A Binding Contract

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It all started one morning when I was running late for work.

I overslept, ran out of hot water after my daughter took a much-too-long shower, and then my hairdryer died.

I considered calling in sick to work, this was definitely not the way to start a Monday. But I had an important meeting with a potential client at noon. So I made the best of it, managed to pull my hair into a neat-enough pile on top of my head, dabbed on some lipstick and headed out the door.

I’m one of those people who multi-tasks, even when it gets other drivers mad. Yes, that’s me emailing on my Blackberry as I drive down the highway. I was sending a message to my co-workers to let them know I was running late but on my way, when I glanced to my right and saw a very attractive man looking at me and smiling.

I smiled, put down the Blackberry and tried to turn my attention to the road. But that smile was too nice, I had to look again. This time he gave me a little wave and another big smile, then pointed ahead to the long line of traffic on my side of the tolls, so I slowed down to get behind him to move to a shorter line.

As I slowed to pay the toll, the toll-taker handed me a business card.

“The gentleman in the car in front of you already paid for you, and he asked me to give you his business card,” he said. “Let me know if it works out,” he teased.

I glanced at the business card and smiled, he worked for the company I was pitching this afternoon. In fact, I was pretty sure he’d be attending the meeting, I recognized his name from the list of people copied on the emails.

By now I had lost him, his car was among the throng of commuters somewhere in front of me. So when I got into the office, I logged onto my computer and sent him an email:

Good morning David,

Thank you for paying my toll this morning, it was a nice way to start my day.

I look forward to seeing you at noon in our offices on Federal Street.

Best, Rachel

Within two minutes, my cell phone rang, but I didn’t recognize the number. “Hello, this is Rachel.”

“What are the odds, really?” David said.

I laughed, knowing it was him without ever having heard his voice before, our little flirtation continuing over the phone.

“Slim to none, I’d say. I recognized your name as soon a the toll guy gave your card to me.”

“And you couldn’t email me from the road? Come on Rachel, I know you have a Blackberry, remember I watched you this morning as you were typing away while driving about 75.”

“Oh, so you want everything right away, do you?”

“No, that’s not it, I like to take my time, not into anything for a quick hit. I was just dying to hear your voice.”

“And now you hear it.”

“And I like it.”

“Listen, David, I have to run to a meeting. But I’ll see you in a couple of hours?”

“You bet you will.”

I headed to the ladies room, and noticed my cheeks were a bit flushed. Was he suggesting something on the phone, or is my mind just in the gutter? I really felt like he was hinting at a little tryst, and I was pretty turned on at the idea. But then I remembered that I had only seen him briefly driving next to me. He could be really short, or really fat … I needed to focus on my meetings and getting this new client. The last thing I needed to do was fuck this up, literally. But I still couldn’t help but wonder what the meeting would be like.

David and his colleagues arrived in my office shortly before noon to meet with my team. Although I had prepared the proposal, my boss was giving the presentation, which was fine with me. We all exchanged pleasantries and business cards, many of us meeting for the first time, and took our seats around bayraklı escort the rectangular conference room table.

He wasn’t short, and he wasn’t fat. David entered the room in an impeccably tailored suit, even more handsome than he appeared while driving next to me. A little more than 6 feet tall, with wavy dark hair and brown eyes and a devilish smile, he held my hand a little longer than most, and told me how happy he was to finally meet me.

He took the seat across from me, and we exchanged glances throughout the presentation. I’m not sure if anyone else could feel the tension, but it seemed palpable. I could feel myself growing flush again, and couldn’t concentrate on anything my boss was saying. Fortunately, since I had written the proposal, I could answer any questions they may have. But I still hoped they didn’t have any for me, it was all I could do to not crawl across the table and sit in David’s lap. All I could think about was kissing him, running my fingers through his hair, taking off his jacket, feeling his hands firmly on my back and hips.

“David, do you have any questions?” his boss asked him.

“What? Um, no, it all sounds great, thanks,” he stammered, then glanced at me as if to say Shit, I have no idea what they’ve been saying.

Everyone stood, shaking hands once more and they said they’d be in touch with us soon. David lingered, wanting us to be the last to leave the room, and placed his hand on the small of my back as we left the conference room.

“Have dinner with me tonight,” he said. “Six o’clock at Fiore, I’ll get a table in the back.”

