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I feel myself stirring and slipping silently upwards from the depths of a slumber so deep and dreamless, the sleep of the good. I am still not awake, but in my dream I feel myself opening my thighs to you, I feel the wetness trickle down between the smooth, hairless lips of my womanhood and continue its journey between the cheeks of my bottom to drip, unhindered onto the crisp, clean sheets of my bed.

Still slumbering lightly, I feel your hand moving gently, your fingers trailing along my pussy lips, dipping lightly inside, wetting your fingers then moving back to the nub of my clitoris continuing the stimulation that has raised me from deep sleep into the dream world I exist in at the moment. The world where I am not sure whether I am asleep, dreaming sweet naughty dreams of you, or I live in a perfect world where my lover steels into my bedroom unannounced in the middle of a dark starry night to pleasure me.

A small groan passes my lips as your stimulation continues; you feel the almost imperceptible movement of my hips against your hand, urging you on, beckoning you into my dream world. Your lips find my toes, licking, sucking and lightly nipping, from my toes along my legs to the sleek softness of my inner thighs. Your manhood twitches as you watch my drowsy reactions to your stimulus, your cock, rearing from its own slumber to join me in the twilight world of pleasure. I mew gently, urging my sleepy body towards your lips and fingers, my arms spread across my pillows.

In the moonlight, flooding through the half drawn curtains, you see my fulsome body; open and demonstrating it’s need for your ministrations. You lift your head from its place in between my velvety pussy lips and gaze down upon the awesome sight before you. Your gaze travels across the curve of my body, from my breasts, across my waist, over my rounded, feminine belly down to the dewy treasure before your tongue. Your mouth waters as you once more incline your head towards my treasure. You watch as my nipples harden in the breeze from the windows, as the curtains flutter in the draft, you watch the ripples of moonlight and shadow across my body. Moving slowly as if in a trance you return to your ministrations.

Your tongue quivers as it travels along the length of my womanhood, gathering droplets of my sweet juices on its slow torturous journey, again and again as your tongue makes the sweet passage you groan as I strain against you murmuring in my sleepiness. You smile as you hear your name under my breath and return to your pleasurable labours, savouring every drop as you gently peel the petals of my pussy apart so that you can snuggle your tongue further, deeper inside of me. You feel my consciousness rising further towards the surface as your tongue slides deep inside me. Your hands slide behind me and I feel a juice slicked finger slide swiftly into the delightful puckered brown ring of my anus and my Sahabet hands come to rest on your head urging you down into the honeyed depths of my treasure.

You breathe in the smell and taste of me, revelling in the sweet, salty, silken flavour so unmistakeably mine. You softly disengage yourself from my still sleepy grasp and taking my hands in yours turn and smile down at me. No words are spoken as you move cat-like towards me. The sweet taste of my pussy still on your tongue; the sensation of my silky mound still tingling upon your lips, teasing you, as you trace your path up my breasts. Softly your mouth encompasses my nipple, hard and rigid, you begin to suck. I watch as you close your eyes, bringing your teeth to bear against my stiffening nipples, scratching me firmly yet gently.

As your mouth attends so avidly to my nipples, my hands travel around your body, sliding tenderly over your smooth, freshly oiled ebony skin, moving stealthily along the muscled contours of your back, across your buttocks towards the furrow that hides your virgin orifice. I swiftly dip my finger into my streaming treasure and you notice my finger glisten in the moonlight, wet with my secretions. I feel your body stiffen as I gently worm my finger deep within you, your cock stiffening even more against my thigh.

You groan, your voice deep, gravely and husky rumbles from deep inside your throat; you glide your shaft along my moist slit, gently teasing me feeling my fluids coating your cock in my silken sweet dew. I gasp as your shaft scutters across the nub of my clit, again and again it transverses the sensitive mound of my pearl, each time I groan louder with the sweet punishment your cock is inflicting.

As I continue to massage your anus you bite softly down on my nipple, your hips push more firmly between my spread legs. The soft, wet petals of my sweet smelling sex open slightly, caressing the underside of your shaft. Your lips leave my nipple, kissing up along the swell of my milky white breasts, your teeth close around the necklace I wear, the one you gave me for my 18th birthday last year, tugging playfully as you arch you back into me, the tip of your cock barely entering me. You look down, your eyes drowning me in their liquid longing. You feel me tense as I gasp, awaiting the stroke that will bring your shaft to lodge within his gratifying, warm, moist home.

As you raise yourself upon your muscular arms, I watch transfixed as the moonlight gleams upon the chocolate coloured skin of your shoulders, the muscles rippling with every move. I watch them contract and hold for a second, your eyes move towards the space beside the bed. My eyes follow yours to the floor. Your movements are fluid as you stretch, leonine in your strength and grace. Your eyes sparkle as you hold aloft the rabbit vibrator I so carelessly discarded there earlier that evening.

As you lift it from Sahabet Giriş its hiding place, your eyes glint with amusement, ‘Missing me babe?’ you breath, I silently nod, watching as you lift it to your nose, you inhale deeply, flicking out your tongue to taste my juices which have hardly had time to dry upon it’s surface. You lick your lips in a slow and sensuous motion, the amusement at my consternation plays across your lips and shines like neon in your eyes. You silence me with a finger across my lips and a small almost imperceptible shake of your head

I watch transfixed as you turn, you straddle my face and your stiff and regal member dangles, tantalisingly close to my face. I gasp as you deftly spread the lips of my treasure trove and lick from top to bottom, I hear the click of the vibrator’s switch and hear the quiet hum of the motor, I shudder as I feel the first sensations as you slide it into my slick sheath, the shaft of the vibe is rotating, massaging the walls of my secret place a second click and the rabbit ears at the front of the vibe start their seismic movements, stimulating my already sensitive pearl, I arch upwards, the fire of my orgasm building rapidly in my belly. Your finger, slick and wet from my pussy, slides down into my brown rose. Delving deeply, I can feel your finger and the vibe touching through the internal walls of my secret parts.

I grab your cock and hungrily start to lick and suck upon it, greedily licking at the balls, the shaft and glans, my fingers stretching your cheeks apart and delving into your bottom. You groan and your deep voice resonates through the still of the night. ‘Tell me, tell me what you did with this you little slut!’ I groan, lust has taken over my body, in between licks and caresses of your cock and balls, I tell you of my evening.

‘I couldn’t sleep honey, I haven’t seen you all week, and I felt so hot. I couldn’t help myself.’ I continue to slide my wet tongue all along that long vein in your dick, slowly tantalisingly, watching the small droplets of precum gathering at the head of your member. All the time you continue to move the vibe rhythmically into and out of my sheath. My orgasm by this time building to an extent that would soon register on the Richter scale, I groan pushing my wet petals onto the vibe, feeling your fingers probing my tight but accommodating bottom.

Licking the precum carefully from your cock, I continue. ‘I was laying here, the breeze was nice through the window, it made my nipples kinda stiff.’ ‘You little slut!’ you growl. I shudder in response, the fire in my loins boiling rapidly. ‘I was missing you, feeling the need for your cock in my cunt, I started to play with myself, slipping my fingers in, licking them every so often…’ I have to pause while you remove the vibe from my slit so that I don’t cum just yet. You want to tease me for a while.

I take a deep breath, Sahabet Güncel Giriş so as to compose myself. ‘Carry on.’ Your voice is hoarse with lust. As I begin, the sensations from my bottom increase as you step up your stimulation, you mouth begins to suck on my clit and once again the vibe is inserted into my pussy, silently I tense waiting for you to turn it back on. It stays silent. ‘Continue’ you bark.

‘So I got the rabbit out and started slipping it in and out of my wet, hot cunt. I was thinking about how you took me in the park last week, you remember, you pulled me into the bushes and pulled my knickers to one side and just fucked me there, no kisses, nothing just rough sex right there in the park, If anybody had looked over, they could have seen me, bent over with you fucking me from behind…’ I gasp as once again you turn the vibe back on the sensations ripple through the bubbling cauldron of my belly, fizzing up quickly to the very edge of orgasm. All this time, I am stroking your thick hard cock; I slip it into my mouth as a huge orgasm unfurls itself within my belly, you quickly slip your lips over the pearl of my clit and suck.

The orgasm shudders on and on, carrying me far away to a place where only pleasure exists. Your cock slips deep within my throat as I feel you thrust fucking my throat deeper and deeper, until your cum is unleashed and slips silently down my throat. You shudder, your face deep within my pussy, still sucking on my clit, the aftershocks still coming, my juices still spurting all over your face.

Your cock, semi hard and covered with your cum, slips stealthily from my mouth, you lay beside me, your hand still holding the rabbit, silent now in my puss. I lay there, shuddering, sated and still in the pleasure zone, drowsy with satisfaction I struggle through my consciousness, hearing your voice, rasping and low in the night. ‘You little slut, you wanted somebody to see us in the park didn’t you?’

I gasp as you quickly move to tie my hands to the bed head with your belt; I am helpless, totally at your mercy. Once more you turn on the rabbit, my oversensitive pussy, once more starts to fizz and bubble with expectations of another huge orgasm. You grab a lipstick from my bedside table and slide it effortlessly into my bottom; your lips once more slide over my clit, sucking, your teeth grazing the sensitive surface. It takes all of about 20 seconds for the second shuddering orgasm to hit me. ‘See! What a little slut you are.’ I smile grateful up at you as you kiss me passionately.

Gently you release me, taking me in your arms and cuddling me, stroking my hair, matted with sweat and juices, kissing me gently on the face, the eyes, my nose. I snuggle up to you, my hand still on your sticky cock.

When I awake, my sheets are rumpled, my hair plastered to my head, I am confused, did I dream? Was it real? Were you here with me? I rise from my bed, spend a few minutes changing the rumpled sheets, all the time trying to work out whether I had dreamt last night. As I turn to gather the sheets for the washing, I notice a lipstick on the floor, I stoop to pick it up and raise it to my nose and smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Routine Stop

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


She knew she shouldn’t be taking the short cut through the back roads, but if she didn’t make it to her destination in the next five minutes, she could kiss that new job good bye. Diane had been driving for three hours to make it to this interview and had less than five minutes until she would be there.

“I can make it,” Diane said to herself. “I have to make it.”

About that time Diane looked in her rearview mirror and winced. She saw the flashing lights and knew that any hopes of landing this new job just disappeared, as the lights grew brighter.

“Damn!” She cursed.

Diane pulled her teal green, two-door Chevy Cavalier to the side of the road, what little there was, and waited patiently for the officer to finish ruining her day. She rolled down her window while she waited for him to make the trip to her car window.

“License and registration, please,” said the officer.

Diane began digging through her purse for her driver’s license. She quickly handed it to him, not once looking at his face. She leaned over to open her glove compartment to get her registration. As she leaned over, the side slit in her silk, navy skirt slid higher up her thigh, but she didn’t notice. She was too nervous.

She dug through the glove compartment, throwing all the contents into the passenger seat. She rifled through the paperwork again, but could not find her registration.

“I’m so sorry ooofffficccer,” said Diane. She stuttered the word officer because she finally turned around and looked into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. They had just enough flecks of gray in them that made her pulse increase.

“I can’t find my registration,” she said to him. She couldn’t look at them eyes anymore so she looked at his chest.

“Officer Moore.”

“Ma’am?” Said the officer.

“I didn’t realize I said that aloud,” apologized Diane. “I was just reading your badge. It’s nice and shiny.”

“Miss Gordon, I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the car,” instructed Officer Moore.

“I know I was speeding, sir, but I’m already late for an interview and I really need this new job,” she pleaded. “I’m sure I could send you a copy of my registration as soon as I get back home.”

Diane didn’t realize that when Sahabet she turned back around to look at the officer again, her tank sweater slipped off her shoulder, revealing the top of her tanned breast. She was attracted to the officer and was afraid if she stepped out of the car; she might do something she would later regret.

“Ma’am, I’m only going to say this one more time, please exit the vehicle,” demanded the officer.

Diane obliged. She unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the car door. As she turned to step out of the car, the heel of one of her new shoes caught on the door facing, causing her to trip and land in the gravel.

“Ouch!” She cried as the gravel dug into her knees and palms.

“Here, let me help you up,” offered Officer Moore.

As soon as Officer Moore touched her elbow, she felt sparks fly. She knew he felt it too because he paused for a moment before helping her up the rest of the way.

She turned to look at the officer in the eyes and knew at that moment there was no stopping either of them. Both of them moved for the other at the same time. As if in slow motion their heads moved toward one another until their lips met.

She started seeing fireworks and if his hands still weren’t around her arms, Diane would have collapsed. He deepened the kiss and started probing her mouth with his tongue. She responded by rubbing her knee in between his thighs. They both moaned at the same time.

“I have a blanket in my back seat,” she whispered. “Let me grab it.”

Since her car door was still open, Diane reached around her seat and grabbed out her strawberry shortcake quilt her mom made her when she was a little girl. Diane took it with her everywhere. She considered the blanket a good luck charm.

Officer Moore took the blanket from her and began spreading it down in the field next to her car. Diane slipped off her shoes and began to take off her pantyhose, when he stopped her.

“Here, let me do that for you,” said the officer. He raised her skirt and grabbed her lacey panties with the pantyhose and slowly slipped them down her thighs, around her ankles and threw them away.

“Stand still,” he ordered as he knelt in front of her and began caressing her thighs.

She moaned Sahabet Giriş and leaned into his hands. He raised her skirt further and began kissing her thighs.

“Oh that feels sooo good,” moaned Diane.

“You want me to go farther?” asked Officer Moore. “You’re going to have to beg for it!”

“Oh please, your tongue feels so good on my thigh,” she said barely in a whisper. “I want to feel it inside me.”

Officer Moore trailed more kisses and nibbled on her clit. She let out a louder cry. He then began caressing her with his tongue, slipping it inside and out, in and out. Her knees almost buckled again, but his hands were caressing her sides as his tongue tortured her.

She writhed against him. “Harder,” she demanded. “That feels good.”

He thrust his tongue deeper in her already moist opening. She rocked against his face.

“Oh god!” She cried. “I’m coming.”

He lapped up her juices before lying back on the blanket. She unzipped her skirt and threw off her sweater. Next she removed her bra and threw it on the already growing pile of clothes.

