A chance at a new sex life; Part 11

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A chance at a new sex life; Part 11
My eyes are still wide.

‘Does mom really know?’ I say to myself.

I get up and run through to Stacey’s room who is just out of the shower.

“Robbie what the hell??” She shouts at me and tries to cover herself up.

“Oh please, I’ve seen it all. We have more important things to worry about!”

“Like what?” She says turning away from me, drying her legs. Great view of her ass.

“Mom knows!” I try to refocus.

“Knows what?” She finishes drying off.

“About us!”

Stacey freezes and stays silent. “How?”

“Recently mom has been coming into my room with my breakfast and medication. This morning she didn’t, she just knocked and then left. Don’t you think she would have tried the same with you?”

“Has she said anything else?” She turns to face me, partially covering herself with the towel.

“No, you heard everything she said to me! What are we going to do?”

She stays quiet for a few moments. “We have to stop!” She said quietly.

“No please no, come on you know how good it feels!” I move over to her and hold her arms in my hands.

“It does but what about mom?” a worried look plastered over her face.

“When you get back home, we will think of something?” I offer.

“Ok” she shyly answers.

“I’ll go now but don’t worry too much.” I kiss her tenderly on the lips, then leave her room and go back to my own.

I spend the rest of the day sulking around the house and thinking what to do about Stacey and I. It’s not till late afternoon when I’m playing on my computer, with a large grin I can’t wait till when Stacey gets home now.

I kill the rest of the day playing various video games until I hear someone come into the house. A few minutes later, Stacey is in my room.

“I’ve been thinking all day and think I have an idea” Stacey says sitting down on my bed.

“Me too!” I say.

“What’s yours?” Stacey says to me, patting the bed next to her for me to go sit.

“Ladies first!” I grin as I sit next to her.

“Ok so we can’t fool around anymore, before you complain!” She holds up her hand as I start to protest. “We Just can’t fool around in the house when mom is home. We can when she’s out but we are just going to have to get creative.”


“Yeah like we don’t just have to have sex in the house. The world is our oyster!” Her smile has a wicked grin to it. It’s a really good idea, little dangerous doing it in other places but I know it will add to the thrill. Damn she’s smart.

“Amazing idea Stacey!” I can’t help but beam a little.

“Thanks, I am the smart one! What’s your idea?”

My smile fades, I thought it was a great idea but feels kind of lame now.

“It’s ok, your idea is way better!”

“Oh, come on!” She puts a reassuring hand on my thigh. “Tell me!”

“It’s kind of lame and I’m… I don’t know!” My head hangs a little.

“Aww Robbie come on; you can tell me anything?”

“Anything?” I look up into her eyes.

She simply nods.

“You won’t be mad or leave?”

“Robbie what is it?”



“I know about your web cam shows!”

Now it’s Stacey’s güvenilir bahis smiles turn to fade; her hand remains on my leg but tightens slightly as her body tenses up.

“You know?” She says in an almost stunned silence.

“I’ve watched” I’ve confessed.

Her hand slips away from my leg and I quickly grab it in mine;
“You promised. I’m sorry!”

She remains silent;
“I’ve watched a few times” I continue. “I’m not going to lie it was hot as fuck and I couldn’t help but watch you as you played with yourself. I’m not judging you, there’s nothing wrong with it. I was gutted when you said you couldn’t do it anymore!”

She remains silent a little longer;
“Stacey! Talk to me?”

Stacey slowly turns her head and looks me in the eye;
“You perv!!”

I wry smile fills her face;
“You dirty little perv!”

I’m at total ease now as her smile beams wide and her tone.
“I’m not the one stripping off and pleasuring myself on a webcam for money!”

She pulls her hand from mine and holds it to her lips in fake offence.

“And I fucking love it!” I grin.

“And I love fucking you!” She then pounces on me and throws me back onto the bed and she quickly straddle me. Her lips are soon on mine as we lock in a passionate embrace. Our lips are smacking loudly and our tongues are furiously dancing around each other.

It doesn’t take long for my dick to grow hard and Stacey to feel it. “Mmmm it feels so good pressed against me.” Her hips grinding down into me. “But Mom will be home soon and I don’t want to raise any more suspicions.”

With a deep tender kiss, Stacey climbs off. “You stay here and I’ll be down stairs when mom gets home!”

“That’s not fair!” I complain.

“Life’s not fair” she winks to me as she begins to leave my room. As she gets to my door, she turns back to me; “so what was your idea exactly?”

“Um well basically you go back to doing your web cams show and I can watch?!”

Stacey’s raises an eyebrow at my statement. “Oh, is that so? Well we shall have to see! Do you have a webcam on your laptop?”

“On mine? Yeah, I do, why?”

“No reason, love you!” She blows me a kiss and skips away.

“Why??” I shout after her but gain no response. “Love you too!” I shout loud enough that I know she will hear me.

Stacey is right and mom arrives home not long after Stacey left my room. I decide to eat dinner with them both again as not to raise too many suspicions. Dinner is ok and not too awkward. If mom does know, she isn’t letting on. After dinner I decline watching tv with them and head back to my room. I do the usual and spend the rest of the evening playing video games before heading to bed.

Friday drags like an absolute bitch. The only positives are that I am seeing Jessica and Melody tomorrow and the fact that it’s Friday so means the weekend. Not like I’ve had to go to college or work.