“Sure, I’ll see you at 6,” I said coyly.

I spent the rest of the afternoon daydreaming, flirting with David over email, and sneaking off to the ladies room to compose myself. That brief moment of having his hand on the small of my back as we exited the conference room had been enough to turn me on. I wasn’t sure if it was just a little shiver, but I had gone to the ladies room immediately after he left, and discovered the damp spots on my panties. The ladies room was empty, so I slowly slid my hand between my legs, gliding my fingers along my swollen lips, and reached up with my middle finger as my thumb worked my clit. I didn’t know how I would get any work done.

Five p.m. rolled around and I headed away from my desk for the day. I went to the ladies room, took off my moist panties and nylons and tucked them into a plastic baggy from my desk. I let my hair down, letting it flow with it’s natural wave around my shoulders, touched up my mascara and lipstick, put on a squirt of perfume and headed to Macy’s before Fiore to purchase a pair of thigh highs.

I arrived at Fiore at 5:55 p.m., and just as expected, he was sitting at a small table in the back of the dimly lit dining room. In this light he looked even more handsome, a bit of 5’oclock shadow covering his chin.

“Hello,” he said, getting up to kiss my cheek and take my hands in his.

“Hello yourself,” I said nervously, kissing him on the cheek.

We sat down and he poured me a glass of Chianti. “I hope Chianti is ok?” he said, still pouring. He put down the bottle and turned to me, placing his left hand along the side of my face. “My god, you really are beautiful,” he said.

I felt myself blush, thanked him and reached for my wine.

“A toast,” he said.

“OK, to a new business partnership?” I asked.

“Well, not sure about that yet,” he teased. “But how about to fate and good fortune?”

We clinked glasses and took a sip of our wine.

“I don’t know about you Rachel, but I’m honestly not that hungry right now. I usually work out and then have dinner. I might like escort bayraklı a work out first,” he said, looking into my eyes, then down to my mouth, and then further down to my blouse, on which I had unbuttoned an extra button.

His placed his hand on my thigh, then slid it down to below the hem, then back up, under the skirt and stopped when he reached the top of my thigh high.

“Shall I keep going?” he asked, smiling at me. He slid his hand to the other leg, pulling me toward him and slid his hand up higher, cupping my bottom.

He leaned in to kiss me just as his hand cupped my flesh, “Oh my … ” and his lips touched mine, his tongue separating my lips, licking my own tongue. “Do you always go to work without panties? Did you have any on during the meeting? Oh god, if you didn’t and I knew that I really couldn’t have concentrated …”

“I had them on during the meeting, but took them off before I came here.”

“Really, why did you do that?”

“Because they were very wet,” I said, leaning in to kiss him back, lifting my bottom from the chair, allowing him to grasp my ass even more and pull me closer. He leaned down and kissed my neck, and caught a glimpse of my breasts. “Your breasts look magnificent … any chance you want to get out of here?”

“Where will we go?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t go to my place. What about yours?”

“My husband is home.”

“So is my wife.”

“We’ll figure out something,” he said, taking my face in both of his hands and kissing me. He put money on the table for the wine, and took my hand, “let’s go.”

“Where are you parked? I’m in the garage on A street,” he said.

“Me too, second floor.”

“Hmm, maybe we’re near each other. It was kind of full when I got here, but a lot of cars were leaving.”

We got the same idea in our head and quickened our pace walking back to the garage. We took the elevator to the second floor and saw our cars parked near each other in a now darkened, deserted corner of the garage.

“I can put the back seat down in the back of my SUV,” he said.

He pulled me to the back of his truck, leaned into me and kissed me deeply. He began unbuttoning my blouse, and lowered his mouth to my breasts, exposing them from my bra, taking my erect nipples in his mouth as I ran my fingers through his hair. He slid a hand down my leg, and inside my skirt, sliding his hand up my leg, wet with my juice, to my pulsing, swollen mound.

“Oh god, hold on,” he said. He beeped open the car, leaned into the back seat to lower them and came back to open the hatch. He lifted me into the back of the vehicle and I slid back, glancing around to see if anyone had entered our corner of the garage.

He climbed in after me, closing the hatch and eyeing me hungrily. “God, Rachel, you are so sexy …” he said, leaning down to kiss me, taking me in his arms and sliding a hand back down between my legs. “Jesus, you are fucking dripping,” he said, pulling his hand up to lick his fingers.

