A chance at a new sex life: Part 8

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A chance at a new sex life: Part 8
I slowly awake in a strange room and a strange bed. I don’t know where I am at first but I know I’m not at home. The more I open my eyes and try to focus the more that I work out. Going by the needle in my arm, the fact I’m in a gown and with the noises of machines beeping a good guess I’m in the hospital but why.

I try to move a little and holy fuck a coursing pain runs right through me. I groan loudly and something stirs at the bottom of the bed.

“Robbie?!” my eyes are better focused now but I could tell that voice anywhere. It’s Stacey. “Oh, thank god you’re awake!” She shuffles her seat closer up to me. I guess she must have been sleeping.

“What… What happened?” I speak out but with a little difficulty and pain. My face aches.

“You’re in the hospital. You look and are in a pretty bad shape! We were hoping you could tell us what happened?”

“What, day is it?”

“It’s Monday morning, you were brought in last night!” She was now right by my side, holding my hand, more like squeezing it. Her eyes are puffy, she’d been crying, a lot.

“Monday? Last night?” I lay my head back on the pillow and try to remember what happened. I rack my brain but I can’t. Confusion plastered all over.

“It’s ok Robbie, take it slow! Did you work yesterday?”

I think back, did I? “Yeah, yeah I did.”

“Ok but then what happened?”

“I left the shop and walked home.”

“You never made it home…” more tears slowly stream down her face.

I close my eyes and try my best to remember. I remember being at work. ‘Was Holly there? No, she wasn’t. I locked up, cashed up and all that. Then I walked home…. The memory vivid, I wasn’t sure but Brad?! Was Brad there?

“Brad?!” I simply said.

Stacey’s eyes grew wide. “We knew it, wait here!”

“Like I’m going anywhere” I laugh as Stacey gets up and dashes out of the room.

I close my eyes and wait for them to return.

I’m re awoken when Stacey comes back in followed by mom and two police officers.

“Oh Robbie!” My mom comes rushing over and gives me a hug, it’s nice but a little uncomfortable.

“These two gentlemen want to ask you some questions if that’s ok? I know it’s soon but it’s important.” Mom says as she takes my hand. The taller of the two officers’ steps forward. The other pulls out what looks like a tape recorder.

“Good morning Robbie, I know this is difficult with the pain but we have a few questions we need to ask! Is that ok?”

I simply nod.

“Now do you recognize this man?” The officer holds up a mug shot of Brad.

I nod again.

“I need an audible confirmation please!”

“Yes.” I simply answer.

“Was he involved in the altercation that took place yesterday evening?”

I pause, was it him? It hurts to think but I calm myself. “Yes” I answer aloud “but he wasn’t alone.”

“Unfortunately, we only have Mr. Miller in custody. The lady that found you and called us, could only describe him. The two other assailants quickly fled.” He paused before continuing. “Now with recent events and other allegations made against Mr. Miller, we would like to ask you if you would like to press charges?”

“Yes, we would!” Mom answers before I can speak. I look up at her. With a reassuring squeeze of my shoulder she continues “What that boy, no a****l, has done to my family is unspeakable. He doesn’t belong on the streets; he belongs in prison.”

“Very well Ms. Henderson.” The officer then turns to my sister, “Miss would you please come with us?”

Stacey offers me a reassuring smile before leaving the room with the two officers.


“Sshhhh baby, it’s ok. We will get him for this. For what he did to you and what he did to your sister!” Her eyes are teary but her voice laced with anger.

I try to speak again but mom stops me “Just rest! The officers will need to speak with you as well about last night and what happened last week!”

Sometime later the two officers come back and question me about how much I remember from last night. pendik escort Also, to describe Brad, the altercation we had last week and was he abusive towards my sister. I was surprised they asked about my sister, I could only guess that she told them.

After I answer as much as I can, the officers leave leaving the three of us alone.

“I’ll be right back Robbie, ok?” Mom squeezes my arm as she leaves the room.

Stacey takes the seat next to the bed and takes my hand in hers. A silence falls between us.

After a while I have to speak “why did you tell them?”

“I’m not really meant to say!” Stacey replies, looking down at our hands.

“Oh, come on Stacey!”

“I told them everything about that night in the house and the times before!” Her head was still hung low.

Anger slowly boils inside me. “What else did he do?”

“Not a lot…” she trails off.

“Stacey please” I squeeze her hand.
“That night… that night wasn’t the first time he had hit me.”

My free hand clenches as I see tears form in her eyes.

“The way he used to speak to me when we were alone as well. Always putting me down and never really treating me like I was his girlfriend. The worst part is he wasn’t always like that. In the beginning he was actually really sweet and caring. Then we had sex….”

