A Mother in Need

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A Mother in Need

I suppose I can understand why Harold left me for his secretary. She’s 15 years younger than I am, has a hot body, and dresses like a slut to show it off. I’m sure she’s probably also good in bed, especially with Harold since she knows he has a LOT of money. Not as much as he HAD, of course, after my divorce lawyer finished with him, but he’s still loaded even after our financial settlement. Frankly, now so am I, at least when it comes to money, but my self-esteem isn’t doing so great.

Anyone, especially a woman, needs to feel wanted and desirable, and yes, even sexy. I know I’ve put on weight since Harold and I were married 18 years ago. I was a skinny 105 pound, size 4 in those days. Now I’m 30 pounds heavier, with a few “love handles” I really could stand to lose. I’m also not what anyone would call beautiful, although I’m far from ugly and I have a pretty good body for my age. In short, I guess I’m a little better looking than most 42 year old women, but not much, if at all. I guess I’m what you’d call “ordinary.” My eyes are attractive enough, my face is probably a little too full, my hair is a dull shade of brown, my thighs are a little too large, and my 36C tits have started to sag just a bit. So overall, as I said, I guess I’m nothing special.

Unfortunately once Harold met his little slut girlfriend Susie he immediately lost all interest in sex with me. I recognized soon enough it would only be a matter of time before he left me for her even though I did everything I could for him in bed. One thing I do love is sex, and after Harold stopped giving it to me I had to turn to my little vibrating toys for a little sexual pleasure. I still missed the excitement only a real cock could provide, though, especially a man’s CUM. God how I love cum, but I didn’t want to go “bar hopping” looking for Mr. Goodbar because I’m actually quite shy, and that, coupled with my loss of confidence in myself resulting from my husband leaving me, was very depressing. While I wanted sex with a real cock again I had no idea how I’d ever manage to make that happen. Then fate intervened and my mind began to conjure up the most outrageous, sinful thoughts a mother could ever have in her perverted head. I began to fantasize about having sex with my son, Timmy.

Let me tell you about Timmy. He’s a nice young man. He’s also, like his mother, what I would call pretty “ordinary” in the “looks” department. A stud he isn’t! He’s a skinny k** for 18 years old, weighing only around 135 pounds or so, and he’s actually kind of nerdy looking. He’s certainly not an athlete or anything, but he gets good grades in school, and is even more painfully shy than me.

So what was this big event that started me on my no turning back voyage into sexual depravity and i****t with my son? Let me tell you about it.

I was in Timmy’s room one afternoon, making his bed for him, when I happened to notice what looked like a handkerchief sticking out from under his mattress. I pulled out the cotton material, and to my shock and surprise discovered a pair of my soiled panties… and sections of them seemed to be stained with what I knew had to be CUM!

I was stunned, of course, and when on impulse I lifted the nasty panties to my nostrils, and sniffed them, the unmistakable scent of my pussy mingled with cum was easy to identify. Not knowing what to do I put them back where I found them, then moved to Timmy’s computer. While he doesn’t think I’m very technically competent, I actually am. I spend much of my days like I suspect you do as well, dear reader, searching for and enjoying pornography, masturbating as I read or view it. And so I knew how to find the sites Timmy had been visiting, and as I suspected, they were many of the same sites I enjoy myself. wifelovers.com and wifeposters.com were two. www.youporn.com was another. And of course the Literotica story site.

I then did a search of his hard drive, and there, hidden deep within his folders, I found them… numerous i****t stories of mothers fucking their sons, as well as photos of young men having all manner of incredible sex with older women which I learned were called either MILF’s or Cougars. Could this be possible? Could my own son Tim be masturbating while fantasizing about fucking me?

Back in my room I lay on my bed, my eyes closed, my mind conjuring up incredible sexual fantasies of my own. Were they the same as my son’s… fantasies of us fucking, having all kinds of perverted sex together, I wondered? After finding my panties in his room I thought it only logical that he must have been thinking about having sex with me. Using one of my vibrators, I began to hatch a plan while delicious sensations of the most pleasurable kind washed over me. I knew what I wanted to do… had to do… and I was going to do it.