He moved between my legs and lifted my skirt, lower his head to my pussy. I lifted my hips to meet his mouth and he pushed my legs farther apart, licking my full lips, surrounding my mound with his mouth, his tongue pushing into my hole, darting in and out, then licking my full insides. He pulled his mouth off my cunt and rolled up the sleeve of his right hand and began sliding his fingers in me.

“Harder,” I pleaded.

“What did you say?” he asked, clearly pleased.

“Harder,” I said again, “I want your fingers in me harder and deeper … harder, please more fingers, oh god, more please …!” I begged.

He kept at it, fingering me slowly, then increasing bayraklı escort bayan his pace, adding fingers each time.

“Fuck yeah, how about this?” he said, and I felt my insides fill.

“Oh my god, I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop!!”

“I’m fisting you … jesus Rachel, I’ve got my fucking fist and forearm in your cunt! Holy shit … oh that’s right, fuck my fist, FUCK IT!”

I bucked and rocked, fucking his fist, trying to get him even deeper. I sat up as much as I could leaning forward to grab his mouth and kissed him, looking down to see his arm half way inside my soaked hole.

“Fuck me” I said, kissing him harder. “Get behind me and drill that cock into me …”

He slowly pulled his arm and hand out of me and just looked at his arm. “Rachel, I was in up to here,” he said, his opposite hand on his forearm just below his elbow.

I smiled, kissed him again and reached for his belt. “Maybe you should feed me first,” I said, biting my lip.

I pulled down his pants to his thighs, exposing his thick 12-inch cock and gasped at its size, it’s width, it’s sheer strength. It stood at full attention, a more solid hard-on than I had ever seen, cum oozing out of his head. I licked it off, then dove in, taking him all in my mouth, warming his cock with my mouth, my breath, cupping his balls.

I took my mouth off of him and laid back. “Feed me,” I said.

He straddled my face, lowering his swollen balls into my mouth. I massaged his balls with my mouth, my tongue, and reached one hand around to his ass while the other worked his throbbing cock, stroking his shaft.

“That’s it baby, suck those balls,” he said. “God your mouth is fucking amazing, let me stick my cock in there, would you like that honey, do you want me to fuck your mouth?”

I tilted my head back and took his cock in my mouth again, as he leaned forward, pushing it deeper into my throat. “Oh that’s it baby, fuck, take it deeper, come on, suck that big cock good, you know you want a mouth full of my cum … oh, yeah!” he yelled as I slid a finger into his asshole.

“I gotta fuck that cunt,” he said, pumping a few more times into my mouth, then pulling out to turn me over.

He turned me onto my knees, pushed my skirt up over my hips, lifted my ass and leaned down to lick my cunt, licked my asshole and gave me a quick deep fingering. Then he positioned himself between my legs, spread my ass cheeks, and slid his foot-long cock inside my cunt, immediately tightening around him as he pumped in and out slowly, then picking up his pace.

I shrieked when he entered me, the position making my pussy that much more sensitive, making it that much easier for him to reach my depths. He grabbed my shoulders and bucked, pushing his cock deeper, fucking me as hard as he could.

“You like this cock? You like getting fucked by this big cock honey? Tell me you like it …”

I turned back to him, a look of sheer lust on my face, “I love it” I said, pushing my ass back to him. “Fuck me harder!”

He pounded my cunt harder and let out a scream as he came deep inside of me.

“Jesus, Rachel. Holy shit … ” he said, as we collapsed. He laid on his back and pulled me into his chest, kissing my forehead. “That was unbelievable. I usually like more foreplay, but you had me so fucking turned on, especially when you took my whole fist and arm, that was fucking nuts. You are absolutely amazing.”

Just then my Blackberry buzzed and I reached for it.

“You’re kidding, you’re really checking a message?” he said, and laughed.

“Just checking,” I said and smiled. “It’s from your boss, looks like you’re signing the contract with us.”

“Fantastic,” he said, pulling me back down to him. “I can see us putting in some long hours together.”

“I think this calls for a celebration,” I said, and slid my hand back down to his cock. “Should I call my husband to tell him I’ll be pretty late?”

“Very late,” he said, leaning down to kiss me. “Very late.”

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