30 Year Reunion Pt. 02

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Joshua stretched, pushing the sheets off his body. He shook himself awake as he smirked thinking of his adventure the previous night. He spoke out loud, “You are a damn stud!!” Then hopped out of bed.

He started the shower just as there was a knock at his door. “Who the hell is that.” he muttered to himself.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door. They stared at each other for a moment before she spoke.

“Do you always answer the door in a towel?”

“Shelly! Oh my God. I over slept. I’m so sorry. I’m just getting showered. You can come in and wait, I’ll hurry.”

He was flush with emotion. She was beautiful. Wearing a white sundress. No wrinkles. Thin. Her legs were muscular and tan. Her long, dark hair had no gray. Joshua stepped to the side as she walked by him. He got a good look from behind. She was spectacular. Hotter than she was in high school.

“Joshua, this room is a mess!”

“Oh, I was up drinking until almost 3 last night. You remember Cindy and Angela I graduated with. They came up, we told stories, and I got drunk!”

“So I’m the third women to make it into your room, kinda feel like I’m getting their left overs.”

“Shelly, don’t do that. You know how I am about you.”

Joshua had written her a long email a few years ago when he was drunk. Confessing he still loved her and that he longed for the passion he felt for her in his life. She never replied.

“Okay, Joshua. Would you mind getting dressed?”

“Oh. Sorry. I’m going to shower!” He opened the bathroom door, steam flowed out until he closed the door behind him.

Shelly was calming herself. She couldn’t believe how good he looked. She got a little peak at his bubble butt because his towel only covered part of it. She was playing cool to Joshua, but inside she was a wreck. It took all the courage she had to knock on his hotel room door. And he answered it in a towel!!

She checked herself in the mirror. Fixing her hair, flattening her dress. “No panty lines to worry about.”, she thought remembering she didn’t have any on.

Joshua scrubbed his crotch and ass to remove all signs of his previous nights activities. He got out of the shower to find out he only had his boxer briefs in the bathroom. His clothes were on the bed. He put in his jockeys then peeked his head out the door.

“Hey, can you have me my jeans and shirt on the bed?”

Shelly turned from the mirror grabbed his clothes and passed them through the door. “Hurry up, Joshua. I only have someone to watch the kids until 1. It’s after 10:30!”

He rushed to get dressed. Brushed his hair back. Came out, sat on the bed to put his shoes on. “Where we going?”

“It was going to be breakfast, but it’ll be lunch now. What are you in the mood for?”

“I’m starved. Why don’t we grab a pizza across the street.”

Shelly reluctantly agreed. She wanted to get him in the car. Drive past their old make out spots to get him thinking.

Shelly’s husband had left her a few months ago. They were finished. Divorce would be final in a short time. So today was all about making amends to Joshua. She should have married him. But she broke his heart instead. izmir escort bayan

He stood up and she slid beside him. Put her arm around his, then looked at the 2 of them in the mirror. “Wow. We look good together.” She touched his chest.

Joshua’s heart felt as though it was leaking. It was so full. He was so emotional about her. He wanted to embrace her, kiss her, hold her forever. The confident man from last night was now an emotional wreck. His emotion turned to anger as he thought about her cheating on him. “Well, we always looked good together. But I guess it wasn’t good enough back in the day!”, he quipped.

Joshua pulled away to grab his phone. “You ready?”

Shelly stared at him searching for words. She swallowed then spoke. “Joshua, I’ve apologized to you many times. I was wrong. I know that does not and will not make things right. But, if you’re going to throw it in my face I can leave now!”

“I’m sorry. It’s a reflex to block out emotion. It’s easier to be angry than any other emotion attached to you. I’ll stop it. Let’s go eat.”

They walked down the hallway to the elevators. She walked a steps ahead of him. He could almost see her ass when she took long strides. Her legs looked so good. Waiting for the elevator he decided to see where this was going. When they got inside he stood beside her and put his arm around her, letting his hand fall squarely on her ass. He pressed firmly, then gave it a lil squeeze.

“Joshua, take your hand off my butt. You’re married!”

“And you don’t have underwear on!”

She blushed. The doors opened and she quickly marched away from him. Her ass moved with a sassy sway.

He followed her to the parking lot. She opened the door of her truck and reached in to get her purse. As she leaned in he got a peak at her bare ass cheeks and vagina as her dress slipped up.

“Damn it, Shelly. You just flashed the whole parking lot your ass and vagina. Pull your dress down!”

“I don’t care. Everyone online has seen more of me than that. My fucking ex posted pics of me online when he left. And a video of me. So I’ve only had sex with 5 men, but everyone around her has seen my pussy!”

“Wait. What? What the fuck happened to Billy? He left? And posted pics of you? Didn’t you call the police!”

“You know what. Fuck it. Get in the truck. Let’s go for a drive. I’ll grab you a burger on the way.”

She whipped out of the parking lot onto the road. Traveled 2 blocks and pulled into a McDonalds, grabbed some food then headed outbid town.

“Eat your food. I know you’re starved. Besides. I’m going to talk, you are going to listen. Got it?”

Joshua nodded and grunted, his mouth full of fries.

“Just listen. No comments. When I was 15 I lost my virginity to Michael. Then I was with Billy, then you when I was 16. I cheated on you with the guy from the beach, David. I cheated on you with Toby. You found out. We broke up. I got back with Billy, and he’s the only man I’ve been with since then. So I fucked 5 guys between 15 and 17. For 27 years I’ve been faithful. But Billy wasn’t. He screwed half this town when we dated. Didn’t stop after we married or had kids. I accepted escort izmir his unfaithfulness as my punishment for what I did to you. I do not have a good reason why I cheated on you. I really didn’t like sex then. I did it because guys liked to do it. But I did it. And I hurt you. But my punishment was to be the hometown girl that never got out of here with a husband that openly cheated on her. Meanwhile, you left, had this amazing life, great job, and I had to live with the thoughts of what if!”

