90% True Ch. 02

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Author’s note: I highly suggest you read 90% true – Chapter 1 before reading this story.


While this chapter can stand alone to new readers, you’re missing out on a good story if you skip the first chapter. Please feel free to leave me any notes, suggestions, etc. at the bottom when you’re done reading (I sure don’t mind 5 star votes either)

– – –

My wife Ann emerged from our shower dripping wet. She stood in the doorway of the bedroom as I lay in bed waiting for her. Toweling off her curvy body she said to me, “Before we have sex tonight, I want to hear another story.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. My wife usually loved a lot of foreplay or to watch porn before we had sex. But the other day in between rounds, I told her a story from my youth and she’d pleasured herself several times before I finished the story. And now apparently she wanted to know more about my youthful debauchery.

“It’s not fair,” I complained, “Why don’t you ever tell me stories of your youth?”

She glared at me, “Because, I lost my virginity very young, stayed with that guy for way too long, and ended up in a loveless, sexless marriage for ten years before leaving him. After that, I went a little slutty till I met you. End of story.”

I grinned, “And now you’re my slut, right?”

She stuck her tongue out as she wrapped a fresh towel around her hair and moved to the bed, “If you don’t tell me a nice sexy story I’m not.”

I realized that she was going to be insistent on this and relented. “Okay,” I said, “I’ll pick up a week after my girlfriend Jen’s combination birthday and New Year’s party. A few years earlier, in the winter of ’93 we had had a major blizzard. So, Buffalo wasn’t surprised when early January of 1996 slammed us with a massive snowstorm; but the city still wasn’t prepared. If I remember correctly, it was about a week after New Year’s. It started on Thursday and went all weekend long. The snow was almost over the roof of my car in the driveway. I could walk out onto my front porch and walk up a snow bank to stand on the roof of my car.

I remember that my parents, who were both teachers were fuming that morning. They both got the call that telling them their respective schools were closing for the students, but the faculty was expected to report in. I didn’t have to report to my high school, but my younger siblings still had to go to their private school. I got the house to myself that day, but I still didn’t get to sleep in that morning…

– – –

“Peter,” my mother yelled up the stairs to my 2 room attic apartment. “Get up and come on down here.”

Pulling a pillow over my head, I yelled back, “School closed today!”

But my desire to sleep in was dashed as she yelled back, “Come help your father dig out our cars. Hurry, we’re going to be late otherwise.” I groaned and pulled myself out of bed. Not even 6AM yet and I was already annoyed.

Two younger brothers and a younger sister along with both parents and only one public bathroom meant that they had to get up early to shuffle through the queue. I was glad that my upstairs apartment had a tiny bathroom. It was also somewhat amazing that my parents had agreed to rent out the tiny apartment to me for only a few bucks a week. They used to rent it out to students who attended the nearby college, but I think they were sick of strangers in their home.

I didn’t bother locking the stairs to my apartment, I rarely did. It was too much trouble to deal with my siblings yelling that I was hiding from them. I bundled up and went outside. The snow was already up to my knees at that point and I grabbed a shovel and helped my dad start clearing the walk before we got to the family cars. My dad, with a grunt, left me to shovel by myself while he went back inside to keep getting ready.

I cursed softly, wishing I had brought my Discman out with me so I wouldn’t be so bored. Before long I was sweating like crazy from the effort of shoveling. It was still dark out when my dad came out and thanked me for cleaning the driveway and his car. Of course he got stuck on his way out of the driveway and it took us another ten minutes to free him to drive down barely plowed city streets.

As we finished my mom came out and yelled because her car wasn’t cleaned off yet. I hurried to get her out of the driveway, and of course she also got stuck… same place my dad had. But finally they were both off. Then, I went back inside to hustle my younger siblings out the door. We lived walking distance from the private school they attended. A couple blocks in the cold wouldn’t kill them, and I certainly wasn’t going to go through the difficulty of digging out my car to drive them.

Finally, exhausted, sweaty, and already tired I went back into my parents house, locking it up behind me. I climbed the stairs up to my apartment and the small bathroom there; I began running water into the small tub. I could barely fit into the small tub in my apartment, but I liked the privacy of it.. My six foot four frame didn’t really fit very comfortably, but I wanted to listen to the radio I kept in my bathroom as I washed.

