A Chance Meeting Pt. 02

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“Arin!” a familiar voice hissed. “They’re coming, get up!”

Arin opened her eyes. It was dark, and a blurry figure loomed over her. As her eyes slowly focused, she caught a glint of yellow hair in a beam of light emanating from somewhere else. “…Lana?”

Arin was yanked to her feet. She knew she needed to run, but her mind struggled to remember why.

“Faster, they’re behind us,” whispered Lana’s voice. “Come on, you can make it.” Arin’s body was bruised and achy and there were sticks and twigs painfully stabbed into her feathers, but she was easily able to keep up when she got moving. She finally noticed that the bottom half of her dress had been torn off, and that there was a dull but persistent pain between her legs, accompanied by an intense tightness radiating outward from her clitoris. She wanted to reach down and touch it, but she was too busy trying to run.

They stopped abruptly, and Lana cursed under her breath. Arin’s head was spinning, but as she looked up, she recognized the place: there was a high chainlink fence in front of them topped with barbed wire, and the rushing of a slow river could be heard from close by.

Arin pulled sideways, toward the sound of the water.

“Arin, we need to focus,” hissed Lana.

“I know where I’m going,” said Arin faintly.

Arin pulled Lana off onto a small game trail. It was difficult for Arin because her large brown feathered wings had to be folded against her back, but the trail was mercifully short. The yelling from elsewhere in the forest was starting to get louder, and she could feel Lana shaking.

The trail ended at a small clearing on a wide, lazy river, right next to a waterfall. Arin pulled Lana forward.

“Where are we going?” hissed Lana.

“We’ll need to swim,” Arin panted. Still holding onto Lana’s wrist, Arin jumped into the deep part of the river. The water was frigid, but it felt nice on her achingly hot genitals.

Arin used her wings to propel them forward, surfacing in a small cave behind the waterfall. Lana gasped for air and clawed her way toward an oddly flat little island at the back of the cave. Arin helped Lana hoist herself onto it before pulling herself up, shaking the water out of her feathers and wrapping http://www.izmirlitv.com/ her wings around herself and Lana. The cave was dimly lit, reflecting the scant light from outside and producing a low, diffused glow. They could hear the voices even more clearly now, almost above them. There were at least four or five people, and their footsteps rattled the roots sticking through the ceiling above them. Arin pulled Lana closer with her wing and waited for them to pass.

One set of footsteps stopped above the cave. Arin’s stomach tightened up anxiously, and it intensified the pain in her clitoris. Desperately, she dropped her hands into her lap and started masturbating. She tried to be quiet, but Lana noticed right away.

“Do you really have to do that now?” breathed Lana.

“It hurts,” Arin whimpered, slipping three fingers into her throbbing pussy. She was even wetter than she thought, and had no trouble adding another finger. The footsteps above them began pacing clearly back and forth, and the voices were saying things like “have to be around here somewhere” and “they can’t have gotten over the fence.”

Arin continued fingering herself and playing with her swollen clitoris. She couldn’t hold back a small moan, and Lana clamped a hand over her mouth. It hadn’t been loud enough for the people outside to hear, because at that moment there were more shouts about a broken tree in the distance. The footsteps on top of the cave receded, leaving them in silence.

Lana relaxed a little, shivering from the cold water, and Arin masturbated faster. The squelching noises echoed off the closed-in walls, and seemed to make Lana nervous the longer it went on. Arin worked away at herself for several minutes, pausing to listen for the voices of their pursuers in the distance. Though her body was coiled up and desperate for release, she couldn’t seem to get herself to come. She stopped and sat back against the cave wall, breathing heavily. It hadn’t been a lot of effort, but her arms were burning.

“Did you uh…” Lana looked Arin in the eye shyly. Weirdly, it was light enough for Arin to see the slight green tint to Lana’s brown eyes. “Did you finish?”

Arin shook her head. “No, my hands are just tired. I think something’s wrong. We need to get back.”

Lana snorted, “Too right we do. Who are those people? How did you know this cave was here?”