“It’s my turn now,” she grinned. Diane began by unbuckling his duty belt and setting it on the clothing pile. She tried to unbutton his shirt, but found that it had a hidden zipper underneath.

“Sit up, so I can undress you,” she ordered Officer Moore.

He sat up and she grabbed the zipper with her teeth and unzipped his shirt. Next she grabbed the button holding his pants up and popped it open with her teeth as well.

“You like that don’t you?” she asked. He nodded. He was in too much pleasure to say anymore. She hurriedly untied his shoes and threw them on the pile. He was getting too impatient and helped her slip his pants off.

“You look good enough to eat,” said Diane as she took his throbbing cock into her mouth.

She took the whole thing in and he grabbed her hair and guided her farther down the shaft. She brought her lips slowly back to the tip, lightly running her teeth up the sides. Her tongue darted around the head, licking it like an ice-cold ice cream on a hot summer day.

It was his turn to moan. He grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her closer again. This time she took him fully in her mouth and he moaned Sahabet Güncel Giriş some more. She continued her torture on his throbbing cock until he could take it no more. He turned her around and positioned her on her hands and knees.

He rubbed his dick around her soft, tanned cheeks before finding the moist spot he was searching for. He rammed his cock in hard and she pushed back on him. He grabbed her love handles on her sides to push even harder. Harder and faster he pushed. He reached down and began pinching her nipples.

She moaned louder. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. She could tell he was about to cum. He pushed one more time into, filling her up.

But, she wasn’t done yet. She quickly turned around and pushed him on his back. She slithered up his legs and positioned herself over him, letting her moistness just barely touch his still dripping cock.

“It’s your turn to beg,” said told him. “Now you have to tell me what you want.”

He stared up at her and tried to thrust his hips to meet her, but she just raised up farther, just out of reach.


“You know what I want.”

“But, I want you to tell me what you want,” she demanded.

“I want to feel my cock inside you again,” he said in a whisper.

So, she lowered herself until just the head rested comfortably inside.

“More, please,” he said in a half moan, half cry.

She lowered herself all the way. He moaned. She raised back up again, only to go back down. She leaned over and her blonde tresses caressed his neck. Her lips followed as her hips continued their torture. Up and down she continued.

It was his turn. “Faster. Harder,” he cried. “I want to feel all of me in you.”

She bucked harder and faster. Faster and harder. She wasn’t quite satisfied yet, so she grabbed his hand and moved it to her clit.

“Rub,” she demanded. His rubbing caused her to buck even faster. She could feel herself falling, falling. At that moment her juices ran down his moist cock and he exploded inside her.

She collapsed atop him and lay there for a moment. Afterward, she got up and slowly began dressing, leaving off her hose this time. He put his uniform back on and walked Diane to the car. As soon as she was seated with her seat belt on, she was about to start up her car when he spoke.

“Ma’am, I’m only going to give you a warning this time, but you need to find your registration and try and slow down.”

Diane just smiled at him and drove away. She didn’t even know his first name.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Six Months

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Copyright (c) 2018 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


This is one of a series of stories set in what I call Universe-J. Universe-J is very much like this universe with a few exceptions.

First the people tend to be a little more sexual and less hung up on sex that they are in our universe. This does not mean that monogamy is the exception. James and Heather were monogamous for a significant amount of time before they “accidentally” swapped partners.

Second the repercussions of unprotected sex are less severe than our universe. Not to say that STDs and unexpected pregnancies don’t occur, just that they occur less frequently and in the case of STDs, a good shot of antibiotic will put you right again. HIV has yet to be introduced so STDs aren’t a death sentence there.

Lastly, pedophilia and incest (which I will not be writing about) are virtually unknown. Children are to be protected and loved not abused. When they reach the age of consent, they can join in the adult games if they so desire, but there is no pressure on them to do so.


The world would be a boring place if everybody is the same. But I do get a lot of strange looks when I tell people about my hobby. I collect and restore old arcade games. Yes, those 20 to 30 year old quarter suckers that lived in the arcades of the ’80s and ’90s. Sometimes to find them I have to drive pretty far.

This is the next chapter in the continuing saga of my road trips to Earl’s farm to save a barn full of old video games.

It’s been six months since I started going out to Earl’s farm and saving the video games he has stashed in an old barn. This time I had a special surprise for Earl and Heather decided to come along.

As usual, five minutes into the trip Heather started nodding off. I let her sleep for about 10 minutes and then thumbed the remote. It didn’t have any immediate effect other than add a barely audible buzzing to the road noise. Eventually, I saw a hand slide down to her lap and another slide up her shirt where her nipples were standing at attention.

Chuckling, I thumbed the remote off and heard a moan that sounded like “thank you” come from her.

The remote was the wireless control for a Venus butterfly, a small remote controlled vibrator that ladies can place in their nether regions and get their lady parts vibrated at the pleasure of the person with the remote. I say ladies can place it, because it has a penis to help hold it in place. Heather keeps looking for a guy’s version so she can drive me crazy by remote control. Some days I really hope she finds one and other days I hope she never does.

I flicked it back on about a half hour before we got to the restaurant to help her wake up. About 10 minutes out I stepped through to find her favorite pulsing pattern and was rewarded with an, “Oh you bastard, Oh. Oh. Oh. Don’t stop it now. Oh. I’m coming”.

So I pushed the pattern button once more to move it into a faster and stronger pattern that always finds its mark. By now Heather had both hands in her crotch grinding and humping. Until she arched her back and let out an, “Ohhhh myyyyy gaaaaaaawd.” When she finally slumped down, I had pity and thumbed the off button.

“Wow,” she started, “I was having this dirty dream and when I woke up I was so horny and this was pushing my buttons so hard. Thank you.”

“My pleasure, or was it yours?” I said. “I just wanted to wake you up nicely before we got to the diner.”

“Thank you,” she said.

Then she turned the A/C on full and aimed one of the vents at her face and the other at her pussy. Just then, we got to the restaurant and pulled in.

“Will you be alright?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine,” she replied, “just keep it low and slow for a while though.”

Under her breath I heard her say, “I gotta find one of those for him. He is having too much fucking fun.”

Earl and Sissy were at their favorite table when we walked into the restaurant. To our delight Katie, Earl’s lawyer was joining us.

Those of you who already have a mental picture of the players, can skip the few paragraphs.

For those that don’t, I’m James mid-thirties, six foot tall, about 20 pounds heavier than I should be but still fairly athletic.

Heather, my wife is also in her mid-thirties, about 5 foot 10, blonde with a nice figure and a very shapely pair of tits.

Earl was a stereotypical Midwest farmer. Sun and wind burned, it would have been difficult to pin an age on him if I didn’t know he was in his 70s.

Sissy, his daughter/granddaughter (long story) was the polar opposite. She was almost six foot tall and drop dead gorgeous. At one time or the other she held most if not all of the crowns from the local beauty contests and a few state crowns. Now at 22 (or was it 23?), she had retired from the pageant circuit and was cashing in the various scholarships for a degree at a local community college.

Katie, Sahabet as mentioned was Earl and Sissy’s lawyer. She was early 40ish, tall and sexy as hell. She had been described to me as a dyke that occasionally sucked a dick, but our previous encounters showed she loved dicks at least as much as pussies.

After a quick round of hugs and a handshake, we settled down to look at the menu. Now before you start thinking small town diner, the head chef and his wife were 4 star chefs from a major city on the east coast and had studied in Paris, London, Berlin and Hong Kong. So for all the times we had eaten there, we rarely saw the same things on the menu twice (excepting breakfast which was a typical country breakfast menu).

I am not sure how Earl (who owned the restaurant) managed to steal them away, but every time I talked to them, they seemed very happy to be away from the big city life.

After we had ordered, I turned Earl and said, “I told you last week I had a surprise for you, so this is as good a time as any.”

I reached into my pocket and slid a check across the table towards Earl. I was not expecting the explosion that came my way.

“What the fuck is this??!??” he exploded.

Taken aback I started to explain that this was the profit from the first 50 video games.

He cut me off and said in no uncertain terms that I didn’t owe him anything more than we agreed to and that he would be damned if he was going to take one cent more.

By now he managed to piss me off and I leaned across the table so I was nose to nose with him.

“Listen Earl, this check is made out to both you and Sissy and in 2 seconds more if you don’t let me explain, I’m going to cross your name off and give it to her,” I spit out crossly.

After what seemed like an eternity, Katie put her hands on our shoulders and pushed us both back into our chairs.

“Earl, as your lawyer, I would counsel you to listen to why he thinks he needs to pay you additional monies,” said Katie.

Turning to me, she said, “You’re up kid. This better be good.”

“Thanks Katie,” I began. “Earl, if you remember back to our original discussion about the value of these machines, I said that some of them were worth more and some were worth less. I have been cherry picking the first 50 for the ones that I want most in my collection and the ones that I know will bring the most when they are fixed up and resold.

“What I have been doing is keeping track of every penny I spend on fixing the ones for sale and when they sell, I split the profit into two different bank accounts and that check represents your share of the profits. This may be the only check like this as the rest of the machines are less valuable and won’t necessarily bring this kind of profit.”

Earl looked at me and growled, “You done?”

I nodded.

Earl took a deep breath and then began, “You promised to buy all of the machines for a fixed price, and I promised to sell them to you at that price. So far you have kept your word, until now and so have I.

“Once you haul them away, you can burn them or sell them for a million bucks for all I care. They are yours. There is nothing in our agreement that you have to share your profit with me. I don’t need it. And I don’t want it.”

Since Earl had wound down, I decided to try a different tact.

“Ok,” I said trying to be reasonable. “Let me try this again, since I seem to have fucked up explaining things the first time.

“Earl, I agree 100% that this is not anything that is owed in the contract. But this is something I feel that I owe you as a friend. Friends don’t take advantage of friends.

“This first batch of games was the best of the best. I ended up making more money than I had anticipated. I feel that as a friend I need to share the windfall with you. I know you have been using the money to fund Sissy’s college, I thought this would help. It never crossed my mind that you would think I was trying to insult you. I respect you too much for that.”

Earl’s glare had softened to a scowl and then Katie interjected, “Earl, don’t you think you owe your partner a little truth since he opened up to you?”

Earl glared at Katie for a moment and then his expression collapsed.

“You’re right, as always woman,” he said. “Dammit all.”

Turning to me Earl said, “She’s right. It’s my turn to apologize, to both you and to Sissy.”

“Me?” said Sissy. “I don’t have anything to do with your deal other than having my name on it.”

Earl tilted his head and stared off into space, “Katie and I were going over my will before the three of you showed up and it kind of set me into a bad place. James, I took it out on you and I’m sorry. I’m glad you have been making money off those old machines. And Sissy, I’m sorry for lying to you all these years.”

Sissy’s eyebrow went up but she didn’t say anything.

Earl continued, “I’ve been living the poor bachelor farmer act for so long I sort of came to believe in it.

“Katie Sahabet Giriş handles the finances and I rarely have to think about it. But the reality is that I own a bit of property around here and it brings in some money every month.”

Earl paused again to gather his thoughts, then continued, “I like the down to earth Sissy who has to work here at the restaurant for spending money and who knows how to catch and cook a chicken and milk a cow and all that practical stuff. I’ve been afraid of what it would do to that little girl if she knew she had all the money she wanted.”

Earl’s eyes pleaded for a reaction from Sissy but it was too soon.

So he continued, “I don’t know the exact numbers, but as you know, I own a bit of the commercial property in the county so it probably brings in $50 to $60K a month.”

Katie interrupted him, “Try double that,” which earned her another glare from Earl.

“But that’s why I took it out on you James. I don’t need that check. I really don’t need the money for the machines. It was just a way to gauge how honest you were. I just wanted to find someone who loves those old games and would take care of them and fix them up and find them homes.”

Turning to Sissy Earl continued, “And I owe you an apology because I was afraid that if I was honest with you, you would go away to some big city college and I would lose you. But Katie started talking to me that you should go get a business degree so you could take over when I’m gone or sooner.

“Poor Katie is spending about 80% of her time on all that property and her business is slipping in other areas.”

The silence was deafening until Heather spoke up, “Mr. Earl. I’m proud of you. It takes a very big man to be able see that he has been acting badly to the ones he loves and then to do something about it.”

She then got up and went over and gave him a very loud wet kiss on the cheek and a big hug. I’m not sure if it was the kiss or the hug that smashed his face between her tits that caused the blush when Earl came up for air. But the tension had been broken, just in time as the food arrived.

The ensuing silence was due partially to the previous conversation as everyone was digesting the revelations, but mostly it was due to the delicious food.

Finally Earl broke the silence with, “So, James, what are your plans for today?”

“Well,” I started, “assuming we are still partners, I was going to pull the next set of machines to take back and then spend some time rearranging things. We have been digging through the stack for the last six months and it is getting to be a mess in there.”

Earl turned to Heather, “And you.”

“I guess I’ll just be hanging out with James,” she said, “unless you have a better offer?”

“Well, Katie and I were going to go look at some property on the other side of town and possibly a couple of apartment buildings a little further out,” said Earl.

“That sounds like a ton more fun than schlepping video games in a barn,” Heather said, nudging me and holding her hand out. It took a second but I figured it out and slid the remote control into her hand. If she was going with Earl and Katie and Sissy, I wouldn’t need it.

“I think I’ll go with James,” Sissy said. “I might not be able to lift one of those games if one fell on him, but I can at least call for help.”

“Thank you for your vote of confidence,” I said crossly.

“Any time” she said with her best imitation of Heather’s 500,000 watt smile.

“All right, why don’t we meet up at 6 at the Rusty Nipple or whatever Jimbo is calling his rat trap these days,” said Earl.

“I think it’s called the Rusty Nickle, Pops,” said Sissy. “But that sounds like a plan”.

We all got up and headed for our vehicles. Earl and Katie and Heather headed to Katie’s car and Sissy and I headed for my truck. As I went around the truck to get the door for Sissy, she turned, gave me a big wet kiss and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

“You are mine for the whole afternoon,” she said and she handed me a little pink remote control. The day was looking up as I thumbed the button and turned up the heat.

It wasn’t long and we were back at the barn moving games. The afternoon passed very quickly. I would move the machines; Sissy would spot them to make sure they didn’t tip over. Periodically I would thumb the remote and give her a treat.

Finally, it was done. They were all rearranged back into nice neat rows. As we were admiring our work, I thumbed the remote and set it into an accelerating pulsing pattern that really pushed Sissy’s love button.

