to be greeted at the end of day. I so enjoy how you fuck me, it is always a pleasure to feel your big cock so deep inside my body, having your cock buried in my pussy is total joy, I mean buried in my CUNT. I love you so much.”

“I love you too mom, you are the best and the hottest mom on the planet.”

“Okay, so tell me what happened with your date with Gloria, I’m dying to know how you were able to fuck her on your first date.”

“Well, what happened was a lot like you guessed. Not much happened during the movie but when we got to her place, we ended up on the couch necking when all of a sudden she took my hand and placed it on one of her tits. I almost shot my wad right there and then. I began to feel her up, squeezing both of her tits and after a few minutes of this, she began to unbutton her blouse. I then slid my hand inside her blouse and continued squeezing her tits until she unclipped her bra letting me fondle her bare tits, god they felt wonderful. She then began to rub my cock through my pants and since she had bared her tits, I figured I should bare my cock, so I took it out for her. She marveled at its size and then gave me a blowjob right there on her couch, swallowing all my cum. Since she had not climaxed I asked her if she would like for me get her off. She agreed and helped me get her panties off. I began to play with her pussy by sticking a finger in her cunt while I also played with her tits. She was moaning and groaning when she got a text from her mom saying she would be home in 5 minutes. I suggested that she let me eat her to get her to cum fasted, she agreed and laid back spreading her legs allowing me access to her pussy. I ate her pussy right there on her couch; she came within a couple minutes.

We quickly put our clothes back on before her mom came home and hopefully would look normal. I could hardly believe my eyes when her mother walked in. Wow, she was wearing a really sexy outfit where her huge tits were nearly hanging out of her blouse; we could see that she had had a few drinks. She sat down across from us letting her short tight skirt ride up her hips giving us both a view of her naked crotch. She also wanted to show me her tits but Gloria told her to go to bed and sleep it off. She then got up and left but when she stepped out of the room, she flashed her tits at me, god they are big. Once her mother was gone we went back to necking and then ended up in Gloria’s bedroom where I fucked her. She was not able to get all of me in her so I was only able to fuck her very softly because I knew I was hurting her somewhat. She was able to have two climaxes but I wasn’t able to have any. This upset Gloria and she didn’t want me to leave unsatisfied. So guess what?”

“I give up, what happened?”

“Gloria decided that I needed a bigger pussy to fuck so that I could get off, so she asked her mother if she would fuck me, she agreed and I ended up on Gloria’s bed fucking her mother. Can you believe that?”

“WOW PETER! I can’t believe it, you fucked Gloria’s mother on your first date with Gloria. Was Gloria with you when you fucked her mother?”

“YES, isn’t that amazing! After Victoria and I finished fucking she said that Gloria and I would be able to fuck like she and I did with lots of practice, and that we could practice in her house anytime we wanted to.”

“Wow, so Gloria’s mom is willing to have you two k**s fuck whenever you are together at her house. That’s just amazing and lucky for you.”

“Yea mom and you know what else?”

“No. What?”

“After Victoria told us that we could practice anytime, Gloria asked her mother if she would like to practice with me also. And her mother said yes, that she would love practicing with me, that she needed to keep her pussy in shape for guys like me with big cocks.”

“Wow, do you think Victoria is a whore?”

“I don’t know mom. When she first got home, Gloria asked her if she and Cathy, the woman she was out with, had found what they were looking for and Victoria said, yes and that she had gotten her fill early. Don’t know what that meant.”

“Maybe she was telling Gloria that she had gotten a full load of cum.”

“Don’t know mom.”

“So now when you go over to visit Gloria, you can fuck both her and her mother.”

“Yea isn’t that crazy, I get to fuck two hot sexy women most anytime I want.”

“See, I told you once a woman gets a chance to see and feel your big cock, they will do almost anything to get you to fuck them. Gloria is just learning about big cocks but I bet that Victoria is totally enamored with you and your big dick. She probably can’t wait for the next opportunity to be fucked by a young energetic guy with such a big cock.”

“And that opportunity may be tomorrow. Gloria invited me over to dinner tomorrow and said as I was leaving that we should practice while I was there.”

“Holy fuck, I think you have hit the jackpot. Do you think you will get to practice with her mother also tomorrow?”

“God I hope so. As much as I enjoyed fucking Gloria for the first time, fucking her mother just seemed so cool; she was like you mom, she wanted me to fuck her hard and deep. When she undressed and lay down on the bed next to me, it seemed so natural and when I crawled up on top of her and sank my cock into her juicy cunt, it just felt so right, don’t know why but it felt natural and really good. She seemed so relaxed like this was normal and natural. And those huge tits of hers were so great to fondle and suck on, her nipples were really big too, I loved sucking on them. Oh mom, this is hard to believe that I’m getting all this sex and it’s all because of you.”

“Oh baby, it’s you that is creating the situation. I just provided some encouragement for you. You have the equipment and the skill to be the best sex partner a woman can have, so go for it baby, just do it.”

“Oh mom, you make me feel so good, I’m getting another hard on just by talking to you and lying next to you like this. Would you like to fuck again?”

“Oh baby, I always like the feeling of having your cock inside me. Do you think you have anything left in your tank after what you have been through this evening?”

“I don’t know but sure would like to feel your warm pussy encasing my hard dick again.”

“How do you want me, on my back, on my hands and knees or on top of you?”

“Let’s do it doggy style, it’s been awhile since I fucked you like that.” My mom rolled over and got on her hands and knees offering me her backside. She looked back at me and wiggled her ass saying, “Sometimes it still seems strange that I’m here naked on my own bed, on my hands and knees offering my pussy and ass to you, my son, who is kneeling right behind me with his hard cock in his hand getting ready to fuck me. Yes, I want my son to fuck me; so screw me baby, cum in my cunt, cum in his mother’s cunt. As strange as this all seems at times, I love it and I hope you do too and will always be willing and want to fuck me, your mother.”

“Oh mom, I love it too and it doesn’t seem so strange to me anymore. It now seems very natural to see you naked and for you to want me to fondle your tits, pussy and ass, to eat your cunt and to fuck your ass and cunt. It’s just seems so natural for me now.” With that, I got on my knees behind my naked mother and guided my cock into her snatch. I ran my cock up and down her crack a few times and then found her pussy entrance and pushed my cock into her. She immediately moaned as I reached around her taking a tit in each hand while I proceeded to slowly slide my entire cock into the depths of her very juicy cunt. “Oh baby I just LOVE the feeling of having your entire cock up inside me, it feels so, so fucking good, we fit together so well. Ohhhh yes I feel your cock up against my cervix. Oh god that feels good.”