After giving myself a delicious orgasm, I got out of bed and on shaky legs made my way into my closet. There at the top of my dirty clothes hamper I found what I needed… the pair of soiled panties I’d worn that morning while doing housework. They were still slightly warm and damp from my sweat and cunt juice… I hadn’t showered until after doing my work… and when I held them to my nose and sniffed them their rank fragrance was almost overpowering. Perfect! But to make them even more useful to Timmy I shamelessly wiped them through and into my dripping cunt. On fire with lust again now, my mind could hardly accept what I was about to do, but I did it anyway. Trembling, I sat on the toilet and peed, then used the crotch of my panties to wipe myself afterward, almost coming again from carrying out such a brazen, nasty act!

When finished, I went back into Tim’s room and replaced the panties I’d found there with this new pair. Waves of lust washed over me as I did it, knowing Tim would find the old panties replaced with these new ones, knowing he would know I had to be the person who replaced my old pair with these. What would he think of me? How would he react? I couldn’t wait to find out.

That night, a Friday, after dinner I told Tim I was tired and said I was going to go to bed early. He said that was fine because he had some research he wanted to do on his computer in his room. Research, yeah, right. I knew what kind of “research” he was going to do, and I wondered if he’d sniff my panties while he did it.

In my room I dressed in a tacky pair of purple crotchless panties and a sexy negligee I hadn’t worn in months. It consisted of transparent purple lace, with a support wire that pushed my breasts up and made them look even larger than they were. The sexy garment also had stocking clasps along the bottom edge similar to a garter güvenilir bahis siteleri belt, so I added a pair of matching lavender stockings and attached them with the clasps on the bottom of the teddy. Then I waited, exactly one hour, lying there in the dark, touching myself slowly during the waiting period, not allowing myself to come, instead merely teasing myself, growing wetter by the minute, using my fingers to keep my body and mind in a continual state of arousal. Then when I was sure Tim thought I must be sleeping I quietly got out of bed and tip-toed down the hall to his bedroom. His room lights were out, but I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from his computer.

As quietly as possible, I turned the knob on his door and silently opened it. Looking in I found my son as I suspected I would. He was wearing only a white tee shirt, naked from the waist down, watching a porn video on his PC as he slowly masturbated his hard cock. And as I’d hoped, he was holding the new pair of my soiled panties up to his nose, sniffing them while he played with himself.

I crept into the room, moving ever so slowly, crawling on my hands and knees toward where he sat masturbating. I was so hot. SO fucking hot. I knew what I was about to do was wrong, very wrong, but the need inside me was too great to prevent me from doing what I knew was wrong. And then I did it anyway.

“Let me suck it, baby,” I said, crawling up next to Timmy, startling him.

“MOM! Oh MOM! GEEZ!” he gasped, jumping, trying to cover his cock with my panties.

“NO! STOP, Tim. Show it to me. Show me your beautiful, naked cock. I WANT TO SEE IT, BABY. I see you liked the new pair of panties I left for you, didn’t you?” I asked, reaching out, under where he had d****d the panties over his cock, my fingers grasping it.

“Oh God, Mother… I… I….” he stammered.

“Hush, Tim. Don’t fight it. I need this. More than you. Let me do it. Please. Let me suck your cock. Then you can do anything you want to me. Anything, baby,” I breathed, leaning forward, my lips ever so close to my son’s cock. “Anything….” I whispered again. And then I took the cock inside my mouth.

“Ohhhh, Motherrrrrr!” he moaned, slumping down in his chair, his eyes drooping almost closed, then opening again to stare down at me as I began sucking him.

For a moment the only sounds in the room came from the computer. Then the video clip Tim was watching stopped, and the sounds from the computer were replaced by the wet sounds of me sucking my son’s cock. I looked up at Tim as I licked the underside of his dick, relishing what I was doing, encouraged by the expression of pure delight registering there on his face.

