A Bewitching Night

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“Not again!” Susan glowered at her husband furiously, mad enough to stamp one booted foot.

“I’m sorry honey,” he started.

“But it’s work! It’s always work!” she fumed, “Richard, it’s been six months since we made love!” she was near tears now.

“Suze,” he pleaded, trying not to look at her, “Look, just go home and we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

“You’re not coming home again tonight, are you,” she made it a flat statement, not a question.

“I’ll have to see,” he ran a hand through his hair, “I love you but this project is really important.”

“And I’m not?” tears began sliding down her cheeks before she could stop them.

“Just… just go home and we’ll talk about it tomorrow. I promise,” he hesitated, taking in her sexy witch’s costume, before turning back to his desk.

Susan looked in disbelief, then turned and fled for the car. All the hours of planning to seduce her husband at his office for nothing. They’d been married five years and the sex had been fine until this promotion a year ago. The sex had slowly dwindled to nothing as he spent more and more time at work, some nights even just sleeping on the couch in his office. He’d taken to keeping a few clean shirts at the office for those instances.

Her cape snapped back in the chill wind as she stepped into the parking lot, giving anyone who happened to be looking a peek at her costume. Black and purple corset that pushed her breasts up into a lovely perch with a matching skirt that stopped just above the garters of her silky smooth stockings. In anticipation, she had not bothered to wear the matching thong. Black high heel ankle boots completed the outfit. Shivering, she pulled the cloak around herself and held onto the witch’s hat as she dashed for the car. Another lonely bitterly cold night, perfect.

Her mind wandered to her fantasies of the past weeks while she waiting on the light to get out of the parking lot. She’d imagined her husband being so thrilled he would take her right there on the desk, then they’d make better use of that sofa than as his lonely bed. Maybe he’d exhibit a bit of showing off by pushing her against the window and taking her from behind.

She blinked and pulled her mind back to driving as the light turned green.

She kept her mind on the road as she made the drive home, turning the heater on full blast to keep the cold night away from her abundant showing of skin. Quickly dashing into the house when she got home, she headed straight for the liquor cabinet. She wasn’t normally a hard drinker, but tonight she felt like she needed it. She poured and downed two full glasses in rapid succession, then filled a third to take to the bedroom. Tossing the witch’s hat on the chair, she pulled back the curtains to let the light of the full moon into the room. She sipped on her drink as she watched it, her mind filled with erotic images.

“Ha!” she said out loud, “If I were a real witch, I’d call a creature to pleasure me all night long,” she raised her glass to the moon, “It’d sure beat another cold lonely night of wishing for my husband to make love to me. It being a full moon and Halloween night, bet it’d work, too. Might as well wish on a shooting bayındır escort bayan star, though,” she downed the last of the liquor and felt the alcohol hit her with a sudden slam. She untied the cape and let it fall to the floor, then stumbled to the bed. Her head was really spinning by this point, so she decided it was too much trouble to take off her shoes. She just curled up on the bed and found herself drifting off to sleep.

She came awake slowly, realizing her feet were being massaged.

“Richard?” she asked, drowsily.

“I hope this is a more pleasant way to wake up than you went to sleep,” he said, running his thumb firmly along the arch of her stocking covered foot.

“I’m still mad at you,” she answered.

“I know,” he sighed, “I’ve been a jerk and an ass and I hope I can make it up to you tonight. You look wonderful, very sexy, and I hope we can take advantage of that,” he put her foot down and picked up a bag, “I did some trick or treating on the way home and I hope you’ll enjoy these treats.”

She smiled, the full moon allowing her to see the logo of the local sex shop, “You went! What did you get?”

He chuckled, “My little witch deserves only the best pleasure tonight. Let’s start with a little fun,” he pulled a pair of fur covered handcuffs out of the bag and her eyes widened.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed as he reached over her head to slowly attach her hands, “I never would have expected you to get THIS!”

“Wait and see, my little witch, your spell over me is strong,” he grinned and ran a finger over the generous expanse of breast the corset showed off. She sucked in her breath as he dipped a finger down to drag out first one nipple, then the other. He smiled when they perked up in the chill air then bent down to slowly suckle them.

“I think I have something for these, too,” he said, reaching into the bag again. Her eyes widened when he pulled out nipple clamps, which he slowly clamped around her pert nipples. Then she realized the cord dropping down from them wasn’t just to attach them, it had a vibrator attachment. He tucked the remote between her breasts as she began to writhe from the vibrations.

Moving down her body, he slid his head under her skirt to slowly lick her bare slit, “Ah, I see how well prepared for me you were,” he licked again, as if savoring a special treat, “Perfectly smooth and delicious.”

He quickly made a extensive meal of her, diving his tongue in to lick up her arousal, and then nibbling on her clit while his finger slipped in to strum across her g-spot. The vibrations across her nipples and his feasting quickly had her screaming her climax. He greedily licked her clean again, then straightened and began to undress himself. Smiling, he pulled something else out of the bag. She barely had time to realize it was a butterfly vibrator before he had settled firmly against her clit with the straps around her thighs. Grinning, he adjusted the speed until she was gasping for breath all over again.

She gasped as yet another orgasm raced through her. She heard him chuckle, then felt him settling his knees around her head.

“Enjoying your treats?” he asked, escort bayındır running his cock head along her lower lip.

“Oh, yes!” she exclaimed, reaching out her tongue to caress the head.