“Get your dick over here and fuck me you son of a bitch. You have been teasing me all afternoon and now I want the real thing,” Sissy screamed.

I didn’t quite run over to her but she already had her shirt off and was working on the snaps of her shorts by the time I got there. I slid up behind her and grabbed her tits and rubbed my palms over her nipples. They were hard and a moan escaped her Sahabet Güncel Giriş lips when I touched them.

A second later I felt her shorts hit our feet. She stepped out of them completely naked except for the vibrating Venus butterfly and turned to unbuckle my belt and pull my shorts down. As my erection bounced out free at last, she corralled it with a steady hand and wrapped her lips around the head and began a steady in and out motion.

It was exquisite, but I was not going to shoot my wad that easily. I pulled her up by her shoulders and spun her around until my cock was poking between her ass cheeks.

She said “I’m not taking the butterfly off, so you are going to have to fuck me in the ass.”

I knelt down and began to lubricate her brown eye with my tongue while I fumbled in my shorts until I produced a small packet of flavored lube. I tore it open and drizzled a generous quantity on her ass crack, working it into her anal canal with my thumb. Just penetrating her with my thumb set her off on a rocking orgasm so I took my opportunity and slid the head of my cock into her ass.

My original idea was to slowly work my cock into her ass slowly and gently, but Sissy had other ideas.

Just as I entered the tight ring of her sphincter she pushed back and swallowed the entirety of my cock into her ass. With that, her orgasm erupted on a higher plane. She let loose an incoherent stream of moans and phrases along the lines of, “Fuck that’s good” and “Deeper”.

When she started to quiver I thought she was going to fall over and probably would have if I wasn’t supporting her on my dick and holding her by her tits. Finally she stopped shaking and just leaned back onto me.

“Oh. My. Gawd. That was good,” she said. “I think that was only my second whole body orgasm and it was fucking insane. Please keep fucking my ass. The butterfly is starting to get me off again and this time I want to feel your meat sliding in my ass.”

Being a gentleman I tried to oblige her by slowly working my cock in and out of her ass. It only took about a dozen strokes and she started quivering and I could feel her orgasm building again. I pulled my cock all the way out of her ass and then slid it all the way back in to the balls in one swift stroke and that broke the dam and she was awash in another shuddering orgasm.

When she came around a few seconds later, in typical womanly fashion, she looked at her watch and went, “Oh crap, it’s almost 5 and we need to shower and change and get up to the Rusty Nickel.”

She pulled off of my cock and grabbed her clothes and started to get dressed. Seeing my face, she came over and jacked my cock a few times, sucked on the head and then said, “Don’t look so glum. I have a surprise for you tonight that I think you will really love. So get dressed and let’s go. And please turn the butterfly off or we won’t get anywhere.”

A couple minutes later we were at Sissy’s house and a couple more minutes later I was showering while she laid out clothes for the night. We switched and I got dressed while she showered. I also unpacked a few things while she was showering.

Never let it be said that a woman can’t get dressed in a hurry, if it suits her. Fifteen minutes after I got out of the shower, we were bouncing down the road heading into town like there were no traffic laws.

At 6:01 we pulled up in front of the Rusty Nickel which from the looks of it had all the trappings of a titty bar. I looked at Sissy and briefly enjoyed the vision of her boobs bouncing loose inside that gingham dress as we bumped up the driveway.

“We are meeting at a titty bar?” I asked her.

“Yep,” she said, “A first class titty bar with the best steaks in the county.”

“Damn. I knew I should have packed looser pants. Between you leaving me hanging and the promise of something big tonight and now naked titties staring me in the face, my poor pecker is going to explode,” I whined.

“Oh, quit your whining. If it gets too bad, Heather and I will take you into the back and suck your dick until you shoot all over our faces,” she said. “Or if you are really lucky we’ll corral some of those titties to help out and you can shoot for distance with an audience.”

I hope nobody noticed, but I was walking a little funny as we headed for the door. Just as we got to the door, Sissy said, “I think we beat them here. I don’t see Pop’s truck or Katie’s car.”

“Isn’t that them just pulling in,” I said.

She squinted and said, “Yes, that’s them. Amazing. For once I beat the old man to an appointment.”

Her smile just said she ate the canary.

The three of them met us and Earl was in a grumpy mood. Katie just said, “He’s mad because I talked him out of buying an office building.”

“It’s the nicest fucking office building in this part of the county” Earl said loudly.

“And it can’t keep more than 40% occupied and it would be an extra 15 minute drive. So no, it is a bad investment. Let them lose some more money and we’ll go look again,” Katie responded quietly.

She grabbed his arm and softly told him, “I really appreciate the offer, but I am happy where I am and like I said, it’s an extra 15 minute drive. End of discussion. And no, I don’t have a birthday coming up.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Boobs

My life was never the same after Sabine and her family moved in across the street. I was eight years old, but something deep inside said this girl was different than all of the others.

It was a Saturday in mid-December when I first saw her. I stood transfixed at my second-floor bedroom window as two adults and two young girls piled out of a station wagon wearing scarves, coats, and boots.

My mom chose that moment to walk up behind me. I glanced at our own wardrobe—T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops—and then back out the window. I asked her why our new neighbors were dressed so funny. She just smiled, patted me on the shoulder, and said they were from the Midwest.

I spent the rest of the day watching the adults unload a U-Haul truck. The two girls had been ushered inside, and I could see their heads bopping about between the two front windows on their second floor.

Tommy Neilson had lived in that bedroom directly across from mine for my whole life. We’d been best friends. I remembered every detail of his bedroom. Where his loft bed was that we had built a fort underneath. The gouges in the wall behind the door from when we’d gotten a little rough re-enacting Star Wars with scraps of wood from his father’s workbench. The special hiding place in the window seat for the frogs we’d caught by the stream (his mom found that a little too late).

I was instantly angry that all of the trucks and action figures and sports paraphernalia would be replaced with Barbie dolls and princesses and everything pink. I didn’t want girls to move in there. I wanted Tommy. Or in the least, I wanted another boy to play with.

Everyone else on our street was old. I had prayed for the past three months that I wouldn’t be the only kid on the street. When they had placed the “Sold” sign out front two weeks ago, I had doubled my prayers. It wasn’t what I had hoped for, but I guess two girls were better than another old couple.

I wasn’t formally introduced to Sabine until a couple of weeks later. Arizona summers can be unbearably hot. I went to the local pool as much as I could, which was practically every day if the sun was out, just like most of the kids my age.

I remember standing on the end of the diving board when Sabine walked across the cement deck to a couple of empty chairs. Her mother and sister were with her. After they deposited their towels, her mother pointed directly at me and then waved.

I should have just ignored her. But my mother had taught me manners, so I waved back. And then Sabine turned my way. I was mid-bounce, and instead of making a graceful cannonball as I had planned, I tripped on my own two feet and tumbled the five feet down to the water into a painful belly flop.

I surfaced, choking and sputtering water, and found my friends were doubled-over with laughter. My eyes turned to Sabine. I guess I expected her to be like everyone else. When I saw that she wasn’t laughing—that her eyes were wide as she pressed her hands to her red cheeks—I swallowed my embarrassment and smiled at her.

She smiled back, and I forgot all about the pain—from hitting the water and from my teasing friends.

I brushed my wet hair out of my face and marched myself over to her to say hello.

That summer, both my parents and I gained new friends. I still missed Tommy, but I wasn’t complaining anymore that another boy hadn’t moved in across the street.

When school started in the fall, Sabine was constantly bullied by the popular girls for being the new kid. I was with my friends one day in the schoolyard before the morning bell rang when we saw the girls block her from getting on the swing set. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but it was obvious the popular girls didn’t think she would ever be a part of their circle of friends.

I walked right up, took Sabine’s hand, and led her back to the guys without a word. I don’t know what those girls thought about that, but she told me they never bothered her again. Needless to say, she didn’t join their clique. She didn’t have to. She joined mine.

That was twelve years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. The years in between are a bit of a blur. Nine months out of the year, we were in school. And in the summers, we hung out at the pool when the weather was nice. When it wasn’t, we played board games or watched movies at each other’s houses. We celebrated every birthday together, and our families even got together for the minor holidays.

We were best buds. The kind that helped each other with homework while watching sitcoms on TV. Or teamed up with you to dunk your friends at the pool. She was one of the guys.

Once we reached high school, we started dating amongst our classmates. It became a habit to call each other when we got home from a date to relay what happened, usually picking it apart and laughing until our parents told us to hang up and go to bed.

But everything changed seven hours ago. Our parents were on a weekend retreat together. Her sister Claire—who was two years older—was Sahabet still away at the university. We were both twenty-one, on winter break from community college, and neither of us had dated anyone for several months.

The sky had been overcast all day. This morning, I had stared out my bedroom window as the four adults packed up my parents’ SUV. Across the street, Sabine stood in her window, watching the same scene. When she waved at me, I couldn’t get the feeling out of my head that there was something besides a storm building on the horizon.

After my parents left, I went through my routine of lifting weights and running on the treadmill while watching classic reruns of Law and Order on TV. I had just gotten out of the shower and was shoveling down a bowl of cereal when the phone rang.

“Are you decent?”

I snorted. “Am I ever?”

She laughed. “So you’re naked?”

I glanced down at the towel wrapped around my waist and grinned. “Only half. Worked out. Just got done showering. “

There was silence on the other end.

“Sabine? You okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Fine.” She cleared her throat. “Do you have any plans for today?”

“No, not really. You?”

“I was going to work in the art studio, but the weather is too crappy. Paint won’t dry well.”

I thought of the shed out behind her house. We had a matching one in our backyard. Only difference was, ours had a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and gardening tools while hers had easels, brushes, and tubes of oil paint.

Sabine was a wonderful artist. Her work was mostly abstract designs, but she had started to paint some landscapes after having to do one for an art class project. I had one of her first pieces framed on my bedroom wall. It was a bunch of blue squares in one corner and a single, red triangle surrounded by brown circles in the opposite corner, all on a gray background. She had labeled it, “Protector.” I didn’t need to ask her what it represented.

“Zach, are you still there?”

“What? Huh? Oh, yeah. You’re right, this isn’t painting weather.” I plopped down on the couch and propped me feet up on the coffee table. I frowned at the darkening clouds outside, feeling that tension in the air before the sky opened up. “This is movie-watching weather.”

She laughed again. It was light, airy almost. Musical. I loved hearing that sound. I loved knowing she was happy. “That’s why I ran to the video store.”

Which is how I found myself throwing on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and running across the street half an hour later. I made it to her front stoop just as light rain started to fall. Thankfully, we didn’t believe in knocking, so I hurried inside and shook out my wet hair.

“Good thing you took a shower.” Sabine grinned at me from the kitchen where she was filling a bowl with popcorn.

“Yeah. But at least I’m not sweaty anymore.” I swear she shivered when I said that. “So what did you rent?”

“I have a variety. They’re by the TV. Go pick something out. You want a beer?”

“Is a blue bird blue?” I chuckled, shaking my head. We knew each other so well.

I picked a comedy, popped it into the DVD player, and then sprawled on the left side of the couch, remote control in hand.

“Beers and popcorn,” Sabine said with a smile as she joined me, raising the hand holding both bottles by the neck, and then her other hand with the bowl. She looked different, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Her hair, maybe?

“The perfect combination.” I just grinned back her.

She stared at me, tilted her head and blinked, and then disappeared again. She returned shortly with napkins and plopped down on the other end of the couch without a word. One of my legs was stretched out behind her, my other leg bent and resting on the cushion between us. Her body was warm against my leg, and I sighed inwardly.

The previews started. I took a long sip from my bottle. It was cold and refreshing. Especially after my workout this morning. When she handed me the bowl, I took a handful of popcorn at the same time she did. I winked at her when our hands touched.

She froze, her green eyes bright, and then slowly took the bowl back. I raised an eyebrow, curious why she was acting strange, but she didn’t say anything. Then we both settled back to watch the movie.

The thunder and lightning started about thirty minutes later. Pouring rain followed, and I snuggled deeper into the corner of the couch. I was comfortable, at ease. But my foot was falling asleep—warm, but tingly—behind Sabine’s back. I wiggled it a little to wake it up, and Sabine squeaked.

“Sorry,” I laughed.

She giggled. Although it seemed forced, as if she were nervous.

We were halfway through the movie when the power went out. For several long moments, we just sat there, staring at the blank TV. I could hear my even breathing, feel Sabine’s against my leg. I finished my beer and set it aside. The sound of the bottle on the glass-topped end table seemed loud.

I cleared my throat. Sahabet Giriş “So, now what?”

“Another beer?” Her voice was high-pitched. “They won’t stay cold long without electricity.”

“Sure. Wouldn’t want them to get warm.”

She lurched to her feet and disappeared towards the kitchen. I heard the rattle of bottles when she opened the fridge. The click and hiss when she popped the tops. The bang and her soft curse when she ran into something.

A moment later, Sabine returned with two new bottles and sat beside me again. While the interior of the house was dark, it was still light enough outside the picture window to see her silhouette. She pulled her knees up under her and curled into the corner of her end of the couch. Her bottle was raised halfway to her lips, and she seemed to be staring across the room. At what, I wasn’t sure.

“Are you okay? I thought I heard—”

“Nope, just fine.” She took a long swig and then sighed audibly. “Well, I guess watching a movie is out of the question. We could play a board game. There are candles in the kitchen. Flashlights, too. Or we could just talk.”

I smiled and sipped at my own drink. “Talking is good.”

And so for the next hour, we talked about everything and anything. Eventually she relaxed. She laughed. I laughed. It just felt good. Comfortable.

But I was getting hungry, and the power still wasn’t on. I wondered how far the outage covered. Would any fast food restaurants be open? I really could go for a pizza. I heard Sabine say something about Christmas and turned my attention back to her.

“I’m sorry, I spaced out there for a moment.” My stomach rumbled as if to prove why I was distracted. I laughed and reached out to grasp her hand.

She leaned her head back against the couch, her face turned toward me even though I couldn’t fully see her expression. “It’s nothing. Nevermind.”

I squeezed her hand. “No, Sabine. What were you saying?”

“Christmas is next weekend. Are you going to see your grandparents again?”

“Probably, but Mom and Dad haven’t said anything yet. You?”