“I love to suck cock, Timmy,” I said. “And I love to fuck. I love sex,” I said, licking his cock, then moving lower, my lips and tongue washing over his balls. “I know you’ve been using my panties to masturbate with,” I continued. “I was so excited when I found out what you’d been doing. Now you can use my mouth instead of your fingers, honey. You can fuck my mouth, Timmy. Or you can fuck me anywhere you want… in any of my holes … my mouth, like this,” I said, slurping my lips down over the full length of his young cock. “Or here, in my cunt,” I said, leaning back, sliding down onto the floor next to him, my legs spread, wet pussy on display for him. “Or you can fuck me in the ass, Timmy. Anywhere. You can do anything you want to me, baby. Use me. Treat me nasty. Come in me. On me. Anything, Timmy. Just use me. Please. I want it, Timmy. I need it.”

“Can… can I really come in your mouth, Mom? Or… or on your face, like the guys do in the porn clips I love to watch?” he asked timidly.

“Yes, Timmy. I WANT you to. Do it. Then we’ll fuck afterward,” I said, holding my face up for him, my mouth open, tongue outstretched. “Jerk off on my face, baby,” I said. “Make Mother scummy!” Then I opened my mouth again.

“Oh God, MOTHER!” he gasped, suddenly sliding his hand up and down on his cock as fast as he could, the head of his dick aimed directly at my face. And then he did it. He came all over me.

“AHHHHH!” he gurgled, raising his ass off the chair as his cock exploded, showering me in ropes of hot cum.

“OH GOD, YES, DO IT!!!!!!!!” I screamed, my own fingers flying through my wet cunt then, making loud, squishing sounds as I finally gave myself the release I’d been holding back all evening. “AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I’M COMING WITH YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! I wailed. Wave after wave of pure joy slammed into me, just as wave after wave of cum hit my face and flew into my hair and mouth.

“OH MOTHERRRR!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! TAKE IT!!!!!!!!! TAKE MY NASTY, HOT CUMMMMMMMMM ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tim shrieked. And oh God did I ever take it. I raised up as best I could, moving my face directly next to his spurting cock, then took it inside my mouth, tasting his copious gobs of cum, chewing it, making a big show of swallowing it for him so there could be no mistaking what kind of a slut mother I had become for him.

Afterward, with my face dripping cum, I got up off the floor and kissed him. He resisted at first, but when I took his hands and placed them on my tits he stopped fighting me and let me push some of his cum into his mouth.

“Oh Mother… I… I can’t believe this,” he gasped after I backed away from him, tugging him up out of his chair.

“Come with me, baby. We’re only getting started,” I said, leading him toward the door, then down the hall to my room.

In my room I turned on a dim table light, then led Timmy to my bed. I stripped off his tee shirt and had him lie on his back, then began dancing slowly for him.

“Touch yourself while you watch Mother, baby,” I instructed, and he did it.

“I can’t believe this, Mother,” he said again.

“Do you like seeing me like this, Timmy?” I asked, reaching inside my nightie, pulling out my naked tits for him. “Do you like looking at them?”

“YES!” he hissed, masturbating slowly as he watched me.

“And do you like looking at my cunt, baby?” I continued, spreading my lips open for him, showing him how wet I was. “And this… my ass?” I asked, turning my back toward him, then bending over, spreading my ass cheeks open for him.

“YES, MOTHER! I LOVE SEEING YOU LIKE THIS,” he groaned, breathing deeply, his cock growing hard again.

I turned back to him again then, stripping off my panties as he watched me. His look of lust told me all I needed to know, and when I asked my next question I already knew the answer.

“Do you want to fuck Mother, baby? Do you want to put your hot, hard young virgin cock inside Mother’s nasty, wet cunt and FUCK ME?” I moaned, knowing he had yet to fuck a woman, something tipobet we’d discussed recently during “our talk” about sex.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!” he groaned. So I let him.

I crawled onto the bed next to him, then lay down on my back, my legs open, cunt lips spread for him. “Do it, baby. Fuck me. PUT YOUR COCK INSIDE MY CUNT AND FUCK MOTHER!!!” I commanded.

“Oh God!” he groaned moving between my legs, his hard cock in his hand, eyes glazed with desire.