I must have fallen asleep in the tub, because the bornova escort next I knew, I woke up in a tub full of tepid water to the sound of the phone ringing downstairs. I hopped out and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist, trying to make it down to the second floor, to the nearest extension. I heard the answering machine kick on and grabbed the phone just as the person on the other end hung up, leaving no message.

“Fuck em if they can’t leave a message,” I said out loud to the empty house, hanging up the phone. I went back up to my apartment and dried and dressed and then flopped in my bed to read the book I was working through at the time. I fell asleep again, and almost an hour later, I heard the phone ringing waking me as it had earlier. This time I made it before the answering machine picked up.

“Hi, Pete?” a woman’s voice said after I answered.

“Yeah?” I responded, not recognizing the voice on the other end right away. I looked at the clock; it was only just after nine in the morning. Muted sunlight was shining through the windows, despite the heavy snow that was falling outside.

“Hey, it’s Nina,” the woman on the line said. I immediately smiled. Nina was a friend of mine. Well, more specifically she was the fiancee of my good friend Rich, who was a few years older then me and was in the Marines. Nina was a pretty, curvy blonde with a great personality. She was short at five foot two, but her very light clear skin practically glowed, and her deep blue eyes drew attention away from her curvy figure, unless of course she was wearing something that showed her cleavage. It wasn’t even a week ago, my girlfriend Jen and I had a threesome with Nina. All night long the three of us had sex, with Rich, who was a self defined voyeur, joining in occasionally, and sometimes watching from nearby.

But my smile faded quickly as I realized that this call might be about that threesome. I wondered if there was going to be fallout, if maybe Nina and Rich had broken off their engagement or something. “Uhh,” I said, “Is everything okay Nina?”

“Yeah, yeah yeah yeah,” she spat out quickly, “Everything’s great. I, uh, tried calling you a little while ago but there was no answer. Anyways, Jen and I got the call that our school is closed today. I called Rich too, and he’s bored. I thought maybe you and Jen would come over to my house and we could have a little party, the four of us.” There was a slight pause and she added, “Rich and I really enjoyed ourselves last weekend… a lot.”

I grinned. This was amazing, some of the guys I hung out with were still virgins, and most of them were maybe getting laid once in awhile by their girlfriends. But here I was with a hot girlfriend and a friend who liked to share his fiancee. How many 18 year olds did I know that actually had an orgy, let along an invitation to another? “Sure Nina, that sounds great. Want me to bring anything?” I asked, knowing that there was a liquor store between her house and mine.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, “Bring any toys you like.” I was floored, I was expecting her to say booze or something, but she wanted me to bring sex toys. Jen and I had a small collection, split between her house and mine. I had a few cock rings, a finger sized vibrator, and a butt plug that Jen loved as well as lube and condoms (made cleanup easier). One of Jen’s collars was here too and some fuzzy novelty handcuffs, but I thought that might be a bit much to spring on Nina.

Nina continued, “I spoke to Rich about an hour ago. He had to shovel his walk and driveway, run an errand real quick, then he was going to go pick up Jen and meet us here at my house. Jen said she’d be ready and would bring some toys, but she said you had some too.”

I did the mental math in my head. Nina and I lived in one part of Buffalo, about two miles apart. But Rich lived in one of the suburbs, several miles away, and Jen lived in a different suburb. We all knew each other because of the all girls private school that Jen and Nina both attended. There was a group of girls that all hung out together and were very tight, even though they came from different parts of Buffalo. Depending on how bad the roads were with the snowstorm, it might take Rich as much as an hour to get from his place to Jen’s, and then another hour to get from Jen’s to Nina’s.

I could easily drive to Ninas, but that meant I’d have to shovel out my car. A quick glance out the window told me that the snow had been falling even harder and I might have to shovel the walk and the driveway again. Plus, I was afraid my car might get stuck like my parents cars had. True I had a 4 wheel drive SUV, but there was no one around to help me if I did. I could walk, but even on a nice day that took a little over half an hour. In this weather and cold it would take twice as long. Then inspiration hit me. “Okay Nina, I’ll be there in half an hour or so.” I said

She said that she couldn’t wait to see me and that the four of us were going to have some real fun today. I hung up and hustled up to my room and picked out some comfortable clothes and got dressed. Then stuffing my favorite cock ring, the small vibe, and the butt plug into my book bag, I added the bornova escort bayan lube and condoms. I remembered my Discman this time. Popping in a new CD I’d gotten for Christmas a few weeks ago, in I made my way down to my parents basement. It took me a while of rummaging around but I finally found the old pair of cross country skis that my parents had stored down there.