“Claire should be home from college on Wednesday. We’ll probably just stay here as usual.” I heard the slosh of liquid as she tipped her bottle back to take a drink. “You know, I still haven’t gotten used to not having snow on Christmas Eve.”

“Hey, it’s what you grew up with. It’s got to be hard to up and move like that, especially at Christmas time.” I set my bottle aside and moved across the couch to hug her sideways. “Don’t feel bad about it. You should go back east sometime to visit your grandparents for Christmas and have your snow. I’d be happy to go with you. I’ve never seen the stuff.”

“Really?” She smiled up at me.

I shrugged. “Sure. That’s what best friends do.”

She shrugged this time. “Yeah, I guess so.”

I went to move my arm away, wondering if I had offended her in some way. But she shifted and leaned against me, resting her head against my shoulder. I let my hand dangle off her shoulder, my fingertips brushing the sleeve of her T-shirt.

She sipped from her bottle and then said, “So are you all done with your shopping?”

I nodded, and then remembered that she couldn’t see me, lights or no lights. “Yep. Wrapped under the tree already, too.”

“Lucky. I still have a few to get.” She tilted her head back to look at me, and I could see her scrunch up her nose. “Do you have a hard time buying your parents a present?”

I laughed. “They said to always get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. But I usually give that to my dad and then get my mom some of her favorite coffee.”

She didn’t comment. The sound of the pelting rain against the window and the occasional rumble of thunder and crack of lighting interrupted the silence. I actually kind of liked it. It was peaceful.

A moment later, Sabine’s body moved under my arm. At first, I wasn’t sure I had felt anything. But slowly, the movement increased, and I was definitely sure now.

“Sabine, are you crying?”

She nodded against my shoulder.

“Tell me why?”

She sniffed and rubbed the back of her hand at her eyes. “My boss usually gets each one of us a little gift for Christmas. It’s never anything much, just a little trinket. But it’s the thought that counts.”

I lowered my hand to pat her back. She hiccupped, and I let my hand linger, smoothing light circles across the soft texture of her shirt. “That sounds very kind of her. But that doesn’t explain why you’re crying, sweetie.”

“This year, she bought the department a Keurig coffee maker.”

“Wow. That’s a very nice gift.”

She tilted her head up and stared at me. “I’m the only one who doesn’t drink coffee.”

It took a moment for that to sink in. “Oh!”

She burst into tears again. I wrapped both of my arms around her now and pulled her back against my chest so that my nose was buried in her hair. When I inhaled, I had to close my eyes. Sahabet Güncel Giriş The lavender aroma filled my head, making me lightheaded for a moment. I snuggled deeper, my chest growing tight and warm. I’d never held her like this before. It was nice.

“I felt like Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation.” She hiccupped again. When she continued telling me the story, she waved her free hand about in the air, as if that would get the words out faster. “You know, when Clark wants to fly everyone out to christen the new pool, and Eddie tells him he can’t swim, and Clark says, ‘I know Eddie,’ because no one likes Cousin Eddie. “

I knew exactly what she was trying to say, but I couldn’t speak due to the fear that the laughter building up inside would spill out.

Her hand was flying a mile a minute now. ” ‘I don’t drink coffee, Mrs. Martin.’ ‘We know, Sabine.’ It’s all a big conspiracy.”

I couldn’t suppress it any longer. Women get so worked up over the littlest things. My chuckle started low and deep and just got louder. “You are NOT Cousin Eddie! I don’t think she did it intentionally.”

“Hey! You’re supposed to be on my side!” She smacked my leg with her free hand and strained against me, trying to break loose of my embrace.

I remembered that day at the pool and sobered immediately, tightening my arms around her. I dipped my head so my mouth was by her ear, my nose brushing her jaw. “I am on your side. I know you feel hurt by your boss’s ignorance. I’m sorry I laughed.”

“Are you really?” She turned her head just enough so she could see me over her shoulder.

“I am.” My voice felt tight, sounded rough. And in that moment, when I saw how her eyes were glossy from crying, saw the doubt deep within when lightning flashed behind me, I knew I was crossing the point of no return. Her despair was my undoing.

I released one hand and brought it up to hold her chin still. She inhaled sharply, her lips parting just the slightest bit, her body stiffening. Ever so gently, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers, swallowing her gasp of surprise. Her bottle fell to the carpet with a thud, but neither of us cared.

I had meant it to be a short kiss. But fate had other plans. As soon as our lips met—hers soft and warm, mine suddenly dry—she moaned and relaxed against me, tilting her head back. Her eyes closed, her mouth pliant against mine as I deepened the kiss.

My hand on her chin slid up her jaw, loving the way her smooth skin felt against the roughness of mine. My fingers buried in her soft tresses, clutching and releasing them over and over again. Her hair still laced between my fingers, I moved my hand to cradle the back of her head and turned her to face me.

She moaned, pulling me against her, and gravity took over. As she fell back against the couch, she pulled me down with her. We both grunted at the same time, and I adjusted my body, moving the bulk of my weight to my forearms resting on either side of her head.

She felt so damn good. She tasted like beer and popcorn and something else—peppermint, I deduced after a moment. I grinned against her lips, pulling back slightly. She had brushed her teeth before I came over. I had been right—she had done her hair, too. She had been hoping for this.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She was panting. Her hands gripped my shoulders, struggling to pull me back to her.

“Because I’m finally seeing what was right in front of me all of these years.”

She inhaled sharply again, and when she did, her chin tilted up.

I groaned and lowered my mouth to hers, moving gently against her lips despite the growing desire to kiss her senseless. My thumbs grazed back and forth over her temples. I had to close my own eyes this time, just relishing the feel of her.

It was my turn to gasp when she opened her mouth wider and flicked her tongue at my lips. And then I moaned, pressing my mouth harder against hers, my tongue sliding out to meet hers. I tilted her head so I could get a better angle, and she moaned in response.

We continued like this for a long time, our heavy breathing and intermingled moans drowning out the storm. At some point, her hands had moved up to bury in my hair, to guide my head how she wanted. Our tongues tangled and I had to check myself once again to keep a languid place. I did not want to scare her by going too fast.

I never wanted to stop kissing her. I chastised myself for not seeing the signs over the years. I wanted this woman, and she wanted me.

I groaned again when Sabine slowly pulled her knee up to frame my hip. Just that simple gesture of her leg rubbing against mine made me go hard. Not that I wasn’t already on my way, but her receptive action finished it. I shifted to get more comfortable, and she whimpered when my erection pressed against her.

“We don’t have to do that,” I said softly, finally releasing her. I stared into her dark eyes, her cheek hot under my hand. I brushed my thumb over her swollen lips. I gasped when she licked at it.

“Zach, I have never wanted anything more in my life.” Her voice was low, and damn sexy. As if to reassure me, she tilted her head up and took my thumb into her mouth, closing her lips around it and swirling her tongue round and round the opposable digit.

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Sara And ‘The Man’ Ch. 03

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Reading this will be a little confusing if you have not read the previous two sections of ‘Sara and the man’.


As the man’s flaccid penis slipped out of her anus, Sara Bastin, lying face down with her buttocks raised, was first of all very aware of a kind of emptiness down there.

The man put his mouth close to her ear and whispered, “Are you all right?”

“I think so,” she said, telling herself that it was a stupid answer.

The man had been providing her with magical sexual favours for nearly two months, because her husband Gordon Bastin, who she loved very much, had never been able to consummate their marriage. But yesterday the idea of having the man’s lovely hard penis enter her anally, was totally her own.

In so many of the differing positions and games they had played over these weeks, Sara had noticed that any touch on her anus had suggested pleasure. So, on the previous day, as a conclusion to a series of activities which were of her choosing, that is what she had chosen.

The man had not been too sure. He had said he was nervous about hurting her. But Sara had a tube of lubricating cream from when she was first married, and which, because of the sexual difficulties in her marriage, had never been needed.

They’d had a shower together and the man’s penis looked fully recharged after an earlier session. As they lay down on the bed he had suggested that they just build up gradually, so they kissed, their tongues fun fighting like old friends. The man’s hands wandered all over her body, setting her breasts tingling, stroking along her thighs, and up into her crevice where he had originally suggested they might find sufficient lubrication for the intended contact.

Sara had tenderly stroked his steel hard penis, wondering if such dimensions could enter her tight anus. At last she told him that she didn’t want too much vaginal stimulation, as she was curious to know how anal entry would affect her.

The man asked her to turn onto her stomach, and he placed two cushions there so her buttocks were well raised. He started by stroking right along her crevice and onto her anus. His fingers there made Sara’s excitement grow.

While he stroked her, they kissed with her head turned to one side, but knew that would have to stop once he entered her. Sara had reached back to continue her manipulation of his sturdy member, not wanting to let it lose any of its power.

At last he whispered, “I’m getting the cream. You okay?”

“I feel lovely,” Sara said, and she did. She was both stimulated and hot with anticipation. The first touch of the man’s creamed finger was just around the tiny anal opening, and it had Sara squirming. But when his finger moved deeper, in spite of the cream she felt a dull ache. That brought a doubt into her mind, but as the finger moved deeper all doubt was gone. As she had hoped it was really quite pleasant.

The man removed his finger temporarily to apply more cream, and his entry this time was much easier, much more relaxed. But would his big weapon have a similar effect?

At last he brought his head close to hers and whispered, “I’ve smeared myself and I’m going to come into you now. Please yell if you hurt.”

Sara drew a deep breath, feeling him positioning himself between her thighs. Then he was placing that bulbous head at her anal entrance.

“Do it!” she pleaded, just wanting to know how it would be.

As his penis broke past her tight opening, Sara feared there was going to be pain. She bit her lip, as the pressure that stretched her mounted. The man eased further into her, and it was better. Up and into her moved his erection, gentle but steady, until his belly was pressed against her buttocks.

Sara had a feeling of intense pleasure at having taken it into her, and all the sensations provided by her nerve endings were lifting her.

The man began drawing back and thrusting, drawing back and thrusting. It was nothing like the vaginal sensations, but Sara’s excitement was still intense. She flexed her sphincter muscles, and was delighted to hear the man gasp, “God, madam, that is tremendous. Could you do that again?”

Happy to oblige, as he began bucking up into her, she flexed her muscles again feeling her whole rectum totally filled, completely alive with the tingle in hitherto unknown nerves.

Her sphincter muscles were so much easier to flex, but that was when she found that she had rather overdone it for, suddenly, the man’s hands that had been holding her hips clenched, and he gasped, “Oh, God—I can’t—” Next moment his penis was jerking up higher and ever higher, and Sara, recognised the way he climaxed, as she actually felt his seed running up into her. She had deprived him of his previous ability to keep it up. Now what kind of power was that?

She hadn’t climaxed herself, but the sensation of his movement, of his orgasm had been well worth it. There was so much satisfaction in having that effect on him.

When he apologised, she Sahabet had to tell him not to be so silly, it really had been a successful exercise, and she was sure the next time they did it would be better again.

The following morning, when she was moving about she was aware of a slight discomfort down there, but she pulled on her silky robe over her naked body, and went ahead with her normal morning procedure of breakfasting and getting Gordon out to work. When he had left, she decided that she felt so lethargic she wouldn’t rush to get dressed.

She collected a cook book and in the kitchen decided what Gordon’s evening meal would be. Having time on her hands she prepared it as far as she could.

That done she was crossing the hall when there was a knock at the door. Sara glanced at her watch, and saw that it was rather later than the time the man usually came. Thursday wasn’t one of his days, anyway. Sara grinned, getting more eager was he? She would have to tell him he was a naughty man, and there was no chance of getting entry back there today.

She hurried to the door, and flung it open. It wasn’t the man. A shorter, blonde haired man stood there, a strange grin on his face, Even before he spoke, Sara, with some despair knew who he was.

“I’m Victor,” he told her, his eyes ogling at the careless opening in her robe. “Jen tells me that you might want some wild company.”

Sara’s fists clenched. Damn you, Jen. This was the man her friend Jen had been filling her time with when her husband was away. Sara had been horrified when Jen had told them that she’d given him the addresses, of each of her friends, because he was worth trying, Another friend had actually tried him, and amazingly, had approved Jen’s recommendation.

He took a step forward which prevented her shutting the door, and his eyes continued to look her up and down, as Sara pulled her robe tighter.

“I think you should leave,” Sara said firmly.

Not firmly enough obviously, as he reached out a hand, and tried to part her robe. She moved to push him away, and was shocked when he pushed her, hard enough to set her staggering across the hall.

“They didn’t tell me what a luscious piece of stuff I’d find here,” he almost cackled.

“Just get out,” Sara tried again, remembering what her friend had said about it almost being like rape at first.

But he kept moving towards her, as she backed towards the stairs, looking for a weapon she might use. “You haven’t seen what I’ve got for you.”

No, she hadn’t but his thin cotton pants did not disguise the large bulge that was already there. “Come on,” he said, reaching out for her hand. “Just feel it, and you’ll not be able to say no.”

Sara was getting angry now, as she knocked his hand away she said, “I’ve heard all about the puny little thing you’ve got.”

She saw the anger flare in his eyes, before he lunged and pushed her backwards to trip on the bottom step and fall back, her robe spreading open up to her waist. He was instantly standing over her, “Now I’m going to see everything you’ve got.” His hand reached for the edge of her robe.

“Get your bloody hands off my wife!”

Victor staggered back as the booming voice echoed around the hall. Gordon, in his work suit and blue shirt, his face more angry than Sara had ever seen it, strode towards them, his fists raised. Her relief at his unexpected arrival was beyond belief.

The slight Victor, who was supposed to be muscular, scuttled around Gordon’s tall frame, and away out of the front door, like the startled rat he was. Gordon hurried to the front door, looked out, then slammed the door shut, and came back to where Sara was still sitting on the stairs. She had pulled her robe back into place, and she was thinking that she had never seen her husband look so boldly handsome.

“Away up the drive. Not worth going after, that bastard. Are you all right, my dear?” He sat on the step beside her.

“Now that you’re here, I am,” she said, as she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “How are you home?”

“I forgot some papers. Pure chance.”

“Lucky chance, ” she said, putting her head on his shoulder. “Do you have to go back?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“I don’t.”

He stood up and shrugging out of his jacket. He hung it carelessly on the end of the banister. “Then I’ll go and make us a cup of coffee.”