The instant I felt his cockhead touch my wet pussy I came again. And then I felt his cock sliding inside me and I came again. Fuck, you just can’t believe how exciting it was for me to lie there feeling my own son sliding his hot cock inside my pussy and until you’ve tried it yourself you won’t know how I felt either. It is INDESCRIBABLY exciting, especially when you’ve gone without any real sex for as long as I had. I would have probably come like a rocket from ANY cock entering me by then, but to know that cock is was my very own son’s cock… to know I was committing i****t… and to know that cock was going to fill my cunt with hot cum. Well, let’s just say until you’ve tried it you can’t know how exciting it feels or what it does to your mind.

With the kind of exuberance only a horny teenage boy can experience, I lay there letting my son fuck me, feeling him pumping his 18 year old cock in and out of my cunt as fast as he could, loving it, giggling with the way it was making me feel, on fire, coming suddenly, then again, over and over again, my body jerking, twitching, amazed at how long Timmy could fuck without coming. And then, of course, that’s exactly what he did.

“I’m GONNA COME, MOTHER!” he shouted, attempting to pull out, but I quickly wrapped my legs around his back, trapping him inside me, telling him it was okay, that I wanted to feel his cock coming inside my cunt. So that’s what he did. Inside me. Over and over again. Filling me with spurt after spurt of hot cum, driving me crazy, as I continued to come with him, again… and again… and again, for as long as he continued shooting his hot, i****tuous sperm inside my slutty cunt.

Afterward he rolled off me and lay there panting next to me. I laughed, and said, “I think you enjoyed that, baby.”

“Oh God, Mother… that… that was the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” he gasped.

“You DID like it, didn’t you, Timmy,” I grinned.

“Oh yes, Mother, oh my GOD yes!” he gasped again.

“From now on, baby, any time you want to fuck me, or have me suck your cock, just come and get me. I want to be your slut, Timmy. I want to be your sex slave. I WANT you to just USE me… make me do things, Tim. Anything. Anything you want,” I said, incredibly getting hot yet AGAIN!

“Anything, Mother?” he asked, staring at me curiously.

“Anything, Tim. And I mean anything!”

“I… some of the things I read… some of the videos I’ve seen… they… they are really way out there, Mother. And it seems like the nastier they are the more I like them.”

“I understand, baby. You ARE your mother’s son, for sure. I feel the same way. To the outside world I appear to be this conservative, shy woman. But inside… oh God, Timmy, inside I’m a total, raging perverted slut. At least that’s what I WANT to be. I LOVE kinky sex, Tim. Nasty sex. Dirty sex. You have no idea some of the things I fantasize about while I’m masturbating.”

“I bet I do, Mother, because I have those same thoughts too,” he grinned, and I noticed his cock twitching.

“Tell me some, Tim,” I said, slowly rubbing my cunt again.

“I… I couldn’t, Mother. They… they’re too dirty.”

“I love dirty sex, Tim. Would you like me to tell you some of the things I fantasize about?”

“YES! Oh YES, Mother. TELL me!” he said eagerly. And so I did it.

“Well… of course you know I love fucking, and I love sucking cock. I love the feeling of cum being splashed on my face. And….” I began, embarrassed.

“Go on, Mother. Please!”

“Well… sometimes… sometimes I like to slide a finger inside my… inside my ASS!” I groaned

“Then WHAT, Mother? TELL ME! Oh God this is SO EXCITING,” my son said, and I couldn’t believe it, but his cock was actually growing erect yet again.

“Well… sometimes… sometimes when I’m REALLY hot I taste it, Timmy. I taste my finger, and I pretend it’s a cock that has just been in my ass. And I like to use my dildoes to fuck myself in the ass and pussy and then I SUCK them. And sometimes I even put one of my hands under my pussy when I’m sitting on the toilet peeing and then I suck my fingers while I play with myself and come while I’m peeing,” I groaned, my hunger for sex growing inside me again.

“Oh MOTHERRRRR!” Tim groaned, masturbating faster now.

“And sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a group of men fucking me, baby. Like in a gangbang… where all I had to do is lie there and let them take turns fucking me. Or they’d all come all over me. I… I think I’d really love that.”