I then started to fuck her in long slow thrusts paying special attention to her clit occasionally. I wasn’t in a hurry and wanted to give my mother maximum pleasure, so I just took it slow and waited for instructions from her which didn’t take long for her to do. “Oh baby, you feel so good inside me, I love your big beautiful long cock ohhhhhhhhhh yes, yes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck this is good ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love how you fuck me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a little harder and deeper please, yea, like that ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oh god yes yes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I now want you to cum inside me baby, please pleaseeee cum in me, cum in my pussy yes yes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes ohhhhhh oh baby, baby now fuck me hard, yes fuck me hard, ohhh harder, harder ohhhhh yes harder, ohhh god yes, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum baby ohhhh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea yeaaaa.”

My mom’s body went rigid and stayed rigid for quite some time until the tension of her orgasm relaxed and then she slumped down onto the bed. I remained on her backside keeping my cock fully engaged in her twat, I know how she likes for me to stay inside her as long as possible. My cock finally began to soften so I rolled off her and then snuggled against her. She turned her head toward me and placed her arm around my neck and said, “You are the sweetest guy ever, I can’t express to you how wonderful you make me feel. That was one of the many wonderful and loving fucks that I have ever had from you, you are just the most!” I kissed her and dozed off immediately.

I woke to the smell of coffee and the sound of my mother humming. She was actually in the bathroom drying off from her shower. I waited until she appeared which she did with her hair wrapped in a towel and that was all she was wearing. I so admire my mom’s body, her big tits have very little sag and her ass and legs are to die for. She noticed I was awake and said, “Morning dear, ready for another day?”

I said, “Yea as long as you are part of my day.”

“Oh baby, you always know what to say to make me feel appreciated. I also like it when you are part of my day, a big part of my day and especially when I have a big part of you up inside me.” She giggled and said, “Any plans other than practice and dinner with Gloria and her mother?”

I responded “no” as I watched my naked mother walk around getting her clothes out to wear. Like I have said before, I so admire my mother’s body especially when she is moving around, her tits bounce so nicely. I also get a chance to see her pussy and ass whenever she bends over or stretches to get something down low which she seems to do frequently when I’m around, and she does it with her legs slightly spread giving me a great view of her cunt and ass. This morning was no exception and as I lay there, my cock came to attention just watching her. Finally she turned around to say something when she noticed that I had an erection. “My god, doesn’t that thing ever take a break?” I just smiled at her as I began to stroke my hard cock. She starred at me for a few seconds and then motioned for me to get up and to come toward her. When I got up she turned facing her dresser and took a few steps forward and then spread her legs as she leaned over holding on to the top of the dresser and said, “Just plant that pole in me baby, give me my good morning fuck.” I stepped up behind her, grabbed my cock and slid it into her crack. I moved my ass back and forth sliding my dick along her crack. I reached around her thigh to her pussy and pushed the head of my dick directly into her cunt causing her to moan. I moved my cock up and down a few inches getting the head of my dick lubricated and then withdrew my cock pulling it back until I felt the entrance of her asshole. I then pushed my dick head into her ass and held it there. “Oh baby, that feels so good but I haven’t prepared my ass for any fucking. I would prefer that you fuck me in my cunt, but if you insist, go for it, I always like the feeling of having your cock shoved up my ass. Times like this I wish I had twin boys.”

“Why twins?”

“So I could be double fucked, have one twin fucking my cunt while the other twin fucks my ass. Oh honey, I do really like your cock in my butt hole but please just fuck my cunt this morning.” I removed my cock from her ass and slipped it back into her pussy and began another fuck session with my mom. After maybe 10 minutes of thrusting my cock deep into her cunt while also playing with her tits while she simultaneously reached down into her crotch and rubbed her clit, we both climaxed creating a really sloppy mess in her cunt. I could feel cum oozing out of her pussy every time I shoved my cock into her. I finally slide my dick out of her and a couple big blobs of cum splatter on the floor. My mom looked down saying, “Look at the mess we made plus we’re wasting your delicious cum. If I were a true slut, I would get down and lick the floor.” She did turn around and got on her knees and began to suck my cock, cleaning off all the cum that was sticking to it. She then looked down at the floor and said, “That’s sure a lot of tasty cum we wasted, now don’t look.” I did of course and watched my mom bend down and lick the floor clean. She stood up real quick and saw that I was watching her and said, “I told you not to look.”

“I know but I could not resist watching you. I knew what you were going to do.”

“Darn, I just can’t resist eating every drop of your precious semen when I get a chance, you taste so good. Was it disgusting to see what I just güvenilir bahis siteleri did?”

“No, just surprised me a little.”

“Well it was the one minute rule.” We both chuckled at her comment as she continued, “I suppose our morning fuck will be the last fuck until you return from Gloria’s. I don’t want your tank to be low for your afternoon rendezvous.”

“I think that would be a good idea, don’t know how much practicing I’ll get.”

“That’s good because I have got to start weaning myself from you. I have also got to find myself another fuck buddy cause I know now with you having both Gloria’s and Victoria’s pussies available, we’ll just be fucking less often, which is fine. But I need another outlet for my cock addiction.”

My mom said she was going shopping and would be back in an hour or so. I told her that I too needed to do some shopping and would go with her. She agreed to wait till I got out of the shower. We went to the mall and went our separate ways and agreed to meet up at Starbucks in an hour. I was done a little early and so headed to Starbucks when I met the new k** in school that is in one of my classes. He didn’t want coffee but said he would like to join me. We had barely sat down when my mother showed up and so I introduced Randy to my mother. “Randy, this is my mother Genie, mom this is Randy. He just started school a few weeks ago.”

My mom extended her hand to Randy saying, “So glad to meet you Randy, always glad to meet Peter’s friends.” She seemed to just gaze into his eyes and didn’t immediately release his hand. I could tell that she was completely enthralled with this guy. Randy is not as tall as I am but has a bigger build than I do. He is also black, only the second black student in our school. Randy also seemed to be taken by my mom, he conversed with her and I could tell he really liked her; he never seemed to take his eyes off her. We all chatted for awhile and then Randy excused himself and left. As soon as he was gone my mother said, “Oh my god he is so handsome. And his eyes are so bright and inviting, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He got my pussy wet.”

“Yea, I noticed that and he seemed to be taken by you too.” We had our coffee, chatted awhile but I could tell my mom was like in a day dream. When I got home I did some chores for my mom, watched a little TV and then cleaned up and headed to Gloria’s on my bike.