Again, I have dinner with mom and Stacey but this time I spend some time watching tv with them. I lose track of time until Stacey announces that she is going to her bed. She hugs and kisses mom before türkçe bahis turning to me. “Night bro” before mouthing ‘web cam, ten minutes!!’

I nod and reply, “night sis, sleep tight!”

I wait about ten minutes before I say to mom I’m going to be too.

“Night mom” I give her a hug and kiss.

“Night honey!” She returns the hug and kiss.

I start to walk away but she calls out “Robbie, remember I love you both and you can talk to me about anything?”
“Eh thanks mom, we know! Love you!” I quickly slip away and run to my room.

“Love you too sweetie!” I hear her call out.

Man, she does know, I have to tell Stacey. But it can wait, I smile to myself. I get undressed, grab my laptop and sit up in bed. I log onto the web cam site and search for Stacey. It doesn’t take long as I have favorited her. Her cam is on but she isn’t on the screen. I’m watching and waiting in eager anticipation.

Suddenly a little window pops up on my screen;

‘New message from sexychick90’

It’s Stacey’s user name so I click it and an instant messenger screen pops up. It reads;

‘Robbie, this is a private chat room where we can just talk outside of the public one. I’ll be out soon. Getting dressed and waiting for mom to go to bed before we start ;)’

I reply for her to take her time and I’m ready when she is. I move the pop-up window to the side so I can still see it and the webcam show. Whilst I’m waiting there are a few messages coming in from random people saying they are glad she is back and can’t wait to see her sexy ass.

I just chuckle as I know this show is for me.

Minutes later Stacey appears on screen, she has her high school cheerleader outfit on. It’s a bit too small for her now but in all the right places. Her skirt barely covers her ass and her top is showing of an amazing busting cleavage. Instantly the dings start to pour in.

I send a private message to Stacey;

‘Holy fuck that outfit is so hot. I remember when you used to wear that in high school. You were hot then and even hotter now!’

I can visibly see her blush and see her type something, then I get a ding;

‘This show is going to be for you! Now sit back and enjoy!’

I do just that and watch what unfolds on my screen. Stacey starts off slow just doing some dirty talk and teasing her fans. Ever so slightly pulling her top down not enough to show her nipples or getting onto her knees and flashing her perfect ass. Licking her finger and trailing it along the line of her top whilst biting her lip. I’m rock hard before she’s even removed any clothes.

Once she feels she has the crowd ready she starts a slow sexy strip tease. Fuck she really is good at this, I’m ready to burst a nut and she’s barely started.

Now naked she lays back on her bed with her legs spread wide. Showing everything. She’s no longer typing or responding to anyone. She’s in her own little world as she pulls out a six-inch pink dildo. As one hand slides down her body to slowly rub her pussy, with the dildo in the other she brings it to her lips. Which I’ve just güvenilir bahis siteleri noticed she has pink lip stick on and I watch in fascination as she wraps those pink lips around her pink dildo.

She takes her time sucking and licking the fake phallus before bringing it down to her pussy. It slides in so easy and she puts it in as far as she can. Slowly pulling it out and back in several times before she picks up the pace and starts fucking herself with it.

Her face is plastered with pleasure as she pumps her little pink friend into her pink hole. I know as soon as I touch myself or even begin to start to jerk off that I’m going to explode. I don’t know what it is, why I am feeling like this. I’ve had hotter and faster sex than just a wank and can last longer. Not sure if it’s the whole voyeur thing of watching my sister and all her build up.

Stacey’s hand pumps faster as she grabs a bare tit in her free hand and squeezes. I know she’s close and I’m going to join in when she cums.

I grab my throbbing member and start to twist my wrist around the head of my cock. It’s tender and I know just a bit of pressure and pace, I’m going to explode.

I watch intently as Stacey pumps the dildo faster and her body starts to tense up. Moments later she lets out a low groan as she spasms a little. I’m right there with her, I increased my pace as I watched her and now, I’m spraying cum everywhere. Most of it is on my hand or stomach thankfully.

Relaxing a little and my cock twitching, I look back at the screen. Stacey is still lying there, basking in the aftermath of her orgasm. The dildo still deeply implanted inside her.

It takes her a few moments too compose herself but eventually she pulls the dildo out and holds it up to her mouth. Sucking her juices off. The pings are flowing in as all these pervs, myself included, show their appreciation for such a wonderful show.

She takes a few minutes pleasuring the dildo before bringing herself back closer to the web cam and saying her goodbyes and thank you.

‘Wow Stacey I barely touched myself before cumming, that was so hot!’ I type privately to her.

Her webcam shuts off but moments later she replies in our private chat;

‘I was thinking of you the whole time. It was good to get back to doing it Infront of people, it’s such a thrill. Knowing you were watching made it even better!’

‘I’ll watch you anytime, might even start tipping you myself ;)’

‘Oh no, the only tip you are going to give me is that hard cock. That dildo doesn’t compare!’

‘I would come jump you right now!’

‘I know you would and I want you too, but we can’t risk it with mom!’

‘I know, I know!’

Stacey and I stayed up a little longer just chatting away. It’s nice. Nothing really sexual just a good conversation between us. She’s in a much better place now than before. Her college work is doing better, only slight set back with me being in hospital but without Brad, her life is so much better. I must admit I can see it in her as well. Maybe because now she is getting a good fuck, I laugh to myself. So wrong, I laugh more ashamed at myself for saying that.

We talk a little more and say our good nights. Again, I wish she was sleeping next to me but maybe one day she will and we won’t have to care. Just be us.

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