A Lost Daughter Ch. 13

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While it was not yet our ‘wedding day’ I decided to scoop Sienna up and carry her ‘across the threshold’ anyways. Her toned, fishnet-clad legs draped over my left arm and her hand played with my hair lovingly while I carried her downstairs. Kevin looked up as he heard our approach and waved away a Hispanic man in his early 30’s who had clearly intended to keep the train rolling. The man winced at his apparent poor timing but nodded dejectedly and stepped out of the front door, letting it swing closed on its hinges and bang loudly against the wooden frame.

Kevin’s face wore a toothy grin as I stepped lightly down the wooden stairs, paying attention to my footing in observance of the two injuries I’d cause with a moment of inattention. As I neared the landing, I became aware of a soft clapping noise coming from my right, behind the wall that traced the stairs up to the second floor. When I finally reached the bottom, I stepped out from behind the wall and looked to the couch I expected to see Amber waiting on and discovered the source of the clapping sound.

Amber was on her hands and knees on the couch with a tall, thin black man behind her. They were facing away from me and I could only see the man’s bare ass as he stood next to the couch and pounded away. Amber was whimpering softly as he fucked her, and I adjusted my vantage to see that he had a handful of her silky brown hair clasped tightly in his fist and was proceeding to rear her head back as well.

Neither Sienna or I had made a move to intervene or even announce our presence while we watched the scene unfold. I was sure that neither of them were aware of us being there and I hadn’t yet formed a solid opinion of my feelings on what I was seeing—so perhaps it was for the better than we were silent observers at this point.

“Take that black dick, yeah, yeah, take that dick you white bitch,” the man grunted, a puff of smoke wafting up from his head.

I smelled the familiar aroma of cannabis and realized that the man was smoking a blunt as well.

He reared Amber’s head back with a sharp yank on her hair and elicited a yelp in return.

“Yeah bitch, that’s right, I’m gonna bust all in that white pussy,” he grunted again.

“Yeah, give me that black cum, give it to me,” Amber beckoned in a breathless and pleading tone.

I noticed my erection returning as my wife was about to get a load of this strangers’ cum planted inside of her. My arms had begun to ache dully as the prolonged duration of my carrying Sienna had taken its toll. Sienna seemed to intuit my fatigue and moved to place her feet down under her own control. I acquiesced and let her stand on her own two feet once again as the man fucking Amber increased his pace and ferocity in response to his imminently approaching climax.

“Oh fuck, ohhhh, ohhhh!” the man called out in response to his orgasm.

Amber’s response was less verbal, consisting of a series of audible moans that revealed her own level of arousal.

The man who had just filled her up staggered back a few steps and took a hit off his blunt, letting his cock slip out of Amber’s cunt with a soft ‘plop’ that revealed a thick white glob of cum from just within the lips of her pussy—threatening to escape.

“Clean this black dick you filthy white bitch,” he commanded from a position he clearly felt very comfortable.

I noticed the unsteady movements and shakiness in Amber’s movements as she wheeled around on the couch to face him, but I also detected a slow, deliberation that indicated something else—an opiate.

As Amber made her way around to face the man’s glistening black cock, she only then noticed Sienna and I watching from the landing in front of the stairs. She smiled weakly at us, her pupils pinpricks and her skin pallid and sweat stained. She was stoned off her ass.

“Is mom okay?” Sienna whispered softly to me, clearly wanting her question to be for my ears only.

“Yeah, she’s just…,” I hesitated a moment, not quite sure exactly what to say or how.

“She hasn’t done heroin for a long, long time,” I finished, awash in my own series of conflicted thoughts and emotions.

“Heroin?” Sienna parroted, her tone a bit squeakier and unsure than I was accustomed to hearing lately.

I remained silent as I observed my wife sloppily sucking a stranger’s cock in an attempt to clean the combined fluids of their lovemaking at the man’s behest. For his part he remained a director, peering down at her and debasing and commanding her while he continued puffing on his blunt.

“Here, take a hit while you clean this dick you filthy bitch,” he instructed, turning the end of the blunt between his thumb and forefinger over toward Amber’s mouth.