“Mom… would… would you ever let Billy fuck you, too? He’s real horny, like me and you. And I know he’d love it.”

“How do you know, baby? Are you sure?”

“Yeah. We… sometimes we jerk off together. When you’re not home. And he… he’s sniffed your panties, too, Mom. I hope you don’t care, but he loves sex like us.”

“Really. Billy Lansing?” I asked, picturing the cute k** in my mind.


“Does he have a nice cock, baby?” I asked, rolling over toward my son.

“Yeah. It’s cool. And he loves to get it sucked.”

“And how do you know that, young man?” I said, pretending to be upset, but instead dying of curiosity.

“Ah… he… ah… he… he said so,” Tim replied.

“And who sucks his cock for him?” I asked, smirking.

“Ah… I… I guess maybe his sister does,” Tim answered.

“Really. His sister.”

“I guess.”

“And you’d be okay with me sucking him in front of you, or fucking him, while you watched, or helped us?” I asked.

“Yeah. That would be SICK! I’d LOVE it!” he exclaimed.

“Could he be trusted not to tell anyone else?” I asked.

“SURE!” my son said.

“Then why don’t you invite him over for dinner tomorrow night,” I said, “and maybe I’ll do this to both of you.” Then I leaned over and took my son’s cock in my mouth… AGAIN.

Chapter 2. TIM’S FRIEND(S)

The next night, Saturday, I dressed in a tank top and short skirt. I knew my nipples were prominently on display beneath the thin top because I wasn’t wearing a bra, NOR was I wearing panties, and when Timmy’s friend Billy arrived I knew he noticed my tits right away because of the way he continued to stare at them all through dinner. At one point I made a big show of bending over to get something out of the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, tipobet güvenilir mi and I know my skirt crept up high enough so Billy and Timmy could both see my naked ass and part of my cunt, and when I turned around and caught them looking at me Billy’s face turned beet read and Timmy just grinned happily.

After dinner I told the boys to go upstairs and I’d bring them some dessert. Little did Billy know what I had in mind for him to eat.

I rinsed off the dishes from dinner, put them in the dishwasher, then went up to my bedroom. There I took off my tank top and skirt and put on another of my sexy negligees, a black lace skimpy little thing that showed off my tits and naked pussy while doing a nice job of hiding my tummy.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly walked down the hallway to Timmy’s room, then opened the door and walked inside. The boys were sitting next to Timmy’s PC looking at porn, as Timmy and I had arranged for him to do with Billy while they waited for me.

“Hello guys,” I breathed, walking into the room, a rush of heat and wetness gushing into my cunt.

“Hi Mom… see, Bill… didn’t I tell you she was hot,” Tim said proudly.

“Yeah, but I thought you were k**ding,” Billy stammered, staring at my almost naked body.

“Are you religious, Billy?” I asked.

“Yes, ma’am, we go to church,” he replied, still staring at my tits.

“This is a Bible, Billy. I want you to put your hand on it and swear that you will NEVER tell anyone about anything we do in this house tonight. Now… put your hand on the Bible. Do you swear to never tell a soul about what we do together here tonight?”

“I… yeah! Sure! I swear!” Billy said, his hand on the Holy Book. Inside I was laughing over using the Bible to talk a k** into letting me suck his cock and fuck him, but he did it, and afterward I put the Book down and turned to him.

“Good, Billy. Now… I want to make this perfectly clear. You can do ANYTHING you want to me tonight, Billy… you and Timmy. You can touch and fondle my tits… you can finger my cunt or asshole… you can take your naked cock out and put it in my mouth… or you can fuck me in my pussy OR my ass. Anything, Billy. And you can come on my face, too. I love that, don’t I, baby?” I said to my son.

“Yeah. She does. Didn’t I tell you, Bill?” Timmy said.

“Boys, take off your clothes, then come to my bedroom. I want you both naked so I can see your cocks,” I said.

As both of them scrambled to get out of their clothes I began touching my pussy, pleased to see both boys had stiff cocks already.