Sara began to rise, “No, I’ll do it.”

Gordon placed a firm but gentle hand on her shoulder, “No, you won’t. Just relax.”

As he walked towards the kitchen, he began rolling up his shirt sleeves, and she called after him, “Should I go and put some clothes on?”

He stopped and looked back at her. She knew her robe had parted to show a generous expanse of bosom. His eyes viewed her for only a second before he said, “No, you look fine as you are.”

After a while, she stood and followed him into the kitchen, where he was just topping up two mugs. His shirt sleeves were rolled Sahabet Giriş up tight, and he had removed his tie. Sara couldn’t stop thinking of how much she adored him.

They sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, and he spoke of mundane things like, “I’m sure that firm works better when I’m not there.”

Sara told him how that Victor person came to be there. Gordon’s eye widened, “Jen gave him your addresses? That was a stupid thing to do.”

They sat quietly sipping their coffees for a while, before Sara admitted, “I’m so glad you stayed with me, Gordon.”

He smiled at her, and asked, “Would it please you more if I asked you to go to bed with me right now?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Oh, definitely,” But deep inside her that old fear arose. All the attempts they had made, as man and wife, over two years, and all the failures. She just knew she couldn’t stand seeing him lose his present relaxed demeanour.

“Then what are we waiting for?” he asked brightly.

Together, hand in hand, like young lovers, they mounted the staircase. Standing by the bed he slipped her robe off her shoulders, and his hands traced over her breasts, along her waist and onto her hips. He drew her close to kiss her, and their tongues met in a gentle exploratory manner, that set the inside of Sara’s cheeks tingling.

With him standing close, she could feel his hardness against her bare belly. They’d often been in that situation, but it was the moment of entry that worried her.

Gordon eased her onto the bed and she shuffled into the centre. He quickly dropped his pants and boxers, and wriggled alongside her. Sara could not help noticing that his erection looked more positive than it did during all the failures. As she reached cautiously for it, she had to admit there was a stiffness about it, and she stroked it carefully as they kissed again.

His hands played over her breasts, and his fingers pinched at the nipples. Then he broke the kiss to move his mouth onto her breasts, where he licked and sucked at her nipples. In spite of her concerns Sara felt her insides begin their familiar trembling.

Gordon’s hand moved down to flutter among her pubic hair, before one finger curled into the joint of her thighs, which immediately parted, allowing his whole hand to run along the quickly moistening crevice. Sara stroked his back with one hand, and with the other she held on to his erection, which remained firm. One of his fingers was caressing her clitoris, while the other circled her vaginal entrance.

God, she was so ready. She just couldn’t believe it. As his fingers did their work down there, his lips and tongue continued to favour her breast and nipples. With some skill, he was bringing her to that moment, when she was going to need his erect rod riding up inside her. But now, it was a dreaded moment, because if he didn’t make it–Sara just could not contemplate how it would effect him.

His fingers moved from her clitoris so that his hand could move teasing up and down her inner thigh. “Ah, that is such a wonderful smoothness,” he said, and she could tell he too was sounding breathless. Just as suddenly his fingers were back to probing her intimate area. One finger moved into her vagina, performing a tantalising circling motion, while another flickered around and over her clitoris.

Sara’s first warning, apart from the twitching of her hips and the uncontrollable swaying of her head from side to side, was the flexing of her own vaginal muscles madly seeking fulfillment. Nervous as she was she had to tell him, “Oh, Gor—Gordon—I—”

Without any hesitation, Gordon rolled between her thighs, and Sara lost her hold on his erection, as he moved to place it inside her. Sara knew that she could destroy her own climax by worrying about her fear of the feel of wet splashes on her belly, or hearing his disappointed groan as his penis flopped. Such sensations were so familiar in their attempts as man and wife.

She was so distracted by these worries that she suddenly became aware that Gordon was over her and inside her. His solid penis was actually filling her, massive, yet travelling so smoothly, that she groaned with the wild ecstasy of the exquisite feelings inside her. The sheer relief of knowing these feelings were being produced by a very hard, very mobile penis, Gordon’s penis. He was moving, solid inside her. They were man and wife. Gordon wasn’t acting, and such was her shock, surprise, and delight that she instantly climaxed, with her vagina trying to clamp on Gordon’s probing iron hard penis.

As though she was some distance from the event she realised that he was still thrusting inside her, but his movements were becoming swifter and ever deeper, until he grunted a loud exhalation of breath and she sensed him pulsing again and again inside her.

He had done it. At last she was his, and he belonged to her. She suddenly realised she was sobbing with the sheer joy of it.

Gordon, a disturbed Sahabet Güncel Giriş look on his face, looked up into her face. “Sara, why are you crying? Did I hurt you?”

“No, no,” Sara tried to reassure him, but she was aware that there were tears on her cheeks. “You’ve just made me so happy. We made it together.”

He kissed the tears from her cheeks, and eyes. His mouth found hers and they shared a long, almost chaste kiss.

From tears to utter happiness, Sara burst out laughing. Gordon leaned over her again, “Oh my God, you’re not going mad are you?”

“No, no I’m not,” she giggled. “I was just thinking, pest controller, what made you think of that?”

He laughed with her, clearly just as relieved as she was, “So I could tell you I liked filling cracks.”.

“You’ll have to thank that therapist,” she told him.

“Yes, when he suggested a last resort tactic, which he called the thrill of the illicit, I wasn’t too sure. He told me that he’d had one success with a client acting out the role-play of being a stranger seducing another man’s wife.”

“All you told me was that I had to accept you as a stranger, and eventually I had to give in to you.”

Gordon kissed her. “It didn’t take you long, but the whole charade worked. That’s the blessing,” he said with a smile.

“Hell, Gordon, that first time in the kitchen, I was desperate for it, yet, so nervous, that you might not sustain it, that it was easy to act like a wife ready to surrender herself.”

“You were very convincing,” he told her.

“The hard part was not being able to discuss good sessions with you, as Gordon. “

Gordon sat up beside her, “And now we have one more river to cross.”

Sara frowned, “What would that be?”

His face was more serious as he told her, “Finding out if it all works out at the times we’d usually try to do it, in the evenings.”

“You worried about that?”

“Not as much as I might have been. But let’s spend the day out, come back late, eat, and take it from there.”

“I have a chicken supreme all set for preparation,” Sara told him.

“Right,” Gordon said determinedly, “we’ll shower, dress and drive out into the country. Weather looks set fair.”

Within an hour they were parking in a quiet village, well away from any city. Hand in hand they strolled along the banks of the river, where Gordon pointed out and named a range of birds that they saw. He had always been keen at that. They stopped at a small pub and sat outside in the sun, talking and laughing about many of the incidents they’d shared over recent weeks.

“Our wicked past,” Sara laughed.

When they reached home, it was nearly seven o’clock. Sara told him the food would only take half an hour, so Gordon went to have a shower. Sara was feeling so good about things, but that old worry still persisted and she knew that tonight it had to be allayed once and for all.

He came back in his dressing gown, and gave Sara a hand so she could take a shower before they ate. She decided that, since Gordon was in his dressing gown, she would only wear a silken robe.

It was nearly eight as they sat, eating their meal and sipping white wine. Gordon declared how good the meal had been, and moving around the table, he gave Sara an appreciative hug, slipping his hand inside her robe to fondle her breast. Then he declared, “Bedtime, I think.”

Sara looked into his eyes, and saw only sexual hunger. She had already decided how she would start any proceedings. It would be a major step in proving Gordon was going to be all right.

In the bedroom, they stood by the side of the bed, and divested each other of their covering gowns. They stood there, gazing at each other. “I haven’t told you how wonderful it is to be able to look at you as my actual wife”. Gordon whispered.

Sara, having been delighted to see that Gordon already had a substantial erection, did not reply, but immediately dropped to her knees, and took his hardness deep into her mouth. As she moved her tongue around it and heard Gordon’s moan of pleasure, she knew she had achieved a first step.

Gordon reached down, and put his hands under her shoulders to lift her. “Lovely, my dear,” he said.”So far, so good.”

Gently he lay her on the bed, parted her thighs, and buried his face in her nether moistness. For Sara, already well prepared, it was an extra touch of heaven as his tongue, caressed her clitoris, and his fingers probed her vaginal entry.

Sara’s hips began to heave, her mind was trying to reject worrying thoughts, but, just as before, Gordon rose up above her, and before she could even think too deeply his perfect rod was inside her. Immediately, Sara’s vaginal muscles were working on him like so many fingers, and her hips were eager to match his thrusts. Harder and harder they pounded together, marking this as the special occasion that they had been aiming for. With mutual cried they obtained their first mutual orgasm, and for Sara it was a joy to feel Gordon’s penis pulsing and pulsing his seed deep into her, and for the first time she was thinking that they would start a family.

As they recovered, Sara put that notion to him, and was delighted at his enthusiastic reaction. “Have you stayed on the pill all this time?” he asked.

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Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 04

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A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment. New for me, that is. There were other residents already there and slowly I met them all except one. I was told that she was rather reclusive, lived alone and was not very talkative; but seemed to have a good job in the City [of London, that is.] That means she must work in the financial sector or import-export or shipping or airlines. I also work in the City as actuary with a well-known insurance group, and so hoped we would meet before long.

Actually, it was a few weeks before I first saw this neighbour as she left the building to walk [dash] down to the nearby railway station. She was [is] blonde; and looked nice in her summery business outfit of pleated lightweight skirt and long blouse, with cream high-heels. I saw her only from behind, but she moved well as she walked briskly down our footpath to the station. Her shoulders were steady as she carried the obvious weight of her case; and her hips swivelled very attractively with each stride. I determined to meet her as soon as possible; as a nice neighbourly gesture, of course. Actually, her moving figure attracted me from that moment.

By coincidence, later in the day as she returned home, I saw her coming out of the footpath and dashed myself down to the next floor, where her apartment was located. We met a she came to the top of the stairs and I spoke,

“Hello, I’m Leo. I moved into number 24. It’s good to meet the neighbours, do you agree?”

“Hello, I’m Saskia, at number 16” she replied confidently and held out her hand for a shake, “when did you move in?” she continued.

I told her the date and then lied a little, “I’ve been meeting all the neighbours [not strictly true] so are you free to come round for little drink and a bite to eat?” I noticed that her blonde hair fell down to her waist, although I couldn’t see her waist because of the long blouse. Her face was slim but not haggard, and her breasts held out the blouse in an alluring way although well-hidden.

“Well, this evening is busy. I’m writing a report for work tomorrow. But tomorrow is Friday, and that would be nice,” she looked me straight in the eyes.

“Great. Can you come round about 7-o’clock?” I asked, already thinking of the reception I should give her. And so it was fixed.


Next evening, I prepared two bottles of white wine; sweetish Sauternes and drier Pinot Grigio, hoping to meet her preference. Also, some tacos-chips and a range of dips. She rang my doorbell at 6.58, so it seemed she was into punctuality. I like that; it fits my style also.

Saskia was dressed casually in dark blue loose denim trousers and a paler blue tight-fitting top down to a cuff waist. This outfit showed her figure clearly and I liked it immediately. Her breasts were not big but seemed firm and pointed, and her waist looked to be 10 inches or more less than her hips. She looked wonderful and I told her, “You look lovely. Thanks for coming.”

She smiled and followed me to my sitting area, and sat at one end of the sofa. I sat at the other, where the low table was set out with glasses and plates. I got out the bottles from the fridge and she pointed at the Sauternes; so I poured two glasses.

“Saskia? That’s a continental name, isn’t it? Please tell me something about yourself,” I prompted her.

“My family was Dutch. Mum and dad came to London in the late 1970s. They ran some flower shops around the city. I was born in 1985 and I work with Emirates airline in Docklands. I’m an accountant really!” and she giggled as if that information was comical in some way, or paradoxical. Already, I’d worked out that she was in her early thirties and probably earned a good salary.

“And where do your parents live now?” I enquired and was shocked by her reaction. Her eyes filled with tears and she sobbed so strongly that her shoulders hunched briefly.

“They both passed away last year. Just a few months ago. I’m sorry; haven’t got over it yet. Sahabet They were lovely people and gave me the best they could.”

I held out a hand with a tissue to comfort her and she took it and also held the hand as I apologised, “I’m sorry, too. Didn’t know. Relax now, have a drink and tell me about your work.”

For the next few minutes, she told me about her university and then her professional training and now her job at Emirates. But there was no mention of a boyfriend, certainly not a marriage. I decided to probe a little.

“You’re here alone, yes? No brothers or sisters; no boyfriend?” I realised this was probably too pointed but she seemed willing to speak about herself. Her reaction shocked me again: more tears and shaking of shoulders.

“No. No one else. And no man has wanted me,” she managed a weak smile as if to make fun of herself.

I got bold, “Saskia, you’re a lovely person and a very pretty woman. What’s wrong with the men you meet?” and I laughed as if the idea was ridiculous.

Her face dropped again and she put her face in her hands as the sobbing returned. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her shoulders , attempting to comfort her somehow.

She spoke through her tears, “I’ve never told anyone this before in this detail but you seem a nice man. I’ve had boyfriends but they all left me when they discovered something about me – my body.”

“Saskia, I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but you’re lovely and attractive, with a good body. What possible complaint could those men have against you?” I probed a little more.

“Shall I tell you. Are you ready for a big shock?” she looked up and straight into my eyes again.

“If it helps you, do tell me. I think you’re wonderful. What is it?” I asked, hoping I would be able to cope with this intimate knowledge

“My vagina is malformed. It never closes. It’s wide open all the time and I need to keep it plugged up to prevent infection. No man can get any sex-pleasure from me. Does that make sense? I hope I haven’t shocked you.”

Her tears had dried and she was speaking matter-of-fact, as if to a medical doctor.

“But you should be able to take pleasure from your body, am I right?” I was pushing to hard again.

“When I was young, I could but now it’s all become too much for me – my disappointment and the anger of men friends I’ve had. One of them actually said to me It’s like fucking into an empty jam-jar. Can you imagine how it makes me feel?” she was on the verge of more sobbing.

I wondered what I could say or do but she continued telling me her anatomical problems, “And my bottom muscle – you know my anal sphincter – is also unformed and I’m wide open. I have to keep that plugged up all the time to prevent accidents, you know – poop? No man is ever going to make a commitment to me. I’m just a physical wreck and I’m still young,” she controlled her sobbing and looked me in the eyes once again.