She turned onto a dirt road, the truck bounced hard as she hit a hole in the road.

“Then, last spring Billy gets a job offer in North Carolina. I was excited to leave this place. But, the joke was on me. He left me and the kids here and I find out Samantha Robinson is living with him down there from her mother! So I filed for divorce. We had an account where all our family pictures were posted online. Family album thing. The day he was served papers he posted 50 pictures of me he’d taken. Nude. Being fucked. His dick in my mouth. And a video of me masturbating with a vibrator he begged me to send him the 2nd week he was in Carolina. “

She turned right up a steep hill and sped up to get to the top.

“All the high school kids seen it. Tease my kids terribly. My parents, family, church people, even my son saw them. So I hate being in public. Everyone stares at me. When I’m alone I come up here to the spot you took me on our first date. Where we screwed almost every weekend for a year. And I think about, what if I hadn’t cheated on you!”

The truck topped up on the hill. She braked, sliding to a stop in the dusty field atop a mountain.

“So that’s my story, Joshua. Before you say another word to me in anger, know I’ve been punished. I paid for my decision.”

Tears ran down her cheeks. Joshua got out of the truck, walked to the other side, opened her door and pulled her out. He hugged her tight. Holding her head against his chest.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry. Its all so awful. You don’t deserve all this. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Joshua, I know you’re married. I won’t mess that up. But I’ve always loved you. And right now I need you to love me. Just for today. I’ll be yours. Please, just today?”

Joshua looked down at her, leaned in and kissed her. His heart melted. In an instant he felt so in love. Shelly pulled him close. Letting his touch massage away her emotional pain.

He picked her up, setting her on the truck seat with her legs on the running boards.

“I am married. And I’m going to stay married. But anytime I’m here, I’ll be yours.”

Joshua climbed on top of her. Kissing her. He was nervous. This was different than the sluts last night.

They climbed inside. He pulled his pants down to his ankles exposing his hard cock. Shelly straddled him as he reclined the seat. She kissed him as he pulled her dress up. Reaching behind her, he pulled his dick forward so she could slide down on it.

Joshua was so horny he almost came just sliding inside her. He had to focus. Baseball. Counting. Hunting spots. Think of anything but what he felt until the urge passed. Shelly was grinding against him the whole izmir escort time.

Once he had his penis calmed down, he pulled her dress over her head. She leaned back against the dash and thrust back and forth. Her pussy was so wet. Her ass cheeks touched his balls as she humped him. Laid back, spread wide for him to see. Her body was thin and tone. Her pussy shaved clean. Pink lips encompassed his penis. He held her hips and just enjoyed the moment.

“Just let me finish, Joshua. I’m almost there.”

She was so calm it didn’t sound like she was about to cum. She moved quicker then put her left hand over her crotch. With 2 fingers she rubbed her clit side to side.

“That’s it. Almost. “

Shelly grunted quietly. Her stomach muscles tensed showing the out line of her abs. Her already tight vagina squeezed his dick tight, then released.

“Oh, lord. I needed that. You didn’t cum did you? I didn’t feel it.”

“No I didn’t. But I need to.”

“Okay lay back. I’m not on birth control. You have condoms?”


“Okay. Then relax, I’ll take care of this.”

Shelly laid across the seat, her legs sticking out the door. Lowered her head to his crotch, taking his head into her mouth gently. Joshua ran his hand across her ass, then between her legs so he could play with her pussy.

“I don’t need you to do that! “

“It will help me cum. Just let me feel you.”

Joshua rubbed and fingered her wet pussy as she took his dick in her mouth. She saw the clock on the truck, knowing she had to rush him along.

Placing her elbows beside his leg, she propped herself up. Took his penis in her right hand, his balls in her left, then put 1/2 his hard dick in his mouth. She moved her head and hand up and down his shaft together. Firmly holding it with both. Holding his balls in her cold hand added to his pleasure.

Joshua couldn’t take it. He pulled his hand from between her legs, grabbed her head with both hands so he could push his dick in her. Shelly put her hands down to brace herself. Joshua held her head still, fucking her mouth fast. Shelly took it. Let him plow into her again and again. She tightened her lips around him and felt his dick swell, then it jerked up three times, pumping three loads of cum in her mouth.

Shelly held her lips tight. Pulled his softening penis from her mouth, then swallowed. She went down on him again, sucking / squeezing every drop from him. His penis was limp, laying to the left side.

“That was amazing, Shelly. Your so tight. Your body is perfect. And what you did to me there. Wow!”

She was whipping her face off. She hopped out of the truck to put her dress on.

“We have to go I’m late.”

Joshua played with her pussy under her dress all the way back to his hotel. So much so that her truck seat was wet. He was sure she enjoyed it.

“Straighten up. People can see us in town. Get over on your side.”

Joshua sat up. She pulled into the parking lot.

“When do you leave?”

“I have a flight this evening at 6. I’m having dinner with my folks, then they are dropping me off.”

“I’m sorry this was rushed. But I think we both needed it. God I love you, Joshua. But I have to go.”

“I understand.” He watched her drive away. His heart and mind full. It was more than he could process in the moment. He slowly walked to the hotel, then spoke to himself, “I love you, too.”

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