A Holiday in Looe Ch. 04

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Emma was so incredibly horny by the time she returned to the holiday apartment. In her head she already planned an incredible masturbatory session with her hidden vibrator stimulating herself with the memory of her recent naughty piss sessions around the aptly named town of Looe. She was extremely surprised and initially upset when she heard sounds of activity coming from up the stairs where the main living room and kitchen was located. For a second she toyed with the idea of bringing herself off in the hallway; probing fingers exploring her pussy tunnel whilst inside the tight material of her bikini bottoms. However the fear of discovery was too great she with a sinking feeling in her heart she climbed the carpeted stairs.

Emma’s disappointment didn’t last long. Her boyfriend Mark was waiting for her, completely naked. Emma’s eyes immediately descended to the wonderful view of his long thick cock dangling between his legs. Mark had a fantastic dick and Emma loved nothing more in the world than having it placed up to her pussy crack before allowing the long shaft of his hardened penis slide lovingly up into her love tunnel. Already Emma thoughts had turned back to sex and the possibility of rewarding Mark with a blow job prior to allowing him to fuck her.

Mark was obviously thinking the same thing. His eyes lit up the second he saw her emerge from the stairwell entrance, his gaze lingering on her large full bosom before drifting down to the tight bikini briefs hiding her crotch from sight. Emma’s lower garment was extremely tight, a fact made obvious by the revealing groove of her pussy crack underneath. As Mark savoured the sight of his girlfriend’s womanhood, the effect on his hormones was quite noticeable. Between his exposed testicles, his cock was already stiffening and beginning to rise.

“Quick Emma,” he said, “Come over her for me.” Mark pointed to a spot directly in front of one of the large windows which overlooked the harbour. It was slightly ajar and the sounds of the bustle of the thriving town could be heard drifting through the gap. As Emma approached she spied the large pile of newspaper spread out in an unsightly spread over the carpet below the window.

“Get your kit off sweetie. I’ve got a treat for you.”

Obligingly Emma started to prise off her bikini top allowing the welts of red flesh surrounding her brown nipples to come into view before exposing the entire sight of her firm tits to the watching Mark. Teasingly she turned around before starting to remove her briefs. This treated Mark to a wonderful display of her round wide bum cheeks as the material slipped downwards. She had already guessed why the newspaper was on the floor and simply couldn’t wait to get started.

Now completely nude, Emma moved to stand on the newspaper, taking a wide stance on parted legs and bending forwards to aliağa escort the window so Mark had a perfect view of her waiting pussy lips under the curve of her buttocks. Reaching forwards she pushed the glass of the window allowing it to open further. This meant that she could now lean her large tits out of the window whilst she waited for Mark to start the show.

It was a wonderful feeling to have her naked top stuck out of an open window whilst waiting for her boyfriend to fuck her. The street below was nothing more than a small road leading up to the houses above. As such it saw little traffic and was currently empty. Emma doubted that anybody walking up the street would even think of looking upwards so her display of nudity would quite easily go amiss. Below the street was the line of buildings which made up the shops on the main road. Although this was obscured by the buildings, the sound of active life was utterly clear in the fresh Cornish air.

It was a beautiful day with crystal blue skies overhead. The constant cries of the seagulls as they waited for the fishing boats to return to port filled the world with the sounds of the seaside. Turning her head to the left, Emma could just make out the distant dark blue of the sea. This was a fantastic resort and Emma was enjoying every second of her time spent here. Of course the secret thrill she had gained by pissing in the street, on the fishing boat, or even in the shop were an added bonus. Emma recalled her similar naughty piss in the cubicle of the Ladies toilet when she had purposely sprayed the walls with her golden pee. For a second she was very tempted to have a go at spraying the apartment wall in front of her pussy with a squirt of her hot piss. She would love to know what Mark’s reaction would be. Of course he had seen her urinating on the fishing boat the night before just before he had joined in with a golden shower of his own. Emma recalled the wonderful sight of the thick stream of piss squirting from his bell end before landing on the deck only a short distance from her own pissing squat. Mark had also seen her pee out of the window after he had gone first. That too had been an awesome turn on witnessing her boyfriend squirting his yellow pee through the open pane.

What happened next came as a wonderful but not completely unexpected surprise. She was still idly taking in the serene view of the outside world when suddenly a hot wet spray started to play over her left bum cheek. Even as she gasped with the joy of having her boyfriend’s golden pee spray over her naked flesh, she felt the hot jet of pee move to the side. Now her right bum cheek was being subjected to Mark’s hot golden piss as he urinated strongly over his girlfriend’s buttocks.

“Oh Mark that is fucking wonderful!” she exclaimed in orgasmic joy. Her hormones aliağa escort bayan were racing at the experience and she could feel her body stimulus responding to his ministrations.