A slow stream of tears trickles down her cheek. I reach up and wipe them away.

“You’re free now Stacey. You’re safe. The police will do their job and he won’t bother us again!”

Stacey cups my hand against her face. A warm smile now greets me and it’s really good to see.

“I’m so sorry for everything Robbie!” She takes my hand from her face and holds onto it. “I should have known he would do something! Look what he’s done to you!”

“Stacey it’s ok really, I’m fine. It hurts like a bitch but I’ll live. Please stop worrying ok?”

Stacey simply nods, her tears have now stopped. “I love you Robbie” she says with warmth and love in her voice.

“I love you too!” I smile back to her.

Stacey leans off of her chair and kisses my forehead. As she pulls back, she pauses inches away from me. We stare into each other’s eyes, there is a look of love that goes deeper than just between a brother and a sister. A deeper, stronger bond. She ever so slightly licks her lips. I move towards her and plant my lips against hers. Her lips feel so soft and a little salty from her tears but still so nice. Stacey hesitates for a moment pulling back. She looks me in the eye again, then down to my lips and now she kisses me. The kiss is a bit more passionate this time, there’s no tongues involved but it’s a nice sensual kiss. Our lips still pressed together as we slightly part our lips.

Even though it’s not the most passionate or lustful kiss I’ve ever had. There’s a raw emotion with it that makes it so hot. I can feel my dick grow under the sheets. Stacey now brings both her hands up to cup my face. Our lips now part further and I feel her tongue press against my teeth. I happily accept her and our tongues now twirl and twist against each other’s. We breath heavy as the kiss heats up.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door as a nurse begins to enter the room. “Just need to check your vitals!” She says with a warm smile as she comes to the other side of my bed. Stacey was just as startled as I was and quickly sat back down. I have no idea how much the nurse saw. My sister is holding my hand again but her head is down. I look to the nurse as she carries out her checks. She is a young nurse, maybe a few years older than me. She has a cute small round face and stands at about five foot six. Her black her is tied behind her in a ponytail. From what I can see through her uniform she has a nice ample chest, maybe a 34D with a name tag reading ‘Becky’ resting near her cleavage. Cute little ass too as well. As I make contact with her blue eyes she grins and gives me a wink.

“How are you feeling?” Her sweet voice asks.

“I’m doing better.” I reply with a smile kurtköy escort and a flushed face. “When will I get out of here?”

Her face turns a little more serious. “I can’t really say I’m afraid, the doctor will assess you and your injuries and make the decision.” Her smile returning at the end.

“Oh ok, thanks”

She simply nods and smiles as she finishes her checks before leaving the room. “I’ll leave you two alone now” she teases as she closes the door.

“She saw??” Stacey says mortified.


“Robbie what if that was mom?”

“Then we will just need to be more careful next time!” I grin.

“Robbie, I don’t think…”

I cut her off by kissing her again, my hand against her cheek. She’s a little a-taken back but she soon melts into the kiss and returns it.

“See more careful!” As I break the kiss and lay back against the bed.

Before Stacey can reply mom comes back into the room, no knock this time.

“I’ve been speaking to the doctor” Mom says as she pulls up another chair next to the bed. “He says that they will keep you in overnight tonight to keep an eye on you. They don’t have any major concerns and no signs of any lasting damage but still want to observe you. If all looks ok, we can pick you up tomorrow morning!” She smiles taking my hand.

“What about college?”

“I’ve already called and explained you won’t be in the rest of the week. They will let your relevant lecturers know!”

“I have work on Thursday too!”

“Don’t worry sweetie, I will call Derek as well and explain the situation.” She squeezes my hand. “Don’t worry everything is going to be ok” she says as she takes her free hand and squeezes my sisters’ hand.

The rest of the day my mom doesn’t leave us alone. We share a light dinner together in my room before they have to leave to go home. Mom gives me a hug first and kisses my forehead before grabbing her bag and leaving the room. Stacey leans over and gives me a hug also but thankfully she gives me a tender kiss on the lips. I want it to last longer but she reluctantly pulls away.

“See you tomorrow” she says as she strokes my face and heads for the door. She gives me a wave as she leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

‘Damn, wish she could have stayed’ I groan and I slam my head back against my pillow.

Left alone in my room all I can think about is kissing Stacey. How hot it was and how horny it’s made me. The kiss was everything I imagined it would be. Sensual and amazing. I really want to do it again. I know she wants too as well.