When I arrived, Gloria met me at the door and once I got inside she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard with lots of tongue. I responded by holding her real tight against me with my hands on her lower back pressing her pelvis really tight into me, I know she could feel my growing hard on. We must have spent at least 3 minutes standing in the foray kissing up a storm. Finally we heard her mother say, “Is that Peter?” Gloria broke off the kiss and said, “Yea mom, it’s Peter.” I then heard her footsteps coming our way and when she stepped into hall she raised her arms greeting me with a big hug pressing her big tits into my chest, then kissed me on the mouth with lots of tongue, and it was not a short kiss. Both she and Gloria were wearing sexy outfits showing off their bodies, tight low cut blouses and short tight skirts. My erection got even bigger and I could tell they both noticed. Gloria then took my hand and led me into the living room with her mother right behind us.
Gloria and I sat on the couch and her mother sat in a chair next to Gloria. Gloria said, “I feel somewhat uncomfortable with what happened yesterday. Like I told you I have never acted like that on a first date EVER, and my mom was also shocked at her behavior. We want to know if you are at all upset or anxious about us and if so, what can we do to make things right with you?”

“I can assure you that I am just fine with what happened. It was totally unexpected and it all happened so fast but after reflecting on it, I am just fine and kind of honored that you felt free enough to act out your feelings spontaneously.”

Gloria responded, “Oh that is such a relief. I have been worried all day that you would have a negative reaction to what happened. And the way you greeted me at the door just a few minutes ago made me feel so good. So all is good with us?”

“Yep, just fine.” Gloria leaned forward toward me placing her hand on my thigh and gave me a nice kiss. I glanced over Gloria’s shoulder at Victoria who had a huge smile on her face and to my total surprise, spread her legs very wide giving me a quick but direct view of her naked pussy and blew me a kiss. Gloria straightened up but slid her hand over my hard cock saying, “Oh mom, isn’t Peter just a doll and he is hard already.”

“He sure is” was Victoria’s response and with Gloria still facing me, Victoria gave me another pussy shot only this time she held her legs open while pulling up the front of her skirt to her waist with her middle finger rubbing her cunt up and down until Gloria turned her head toward her mom. Victoria quickly stood up and said, “Well I’m going to finish preparing our dinner, it will take about an hour so you two go have fun.” Then she walked toward the kitchen.

Gloria said, “Let’s go to my room.” She grabbed my hand and we started toward her room just as Victoria said, “Gloria would you go out to the garage and get some frozen vegetables from the freezer.” As Gloria walked toward the garage, Victoria came into the living room and when the garage door shut, she walked up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big juicy open mouth kiss. She pressed both her tits and pelvis against me and said, “Last night was one of the best fucks I have ever had and I want to do it again with you. Please tell Gloria after you have fucked her today that you need more satisfaction, I want another turn with you. I want to again feel that beautiful big cock of yours up inside me; I want to fuck you again.” She kissed me again and then headed back to the kitchen but not before she lifted her skirt to show me her bare ass.

Gloria came back and we went to her bedroom. Once inside she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed for two or three minutes while grinding our bodies together over and over again. She pushed me backward toward her bed until she forced me to lie down. She then leaned over and began to unzip my pants and pulled out my dick and immediately started giving me a blowjob. I reached down and slid my hands inside her blouse to fondle her big tits as she devoured my cock. She was not wearing a bra and so I had her bare tits in my hands, wow they felt so nice, especially with her nipples being so erect. After 10 minutes or so of this oral sex, she stood up and removed her clothing and helped me slide my pants off while I removed my shirt. She crawled up onto the bed on her back and beckoned me to mount her. I got on top and straddled her body as she took a hold of my cock and pointed it at her pussy. She said, “Now take it easy going into me, your big cock really stretches my pussy and my mom said that I need to learn to relax so that I can take your entire cock which I want to do so bad.” I did what she said and very slowly eased my cock into her wet cunt. I worked myself up and down just a few inches each time as I slowly worked my cock down to the bottom of her cunt. When I felt the head of my dick touch her cervix, I had all 10 and ½ inches of me in her. I looked at her and said, “We did it, I’m totally inside you! Are you okay?”

“Oh yes Peter, you are doing fine. It feels so good to have your entire cock inside my pussy, my mom was right, it’s a great feeling, and my pussy feels so full and tight. Just please stay like this for a few minutes, we fucked so fast last night and I was so scared that I didn’t take the time to totally enjoy having my pussy stuffed with your big cock. Oh I love this Peter, yes this is how I like it. My mom said that when you were totally inside her last night, she was amazed at how great it felt and told me to pay special attention to how it feels to have my pussy absolutely full of cock. Oh, it feels wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Are you ready to start fucking me and filing me full of your man juices?”

“Oh yes, absolutely but be sure and let me know if I hurt you are all.”

“Yes Peter I will. Now fuck me and make me cum and I want to make sure you cum in my pussy. So when you know you are ready to shoot your load, let me know so I can concentrate on how it feels.” I slowly began to fuck Gloria, moving my pelvis up and down kind of gently making sure I didn’t hurt her since I could feel my dick hit her cervix on each down stroke. I kept increasing the speed and down thrusts paying attention to her reactions. When I reached about what I’d say was three quarter speed, I could tell she was getting uncomfortable and so backed off a bit and continued at half speed plus I concentrated on pulling my cock nearly out of her pussy and keeping my mushroom head near the entrance of her pussy in order to excite her clit. I could tell she really liked this and her body seemed to relax somewhat, so I picked up speed and increased the depth of my down thrusts which she seemed to enjoy. She actually wrapped her legs around me and was lifting her pelvis to meet my down thrusts to the point that I was again hitting the bottom of her pussy. She didn’t seem bothered by this and so I kept it up. I did vary my speed from time to time as I felt her excitement building and then suddenly she went stiff and began to scream. She really let it all hang out when her climax peaked. She had a depth grip on me and was almost convulsing as a result of her climax. When she calmed down, she grabbed my face and kissed me so hard I thought she was going to suck my face off. She then asked if I had climaxed and I told her no I had not. “What can I do to get you to cum in me?”

“Just lay there and I’ll fuck you until I cum.”

“Okay, do it.” So I continued on fucking her like I fuck my mom but just made sure I didn’t thrust all the way into her cunt. It was a bit slow going at first and them visualized my fucking of her mother last night and within minutes my balls were on the verge of boiling over and when I was about to tell Gloria, she went stiff again and screamed, “I CUMMING AGAIN, PETER YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN, OHHHHHHHHHHH …………” I immediately shot my wad in her cunt and it was a big wad. I could feel how wet and juicy her fuck tunnel had become plus I could hear the squishing of as our bodies came together. I stopped and lay on my side pulling her next to me so my dick would stay in her cunt. She kissed me several times as we laid there. I kissed her back but also played with her tits which she encouraged me to do. Love her tits! I just laid there and relaxed until my cock softened to the point that it slipped out of her cunt. Once that happened she scooted down and took my cock in her mouth and cleaned me off saying how good I tasted. About then, there was a rap on the door and her mother stuck her head saying, “Dinner is about ready. Ohhhh now doesn’t that look hot and tasty!” She left and we got up and headed for the bathroom together. She grabbed a wash cloth and while still facing me, I slipped a couple fingers in her pussy and then sucked on them before she washed her crotch. She paused saying, “I’m sorry, did you maybe want to taste me before I cleaned all the cum off my pussy?”