I asked, “But can’t the NHS do something to help you. Rebuild your muscles or something?”

“No,” she replied, “I’ve been told there is no way to build muscles where there is no tissue. All I’ve been offered is hysterectomy so that I don’t need a vagina; and a colostomy to make visits to the toilet unnecessary.”

A plan began to form in my mind – and in my groin! I assumed that Saskia had a clitoris and responsive breasts. If so, I felt sure I could give her some pleasure and also excite myself with new experiences. I took the bull by the horns, “Saskia, please spend some time with me, alone, in bed, and I’ll do all I can to give you some pleasure.”

“Dear Leo, That’s very sweet of you but you’ll be disappointed with me. I know it, and don’t want to hurt you,” she reached out and took my hand again.

I had been kneeling on the carpet all this time but now raised myself to sit close next to her. I put an arm round her and pulled her gently towards me. Our faces came close and I kissed her hair, Sahabet Giriş then her cheek and she turned to face me and we kissed properly. Slowly and gently I lifted my other hand and cupped one of her breasts. She let me do it with no sign of objection, and I held her breast firmly and felt at the firmness inside an underwired and structured bra. Then I moved to the other breasts and did the same. Finally, I rested my hand on her torso, below her bra-line.

“Come now to my bedroom and let me please you by any means you want. Anything you want,” I urged her and she didn’t resist my standing up; she let me guide her down the short corridor and into my bedroom.

We held each other again and kissed and I started to undress her, by lifting her tight top. Within two minutes, she had undressed down to her panties and bra; and I had got naked. Saskia looked down at my growing erection and giggled. She put out a hand and held me under my scrotum.

“Let me take out my plugs,” she said, “so you’ll see what I mean.” The panties came off.

She reached down between her legs and from her vagina removed a flesh-coloured rubber, or other soft material, pear-shaped object with a plastic cord to pull it. It was over 3 inches across at its widest deep inside he; and she handed it to me, as if you show me. I laid it gently on my pile of clothes on the chair.

Saskia then asked for the bathroom and I led her to my little en-suite. With one foot on the toilet seat, she took a wodge of tissue and reached round to her bottom. Slowly she pulled on a t-bar handle and extracted another plug; catching it on the tissue. It also was over 3 inches across at its widest and must have been over 2 inches in her opening.

I saw that it was clean; no sign of shit. Just a smear of white lubricant. She laid it on the mirror-shelf and covered it with more tissue.

She washed her hands, dried them and then turned to me, “See what I mean?”

I led her to lie down and kissed her a lot; face, breasts, tummy, groin and her hairy mound. She smelled sweet and clean, and I guessed she’d got ready for this meeting by completing all her ablutions. I wondered what that meant about her motives; or did she do this every evening after coming home from work?

Saskia opened her legs a little and my tongue found her clitoris. It was perfectly formed and larger than I’d known before. I licked rhythmically and sucked on her clit and around the big swollen labia. Amazingly, within two minutes she put her hand on my head and pushed me down to encourage me further. She began to moan and I felt that her spine and throat were being tensed. She was on the threshold of an orgasm and it came explosively. Her whole body shook and she uttered “Mmmm.” She squeezed her legs together; forcing my face away from further stimulation.

She relaxed and held my head which by then was on her stomach. Her torso was pulsing and I realised she was sobbing again. I lifted my head and, sure enough, tears were running down her cheeks. She spoke through the sobs.

“Leo. Thank you. No one has shown me such kindness. It’s been years since I got such a pleasure. Thank you, you lovely man.” Then she seemed to wander off into a calm, almost sleepy, quietness.

I let her be quiet for a few minutes and raised myself to lie alongside her. I curled a hand round her body to hold her waist and the other hand on her shoulder nearest to me. She nestled against me until her “recovery” was complete, shall we say.

I asked, “What else can I do to give you pleasure, dear Saskia?”

She was silent for a few seconds and then said, “I’m afraid to ask you for more. You may not want to do it.”

“I said anything for you and I mean anything. Just tell me,” I spoke quietly.

She took my left hand and kissed it, and then licked it all over with copious spittle. Then she raised herself into a doggy position.

“Please put it into my bottom. There is already a lot of Sahabet Güncel Giriş lubrication. Please see if you can fit into me, and then I’ll tell you more I like,” she instructed me.

Kneeling at her right side, I did as she asked with my left hand and it slipped through her opening with little resistance. Just a little stretching of the circular opening itself and then I was inside her up to my wrist.

“Clench your fist, please,” she said and I did that. I could feel the tube of her rectum stretching against my knuckles and my thumb.

“Push further in like that, please,” she instructed more, and I did so; feeling resistance as my penetration got up towards my elbow.

“Enough now, wait there,” and she reached down with one hand, still on all-fours, and began to massage her own labia and clitoris, until she told me, “Start push-pulling in me. Just a little.”

I did as she said; pulsing my fist and arm back and forth in her entrails by just an inch or so. The effect was amazing. She came to another massive orgasm and collapsed forward onto the bed, with my arm still inside her. She opened her legs and reached round to hold my arm, and began to urge me out of her. Slowly I undid my fist and pulled my arm out of her.

This time, there was a little shit on the edge of my knuckles. When my hand was completely free, I left her lying in her trance, and went to the en-suite; and washed my arm and especially my hand.

When I got back to the bed, Saskia looked towards me and said, “That was wonderful, Thank you. Now you know the sort of things I like. You can take me if you want but I’m worried you’ll be disappointed.”

Before I could say anything, she lifted her legs up towards her chest, so that her feet were up in the air, pointing to the ceiling, “Both ready now,” she spoke and giggled.

My erection had waned earlier but now was returning. I masturbated for a moment and decided to get into her vagina, such as it was. To be honest, it really was a disappointment. There was no sensation of friction or stretching on my erection. Ejaculation was impossible and I gave up after a few minutes, pulling out her slowly.

Saskia sensed what was happening and let her legs down and began to turn away from me, to show her self-disgust. I pulled her back to me and held her tightly, kissing her face and mouth. Tongue into her mouth and her throat. I noticed that she did not gag and planned to shag her there if she would agree. But I underestimated her and she knew what I was thinking.

“Fuck my throat if you would like. It’s the best I can do for you,” she seemed apologetic.

Without my urging her in any way, she lay across the bed with her head hanging over the edge of the mattress and her throat stretched out; and her mouth wide open. I stood at the edge of the bed, with her head between my thighs and entered her mouth. She used her tongue on me for a few seconds and then lifted her head to pull my erection into the back of her throat. I did not hesitate and slowly pushed forward until I was deep into her throat and my testicles were resting on her lips.

She held my thighs and pushed me back and forth to encourage my shagging. Within a short time, my climax began to build and she grabbed me deep into her throat as my juices flooded out of me. I could feel her swallowing at every pulse of my ejaculation, until my load was finished and my erection began to subside.

I left her throat but she held me in her mouth for a few moments longer, to tongue me and hold my corona in her teeth gently. Then we parted and lay down again. By this time, it was almost midnight and we slept together under my summer-weight duvet. I knew that I’d found a most unusual young woman and that there would be exciting days ahead.

Later in the night, Saskia asked me to fist her vagina also and we talked about double fisting in back and front openings. That happened a few day later still and she was insatiable. She wanted to be filled and pulsated deep inside her abdomen, while playing on her own clitoris and labia. And I learned even more how to bring her to climax with my mouth and tongue. All she could do for me was the deep throat. That needs another chapter at a later time.

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Saturday Morning

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Animated Gif

Your hand on my breast wakes me up. You’re spooned behind me, skin against skin. You don’t know, but I’ve never liked sleeping like this. I’ve always felt claustrophobic with someone holding me from behind. But not with you. When I’m in your arms like this, it feels perfect. I feel safe and loved. It just fits.

The sky is light enough that I can see what you’re doing. There’s something so heady about watching you play with my body. You know just how to touch me and I love seeing my body respond to you. My nipple becomes a hard little nub as you rub it with your palm. Tingles of pleasure grow in me, but I take a deep breath and try to control it. Are you sleep-groping me again, baby? You’re the only man I’ve ever know that will actually fondle me while lost in the Land of Nod. You tease and then, just when you have my body fully awake, you fall back into that deep slumber. I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t let myself get too turned on until I know if you’re awake.

I watch as you roll my nipple between your thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly. There’s a tightening sensation low in my belly and I arch a bit, pushing my bottom back against you – needing to feel your skin move against mine. Then, your hand goes slack against my breast and you start to quietly snore. Damnit. I’m not sure whether to groan or giggle.

I contemplate rolling over and waking you, but I know how tired you were last night and don’t want to ruin your sleep. Deciding I can wait until morning is fully upon us, I close my eyes and relax into your arms. I’m almost asleep a few moments later when you shift around, settling into your sleep (or so I assume). Your left hand still holds my right breast, but now your right hand has moved to rest low on my abdomen, your fingertips just brushing my pussy. My eyes fly Sahabet open. You’ve never done *that* in your sleep before. I stay perfectly still… wondering what’s going to happen next. The anticipation making my heart beat just a little bit faster.

You start again…playing with my nipple and Gods, baby, does it respond quickly. You roll it, pinch it and tug on it. My eyes close as I’m carried away on the wave of pleasure washing through me. You’re the only man that can make me crazy just by playing with my tits.

Then your fingers brush almost imperceptibly against my naked lips. My breath catches in my throat. Was that just a muscle twitch or are you awake? If it weren’t for the fact that I keep my pussy bare, I would not have felt it. I’m almost afraid to react too strongly; I don’t want to do anything that may startle you and stop you from touching me.

I carefully tilt my hips; trying to ease the growing heat in my pussy by pushing against your hand. All that I can do is brush my lips against your fingertips. The heat from your palm against my outer lips makes me whimper softly with frustration. The more I think about you sliding your finger between those lips, the more slick I get. I press my thighs together, trying to ease the prickling heat, but it just seems to make it worse.

You’ve not stopped playing with my breast and now it’s so sensitive it almost hurts. I feel your teeth grazing my shoulder and neck, sending shivers right down to the core of me. You press against my pussy, pulling me back against your hips – and I can feel your cock hard against my ass. You press harder, putting a delicious bit of pressure on my pussy and it only makes me want you more. My clit throbs and my poor pussy is aching to feel you inside me.

You pull my right leg over your Sahabet Giriş thigh, and I feel cool air against my pussy. I open my eyes watch you run your fingers back and forth; spreading my lips and making your beautiful fingers shiny with my juices. I’m writhing in your arms. You move so lightly… just tickling my clit like a breath and then going lower, stopping just short of sliding inside me before moving higher once again. I try to lift my hips…encouraging you to explore further, but your arm, pressed across my hip, holds me fast against you. I moan and you chuckle devishly in my ear. For one brief second, I can think clearly enough to realize you’re most definitely awake, but I’m totally helpless with need. I want to ask you to stop this; to fuck me until I cum and then fuck me some more, but I don’t think I could form a sentence right now. I whimper your name and squirm as much as I can in your tight embrace.

Suddenly, you release me and I’m lost in those few seconds without your touch. In one smooth move, you pull on my hip, rolling me onto my back as you move over me. Your knees quickly push my legs open and I feel your cock rubbing against my pussy. I stay perfectly still and hold my breath. I love this kind anticipation: feeling you right there, knowing that soon I’ll have what I want, and then, ohhhh gods, that first, slow, push. You start to move and I groan again. This is what I wanted… this is what I miss when you’re not around. There is nothing sweeter in this world (or any other) than having you inside me. It brings each cell of my body alive in a way that nothing else can.

I squeeze your cock each time you thrust into my pussy. You whisper how much you love my pussy; how tight it is and how hot, but I can’t answer. I’m drunk with the exquisite feeling Sahabet Güncel Giriş of every inch of your cock going inside me. My pussy stretching to accommodate you until you’re deep inside me. Gods, baby, I love it when you bury your cock all the way inside me.

I push up a bit and rub my aching clit against you. You push harder into me, pressing your body against my clit and I shift my hips side to side, rubbing it harder and harder against you. You’re whispering to me, telling me to cum for you, cum on you. I feel my orgasm building and my pussy starts to twitch. I push my little clit harder against you. You’re so deep in my pussy that I can feel you pressing against my womb. That bit of internal pressure is all I needed. It hits me; waves of icy heat emanating from my pussy like shockwaves. I can’t breathe, can’t think. I’m not aware of anything but the almost painful strength of the orgasm ravaging me. Unknowingly, I hold your cock like a vise, not letting you move until the first and strongest waves are over, then you move inside me again.

You’re thrusting with a purpose now, I can feel you getting harder, thicker as we fuck. My nails leave a path down your back and I grip your ass, pulling you harder into me with each stroke. I tell you that I want to feel you throb inside my tight little pussy as you cum, baby, please. You don’t answer. It’s your turn to be lost now. I watch your face; your eyes close as it builds and builds. Finally, one last hard thrust and you stiffen. You’re so quiet when you cum, love. So unlike me that way. But I can feel your cock pulsing in my pussy and I love it.

You rest on top of me for a moment, kiss my forehead and tell me you love me. I smile at you and I know you can see the love for you in my eyes. Then, just as smoothly as before, we turn back on our sides. I curl up in your arms once again and you pull the covers over us. My last thought before drifting off into a very deep slumber is how very much I love the way you wake me up, and I can’t wait to do it again…perhaps in an hour or so.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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I’d been separated about 8 months, and although I’d had a few dates, I guess I was just looking for some good hot sex with no commitments or complications.

So there it was, in one of those contact mags, “Separated mother of three, early thirties, seeks generous gents for hot sexy times”, and an accompanying semi naked photo.

She was stunning. Slim, busty, long blonde hair, well it appeared to be blonde in a black and white photograph, and legs than went on forever!

What the hell, I thought, I’m 54 but if I’m paying, who cares. And I can afford to pay, it’s just been against my principles to do so. I justified this particular instance, in my mind, by the fact she seemed to be a person in need.

I sent the appropriate reply, with my private and personal mobile number, a phone I only use for making outcalls. Days went by with no reply. Then a hand written reply came to my post office box.

It was her.

We’ll call her Sandy (not her real name). She apologised for not calling my mobile but explained she was very “broke” and didn’t want to run up her phone bill. She had her home phone number in the letter, but requested I not ring ‘til after 8pm, when the children were in bed.