The incredible feeling continued. A steady patter of raining piss was coming from the newspaper below. Mark was now deliberately aiming his squirting pee stream between her legs and over her pussy lips. It was all that Emma could do not to place her fingers between her legs and start to stimulate herself whilst Mark continued his fantastic piss over her flesh. His hot stream had a wonderful pressure against her skin, the whole feeling a whole new level of sex completely different from anything else she had ever felt.

“Don’t stop!” she begged, wanting to be pissed on for ages to come.

Mark didn’t reply. Instead the impact point of his golden piss shower started to rise, climbing up over her round bum cheeks and rising up her creamy back. Emma responded with a little shudder of utter pleasure. Mark’s urine was flowing down her back, over her buttocks and the tops of her upper legs. It was so unbelievably and mind blowing in its stimulus. She was longing for the welcoming truncheon of Mark’s cock in her desperately moist and lubricated pussy but at the same time she wanted the thrill of his pissing over her to continue.

Unfortunately Mark was only human and although he had managed to piss an incredibly long and wonderful stream of his pee over the naked Emma, he was already reaching his end.

“Do it inside me!” Emma urged. She could hear the hoariness in her voice as she begged her boyfriend to comply.

“OK, whatever you want,” Mark replied in a slimmer husky voice. As he reached the end of his piss he was desperate to enter Emma’s warm and waiting wetness.

Emma’s gasp of pleasure as she felt Mark’s probing cock teasing the entrance to her love palace was just the response her boyfriend was looking for. Roughly he grabbed her just at the same moment he penetrated the crack between her legs. Emma found that she was trembling with the thrill of pleasure running through her body as Mark immediately began to pump away. She rode him with expert pleasure, her focus nestled entirely on Mark’s cock inside her body. She felt so wonderfully complete when his dick was inside her almost as it deserved to be there all the time. Her groans of ecstatic pleasure threatened to draw attention to her bobbing tits which were still hanging along with her head, out of the window. Not that Emma had any interest now in the goings on of the seaside resort.

Her world had shrunk to just the simple need to fuck and fuck until Mark reached the magic moment when he exploded his white spunk inside her warm and wet pussy. Marks’ groans were almost as loud as Emma’s as he raced towards his inevitable climax. escort aliağa Just as Emma thought he couldn’t last any longer she felt him reach his orgasm. Desperately she sought her climax wanting to feel the union of coming together with the man she adored so much. Her vision reddened as she did indeed reach her pleasure threshold before crossing it into a world of transcending bliss.

After recovering their strength from their fuck by the open window, it was Emma’s turn to have a pee. With her wide bum cheeks placed on the window ledge and her slim legs spread wide, she aimed as best she could with her pussy before letting loose on her needed pee. Mark was on his knees between her legs. As her toilet juices started to squirt from her brown hairy muff, her lightly coloured pee splashed onto Mark’s bare chest. Emma gasped with the joy of seeing her piss shower spraying over the contours of his defined stomach muscles before vanishing out of sight between Mark’s legs as her hot urine washed over his cock and balls.

After a much needed break the couple decided they would repeat the performance of pissing on one another but this time in the bathroom. First off Mark performed the request that had demanded during their first morning fuck. Slowly he slid the length of his manhood into her moist waiting pussy before allowing his need to pee to build up inside him. Emma let out a suitable groan of horny pleasure as she felt the first of his piss squirting inside her body. This was the stimulus to end all stimuli! Mark, it seemed, was enjoying taking a piss in his girlfriend’s pussy just as much as Emma could feel the strength of his piss stream increased as he used her for his toilet.

Slowly Mark slid his cock out of Emma’s pussy just long enough so his golden juices could escape mixed with a warm shower of Emma’s own piss. He took a quick squirt over her buttocks once again before Emma took the initiative. Turning round she sunk to her knees, her hands already fondling his cock. With a careful touch she managed to point his semi hard cock in the direction of her large tits. She was then washed in a rain of pleasure as Mark’s steaming hot piss shot from his cock and treated her to a new golden shower.

Afterwards it was Mark’s turn to adopt the submissive posture whilst Emma moved her moist pussy lips up to his open mouth. She was trembling with a deep sexual thrill and sheer excitement as she then started to take a pee directly into his mouth. It was simply so disgusting yet incredibly stimulating to see her piss jetting from her pussy crack before issuing into the mouth of the man she loved.

Needless to say the resulting fuck session on a towel on the bathroom floor was on a whole new level to anything the couple had previously tried. After a short break it was time to adopt a ‘sixty-nine’ posture ready for some sucking and licking. This was followed by a joint pee whilst both Mark and Emma pissed into the other’s mouth whilst still laid on top of one another. Another result of orgasmic joy was the result encouraging them both to simply wanting to spend the rest of the wonderful day experimenting with their new found fetish.

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