Amber didn’t so much as flinch, she simply turned her head toward the man’s offering and took a strong pull. It was a short drag but powerful, her cheeks collapsing instantly and filling her mouth easily before she popped a ball of smoke down her throat and resumed sucking. Smoke trickled out of her nostrils while ataşehir escort bayan she sucked before Amber opened her mouth and licked his shaft from base to head with her tongue displayed and her eyes peering up. She bathed his dick in a thick exhale while her glassy gaze twinkled in delight.

“You a nasty bitch, ain’t ya? Bet yo man wish he could fuck you that good, huh?” he declared obliviously.

She just smiled and wrapped her lips around the head of his shrinking phallus.

The man placed his hand on Amber’s forehead and pushed her back in a dismissive way, satisfied with her work.

As he bent to pull up the black jeans at his feet, he finally noticed Sienna and I for the first time.

“Shit! You watchin’ me that whole time? Gah damn you people are freaks,” he exclaimed, buttoning his belt even though his jeans remained firmly below his waistline.

“You kinda cute though, if I didn’t just fuck this bitch you could definitely get it,” he said, having a few more moments to appraise Sienna’s beauty.

He readjusted his long white wifebeater and crossed the 5-10 steps between himself and Sienna. I could now properly assess the man’s appearance, and his gold-toothed smile. He was somewhere in the range of 25-30 years old, a very lean 6’1″ with the tails of tight corn rows peeking out from the back of his blue ‘Yankees’ hat.

He stepped right up to Sienna confidently, smiling wide to show his several good teeth and not even acknowledging me.

“Like the show, honey?” he asked, followed by a drag on his blunt.

Sienna just nodded, still a bit ‘shop-worn’ from her recent series of sex-capades.

“Hit this,” he instructed while offering the end of the blunt up to Sienna’s lips.

She didn’t have to look to me for approval, she knew that any offer of drugs was an opportunity to turn me on—even if it was just pot.

She clamped her thick lips down on the wet end of the blunt and dragged hard—mirroring her mother moments earlier aside from the fact that she inhaled a cascade of rolling white smoke up through her nostrils in an effortless French inhale instead of the trademark snap-inhale.

“You a little baddie, huh?” the man appraised.

Sienna smiled and gave me a sidelong glance as she exhaled a tight stream.

“This yo man, or yo pimp?” he questioned, motioning towards me without looking in my direction.

“Both,” Sienna replied confidently.

The man grinned crookedly in the midst of another drag on his blunt.

“You lookin’ to trade up?” he offered.

“Not possible,” Sienna replied sternly, reaching out to the man’s hand and extracting his blunt.

The man seemed intrigued and instead of protesting allowed Sienna to take it freely. He watched in silent amusement as she took several hard pulls on the blunt, each time popping a monstrous ball of smoke down her throat noisily.

She did this a few times consecutively until the blunt was killed, before dropping it to the ground with a pair of smoke-filled lungs and grinding it into the wooden floor under the heel of her boot. After an impressive amount of time, Sienna looked up from the resulting black smudge mark on the floor and exhaled a thick stream of smoke up toward the ceiling with lips pursed suggestively.

“But thanks for the weed,” she concluded slyly.

“You gonna pay me back for that weed,” he teased.

“Take a number,” she replied, jerking her thumb in Kevin’s direction.

The man was clearly not sure of what to do or say next, so he stood dumbfounded as Sienna and I proceeded into the living room and sat on the couch next to Amber—who was nodding out pretty hard.

I gazed silently at my blissed-out wife as she reveled in the embrace of the one substance, I didn’t think she’d ever touch again. My mind was still unmade when it came to how I felt about it long-term, but I couldn’t deny how aroused I was seeing her this fucked-up.

I caressed her cheek softly and heard the bang of the screen door indicate that the black man who had fucked her minutes ago had left.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, my own anxieties and memories bringing up feelings of conflicting emotions.

Amber smiled, more aware than I might’ve guessed given her appearance.

“Don’t worry love, enjoy it,” she cooed, her voice barely above a whisper.

I leaned in and kissed her softly, sure only of how much I loved her while I wrestled with the implications of everything else.

“Does it feel good?” Sienna queried, her eyes bloodshot from the cannabis.

“Soooo good, I missed this so much,” Amber replied languidly.

“Fuck, it looks amazing,” Sienna marveled, clearly jealous of her mothers’ state of absolute ecstasy.

“Join me, honey,” she beckoned to her, literally inviting her own daughter into the perilous world of opiate addiction.