Thanking my foresight to get ski boots that fit me a few winters before, I checked, and found the skis were still in good condition. Then bundling up for the cold weather and heading out I put the skis on and took off through my city neighborhood. I was immediately glad of my choice, as the roads were unplowed and a disaster. My car was buried even further than before and it would have taken forever to dig it out.

Instead of taking the roads I was able to cut directly across Delaware Park. My skis sped across the fresh snow that covered the golf course and I was at Nina’s house in no time. I had barely broke a sweat, and was there before expected.

Nina opened the door wearing an oversized sweatshirt that hid her beautiful body. Her sweatpants, and large fuzzy socks drew a laugh from me. I leaned my skis on her porch railing near the door and came in gladly. I stripped out of my winter gear down to my t-shirt and jeans, and even kicked off my socks. Nina’s house had wall to wall carpeting and it was very warm in the house compared to my cold jaunt over on skis.

She noticed my backpack and her eyes went wide, “Did you bring toys? I don’t have any, gimmie gimmie gimmie, let me see what you have!” She held her hands out excitedly as she danced up and down in place, making me laugh. She seemed a little disappointed that there wasn’t as many toys as she’d seen in Jen’s drawer the weekend before, but then she held out the black rubber cock ring and asked, “What’s this, a washer for plumbing?”

I had flopped down onto her couch and I laughed, “No, that’s a cock ring. It squeezes my cock, makes me extra hard and keeps me from cumming.”

She held it up to her face and made a funny look. “Jesus Pete,” she said, “I know I had a few drinks last weekend, and I remember you being thick, but you’re thick big?”

I laughed again and felt heat rising into the back of my neck as I blushed. I shrugged and avoided telling her I was actually a little thicker, that cock rings needed to squeeze after all. Mind you, I’ve never thought that I was especially huge or anything. I know that when I was fully hard my dick was a little bit over seven inches long, and almost two inches wide.

When I bought the pack of rubber cock rings, there were three different diameters. Nina was holding the largest one of the three; it had a diameter of 1.5 inches. It was hard (pun intended) to get on if I was already fully erect, but if I slipped it on while I was still hardening, it settled in nice and tight at the base of my shaft.

Nina held it up and then amazingly put it to her lips as she made an O with her mouth. “You’re definitely bigger than Rich,” she said speaking of her fiancee. I actually did blush then and said, “Yeah, but who cares right? I mean, Rich is a marine; he could pound me into the dirt. So um… let’s not talk cock size.” I didn’t think Rich cared about that kind of thing. Besides, I’d seen him last weekend, he wasn’t really lacking in that area. I mean, he was probably average. Maybe he was an inch smaller then me, and a little thinner, who cares, right? I decided I should change the subject. I didn’t want to get started on any sexiness before my girlfriend and Nina’s fiancee got here. “So, I didn’t eat anything yet for breakfast, do you have any cereal or anything?”

Nina tossed the cock ring back into my book bag and set it down, “Let me make you some breakfast,” she said with a smile before heading into the kitchen. I followed her and we chatted comfortably as she made me a three egg mushroom omelet. It was as we were sitting down and chatting over breakfast and coffee that she said something that blew my mind.

I was just finishing talking about how nice Delaware Park looked as I had skid across it when she suddenly announced, “So, I wonder how many other girls at my school besides Jen and I are bisexual.”

I almost spit out the mouthful of egg I had been eating as that comment came out of nowhere and I said, “Well, I don’t think that one night of drunken sex automatically makes you bisexual.”

Nina just grinned and waited for me to take another bite before timing her next comment perfectly, “No, but the fact that Jen and I have fucked in the bathrooms at school three times this last week does, doesn’t it?”

This time I did start choking and unceremoniously hacked up a bit of mushroom into a napkin. When I finally was able to talk again I pushed the devilish omelette away from me and said, “What the fuck Nina? You guys only had school Wednesday and Thursday, Monday and Tuesday you were off from the New Year’s break. Are you fucking with me?”