“No not really, I just wished I had eaten your pussy before we fucked.”

“That will have to wait until after dinner, in fact that can be your dessert.” She winked and we went back in the bedroom and got dressed. Well, she merely put on a short robe that barely covered her naked body.

When we walked into the dining room, the table was set and Victoria was waiting for us. “Well, it sounded like you two were having lots of fun practicing.”

“Yea mom, Peter made me cum twice, he is awesome.”

“How was it for you Peter?” She winked as she continued, “Did you get fully satisfied?”

I started to respond but was interrupted by Gloria, “We did better but I think Peter and I need to work on it some more. I was more relaxed like you said mom and it felt better and do you know what? I was able to get Peter’s entire cock inside my pussy. I think Peter enjoyed our sex more, didn’t you Peter?”

“Oh yea, it was definitely better.” I saw a bit of a scowl on Victoria’s face and so followed up by saying, “We have a ways to go to both be fully satisfied.” I saw a slight smile on Victoria’s face as she reached under the table and squeezed my knee. Conversation changed to mundane things as dinner progressed. It was difficult to maintain my attention on what was being said with two very sexy ladies, one on each side of me. When we finished eating, Victoria said, “I’ll clear the table and Gloria would you go get the dessert.” When Victoria stood to clear the table, Gloria quickly reached under the table and grabbed my cock and squeezed it before she went into the kitchen to get the dessert. As Victoria picked up our plates, she stood next to me and leaned her hip into my shoulder. I took the advantage and reached under her skirt and squeezed her bare ass cheeks. She wiggled her butt while at the same time leaned over and kissed me and then said in very low voice, “I like your hands on my ass. You have soft hands.”

She left the room with all the dirty dishes but came back very quickly. Gloria then brought in the delicious smelling pie and sat it down but before she sat down, Victoria said, “Oh honey, please go get the ice cream out of the freezer.” As soon as Gloria was out of the room, Victoria bent down and pulled my face toward her giving me a big juicy kiss while also reaching under the table to grab my cock. She actually stroked it a couple times and when she broke the kiss she said, “I want your big cock inside me tonight, I NEED IT in me really really BAD.” She then gave my cock an extra squeeze.

Gloria popped back in the room and we finished the pie and ice cream. When finished I volunteered to clean up the kitchen but they both objected to me doing that. Gloria said, “That’s my job and it will only take me a few minutes.”

“Thanks sweetie. Peter and I will go into the living room and relax until you are done.” Victoria headed for the living room with me right behind her and once we were in living room and I could see that Gloria could not see us, I reached down and grabbed Victoria’s ass and squeezed her buns. She whirled around pressing her body against me, I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed very passionately. With our lips locked together, I reached down to her ass with both hands and pulled her pelvis tight into me. She began to dry hump me right there in the middle of the living room. I pulled her skirt up to get to her bare ass, and once I had her skirt up to her waist, she reached down and pushed my cock down my pant leg so she could press her cunt against it. We continued this dry humping action while we both could hear Gloria working in the kitchen. When we stopped she said to me, “I really need for you to fuck me tonight, I need it really bad. I need to again feel that big beautiful cock of yours deep up inside my cunt and for you to flood my pussy with your cum, your tasty sperm, your semen, your man juice, OK? God I need you to fuck me again! I can’t get you out of my mind since last night.” I nodded okay as she backed away from me with her skirt still at her waist, she then grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy saying, “This is for you babe, my pussy needs your big cock.” She gave me a quick kiss and we sat down on the couch. I tried to arrange my cock so it would not be obvious to Gloria that something had been going on with us and I was successful.

Gloria popped into the room saying, “So what have you two been doing or talking about?”

Victoria responded, “Just waiting for you sweetie, I think Peter is anxious to get back to doing some practice. You have been keeping him on edge with that little robe you are wearing, your tits are about to fall out and it barely covers your pussy that he wants to get back into, right Peter?” I just grinned and shrugged my shoulders. “Oh come on Peter, you do want to practice with Gloria some more before you go home, don’t you?”

“Yea, that would be nice. I think we can use all the practice we can get.”

“Well you know Peter, like what Gloria said last night, if she doesn’t give you enough good practice, there is another pussy in this house you can practice with.” When she said that, she pulled the front of her skirt way up and spread her legs revealing her bare pussy. Gloria said, “MOTHER, FOR GODS SAKE, DON’T BE SO GROSS, YOU MIGHT BE SCARING HIM OFF!”

“I don’t think I’m scaring him off, just showing perabet giriş him the options he has in this house. Why don’t you two just scoot to your room and let Peter practice stretching that tight little cunt of yours, OK?”

Gloria jumped up taking my hand and off to her room we went. As soon as we were in her room, she removed her robe and jumped up on the bed, “Want your real dessert now?” I removed my clothes and crawled up between her legs but as I approached her crotch, she said, “Kiss me first, I love your kisses.” So I crawled up to reach her face and we kissed for quite some time before she indicated that dessert was ready and waiting. I moved back down to her crotch visiting her tits on the way down and proceeded to eat her pussy. I have found that I really enjoy eating a women’s pussy and so take great pains to make them happy. After about five minutes of me licking the full length of her crack and concentrating on her cunt plus playing with her clit and sucking on her pussy lips, she was thrashing around moaning and groaning with pleasure. I held her tight and kept the licking and sucking even after she announced that she was going to cum. Her body went extremely stiff and she screamed like she did earlier. Finally she came down off her sexual high and pulled my up to kiss me.

She broke the kiss saying, “Peter, oh Peter that was the best cunt eating I have ever experienced, oh my god you are good. I’m so turned on, so fucking horny; please fuck me again right now.” I moved into position and slowly engaged my cock into her wet pussy. She was being very impatient and when the head of my dick past the entrance of her cunt, she wrapped her legs around my buttocks and immediately slammed her pelvis up to get me deep inside her as fast and as she could. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I went with the flow and thrust my cock deep into her cunt on the first try and hit bottom. She didn’t seem to care because as I began to fuck her, she would raise her pelvis up on my down strokes thus driving my cock hard into her cervix each time. She was acting like a wild woman but after only a few minutes of this hot action she wanted to slow down admitting that it was hurting her. So we slowed the action. She was evidently so horny that within a couple minutes she had another mind blowing orgasm, but I was a long ways from shooting my load into her hot little pussy.