“Now lets go to my bedroom,” I said. “We’ll have more room there. Then I turned and left the room, walking down the hall with both boys following me.

Inside, I crawled onto my bed, then lay on my back, playing with my pussy with one hand while fondling my tits with the other. Photos http://cut-urls.com/MLm1G

“Come up here with me, boys,” I said, as they did as I asked. God I was hot. TWO naked, 18 year old young men were going to suck and fuck me and feed me their cocks and I couldn’t wait to get started.

“Look at my tits, Billy. They’re big, don’t you think? I wear a D-cup bra, Billy. See how big they are?” I asked, holding my tits up for the boys. “Touch them, Billy,” I said, placing the boy’s hands on my tits, then moving my fingers down over his young cock, gently fondling it, feeling it pulsing in my hand.

“Oh FUCK! Oh MAN! I… I’m gonna….” he wheezed. And then he came, his cock jumping in my hand as I quickly slid down under his cock, holding it against my cheek, wiping it back and forth across my face before taking it into my mouth, sucking on it, tasting his young hot cum, chewing it… swallowing it.

“Hmmm, yes!” I moaned, noticing that my son now had his cock out as well, masturbating it, aiming it toward my face as well, his eyes glazed as he moved closer to my face.

“TAKE MINE, TOO, MOM!” Timmy groaned. And then his cock was coating me in hot sperm as well, the blasts of cum so hard they splashed off my face and down onto my tits. God how I loved this… having TWO hard cocks to play with, to make suck, and, I knew, to fuck me as well.

Both boys were breathing hard, gasping actually, as their buff bodies jerked and twitched under my gentle handling, spraying me with their nasty cum. They were making little squealing sounds as I took turns sucking their dicks then, and I knew we were all going to have a wonderful night together.

After both boys finished coming on my face I grinned and them and said, “Now boys… what do you want to do to me? Tell me,” I moaned, sliding their cum into my mouth with my fingers, sucking them, loving the taste of their cum. Billy’s expression changed from one of innocence to lust, and when he and Timmy both also began touching themselves again, I smiled and said, “Touch me, boys. Or taste me. Smell my hot scent. Lick my cunt, boys. Do it. Eat me.”

Timmy was the first to do it. Whether to impress Billy or simply because he wanted to eat me was of no concern to me. I was just happy to spread my legs and feel my son’s mouth on my cunt, his tongue lapping and exciting me. Billy watched, wide-eyed, his softened cock growing hard again already as he slowly stroked it.

“Ummm, baby, that feels so good,” I sighed, stroking Timmy’s head, pulling him into my wetness, watching as his cock also again grew larger.

When I thought he was ready for me, I told Timmy to climb on top of me and fuck me, and of course he did it, sliding into my wetness with ease, his cock rigid again already.

“Want to feed me yours while you watch us, Billy?” I asked, and of course he did that, too, giving me his cock while I lay there letting my son fuck me.

“Oh God Mother, I’m gonna come!” Timmy gasped, and he did, spurting hot jets of jism in my cunt, causing the first of my many orgasms that night.

“Now, Billy!” I groaned, masturbating as Timmy finished, then pulled out of me. “Your turn, baby. Put your nice hard cock in my cunt and FUCK ME!” And of course he did it.

“God, this is so fucking exciting I can’t believe it,” Billy groaned, moving between my naked thighs. And then he was fucking me, too, his hard, unprotected cock sliding easily into my slutty, messy cunt.

Timmy was lying next to me, touching my naked, slippery tits while his friend fucked me. I turned to him and said, “Do you like Mother being a slut for your friend, baby?”

“Yeah, Mom,” he smiled proudly. “I really do,” he said, and in seconds Billy was coming inside my hot cunt as well, gasping and grunting with each hard thrust and spurt of cum.

I knew this was just the beginning for me, just the first chapter in my new life as a MILF, and when Timmy became hard again, and replaced Billy’s spent cock in my cunt, I knew my thirst for hard young cocks like these would never be quenched. I knew that night I would continue to fuck and suck as many cocks as my son brought home to me. And of course over the next few months and years that’s exactly what I did….

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