“Good little witch,” he tapped his cock against her jaw until she opened wide, then slid in with a grunt, “Such a magical mouth,” he began to slide it in and out slowly, “Good, good, little witch,” he began sliding faster and faster and she reveled in it, sucking on him and wrapping her tongue around him as she could. Finally he gave a shout and exploded down her throat. Now it was her turn to greedily eat every drop and continue to lick and suck until he pulled it out.

Now she was shivering from excitement as he looked down at her with pure lust. Her nipples and clit were quivering from the vibrations and her body seemed to be made of pure pleasure.

“Hmmm, I have an idea,” he grinned, then quickly retrieved her hat, “Here, roll onto your stomach, you should have enough give in the cuffs to do that.”

She complied and he placed the hat on her head, and then ran his hands down over her body, “Beautiful sexy witch,” he murmured.

She heard the plastic of the bag as he pulled out yet another treat. He flicked up her skirt and she felt a glob of something cold and wet land on her ass. She wriggled and he gripped her hip, “Stay still,” he commanded.

She tried, but when he started massaging it into her nether hole, she started wriggling again. He’d never done anything like this before. He chuckled, then she felt something else cold sliding in where he had been massaging. It burned at first and felt huge. Cold meant it was not his cock; a dildo? Butt plug? She wasn’t sure, but she was soon full of it and then and only then did he slide his cock into her aching pussy.

“Ah, little witch,” he said, “What a spell you truly weave tonight.”

She couldn’t concentrate on his words, as her body was too full of pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm slammed through her, her nipples and clit vibrating. A part of her was surprised the device in her ass wasn’t vibrating as well, but the rest of her was swept up in pure pleasure as he slammed into her over and over. She lost all track of time and simply gave herself up to the pleasures.

“Oh, yes!” he cried, “My sexy witch!” And he came in a huge explosion, pushing as deeply into her as he could.

At that point, the pleasure overwhelmed her and she passed out on the crashing of the largest orgasm of the evening. As she passed out, she thought him heard her call her, “Utterly bewitching.”

She woke to daylight and alone in bed. Her body ached from the excursions of the night before, but she was surprised to find her corset on properly, not pulled down, her boots still on, and no toys attached to her body. Blinking sleepily, she sat up to find the treat bag on the bed with the toys spilled out beside her. She had to laugh seeing the company had added a jack-o-lantern with “Trick Or Treat!” to the bags for the Halloween season. At the smell of coffee, she looked at the door in time to see Richard enter.

Richard…. Wearing rumpled work clothes as if he had slept in them. Wearing a sheepish bayındır escort look and holding a cup of her favorite coffee with a bag of a special breakfast. He wasn’t looking at her, yet, he was staring at the ground as if afraid to see her looking completely furious and about to leave him.

“Look, Susan, about last night,” he began, “I’m … I’m sorry. This last project has had me all out of sorts. Yes, I stayed at the office last night and I didn’t sleep well at all thinking about what you said. I love you, I need you, but if I get this project done, it can mean so much to us… I just didn’t think about losing you in the process,” he looked up at her now and the sight of her sleep tousled still wearing the sexy witch costume about took his breath away, “You look beautiful,” he breathed, “and so sexy!”

Susan ran a hand through her hair, what was going on here? Her husband was standing in front of her looking and acting as if he had indeed spent the night at the office and not loving her so well.

“Suze?” he was standing next to her now, “Can you forgive me, hon?” he held out the coffee as a peace offering.

She took it absently and sipped it, trying to think quickly.

“Wow,” he said, looking down, “You really did go all out for last night. Man, I feel like a real heel,” he looked up at her, “Can you forgive me, hon?”

Susan sipped the coffee. She could feel the aches aching that meant she had gotten well laid last night. Memories floated back and she suddenly remembered making that crazy wish on the full moon for a lover to please her all night. Had it been something about the supposed veil being lifted on Halloween night that had brought that to light? She then remembered Richard… or whoever her lover had been… calling her “little witch” and “bewitching.” She looked at the toys and they looked pristine. Even the handcuff covering was unruffled as if they hadn’t been used last night. Definitely not a complete dream but… something else.

“Aw, man, I really screwed up this time, you won’t even talk to me,” Richard sank into the chair in the corner and buried his head in his hands.

Susan made her decision quickly. Setting her coffee on the nightstand, she scooped up the handcuffs. She propped one foot up on the bed and one on the floor so Richard could see right up her skirt if he looked up. Dangling the handcuffs, she said, “I don’t know, hon, maybe you can wave your magic wood, I mean, wand, and cast a spell?”

He looked up slowly and took in the open stance of her legs, the cuffs in her hand, and gave her a slow smile that caused her to just melt. As he crossed the room, stripping his clothes off as quickly as possible to get to her, she gave a thought to the night before. Whatever spell had been cast, it seemed to have done good to their relationship. She just hoped it would keep their relationship healthy.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, jerking her hands up over her head to lock her against the headboard, “That project was for another promotion. One that means I can work from home. Which means I can spend more time with you. Maybe we can look at starting that family now?”

Before she had time to react to that, he was testing her readiness and then slamming into her, “I’ve waited too long for this,” he muttered, gripping her by the hips and taking her hard and fast.

Susan wrapped her legs around him and held on tight, “Don’t worry, there’s more tricks in the bag!” she told him. Tricks or Treats? Definitely Treats all the way!

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