My heart jumped at that statement and then continued pounding as I processed its implications.

On the one-hand I had long since fantasized about the eventual escort kadıöy progression into heroin use, but when the intense arousal dissipated, I felt a knot in my stomach form in reaction to the dire consequences of such an endeavor. In truth, while I knew it was a likely and nearly inevitable outcome, I had compartmentalized its eventuality in such a way that made it feel like a reality that I didn’t have to contend with or anticipate because I’d be able to see it coming and possibly divert.

I didn’t expect it to be thrusted nakedly into my lap, without my knowledge or consent, demanding only my objection or quiet acquiescence—one of which requiring significantly less action on my part.

Snapping back to the present I noticed that both women were staring at me expectantly, except Amber’s was compromised by her inability to remain focused or keep her eyes open for extended periods of time.

“Daddy?” Sienna spoke, reverting back an earlier title in response to her subordinate nature.

My words caught in my throat as I looked to Amber for support, or comfort, or reassurance—but was met by the drooping eyelids and slack-jawed face of a woman far too stoned to provide any of the above. This was going to have to be my decision, and mine alone, and it would likely represent the final domino in a series that could lead to an array of unpleasant destinations for all involved. It was fitting, as all those years back in high school it was me who had tipped the first one.

“If you’re ready,” I replied finally, eliciting a sigh of exasperated relief from Sienna and a crooked half-grin from Amber.

As if he had been hanging on every word Kevin appeared to materialize next to the couch with a full syringe, tourniquet, and ever present smile to administer.

“Wasting no time, eh?” I commented, somewhat irritated by his zealousness for some reason.

Perhaps it was because I felt like I was the last person to anticipate this series of events. Perhaps it was his excitement of ‘acquiring a new customer’ without any of the concerns about health or well-being that I wrestled with. Perhaps it was an all too sobering reflection of my own libido and its insatiable appetite for risk and abandon. Perhaps it made me feel like a hypocrite.

Regardless, the final domino had been tipped and Kevin was now tapping the inner elbow of Sienna’s left arm as he squeezed the rubber tourniquet and tried to find a vein for the first time.

“I’m so excited, but I’m also nervous,” Sienna panted, the tenseness of her posture and jaw offering a congruent display of her verbalizations.

“Don’t be nervous, honey. You’re going to love it, this is the start of your life my junkie whore,” Amber broke, in a moment of lucidity.

Sometimes even I was surprised by the wanton debasement of Amber’s confessions. I noticed Kevin’s eyes bulge momentarily as well, perhaps wrestling with his own revulsions somewhere deep inside.

“I can’t wait,” Sienna replied.

“Well, wait no longer,” Kevin soothed as he inched the needle towards a healthy vein featuring prominently in the crook of Sienna’s inner elbow.

I watched with a mix of intense arousal and trepidation as the tiny pin of the needle disappeared into the vein of my daughter’s arm for the first time in her life. It registered easily as a result, a splash of red appearing in the barrel and indicating a green light for the final step. With practiced skill, Kevin began smoothly plunging the contents of the syringe into the tapped vein in a single fluid motion. With every heart pounding moment, the line of no return faded into the distance and Sienna’s body filled with black-tar heroin.

Finally, the contents were expelled, and the barrel was empty, having been ferried into their new host and headed toward the opioid receptors that would bind together to create what would likely become an extended relationship.

Sienna was watching the entire process with endless fascination, in part to probably learn the process for self-administration in the near future. She was biting her bottom lip in a subconscious display of anticipation and focus, making her look both adorable and sexy at the same time.

Amber was doing her best to remain present for her daughter’s loss of innocence in every sense of the word. While she had been taking part in increasing numbers of depraved activities, the first ‘plunge’ into IV heroin use was a milestone in and of itself. While she had clearly orchestrated this entire event from the moment she had arrived or even earlier, perhaps Amber hadn’t quite anticipated how fucked up she would be.

As the pin was removed and the tourniquet released, I sighed right along with Sienna, despite being completely unaware of having been holding my breath in the first place.

“Lift your arm over your head,” Kevin instructed.

Sienna did as she was told without asking why, perhaps forgoing her normally inquisitive nature for the sake of ritualizing the procedure instead.