She just lay below me very still for some time before she came around saying, “Oh my god Peter, the combination of you eating and fucking my cunt is unbelievable, I’ve never ever climaxed so hard. Fuck, I’m totally exhausted but I know that you haven’t cum yet. I hope you don’t mind but I’m calling my mom in again to help me.” I tried not to appear too happy and agreed to finish our practice sessions using her mother’s cunt. She didn’t want me to get up but to continue lying on top of her with my cock fully engaged in her cunt. Once she caught her breath she yelled for her mother. I think she was waiting outside the door because in no time her mother rapped on the door and opened it.

Gloria looked at her mom and said, “Mom, we have the same problem we had last night, Peter needs to finish our practice session using your pussy. He has done a phenomenal job of eating and fucking my pussy but he is not able to get his rocks off in my small cunt. So please get up here on the bed and let Peter fuck you.” Victoria didn’t say a word, removed her clothes which wasn’t much, just a blouse and skirt, crawled up on the bed and lay on her back next to Gloria who then said, “Alright Peter, you can pull your cock out of my pussy and move over and stick it in my mother’s pussy. I know that you will be able to get off when you fuck her.” I was buzzing on the inside but tried not to show it. I causally pulled myself free of Gloria’s cunt and moved over straddling Victoria’s body, she was grinning from ear to ear. My cock was all shinny and gooey from Gloria’s cum but that did not matter to Victoria. She reached down taking a hold of my hard cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt. I just pushed myself deep inside her and immediately began to fuck her. We got into a rhythm right off the bat and she was taking all 10 and ½ inches every time. I didn’t want to cum right away and so varied my speed and depth to keep us aroused but not to the point of cumming. Victoria knew what I was doing and was in sync with me. We fucked like this for quite some time, I wanted it to go on for a much longer time but it did not seem to be the thing to do with Gloria right there. Plus it felt so great to fondle Victoria’s huge tits, I didn’t want to quit doing that either. Also I wanted to really kiss her but felt uncomfortable doing that in front of Gloria.

Gloria finally spoke up, “Are you okay Peter? You came a lot faster last night.”

“I’m fine, just trying to keep my cool.”

Gloria responded by saying, “I don’t think you need to be cool around my mother, I think she would like for you to just fuck her really hard so you can get your rocks off. She just likes having you fill her cunt with your cum.” As I was looking down at Victoria I could see in her eyes that we both knew what was missing during this fuck session, it was the lack of passionate kissing, but that would not work with Gloria being there.

Victoria spoke up, “Gloria, why don’t you passionately kiss Peter while he is fucking me, I think he needs a little emotional spurt to get him over the edge.” Gloria agreed and got into position and began kissing me. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and indicated to both of them that I was about to cum. That seemed to immediately spur Victoria as she climaxed only seconds before I did, and it was a dozy. Her body went stiff as a rail and she screamed just like Gloria had done. That motivated me and I must have pumped a bucket of cum into Victoria’s cunt, her pussy overflowed with our combined spunk. I collapsed on top of her and we just laid there for I don’t know how long. I raised my head and looked for Gloria, but did not see her in the room. I heard the toilet flush and so took the opportunity and passionately kissed Victoria and humped her few times. She returned the favor by passionately kissing me back and pressing her cunt onto my cock. She said, “Oh Peter, thank you so much, that was magnificent. Thank you, thank you.”

Gloria returned and flopped down on the bed next to Victoria and said, “Wow! That was some hard core fucking. Mom you looked like you really had a horrendous climax, I thought you had passed out for a minute.”
“No I didn’t pass out but I did have one of the best climaxes I’ve experience in a long time. Peter’s long thick cock plus his technique touches me in places and in ways I’ve never been touched before. He is awesome and with lots of practice Gloria, you too can experience these phenomenal fucks from Peter that will give you fantastic climaxes. I know that I came a lot and I can feel that Peter must have pumped a ton of cum into me. Uhhh, with all that cum in me in addition to having your big cock inside me Peter, it feels sooo, so good.” Victoria was wiggling her ass up and down while my semi-hard cock was still lodged in her cunt. It did feel really good, and warm and juicy.

Victoria looked beyond me and made some jester to Gloria and then said, “Peter, would it freak you out if Gloria cleaned up both of us, let her suck your cock clean and then lick your cum from my pussy?”

“Ahhhh no. I think that would be real kinky and a fun thing to watch.” Victoria gave me a big kiss and then helped me slide my cock out of her cunt and roll over next to her as Gloria approached us. She first bent over and licked her mother’s pussy to catch a glob of cum that had oozed out of her mother’s cunt hole and then she went to work on my cock, licking and sucking its entire length, plus sucking on my balls. Once she had me clean she returned to her mother’s crotch and began to eat her mother’s pussy. Victoria moaned as Gloria’s mouth devoured her cunt, she placed a hand on the top of Gloria’s head saying, “Oh yes sweetie, eat my cunt, eat your mother’s cunt, oh fuck I like how you eat me. Now lick and suck your boyfriend’s cum out of my main fuck hole, ohhhh yea like that, oh use your tongue, get it inside me, oh yes lick me clean baby, oh yea, eat me, eat your mother’s hot pussy that’s full of your boyfriend’s sperm. Pull my cunt lips apart and lick me really deep, oh yea, like that! Ohhhh god your tongue feels good in me, ohhhhhhh fuck I love what is happening here!” She just moaned and groaned as Gloria maintained her cunt eating. It was exciting to watch and actually had my cock twitching making it come back to life. I reached down and began stroking my cock and before long I had another hard on. Victoria opened her eyes and seeing me masturbating said, “Do you think you have any more juice in that thing?’

“Probably not but I find it very exciting seeing Gloria eat your pussy. Just seeing her mouth and tongue on your hot pussy makes me hard. And seeing her suck my cum out of your cunt is awesome, just fucking awesome.”

“Well even if your tank is empty, why don’t you slip that hard cock of yours back into Gloria’s cunt and give her a nice easy fuck.” Gloria heard what her mother said, raised her face from her mother’s cunt and said, “Oh yea Peter, I would love to feel your cock inside me again, I love having your big cock in my cunt, another chance for you stretch my cunt so I can accommodate your big cock, I now dream about it all the time.” I moved down the bed, straddled Gloria’s backside and slid my cock into her butt crack. She raised her ass up and I found her pussy hole and pushed my cock into her cunt. I slowly fucked Gloria’s pussy while she continued eating her mother’s cunt. We did this threesome thing for some time and then all of a sudden, Victoria had an orgasm and was screaming and humping Gloria’s face. When Victoria’s climax finally subsided, she pushed Gloria off her pussy saying, “You’ve got to stop, and it’s getting way too sensitive.” Victoria then scooted out from under Gloria’s head.