I became very excited at the prospect of meeting this “spunk” and had great difficulty in containing myself ‘til 8pm.

Dutifully after 8pm that night I phoned. My spine tingled when she answered. Her voice was as sexy as her photograph. I explained who I was and she confounded me by saying she new. I asked her how she knew it was me and she replied “Because yours was the only letter I replied too.” I asked why mine only and she said “You’re the only one who sounded like a gentleman. There were plenty of replies, most suggesting things I couldn’t repeat, offering all kinds of inducement to do all kinds of perverted acts. I’m having enough trouble coming to terms with what I’m about to do, without being physically and mentally abused.”

I encouraged her to keep talking, she was obviously very nervous. I wanted her to be comfortable when we eventually met.

She told me she was at her wits end financially, with kids going to school, trying to pay the mortgage, by food etc. and only a part time job. She had thrown her husband out after years of mental torment but he was not supporting her or his children. He reasoned if she got desperate and broke enough she’d beg him to come back. It was a girlfriend who suggested this action, one she’d never dream of, she said. But as she became more and more desperate, she had the girlfriend take the photo, and she submitted it to the contact paper.

We agreed to meet the next night. It was a Friday. The kids were going to stay over at her girlfriends place and I was to come to her home. I asked her what payment she wanted. She was stumped. “I don’t know. Pay me what you think it’s worth when we’re finished.”

She really is new to this, I thought and hung up, looking very much forward to tomorrow night.

I own my business and employ 11 staff so my attention is required all the time. But I tell you now, I had the greatest difficulty concentrating on that Friday at work, thinking about the oncoming evening.

I tried to rationalise my excitement, by saying to myself, “look this is just like seeing a prostitute”, but no matter how hard I tried to reason it, it just didn’t seem that way. She just didn’t seem like your hardened whore. She sounded vulnerable, and I guess my protective male instincts were coming to the fore.

I arrived at the arranged time of 8.30pm, a bottle of very good Rosemount Chardonnay tucked under my arm.

She answered the door promptly on my ringing of the bell.

I was gobsmacked!

The photo in the contact paper didn’t show her face, just part of her semi-naked body.

She was beautiful! I actually started to wonder whether I was at the right address,

until she spoke. “Rob?” she asked.

“Yes”, I stammered.

She stood aside and like a dummy I just stood there looking at her, drinking in her loveliness.

It was an autumn night, just the beginning of a chill in the air. She was wearing calf high, high heeled boots with, what I found out later to be black stockings. A black mini skirt, Sahabet but not exceptionally short, a white semi-transparent long sleeved blouse which nearly concealed the low cut bra underneath, which was struggling to contain her magnificent breasts, her blonde hair hanging down past her shoulders. She had said she was thirty three but she looked much younger.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked nervously.

“I’m sorry. You’ve just taken my breath away. If you don’t mind me saying so Sandy….you’re beautiful!”

Her smile lit up her face. “Well with compliments like that sir, you had better come in straight away.”

She led me through to the lounge. I walked behind her, watching the sway of her hips. It wasn’t accentuated, just a natural swing that was very sensual.

She spoke over her shoulder as she walked. “What star sign are you?”

“Sagittarius. Why?”

“I just like to know if we’re compatible.”

“And are we?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m a Scorpio.” She turned and smiled, “I’ve got quite a sting in my tail.”

There was a nearly empty wine glass on the coffee table and she glanced at it then turned to me. “I am. Sorry. I should say was, very nervous hence the glass of wine. Well, second one actually. But already I feel more relaxed, comfortable. Thank you.”

“I haven’t done anything,” I said.

“Yes you have. Just your gentlemanly attitude, the way you are dressed, your manner and your lovely compliment has made me feel at ease. Thank you again.”

“Well you don’t have to thank me for the compliment. I meant every word of it. What would you like me to do with this wine?”

“Could we open it now?” she asked. “I don’t get to drink good wine. This,” she pointed to the glass, “is “chateau cardboard”. If you know what I mean.”

I grinned at her reference to the cask wine, as she passed me the corkscrew, and opened the wine.

As I was pouring the wine, Sandy sat on the lounge, her skirt riding up just high enough for me to see she was wearing suspenders and stocking.

My cock was starting to harden.

She patted the seat on the lounge, for me to sit beside her.

I sat down alongside her. She turned her body towards me, the skirt sliding up even higher, and raised her glass to mine.

“Here’s to, what I think is going to be, a very enjoyable evening,” she smiled, placed her hand on my thigh and leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips.

My cock was starting to strain in the tight confines of my trousers.

I put my glass down and drew her to me. She melted into my arms willingly, our mouths locking together, tongues exploring.

Her hand dropped to my crotch, feeling for my ever hardening cock. She started to gently rub it through the cloth of my pants. I let my left hand drop to her thigh, trailing gently up over her stocking tops, reaching her bare skin. I snaked my hand up under her skirt ‘til I had my hand on her bare hip.

This girl was either wearing very high cut nickers, or had none on at all!

She broke our kiss and said “Maybe we should continue this in the bedroom.”

Sandy stood up, took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. It was a very feminine room and the furnishings, although not expensive were very tasteful. The bed was queen size and opposite a wall length mirrored ‘robe.

“I like to see myself in action,” she smiled.

She came to me and slid her arms around me, her mouth closing on mine again. The kiss seemed to go on forever, the she broke away, looked directly at me and started to unbutton her blouse.

“Don’t. Can I do that please?” I asked.

“Sure. But why?”

“Because I’ve wanted to undress you from the moment I laid eyes on you. You are so beautiful, I want to peel you off slowly.”

Sandy blushed, the redness slowly spreading down her neck. Her eyes started to brim with tears.

“Have I upset you?” the concern showing in my voice and on my face.

“No. It’s just that I thought this whole thing was going to be so degrading. You know, doing it for money and everything. But you’ve made it so comfortable, relaxed. I really am looking forward to getting into bed with you.”

I smiled and gently pulled her closer to me. As Sahabet Giriş my hands started to slowly unbutton her blouse, I felt her body tremor.

‘It’ll be OK,” I whispered.

“I know,” she said softly, “It’s just my body reacting to your touch.”

I undid the last button, eased the blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stood there in her bra and skirt, her breasts almost spilling out of the half cup bra, her nipples stiff and extended.

I felt for the button and zipper on her skirt, tugged the zipper down and let the skirt drop, joining the blouse on the floor.

I stood back and drank in her beauty. Standing there proudly in her bra, high cut G-string, suspenders, stocking and boots, she was breathtaking.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said and came to me. She unbuttoned my shirt, slid it off my shoulders as I kicked off my slip-on shoes. She dropped to her knees, unbuckled my belt, pulled down the zipper and let my pants drop to the floor.

My cock was now standing to full attention, straining to escape from my undies. Sandy tugged at the elastic of the undies, pulling them straight down, at the same time as she leaned forward and slid her mouth over my rampant cock, swallowing it to the hilt, taking it down her throat, her nose pressed into my shaved pubic area.

I gasped. The only person I had ever had, that could deep throat like that, was my ex wife.

She looked up at me as she drew back up the shaft, one hand stroking me and massaging my balls while the other hand was on my butt cheek pulling me into her wet and willing mouth. I couldn’t do anything. I just stood there, my pants and undies around my ankles, as she sucked on me for all she was worth. She worked my shaft with one hand as she massaged my balls with the other, her mouth sucking up and down in unison with her hand.

It was only a few minutes before I felt my orgasm building. “I’m going to cum,” I stammered.

She sucked and stroked even harder and my cock erupted and I spewed my spunk down her throat. She didn’t spill a drop, sucking and licking me clean, ‘til my cock began to soften.

She stood up and kissed me. I could taste the remnants of my spunk in her mouth.

My arms went around her and I felt the clasp on her bra. I undid it and released those beautiful breasts. They were magnificent. Full and heavy with large aureole and extended nipples, now stiff with desire.

I eased her back towards the bed laying her down as I kissed her again. My softened cock was beginning to come back to life again. I sucked on each of her breasts slowly and softly, increasing the suction as her body responded.

I moved away from her breasts, my hands and mouth travelling all over her body. I sucked her toes, licked my way up to her thighs, massaging, kissing and licking all of her exposed skin. My fingers found their way to her G-string, the crutch was sopping wet. I tugged at the sides and she lifted her buttocks so I could slide them off easily. Her pussy was exquisite. A small tuft of fine blonde hair above her slit but the rest completely smooth and hairless.

I gazed in rapture momentarily, and then lowered my mouth to it, my tongue sliding easily into her wet depths.

She drew a sharp breath, then opened her legs wider giving me unobstructed access to her love hole. I plunged my tongue in and out of her willing cunt, her hands went to the back of my head pulling me hard down on her mound. My tongue flicked her clit and she shuddered. I sucked it lightly between my teeth, her body beginning to writhe underneath me. I inserted two fingers into her now very wet cunt, searching for that elusive “G” spot, as I continued nibbling and sucking on her clit. I kept this action going for was probably a reasonable length of time, maybe 10-15 minutes. I didn’t care, I was in heaven. She tasted delicious!

Sandy began to draw sharp breaths her body now bucking uncontrollably, her hips lifting off the bed pushing her cunt hard onto my mouth. She grabbed my head and held it hard against her mound and screamed, shuddering violently as her orgasm took over. She moaned incoherently, muttering what could have been obscenities under her breath, her hips Sahabet Güncel Giriş and lower body still bucking and writhing under my mouth.

Eventually her actions subsided and she lay still.

She opened her eyes trying to focus on me, “I haven’t cum like that in years. Probably not since my last child was conceived, and he’s now ten.”

I stood up and smiled down at her. My cock, now rock hard again, standing out in front of me.

“Are you going to put that beautiful thing in me, or just stand there and make me wait and dribble some more?”

I looked down at her laying there in just her suspenders and stockings, her pussy glistening wetness from her orgasm. I think I could have cum just looking at her!

I unzipped her boots and took them off

She moved over enough for me to climb onto the bed beside her and immediately grabbed hold of my cock.

“Lay on your back,” she commanded, “and I’ll climb on top of you.”

This I thought was a great idea. I have much more control when the woman is on top, believe it or not!

I did as I was told and Sandy straddled me, knees either side of my hips. I looked at her cunt, now gaping open. She took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy as she lowered herself onto my cock head. I felt the knob as it pressed into her wet lips and slid past them into her warm wetness, sliding all the way in until she was fully impaled, her pussy lips touching my shaved pubic area. She sighed as she settled onto my cock and started moving slowly and gently, just rocking backwards and forwards, feeling the movement in her cunt.

I began to slowly lift my hips, pushing myself up into her, matching her movements up and down. She began to slowly increase the tempo as we matched thrust for thrust. I could feel my cock hitting against her cervix as our actions became and more and more physical. We fucked like this for what seemed ages, her hands digging into my shoulders, mine massaging those beautiful tits, pinching and squeezing her stiff and extended nipples.

Sandy threw herself down on my chest, her arms wrapping around me, her mouth searching for mine as she kissed my passionately, her pussy slamming up and down on my cock. Our tongues entwined, I felt her body shake and begin to spasm as her orgasm took over and the juices from her cunt washed over my cock. She continued riding me as her orgasm subsided, our mouths still locked together, my cock still rock hard inside her.

She lifted her head. “You haven’t cum?” she queried.

“No. I have control,” I smirked, “but probably not for much longer.”

“Then do me doggie please,” she begged as she climbed off my cock.

Sandy got onto her hands and knees and I came around behind her.

I positioned my cock head at her wet cunt opening, grabbed hold of her beautiful hips and slammed my pelvis forward, driving my cock into the hilt, in one powerful forward stroke. Sandy responded by pushing her hips back to meet me, matching me stroke for vigorous stroke. These actions didn’t take long to bring me to the point of orgasm. I could feel my balls tighten and yelled “Oh God! I’m gunna cum.”

“Oh god. Yes. Yes. Give it to me. Give me all your cum. Fill me up with your spunk. Oh god, give it to meeeeeee!”

I shot my load deep into her, my cock spewing forth with weeks of built up spunk. I thought I’d never stop cumming.

Sandy’s own orgasm erupted almost simultaneously and she moaned and muttered incoherent obscenities as she collapsed, face down on the bed. I collapsed with her, my cock still buried deep in her pussy, my breathing

We lay there together, sweat from both our bodies mixing with the cum dribbling from Sandy’s pussy.

I eased my softening cock from Sandy’s pussy.

“Oh. Don’t take it away.” Her muffled voice coming from the bed clothes.

“Honey, this thing isn’t gunna work for a third time, let me assure you.”

She rolled onto her back and turned her face to me smiling, “Are you sure?” she said with a mischievous grin.

“I’m absolutely positive. I’m a lot older than you sweetheart and I’m pretty sure I’m well and truly buggered.”

She smiled as she replied, “Well, I’m certainly well and truly fucked. I haven’t had sex that good since I was a teenager, screwing an older lover. You’re a far better fuck than my husband ever was! And I think if we have another glass of wine or two, we might just get your mate hard again,” she grinned.

And you know, she was right!

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Simply Southern

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Writer’s Note:This story is a fantasy and is intended to be fun. It is inspired by a veteran Literotica member and is in no way true, (At least to my knowledge). Some items are based on what this member put in her profile. Everything else is just fantasy for you, the reader to enjoy. It is dedicated to Simply Southern

Jerry looked out upon the dance floor and sighed. He knew that he probably shouldn’t have come tonight, but he also knew that he had to get out of the lonely and austere house before he completely went nuts.

So far it seemed to him that this first year of study at North Carolina University was really no different than his time spent in high school. He thought that at least he would find people here more grown up and less childish in the way they treated one another. He realized that he had definitely guessed wrong in that department.

He had enrolled to take a course in the field of paralegal. He knew that the way things were going in this day and age, he would be pretty well assured of getting a good and well paying joy, and, it would allow him to meet new people.

Jerry sighed again and took a sip of his drink as he watched the University students as they danced and congregated into little cliques and groups. He had always been a bit of an outsider, not because he couldn’t socialize, but because he was brainy. He had always been stereotyped as a nerd. Granted, not like what you see in the movies, such as ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and such, but because he was so studious and such, the moniker seemed to remain attached.