Nina shook her head no and leaned forwards, elbows on the table. “Nope,” she said, “On Wednesday, our first day back, Jen and I were talking quietly in the library. We were saying how much fun her party escort bornova was. I said I wanted to do it again. She said she didn’t think she would like being with a woman but that I seemed like a natural….” Nina waved her hand in the air as if to say she was skipping ahead, “One thing led to another and we snuck off and met in the locker room near the gym. Gym wasn’t in session so we knew there wouldn’t likely to be anyone in there. We made out for a minute or two. Then before I knew it her fingers were under my skirt and inside my panties. I creamed my panties so hard, and after that I went down on her. We had to hurry though because our study hall didn’t last too much longer. But the next day before our first class she passed me a note telling her to meet her during third period in the auditorium’s projection booth. Then we snuck off again during study hall. That’s when we made plans to try to get all four of us together this weekend.”

She paused as I stared at her awestruck. I know my mouth was hanging open, because I realized it and snapped it shut so hard that my teeth clacked together. But she then said, “I was thinking that maybe if you were okay with it, Jen and I could fuck Rich? He really likes watching, but I feel like maybe it’s not fair. Last weekend you got to fuck me and Jen, but Rich only got to watch and fuck me.”

I nodded my head. I think it was fair enough. I debated for a moment if that last weekend wasn’t really just a plan on Rich’s part to fuck my girlfriend. Jen was tall, athletic, dark, and beautiful where as Nina was more on the ‘cute’ side of the prettiness scale. She was just over five feet tall and curvy, light skinned and blonde. Maybe Rich had wanted to sample my girl though. Jen was over half a foot taller, and her dark chocolate colored hair complemented her thin exotic features that were part Native American. But then I realized I didn’t care. Even if Rich had set it up so that he could have a chance to fuck Jen, I should be happy. I got to have a threesome with two beautiful women, something no other teenager that I personally knew could claim. Plus, if Jen and Nina were licking each other at school, it sounded like the event had opened my already perverted girlfriend up even more. I couldn’t imagine what I was in for today when Rich and Jen got here.

So I nodded my head yes to Nina and said, “Sure, as long as I get to watch. Hell, I’ll even hold the camera,” I said jokingly.

Her eyes went wide and she clapped her hands gleefully. Then leaning across the corner of the table she said, “Oh my god, Peter, you’re the best! That was going to be my next question!”

The look of puzzlement on my face had only part to do with what she said and part to do with the fact that the way her breasts were squishing against me, I was trying to decide if she was wearing a bra under her sweatshirt. “Huh? What was?” I managed to ask.

“Well,” she said, leaning back. I could see the faint outline of her nipples poking the fabric of her sweat shirt. She was obviously aroused if her nipples were hard enough to be seen through a sweat shirt. Also she couldn’t have been wearing a bra, my mind filled in. She had continued speaking though and I started to listen back in. “Rich is a real voyeur. He loves watching people fuck. We’ve made a tape of us fucking a couple times and he said he’s jerked off to it a lot. But he’s going to be leaving to go overseas on his boat next week Thursday. So I was hoping that we could have another foursome, or that maybe you’d be okay with Jen and I taking him on, and that we could film it for him.”

Honestly at this point, I don’t know how I had any reaction anymore. The last week my mind had been blown so many times there couldn’t be anything left. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to react. My mouth opened and one of the stupidest things I’d ever said came out. “Uh… so… you have a camera then?”

Nina shook her head yes, I think she was ignoring the stupidity of my comment. She stood and walking back to the living room opened a closet door and pulled out a camcorder. It was one of the bigger ones from the 80s, and it was on a tripod that was almost as big as Nina. “Bought it at a yard sale last summer for $20, tripod included,” she announced proudly.

“Oh god,” a voice from behind me said. I spun around in my chair quickly and saw a woman standing in the doorway of the kitchen leading to the back of the house. She looked a little like Nina in the face, and was about the same height. Likewise she was a curvy girl with fair colored skin, but that’s where the similarity ended. While Nina had deep blue eyes, this woman’s eyes were a very bright green, and they practically glowed in the kitchen’s dim light. The woman was wearing a grey cotton tank top over a black bra and what looked like sleep shorts of some sort of satiny pink material. Grungy grey bunny slippers on her feet completed her outfit. The woman’s hair was a coppery red, and her eyebrows told me that it was natural, not from a bottle. She also had a small hoop in her lower lip, by the corner of her mouth, and a small shiny stud on the side of her nose. I could tell, even through the tank top and bra that her nipples were pierced as well. She looked a little older then Nina, but it was hard to tell. Her breasts and curves were ample and appetizing, even if they were a little less then Nina’s. She pointed at me and asked Nina, “Who’s this guy? You’re not cheating on Rich are you?” The way she asked it, it almost sounded as if she couldn’t care less.

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