I wasn’t making much progress of getting either myself or Gloria off so I decided that it would be best if I ate Gloria’s cunt rather than fuck it. So I pulled out of her cunt, turned over and lifted her hips up and slid my head under her crotch and began to eat her pussy. Gloria just sighed and said, “Oh yes Peter, eat me, I love how you eat my pussy.” After eating her pussy for a few minutes I decided to see how she liked having her ass eaten. So I lightly licked the entire length of her crack a couple of times and since I wasn’t getting any negative feedback from her, I paused and spent some time just licking her asshole. She didn’t say anything but pushed her ass against my face. I took that as a positive sign and so concentrated on both her pussy and asshole, using both my tongue and fingers to penetrate her two fuck holes. This got me excited and the next thing I knew, Victoria said, “Oh my god Peter, your cock is hard as a rock.” And sure enough it was sticking straight up which was an invitation to Victoria who scooted around, straddled my hips and began sliding here pussy down over my dick. She immediately started to rapidly fuck me while I was still eating her daughter’s cunt. Gloria was the first to reach a climax and did her normal routine; her body went stiff while she screamed. Once her climax subsided, she rolled off my face and there before my eyes were Victoria’s big tits bouncing up and down as she fucked me. I reached up and firmly squeezed them and pinched her nipples. She said, “My legs are getting tired, can we switch and you get on top?”

I nodded “yes” and so she pulled her cunt free of my cock, laid down next to me as I rolled over and mounted her. I penetrated her pussy with the full length of my cock and immediately started thrusting my cock in and out of her wet cunt. She said, “Yessss, oh yes just pound my pussy, don’t hold back, FUCK ME HARD AND FUCK ME DEEP PETER, I WANT MY PUSSY FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH YOUR CUM, I WANT ALL THE CUM YOU HAVE LEFT PUMPED DEEP INSIDE MY CUNT. YES, OH YES PETER, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, OH GOD PETER I NEED YOU TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME, I REALLY NEED IT!” I did as she said, I put all my remaining energy into fucking her and gave it all I had. She did not last very long, it was probably only three minutes before her body grew very stiff as she climaxed, I continued driving my cock as deep and hard into her cunt as I could, I needed to cum. I could feel my balls starting to boil and so I kept up the rapid hard fucking until I shot what little spunk I had left into the depth of her cunt. I totally collapsed on top of her; I was absolutely spent in many ways. We both remained in that position for some time, not moving a muscle.

Gloria was the first to speak, “Mom! That was fucking AWESOME, absolutely AWESOME. I hope someday I can experience Peter pounding his big beautiful cock into my pussy like that. That was so hot, so fucking hot. WOW! I so want to be able to be fucked like that.” I felt the same way and when I raised my head to look at Victoria, she was looking right back at me and immediately pulled my face into hers and planted one of the most passionate kisses on my mouth. She did not let up for what seemed like the longest time as our tongues dueled it out with our mouths wide open. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with Gloria right there watching us passionately kiss, but Victoria didn’t seem to care. She finally released my face and said, “Fuck Peter, that may have been one of the best fucks of my whole life, I came so hard and it felt the best ever. Oh my god you make me so fucking hot with that big pecker of yours, so fucking hot and horny.”

I didn’t know what to say as I just blushed while thinking, I needed to get home where I know that my mother will be waiting for me and probable be hot to trout. I slowly raised my pelvis up disengaging my now semi-hard cock from Victoria’s cunt. Looking down my torso I could see my dick was very shinny and was dangling only a few inches above Victoria’s pussy mound. See also looked down and said, “It’s my turn to clean you up, scoot up here to where I can reach you with my mouth.” I did as she said and watched and felt her lick my cock and then suck it into her nice warm mouth. She immediately began using her tongue to play with my dick head which I love. She pulled her head back and said, “Oh my god, you are so tasty.” She looked at Gloria who was lying on her back right beside her mother watching every move she made and said, “I’ll share your boyfriend with you Gloria.” Gloria moved her head in my direction as Victoria pulled my cock toward Gloria’s face and then I felt another warm mouth surrounding my dick. Gloria sucked on my dick for just a few seconds and then let her mother have my cock again. Victoria had her mouth wide open to receive my cock and then closed her lips tight around my shaft; she then reached around my buttocks with both hands and pulled my entire semi-hard cock deep into her mouth. She was deep throating me without gagging right there next to Gloria. She then pulled her mouth free and said to me, “I want you to fuck my mouth, I want you to use my mouth like you do my pussy, think you can do that?”

“Not tonight, I am totally spent but I will the next time.”

“That’s fair, I’m also a bit spent but don’t want to miss an opportunity of being fucked by you in any of my holes.”

I rolled off of her and lay there on the bed in total disbelief of what had just happened along with what has transpired in the last 24 hours. I started yesterday hoping but not expecting to see and maybe feel Gloria’s tits and ended up not only feeling her tits, but sucking on her tits, eating her cunt, fucking her cunt and licking her ass, plus, fucking her mother about three times or more and had the opportunity to fuck her mother’s mouth like it was her pussy. I collected my thoughts then stood up next to the bed where Victoria and Gloria remained sprawled out totally naked and began searching for my clothes. After I found them I headed for the bathroom glancing back at the girls on the bed. Gloria looked like she had fallen asleep but Victoria had raised her head and blew me a kiss. I blew one back at her and popped into the bathroom.

When I came out Victoria was up but still naked and said she would walk me to the door, Gloria was definitely asleep. Victoria grabbed my hand as we walked to the front door and before I opened it, she hugged me with her arms around my neck. She then kissed me and it was a loving passionate kiss that lasted quite a long perabet güvenilir mi time, lots of tongue with open mouth. As we were kissing she was grinding her pelvis into mine and actually took a hold of my arms and put them down onto her buttocks. I squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled her real tight into me. She finally broke the kiss and said, “Peter, this has been a fantastic afternoon for me, I love everything you did to me and hope we get to do it again. I am so glad you have come into our lives, regardless of what happens with you and Gloria, I want to remain friends with you, actually, I want you to think of me as your fuck buddy. My pussy is available to you whenever you desire it! I think you are the sweetest and nicest young man I have ever met plus you are probably the best pussy eater and fucker on the planet. And I want this to continue.”