I watched her maltepe escort face intently as I awaited the moment when the dope would hit her, and I didn’t have to wait long. I saw her eyelids flutter and her mouth open reflexively as the warm embrace of the opiate wrapped her up. She actually moaned audibly and tried to say something, but it was unintelligible to me in the moment. For the first time I noticed my erection, perhaps having been there all along but only now making itself known.

As Sienna seemed to dissolve into the ratty cushions of the burnt orange couch, I watched a wave of pleasure unlike anything she’d ever experienced wash over her in waves. Her arm lowered to her side and her posture slouched and a dopey smile made its’ way onto her face. Her lids were not closed but they were lazy, acting like a set of blinds that were pulled half-down down.

“Oh my God, this is the most amazing feeling of my life,” Sienna declared, her voice as soft as a petal and lilted just the same.

I resisted the urge to allow the voice at the back of my mind to ring the alarm bells in response to Sienna’s words, although they no doubt foretold a great many events for us all.

“Give in to it baby, this is what you live for now. This is your life,” Amber encouraged, perhaps intending to cement this moment as the defining one in her daughter’s life and ensuring it’s influence for a lifetime.

Again, I shuddered at the implication of her words but tried to focus on the uncomfortable tightness in my jeans.

“What do you think, lover. Do you like how I look with heroin running through my veins?” Sienna tempted, her ultimate motivations to service my darkest desires proving true even in that moment.

“You look amazing,” I sputtered, the last vestiges of any hesitancy residing itself to the annals of my inner dialogues and internal conflicts.

“Then fuck me,” she continued.

I knew that there was no possibility of waiting until I got home to take these women. I would need to take them now, right here in the open on Kevin’s couch. The parallels to the past were uncanny but, in that moment, only a fleeting thought as more pressing matters vied for supremacy at the forefront of my mind.

Namely, unbuttoning my entirely too restricting jeans and planting my aching cock into one or both of these doped up whores splayed out on the couch before me.

“Who wants it first?” I asked, as if I were feeding a pack of hungry lions as opposed to a couple of blissed-out nymphomaniacs.

Both women chose actions over words, hiking up a skirt of parting the fabric of a panty, respectively. For my part, both options looked absolutely delicious. Sienna was glazed with cum, the result of taking back to back loads only minutes ago and my own load earlier in the day. She was also glistening and leaking, obviously harboring a healthy supply of sperm inside of her as well as displaying the results of her own arousal.

Amber’s host had been more recent, and therefor her cunt was messier at a glance. A glob of pearly white cum barred the entry to her insides like a porous guardian—a sight that would repel the advances of some by sight alone and relent to the advances of others who pressed the issue. I fit squarely in the latter category, the physical display of her sluttiness, her dirtiness, and her reckless hedonism a siren call that had snared me long ago and never let up.

“Both of you, kneel on the floor and lay on the couch,” I instructed, understanding that I simply had to dip my wick into both of these fires.

The two women did as they were told without hesitance—a quality that I was becoming more and more appreciative of. They were both labored, slow, and fairly unsteady but I passed the time by stroking myself in anticipation and thinking of the most depraved scenarios I could imagine spurring me onward.

At long last both women were kneeled over the cushion of the couch with their thick, meaty labia pressed together enticingly. I took one last look at the sorry states of the two pussies that I was about to penetrate, with their dripping, leaking, cum-glazed appearances leaving no-doubts as to their activities through out the day. As my sexual appetite reached a fever pitch, I positioned myself behind Amber first, who kneeled to my left.

I noticed a momentary pout from Sienna as she realized she would have to wait a little longer for my cock, but it was gone as soon as I noticed it and replaced with the continuation of blissed out ecstasy afforded by her first shot of heroin only moments ago.

I peered down at my cock wrapped firmly by my first as I guided its swollen head to the entrance of Amber’s gooey hole. I sensed the sticky wetness of another man’s cum offering its last protests but ignored them in favor of the warm, fleshy confines that awaited me inside. Once I pushed past the considerable load semen that had stood guard at the entrance my penetration concluded quickly.

I allowed the intense wetness and combination of natural lubricants to do most of the work and focused on the sensations that overtook each and every inch of my shaft as it advanced into its rightful throne. My hilt pressed against the thick lips of Amber’s cunt and I felt a glob of semen slip out and onto my balls as it was displaced with my girth.

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