“I’ll tell you later. They could come back at any time-” Arin rubbed half-heartedly at her swollen vulva, slicked her wet crimson hair out of her face, and raised her wings so that she wouldn’t brush Lana when she slid back into the water-

A loud splash outside made them both freeze. Two sets of footsteps passed slowly above them. Arin pushed herself back against the wall, sighing in frustration. The tension and hot, throbbing pain in her clitoris were only getting worse as her anxiety increased, and she could barely focus on anything else.

“What’s the quickest way out of here?” Lana whispered. “Is there a way to get under the fence?”

Arin groaned quietly. “Just give me a minute, I can’t think.”

“You still need to-…uh…”

“Yes, Lana,” said Arin, rolling her eyes. “Just give me a minute or two to recover.”

“If it makes it go faster, I can help,” said Lana quietly.

Arin scooted over next to Lana, curling one wing around her, but was suddenly self-conscious when she opened her legs. : “Lana, you don’t have to-“

“Captain, I do *not* intend to die in this stupid creepypasta,” said Lana sternly. “I’m trying to help you, so please just take it so we can both get out of here. And once we are, *you* are going to tell me what’s going on.”

Arin’s stomach twisted in anticipation as Lana slid a small hand down Arin’s belly toward her crotch. It surprised Arin that it wasn’t unpleasant.

The first thing that Lana did was poke at Arin’s large clitoris, sticking up out of her nest of crimson pubic hair. Lana’s finger barely brushed the tip, and Arin gasped, pushing her face into the crook of Lana’s neck.

Lana explored further inside the folds of Arin’s labia. “Just the clit,” mewled Arin, squirming. “It’ll be faster that way.”

Lana stroked and pulled on Arin’s clitoris, and she quickly started twitching. Arin’s wings tightened around them for a long moment. Arin heard rather than felt her bladder start to let go and yanked one of her wings out of the way, spreading her legs wider and squirting in several long blasts that splashed loudly in the water. Arin expected Lana to recoil and wait for her to finish, but instead she kept working on Arin with an odd, calculating expression.

“Leah really has taught you well,” Arin moaned, pushing her face into Lana’s chest to keep from crying out. Her body began to tighten up again, and she could feel herself starting to come.

Arin’s orgasm hit her in waves, and Lana persisted until Arin had stopped bucking her hips. Though Arin’s head was spinning, she felt pleasantly warm, shaky, and extremely relaxed. She slumped against Lana’s chest, panting. Her clitoris was dark red, pulsating lazily in sync with the rest of her pussy. Arin took a shaky breath to say something, but was interrupted by footsteps passing over the cave again. Lana pulled her closer protectively.

Arin sat still for almost a minute. She hadn’t thought much of Lana’s chest before, but her boobs were remarkably comfortable to rest against. Though Arin was still extremely fuzzy on exactly what was going on, she knew who must be chasing them, and that they needed to get away. Arin couldn’t seem to shake a vague dizziness but sat up when she was confident enough in her balance.

“Are you ready to go?” whispered Lana.

Arin’s eyes drifted upward. On the cave wall, hidden among the randomly-cracked rocks in the wall, was a small, darkened rectangle. “…The light’s…off?”

“What?” said Lana, looking up. “What light?”

With the help of her wings, Arin pulled herself up to her feet against the wall and stretched her hand out. The small rectangle gave easily beneath her fingers, and an odd sound came from inside the wall. “It’s…” Arin struggled to keep her balance as the wall she was leaning on lurched forward. Lana partially caught Arin, only to get slapped in the face with Arin’s flight feathers. They both fell forward into a cold polished concrete floor.

“It’s open,” Arin groaned lamely.

Lana stood up first and helped Arin to her feet. They were in another long, dim hallway. Arin glanced up and down it. Her head was spinning, but she knew these hallways so well that she could navigate them in her sleep.

“That way!” Arin pointed up the hall, stumbling. Lana caught her, rolling her eyes.

“You have so much explaining to do,” sighed Lana, supporting Arin while they rushed up the hall.

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