393 Skool days

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393 Skool days
393 Skool days
This all happened back in 1974 when Sue got caught smoking at dinnertime at school, she was sent to the school office, the teacher saying she would check she had reported herself after the break.

Before I go on, I must explain her name is Sue and she`s a short chubby little maid of shall we say middle age, who I`ve known for a while on here, she has lesbian tendencies nowadays, though that matters not in this tale, and at the time this is set she was just14, and a naive puppy fat lass learning about life.
Knowing the penalty for this indiscretion if she had been a boy would be six of the best, it was with some trepidation she knocked on the secretaries door, neatly sign-written Miss Polly Pecket, school secretary.
It was common knowledge within the pupils and probably the staff, that the secretary a haughty looking single 50year old, (known amongst the k**s as ‘old pecker,’ due to her name and the shape of her nose!) Was having what was thought to be an affair with the head, Mr hornbeam. A man of 55 or more, ‘Horney-beam’ as the k**s would have it, was aptly named, being known to be a randy old bugger who was prone to having the girls sit on his knee, (for a pep talk he explained!) and was known to run his hands over the odd tightly gym-slipped backside, or to relish giving six of the best, to the boys sans trousers, if he could ‘legally’ (IE; for ‘bang to rights crimes in school,) giving his favourite punishment for it with great enjoyment! Of course, at this time, this would be unlikely to cause many questions being asked, it being before this age of doo-good, PC crap we have nowadays!
‘Horney-beam’ always made sure he always had a witness of course … Old Pecker!
After the errant c***d, had left his study, usually crying, for some reason the study was locked for quite a time, then the secretary would usually emerge, looking somewhat flushed… make of that what you will.
Anyway, back to the plot, Sue was the first girl who had in living memory, been caught smoking, as it was usually lads who were caught, so this was different! Anyway, on reporting the details to Old Pecker, she was curtly told by the haughty secretary, to report back at close canlı kaçak iddaa of play when she no doubt would be disciplined before going home, and to be warned it would not be lines, or detention, this was much, much too serious for that. Sue noted that the secretary did not confer with the head and the secretaries slight smile playing round her lips said that she was now looking forward to the punishment, as much as Sue was most definitely not!
Sue went back to class, worried and nervy.
The afternoon crept past, until finally, at 4.30 the bell rang and having collected up her belongings, she made her way to the office, Old Pecker telling her curtly, to “wait” as the head was “busy on the telephone and would be a while!” She sat outside, fear provoked butterflies churning in her tummy. 10 minutes, 15, the wait was endless
“Susan!” the authoritarian voice rang out, she stood, “the headmaster will see you now!” Sue followed the stiff older woman into her office, then through to the heads study, the door slid to almost silently, and she found herself standing opposite the slimy little man she had only seen at a distance on Monday assemblies, he sat with a sly smile on his face that made her flesh creep.
“Ah Susan, Smoking…and on school premises, now that was not terribly clever was it!” there followed a long and severe lecture on the health aspect of smoking, Sue noting the ashtray on his desk, and thinking ‘what a bloody hypocrite!’ he droned on, then asking Old Pecker, “whatever was he going to do as she`s a girl? He abruptly fell silent.
The secretary said that, “for smoking on school property, boys had six of the best with your cane Mr, Hornbeam, and on their bare backsides…” Then she added that no girl had been caught smoking in school in the last two years, and that she had no idea now what the punishment had been! he turned to Sue once more, his eyes appraising her body quaking under the school uniform as he said, “Well girl what shall I do…Contact your mother perhaps or expel you for a week or two, or should I get my cane out…!”
Now Sue didn’t want her parents involved and suspending her was not a choice either as mother would still be informed, canlı kaçak bahis so she chose the cane, just as ‘Horney-beam’ and no doubt ‘Old Pecker’ had hoped.
“Well girl, the boys would get six of the best, I can`t punish you to that extent, the same as the boys, you’re a girl…!”
Her face looked frightened but brightened a little relieved, till he said, “five then.” Her face fell once more! The decision made, ‘Pecker’, pulled out a big red book, marked in gold… ‘punishments’ and in it she made an entry in her clear copper plate writing. ‘Horney-beam’ by this time had fetched a cane from its hiding place on the mantlepiece, swishing it in an intimidating way, Sue`s resolve crumbling as the older woman had her stand at the desk, close up.
She whispered, with a voice that relished the order, “remove your knickers girl” unable to avoid the embarrassment, Sue dropped her navy knickers, trying her best not to exposed her fluff covered sex to the headmasters gaze. It was a forlorne hope, the little man`s eyes were everywhere, missing nothing.
She coloured up, knowing instinctively that he was enjoying every facet of this situation, and a glance at Old Pecker, was conformation that she too was enjoying the anticipation.
‘Pecker’ said, “Bend over the desk and hold the other side girl,” dutifully she did just that, bracing herself. His voice cut the air, “look only at the mantle-shelf, and do not release your grip, or I shall add another stroke for each time you do so and we don’t want that do we?” through a vail of tears she grunted “no sir!” but prayed that she could be strong enough to stay the course.
She focused on the clock, its little balls swinging to and fro, in its glass dome, regular and steady, its hands reading a quarter to five as the horrible secretary lifted her skirt folding it onto her back, cool air striking her exposed naked skin. Sue realising that the headmasters eyes and probably his secretaries too could now see all of her chubby charms.
The clocks hands swept quietly on, she didn’t even dare to glance up at the mirror hung above it, perhaps not wanting to see these awful people, gloating at her young and till then private body, knowing that bahis siteleri canlı they were about to mutilate it and not once but five times
“Are you ready?” “Sir,” she shouted, Thwack that cane hit home, hard, pain telegraphed the message to her brain in but a millisecond, desperately she clung to the desk top unwilling to move, on pain of extra strokes, a loud scream her only outward sign.
She felt the secretaries cool hands gently caressing the hot welt, muttering consoling words, then his voice once more; “ready?” she managed to nod, but she knew not how, Thwack, another strike, another welt, another blood curdling scream, her foot beating an automatic tattoo against the desk front.
Again, those quiet platitudes, the cool hands easing over the marked cheeks, though she wondered if it was for her benefit or perhaps ‘Pecker`s!’
A longer wait this time, then the curt, “ready?” by now she knew what was to come now, her head nodded, she had made the move without conscious thought. The cane swished… Thwack… the now expected red hot pain hit home, she screamed, louder than ever this time, sobs followed, tears head shaking, her foot again battering the big desk once more, urine gushing from her body, her bladder unable to control itself any more but her hands stayed welded to the top.
She felt the once scary secretary, place her hands on her shoulders, holding her firmly down, and nodding for her lover to administer that last stroke immediately. Whoosh, Thwack that last stripe struck home, her scream resonating round the room, as the welt rose, and the pain struck home.
Long moments passed, then Old Pecker helped the crying girl up, giving her tissues, and shoving her knickers into her hand, ushering her hurriedly from the room, and telling her to dress and go home.
Through the tears Sue found herself stood in the corridor collecting herself. She stepped into the blue garment, shuffling herself into the things while holding the cloth from her marked backside, allowing the gymslip to fall into its usual place, to hide her body from a sweeping janitor working towards her along the long corridor. She distractedly, dabbed at her eyes, before she realised the secretary had willingly returned to that terrible study. She saw ‘Horney-beams’ door was shut tight and heard the lock click. She began to walk off homeward, her piss-soaked socks and shoes squelching.
The janitor heard the swish of the headmasters cane from the study and he smiled!

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