I was speechless and so grabbed her and kissed her saying, “Yes, I agree. Last night and today was fantastic and I can’t thank Gloria enough for offering your pussy for me to fuck, you are the best, I loved the feeling I get when my cock slides deep inside your cunt, inside your warm and wet cunt and how you react to me fucking you. I just totally love fucking you. You turn me on so much like right now with you standing here right next to me, totally naked. I love touching you and feeling your beautiful big tits, you have the most beautiful tits and the hottest pussy I have ever encountered.” She pushed me away taking my hands and placing them both on her tits saying, “You really like these don’t ya, my melons, my rack, my boobs, my tits, my fucking big tits?”

“Oh yea, you have like I said, absolutely beautiful tits.” She then took one of my hands and moved it down her belly and into her crotch, I squeezed her pussy and slipped a finger up inside her. She said, “You also like my pussy, my cunt, my snatch, my twat, my main FUCK HOLE?”

“Oh ya, you have a very delicious cunt that I absolutely love to fuck.”

She responded, “I know that you also like to eat my pussy, right.”

“Oh fuck yes! I love eating your pussy, your cunt, your snatch, your twat, your main fuck hole.”

“Why do you like my pussy so much?”

“First of all your pussy is so tasty, so delicious and smells so wonderful. I also love that it is so neatly shaved or waxed, all one sees is your beautiful protruding pussy lips, they look like a piece of art.”

“A piece of art! Never ever has my pussy been described as a piece of art, it has been associated with a piece of ass.” She giggled as she stepped back and bent over to look down at her cunt putting a finger along each side of her pussy lips and squeezed them together. See said, “Yea, it is kind of cool looking. Would you like a photo of my pussy to remind you of what is available for you to fuck? And maybe also be a reminder of how much I love fucking you Peter! In fact I would like for you to fuck me again right now!” She put her arms around me and gave me another passionate kiss.

“I would also like to fuck you again too, but I know I can’t get it up again. But I would like to get some photos of your cunt, the cunt that I so love to eat and fuck. I have my phone right here, can I take a photo of your pussy now?”

“Sure, I’d love for you to have a photo of my cunt, let’s go over to where the light is better.” We walked into the living room and she sat down on the couch facing the lamp. She then spread her legs real wide and said, “Okay, I’m ready. Take a shot of my cunt when you are ready.” Wow she looked so fucking hot. I was starting to get yet another hard on just looking at her naked body. As I started to raise my phone up to photograph her pussy, she said, “Wait, I have a better idea. Follow me.” She headed down the hall with me right behind her totally enjoying the view of her fine ass. I reached forward as she was walking ahead of me and slipped my hand in her ass crack, she stopped and I pushed my hand deeper in her crack with my middle finger finding her asshole. She just turned her head a little looking at me over her shoulder with a smile as I began to probe her butt. She just wiggled her ass which I took as a positive sign and so pushed my finger into her asshole to the first knuckle. She said, “I like you doing that, I like it a lot and I like it deeper.” So I pushed my finger into her asshole as far as it would go and then kissed her. She broke the kiss and said, “I want you to know that no hole in me is off limit, my ass is as available to you as is my cunt and mouth. I love a good ass fucking most anytime.” She then continued walking and my finger slipped from her ass. She reached a door that led to the basement, she flipped on a light and we headed down the stairs and when we reached the bottom, she turned facing me and said, “When we first met, do you remember Gloria telling you that I had a photo business?”

“Ummm, yea I kind of remember that. I also remember Gloria gave me a tour of your house, she said no need to go downstairs because it was just your stuff.”

“Okay, I want to show you what I have here and to let you know that my photo business is making porno videos, and this is my studio.” She opened the door and there before my eyes was mock up of a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. She quickly showed me around and flipped on some more lights, then lay on the corner of the bed spreading her legs. “This spot was set up with special lighting for close up photos of tits, pussies, asses and cocks. What do you think?”

“Wow, this is real nice. Do you make a lot of videos?”

“Two or three a week, sometimes more. I have a camera man, three or four ladies and a list of a dozen guys that come here to make porn videos.”

“Are you in the videos?”

“Yea, most of them. One of the reasons I enlarged my tits is for making porn videos, I have made lots more money after getting these big tits. The other reason for having these big tits is I really love the attention I get, it’s exciting and fun and I personally love them, I love feeling my own tits. And I like to show them off, I have never met a man who didn’t like them and also a few women. I know you like them, right?”

“Oh shit, I absolutely love them.”

Victoria then said, “I would really like to make a video of you and I fucking, we could hide your identity with a mustache, a wig or whatever, no one would never know it was you. With that big dick of yours, my big tits and your fucking technique, we can both make some good money. People would love seeing you sink that monster of a cock into my hot pussy and I feel we could conjure up some really hot scenes that would capture the imagination of porn fans everywhere.”

“Ah, that sounds interesting, will have to think about that.”

“Sure, I know. I’m ready now, why don’t you take some photos my pussy right here.” She stretched out with her legs really spread and so I focused my camera on her crotch getting a couple of really good close up shots. She said, “Take as many as you want and let your buddies see them but just don’t tell them whose pussy it is, Okay?”.” I nodded in agreement and took about a dozen shots of Victoria’s cunt. She then said, “Want a photo with something in my cunt?”

“Yea, what do you have in mind?”

“How about I put my fingers in my cunt?”

“You do what you want men to see when they look at your photos and I’ll just take the shots.” She agreed as she first put a finger on each side of her pussy lips compressing them so they even protruded more. Click, click, click, click. She then put her hand palm down on her abdomen with her middle finger just barely in her cunt. Click, click. She then took a hold of her pussy lips and pulled them apart exposing the inside of her cunt. Click, click, click. She said, “Okay one more pose.” She leaned back spreading and pulling her legs up toward her shoulders thus rolling her ass up off the bed. Now her asshole would also be in the picture. Click, click, click. “One more shot.” She worked her hand under her butt and was able to get a finger in her asshole. Click, click, click, click, click. “That should be enough to keep you and a lot of your friends hard.”

I wanted to also get a photo of her tits and said, “Could I make a request?”

“Sure, what part of my body do you want to photograph, sweetie?”

“First can I get a few shots of your great tits and then a shot of you standing but bent over in a way where I can get your ass, pussy and tits all in one shot?”

She sat up sticking her tits out and said, “Shoot away, take all you want, love having my tits photographed.” Being an experienced porn model, she took many poses giving me great shots of her magnificent tits, a couple of shots with her tits hanging way down. Wow they look extra large when she did that. She then said, “Ready for the final shots of my tits, cunt and ass? God I love doing this with you. I’ve posed for hundreds and hundreds of nude photos, but have never been so excited doing it as I am right now. Fuck you have me so turned on, I love feeling like this.”