As I lay in bed, I try to sleep but my cock has other ideas. It’s not at full mast but it’s awkward and annoying, keeping me from sleep. I slide my hand down under the sheets and pull up the hospital gown that I’m wearing. I slowly stroke my member and it begins to harden as I stroke more. I keep my pace slow as I think purely of Stacey. Her soft lips kissing me. I cast my mind back to the web cam shows I’ve watched of her. I imagine her beckoning me to join her. My pace picks up a little now as my cock is fully hard. It’s awkward though with the bed sheets and gown. It feels too good to stop now so I kick the sheets off of me and hold the gown up with my free hand. With free access now I work my full shaft with my hand, twisting my wrist around the tip. My eyes close and my mind focuses on Stacey. I start to really get into it. Pre cum now oozing out of the tip and helps lubricate.

I’m so lost in the moment that I only just notice the knock on the door as Becky enters the room again. I grab the sheets as quickly as I can but I know she’s seen all.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Henderson, I should have waited for you to answer!”

“It’s ok” my face red with embarrassment.

“I just have to check your vitals again!” She says as she closes the door behind her.

There’s an awkward silence in the room as she goes about doing her checks. Becky is first to break the silence though “you can finish you know!”

“Sorry?” Totally kaynarca escort caught off guard.

“Don’t mind me” She says as carries out more checks. “It looked big and swollen, you looked like you were enjoying it too.”

I’m a bit mortified and don’t know what to say “I’m fine” I dumbly force out.

“Don’t be silly now, it will make you more uncomfortable if you don’t finish.”

She did have a point and it was still rock hard.

“I’m happy to help!” She coos.


Becky wordlessly walks over to the door and places a sign on the outside before closing it over. She walks back over and sits next to me on the bed.

“Your vitals look fine and I’m sure your sister won’t mind” she teases.

“I’m…that wasn’t, my um sister!!” I shift nervously in the bed.

“Oh, come on, we know who came here to see you and be with you. It’s ok I find it kind of hot a brother and sister making out. It looked a good kiss from what I saw.”

Again, I’m speechless. Becky leans forward and kisses me on my lips. It’s not as nice as Stacey to be honest but I soon give in and kiss her back. There’s more sloppy passion in this kiss as our tongues quickly thrash about. With one of her hands she flicks off the bed sheets and takes my cock in her grip. Her hands are small and she just manages to wrap her hand around me. She tugs tightly as she runs her hand up and down my length.

Breaking the kiss, she whispers “We both know I’d get in so much trouble for this so let’s make it quick!” Before planting another kiss on me.

Her hand works my shaft faster and harder as she leans into the kiss more. Her tongue is forceful and hungry. Her hand expertly milking my cock.

“Mmmm it’s so big” she moans into the kiss. “I would probably struggle to get my mouth around it!” She bites her lip as she eyes up my member. “Don’t mind, do you?”

I shake my head speechlessly.

Becky maneuvers herself onto the bed more so her head is now over my crotch. Her hand still working my shaft she brings her soft lips down to my tip. My cock twitches at the feeling of her warm breath. She peppers the head in soft kisses before she takes the first few inches into her mouth. The sweet feeling is blissful. Her lips are tightly wrapped around me as she bobs her head slowly up and down. Her hand still working away at the lower part of the shaft.

I’ve had a few blowjobs in my day now but this one is by far the most erotic. This hot nurse going above and beyond for patient, it’s great.

Becky bobs her head a little faster now gradually taken a couple more inches of me inside her. I can feel my cock press against the back of her throat every-time she goes down on me. I can’t help but hold her ponytail as she slurps away, happily sucking my cock.

Her free hand is against my stomach which hurts a little around the bruising but all my pain is being taken away as she sucks the life out of me. Her other hand is now alternating between jerking the base of my cock and with fondling my balls. It’s a weird tingly sensation to have your balls played with as she sucks on me but it feels great.

Now easily taking most of my length I can feel my orgasm building. I lie back in pure pleasure as it builds and builds. Becky must know as she concentrates on the first few inches of me as she furiously wanks me off. Her lips are tightly sealed around the head of my cock as I explode. I groan loudly as shot after shot of cum fires into her eager mouth. I can feel her tongue lap at my tip as she hungrily sucks out my jizz.

After my orgasm has passed, I sink further into the bed and breath a deep sigh of relief. Becky’s mouth still working my softening member but at a much slower pace. Making sure she is gathering every last drop of cum.

Satisfied that she got it all, with a pop my cock falls from her mouth. She wipes the sides of her lips before standing up and straightening herself up.

“Well Mr. Henderson, I hope you will be more comfortable now and will easily make a full recovery. Please get some rest now.”

“Thanks” I weakly say.

“No thanks needed, pleasure was all mine” she grins as she leaves the room,

With a large grin myself I close my eyes and quickly fall asleep.

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