I didn’t know what to say except, “Yup, I’m ready for your final shots.” She stood up with her back to me, bent way over while spreading her legs. There before me was Victoria’s hot looking ass and sexy pussy along with her big hanging tits. “Yea like that.”

“Go for it sweetie, take as many shots as you want. I like doing this for you. I like exposing myself to you and letting you see every part of me. I’ll pose any way you want me to.” She at first kept her face out of view and moved her hands to her buttocks and spread her ass cheeks giving me even a great view of her ass and pussy. After a few shots she lowered her head letting her face be visible, I took a couple dozen or more shots of her in this position.

She stood up and asked to see the pictures. I showed them to her and she said, “Uhhh I like those, yea, some really great shots of my pussy and tits, you did good Peter, I especially really like the last ones you took. Would you send them to me, I can use them in my portfolio.” She then walked me back upstairs and to the front door and kissed me, but before opening the door she took my hand and rubbed it across her snatch saying, “Remember this is yours to play with sweetie whenever you want. I really love the feeling you give me when you slide your big cock into my cunt and fuck me. I love the sensation I get when my cunt is full of your cock and then feel you pumping me full of your teenage sperm Peter! If you have time, I would love to feel you inside me just once more before you go home, is that possible? I find that I have become addicted to your big cock. I will probably go to bed tonight with the biggest dildo I have stuffed up my cunt thinking about you.” She just looked at me with a pleading expression on her face. I think maybe I’m falling in love with this woman and can’t seem to resist her. I stood there for a few seconds trying to decide when she turned around and bent over with her bare ass in the air and her hands on her ass checks spreading them really wide. She looked over her shoulder and said, “I’m ready if you are.”
I couldn’t resist her, I immediately unzipped my pants and could not believe that I was actually getting yet another hard on; I took a hold of my stiffening cock, got behind her and guided it into her ass crack. I slid my cock back and forth a few times across her cunt lips and asshole. She reached between her legs and held my cock against her asshole for an instance and said, “Yes, I definitely want you in my ass soon, but not today. I think to feel your big cock in my ass will be very exhilarating.” She let go of my cock and I then pushed the head of my dick into her cunt and began fucking her. I took a hold of her hips and slammed my cock totally in her cunt; I felt the head of my cock up against her cervix as she immediately moaned in pleasure. I began to fuck her right there in the foray. She had a small orgasm but I was not able to cum, I was totally drained. As soon as she relaxed, I removed my cock from her pussy, zipped up, and kissed her. She grabbed my face and said, “Oh thank you Peter, you are so kind and accommodating, I just love you. That was so nice of you to give me a quick goodbye fuck.” I left with my head spinning, this time it was about Gloria’s mother.

When I got home my mom was in bed waiting for me as I presumed she would be. She was lying there with just a sheet over her naked body reading a magazine; she looked up when I walked in the room and said, “Hi sweetie, how was your afternoon and evening with the GIRLS?”

I snickered and said, “Better than I expected. I fucked Gloria twice and ate her pussy; I fucked her mother’s cunt a three times and nearly fucked her mouth once plus she let me photograph her cunt, tits and ass.”

“Oh my god, you must be drained! You shot four loads of cum in about 4 hours, what a stud! Anything left for me?”

“I don’t know but I do know that I always recover fast when I’m with you.”

“Okay why don’t you come to bed and lets snuggle for awhile until you feel like you’ve recovered a bit and bring those photos of Gloria’s mother’s cunt with you, I would like to see them.”

I went into the bathroom to clean and freshen up and when I came out, mom was stretched out on the bed looking so hot and sexy like she always does, I was about ready to jump her right then, but I knew my tank was still empty. I grabbed my phone and snuggled up against my mom, as she turned her back to me, I slide up behind her pushing my pelvis into her backside while reaching around to fondle her tits. She gave out a little moan and cooed when I kissed her on the neck and squeezed her nice big tits. I flipped on my phone and began to show my mother the photos I’d taken not 30 minutes ago. There were about a dozen close-up photos of Victoria’s pussy, my mom look at each one very intently saying, “She does have a nice pussy, very prominent pussy lips, not much different than mine.”

I responded, “Yea they are similar but I like yours better.”

“What’s different about mine that makes you like them better?”

“Here, let my find photos of your pussy.” I took my phone and searched through the folder that had photos I’d taken of mom’s tits, ass and pussy. Once I found the ones of just her cunt, I showed mom a comparison of hers and Victoria’s cunt. “See your cunt lips aren’t so big and sloppy looking, yours are more elegant and tight.”

“Well if you say so.”

“Look mom, you have nice smooth skin around your cunt hole with your pussy lips protruding in an elegant fashion. Like I said, your pussy lips are very artistic.” She scrolled through the rest of the photos of Victoria’s pussy and then said, “Oh my god, you took these?”

I glanced at what she was looking at and it was the last pictures of I took of Gloria’s mother where she was bent over showing her ass, pussy and hanging tits. “Her tits are huge! I see what you mean, they look fantastic. Didn’t you take a shot of me in a pose like this?”

“I don’t think it was the same. Why don’t you pose like this now and I’ll take a picture of you and we’ll compare them.”

“Okay, where do you want me to be?”

“Right over here where the lighting will be best for showing off your ass and pussy.” I had my mother move to the spot I suggested and had her bend over. She posed just like Victoria had and I told her to hold it, but before I took the shot I said, “I think your lips need to be moist.” I then stepped toward her, bent down and licked her crack a couple times.

“Oh you devil you! You just wanted to lick my ass again. You are really a bad boy.” She smiled as she looked at me between her legs; I then stepped back to take a photo of her ass, pussy and hanging tits. She said, “Are you sure my lips are wet enough?” I smiled and repeated my licking of her cunt and ass several times including sucking her cunt lips into my mouth before finally taking the photo.

When she stood up and turned around she said, “Peter, you know that you are hard again. Is it due to looking at all the photos or licking my ass and cunt? Why don’t we get up on the bed and you do me doggy style.” I wanted to please my mom so I agreed not knowing if I could cum again, but I wanted to make sure she came. I fucked her like I always do to make sure she had a climax, which she did. I fell asleep immediately afterward.

I woke up the next morning realizing it was Monday and that I needed to go to school. We were both evidently very tired and got up late, just time to grab a bite before heading out. I couldn’t wait to see Gloria once I got to school; I saw her right after class and as I walked her to her next class, she said with a twinkle in her eye, “Why don’t we get together on Wednesday right after school for a little practice”. I just smiled and agreed, it was good to have a break following the torrid weekend we had just experienced. She also told me that her mother said to say “Hi” and hoped I had recovered.

I was looking forward to a quiet evening with just my mother and myself, the last 48 hours had been amazing and I needed a rest.

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