He raised his glass again to take a sip and just as he did, he spied one of the girls from his classes seemingly gazing back at him. He almost choked on that sip with the surprise of that gaze. He raised his glass in her direction and nodded. He could feel the flush start to color his cheeks.

It wasn’t because he wasn’t good looking, on the contrary, he was rather ruggedly handsome. He kept in good shape and he knew how to carry himself. It’s just that the stamp of nerd that he had lived with for so long, made him wonder about the attention that he was getting.

He tried not to stare, but he was fascinated by her gaze. Not to mention her looks. Jerry remembered her as Simply Southern. She was, in his estimation a strikingly pretty girl. She was probably right at his age and she did not seem to have any hang-ups at all. She had darker blonde hair, was rather small in stature, and the thing that seemed to hypnotize him into staring back at her was her eyes. They weren’t exactly blue, but rather an azure color; and penetrating, as if she could see right into his soul.

She was definitely well proportioned, her breasts were not small by any means, but they held up well, and she had well defined hips, and a great ass. She was definitely a looker. His mind wandered as his imagination took hold and he didn’t realize that his mind was spacing as she walked towards him across the dance floor.

Suddenly it dawned on him that she was almost to him and he could feel the warmth start to caress his cheeks again. He clumsily picked up his drink and took another swallow. Yep, there was no question now, she was heading his way and as she got closer, he was impressed with the way she carried herself. She had a gentle sway and yet she definitely exuded an air of confidence.

“Hi,” she said as she closed in, “do you mind if I have a seat?” God, she had a great smile!

“Uh, no, go right ahead. Here, let……” he started to say as he got up to pull out a chair for her.

“My name’s Simply Southern,” she said, “but my friends just call me Southern.”

“Jerry,” he answered, “just Jerry.”

‘Just Jerry’, he thought to himself, what a comeback.

She gazed at him kind of questioningly and asked, “You’re in my paralegal class aren’t you?” God that smile was infectious.

“Yes,” he stammered, “I sit just behind you a bit.” Damn, the blushing! He hardly ever blushed.

“Well, Jerry, I see that you aren’t dancing. Did you come alone?” She kind of cocked her head to one side as her hair shifted in front of her left eye. Without what seemed to be a conscious thought, she took her hand and flicked her hair aside.

Jerry thought to himself, ‘Oh no, here it comes, the part I admit I’m a loser.’ He sat straighter in his chair as he looked up at her rather sheepishly and stated, “Yeah. I like the music as well as the atmosphere. Thought I would just come by and have a drink and unwind. And you, did you come alone also?”

“Oh yes, but I very rarely leave alone.” She was so sure and confident, thought Jerry. “And tonight, I would like it if you and I could leave together.”

For a moment, the answer didn’t register and he just kind of looked at her blankly. “Uh, uh, you want to leave with me?”

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” she asked.

“Well, for one thing, you don’t know me.” Jerry couldn’t believe she had asked.

“I know how you are in class. I know that I like what I see and,” she paused as if to let that sink in,” I want to get to know you better.” Tonight was really blowing his mind, he thought bahis siteleri as she continued, “A lot better.” With that she just winked at him.

Jerry felt the blood surge between his legs as he realized what she was saying. The way things were, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand up in front of her right now. Jerry was no prude, but he also had not been a ladies man. He had had a few flings before, but, they were far too infrequent and, he just couldn’t fathom why she would want him.

She had risen out of her chair and held out her hand to him. “Come on big boy, take me home and I’ll fix you a drink.” She appeared to be so at ease.

She didn’t let go of his hand as they walked toward the exit of the building. It felt pretty good to be walking with such a beautiful girl just then. Jerry’s mind was racing full throttle right now, wondering what Genie had granted him this wish. Her hand was so warm and comforting.

They got to her car and Jerry held the driver’s door open for her and then went to the passenger side and got in. He just gazed at her as she started the engine, shifted the car into gear and sped off. In about five or six minutes they arrived to a small duplex, she switched the ignition off, pulled the key out, and then looked at Jerry for a second, leaned over and planted a kiss, square on his lips.

Man she felt good as he replied with some pressure upon her lips. Her lips were full and sweet. He slowly probed with just the tip of his tongue as she flicked hers in similar greeting. She then pulled away, and with a breathy sigh she said, “Come on big guy and let’s go inside.”

Jerry jumped out of the car and went to open her door when she climbed out and slammed the door shut as she started walking down her sidewalk to her front door. ‘Wow,’ he thought, ‘that is some woman,’ as he watched her sachet towards her door.

“Come on Jerry, you can ogle my butt much better when were inside.” She grinned as Jerry realized she had caught him staring. She opened the door and waited for Jerry to enter and then closed the door behind them as she turned the deadbolt.

“What would you like to drink? I have wine and some beer. Or soft drink, water, tea?” she offered.

“Actually, just some water would be fine right now.” He replied.

“Have a seat.” She entered her kitchen opened the fridge and took out a glass bottle with some chilled water and poured him a cup. Looking up, she asked, “Ice?”

“No thanks, just chilled is fine.”

He had taken a seat in the easy chair she had in her living room. She gave him his water and motioned to the couch, “Come on, sit over here by me.” She picked up a remote control, which turned out to be for her stereo and turned it on. What came from the stereo was instrumental, strings and brass, very melodic.

Jerry took a seat by her. “Now, where were we?” She asked as she pulled him closer. Leaning over she planted another kiss on his lips and this time he wasn’t holding back. He kissed her firmly, and without hesitation was probing through her lips for her tongue. He could feel her teeth as his tongue met with hers. She was so warm and soft. He could feel the passion in her kiss and he momentarily thought, ‘she certainly doesn’t hold back.’

Jerry allowed his tongue and lips to explore her mouth. His tongue traced the curves and fullness of her lips. His tongue tasted the wetness of her mouth and her tongue as the flush of sensation began to sweep over him. He had always felt that a good kiss was one of the greatest turn-ons.

She slowly pushed him away as she gasped a big breath and sighed. “I knew it was going to be the right decision.” She looked into his eyes as she reached up with her fingers and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. “I’ve got to get more comfortable.”

“Do you want me to do that?” Jerry asked.

“Nope, you just sit there and let me do this. I’ve wanted to do this with you since the first day I saw you in class.”

She slowly drew her blouse away from her shoulders and Jerry could see the thin bra that covered her breasts. She was absolutely beautiful. Her breasts were full and firm. He could see her nipples poking at the cage of her bra as if demanding freedom from their enclosure. Jerry was fascinated. He was equally fascinated at her apparent comfort of displaying her body so easily.

“Do you like?” she asked as she cupped her breasts in each hand as if to offer them up to him.

“I do, I do. You are absolutely gorgeous,” he replied adoringly.

She reached back and unclasped the restraints that allowed her breasts freedom. Jerry thought that they might fall as she pulled her bra away and threw it to the easy chair. They didn’t, they jutted out as if full of pride. Her nipples were already hard little nubbins that were crying out for a good suck and licking.

This time, Jerry reached out for her hand and drew her close to him. He again attacked her lips with renewed vigor as he allowed his hands to find their mark on her breasts. He caressed her lips, her tongue, her teeth. If he could have licked her canlı bahis siteleri tonsils, he probably would have. She was so responsive and he felt as if he might have died and this was heaven.

He could feel the stirring in his cock as the kiss became more passionate. His cock was dying to be let free, but right now, even though she seemed to be in charge, he wanted nothing more than to please her. He started to withdraw from her lips and plant gentle kisses on her chin, then back to her lips and then caressing her chin again with his lips. He slowly descended to under her chin, to the swell of her throat and back up again. All the while, he had reached up and taken a hand full of tit in each hand and with his thumbs and fore-fingers had begun to gently squeeze each nubbin. Not too hard, but firm, firm enough to elicit a moan from Southern’s lips.

She proceeded to lean back into the cushions of the couch as he slowly, almost frustratingly slow, inched closer and closer to her chest. Every once in a while, he would allow his tongue to snake out and create a patch of wetness that caused an erotic chill wherever the air hit.

Her nipples were so hard and erect, and Southern could feel the wetness begin between her legs as Jerry continued to plant kisses on her neck and then inch towards her breasts. She was almost ready to demand that he take a nipple in his mouth and suck, when he started to lift her right breast and plant kisses around the area of the nipple without yet touching it. She wanted to grab the back of his head and pull him to her nipple and yet, she knew that he was taking control. ‘Geez, he sure didn’t seem to be so shy now’ she thought to herself. She couldn’t help but allow a moan or two to escape now and then either.

Finally and without any fanfare, as he circled her breast with a wet tongue, he reached out and flicked her nipple with the tip of his tongue. She shivered as if struck with a jolt of electricity.

“Oh God,” she moaned as she grabbed his head and forced it to her nipple. “Suck it, please suck it.” She was certainly pleading. She could feel the sensation of his sucking causing the inside of her cunt to draw up. At least that’s what it felt like. It was as if there was a distinct connection between nipple and her cunt. She felt the wetness between her legs so complete. She was squirming on the couch, trying to force her legs apart, as he continued his administrations on her tit.

Then he went to her left breast, and did the same. He’s suck one nipple, then go back to the other. As he was sucking he would take both of his hands and moving her arms out of the way, he would caress her sides from just under her arms and down to the top hem of her jeans, and then back up again. It was electric. That was the only way she could clarify it in her mind.

She was definitely feeling the heat of the moment. It was so pleasurable she didn’t know if she wanted him to stray from what he was doing, and yet, at the same time she was ready to cry out for more. Just as she was giving birth to that thought, he stopped caressing her sides, grabbed her nipples in both hands and started pinching them between his fingers again. All the while his tongue and lips were making a bee-line for her stomach and belly button.

She could feel the flush in her face and the heat of passion as he inched closer to the zipper on her jeans. His kisses and caresses were hot. ‘Damn hot’, she thought. She allowed her fingers to rest on his head and caress through his mane of hair. He had a full and rich head of hair and her fingers acted like combs going through it.

She was panting and sighing, squirming and moaning as she began to gyrate her hips ever so slightly. Jerry caught attention to what her body was saying and reached down and undid the button to her jeans then slowly started to unzip them. There is something ultimately erotic, not just about the action of unzipping, but also the sound of the zipper being pulled downward.

“God, yes, please, yes.” Southern panted. “Take them off quick, pull them down.”

Jerry could see that she was wearing what appeared to be a matching panty. It was very sheer and as he pulled her jeans from around her hips, he could see the part that her pussy lips made in the crotch of her panties. He could also see something else. There was no mistaking the wetness that was developing. He could also smell the faint muskiness of sex. It was like an elixir or a potion to his senses. He pulled the jeans the rest of the way off and tossed them with her blouse onto the easy chair.

He then reached up and proceeded to pull her panties from around her hips and off her legs. He could see the minute droplets of moisture collect at her pussy lips. Like a petal in the morning dew, it was definitely a most erotic sight. He could also see that she was clean shaven. He couldn’t wait any longer and he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the sofa. Spreading her legs with his hands and sitting between them, he lowered his head to her cunt.

First thing he did, was take a strong güvenilir bahis whiff of her sexual odor. ‘God, she is so beautiful.’ He thought.

He gently, lovingly flicked his tongue out and captured some of her nectar onto his tongue and tasted it. He moaned as he leaned back in and licked once again, only more firm, allowing his tongue to broaden out as he swiped against her cunt lips. Southern moaned a long drawn out moan and reached down with her fingers and pulled her lips apart exposing her sensitive and erect little clit. Jerry dove in.

He tongued her clit, he lapped at her pussy lips, he kissed and caressed with his lips around her outer lips, he sucked her clit into his mouth creating pressure with his lips and would flick his tongue back and forth against her sensitive nubbin. All the while Southern’s hips were gyrating and she was moaning as if to impale herself on his tongue. Her breathing became more of a panting, sometimes deeper, sometimes more shallow as she would suck in her breath. Her moaning was definitely getting loader, as she would take Jerry’s head and try to force it into her womanhood.

She was cumming. She was so close, and Jerry could tell, because he knew that all the wetness was not just coming from his mouth. As she was panting and moaning Jerry reached up and spread her lips wide, and then planting his mouth squarely over her clit, he sucked it into his mouth and pinched it between his lips firmly. That was all it took as she started to shake and gyrate her hips. She was moaning and groaning and moaning.

“Gaaaaawwwwdddd that feels, soooo goood, I can’t believe iiiitttt.” She panted as the orgasm took hold of her. “Oooooohhhhhhhh, jeeeeessssuuuuuuuussss, it’s soooooo sensitive. I’mmmm ccuuuuummmmingg soooo gooood.”

Jerry held on as best he could, until it was too sensitive for her to continue. Southern kept moaning and moaning. You could see the shivers course through her body as she was coming down from that heavenly high.

She just looked a Jerry and moaned, “Ooohhhhh.” She leaned forward planted a kiss on his lips. She could taste herself on his lips and she stuck her tongue out and traced it along his lips. Then she grabbed his shirt at the shoulders and without stopping to unbutton it, pulled it up and over his head. She did the same with his t-shirt and after she had thrown them aside she ran her fingernails across his chest. She racked them across the little nipples that adorned his chest and felt the hardness as they became erect.

She leaned into him and pushed him backwards to a lying position on the carpeted floor. “That was so good. Just what I needed tonight.” She offered. “Now it’s time for me to show you what I can do.”

Southern hurriedly unzipped his jeans and felt the bulge threatening to burst forth before she even got his pants completely unzipped.

“My, but aren’t we eager tonight,” she intoned. She brushed her fingers across the throbbing bulge that she could not only feel, but also see straining against his boxers. After removing his pants and his shorts, she let out a sigh.

“Do you want to 69?” asked Jerry, sucking in his breath.

“No,” she replied, “just lie back and let me at this gorgeous hunk of man you have wanting me.”

She racked her fingers against his abdomen, then leaned down between his legs, and without any preliminaries, plunged her mouth around his throbbing cock. She was good, Jerry thought, oh gawd, so very good. He had never had a woman to go down on him before who seemed to so thoroughly to enjoy it. She allowed her tongue to sweep around the circumference of his cock shaft as she lightly sucked it deeper into her throat.

Jerry could only moan. He couldn’t remember ever feeling so good. This girl, no this young woman knew how to please the one she was with. He felt her rack her fingers lightly along his balls as he felt himself tense up. He was so wrapped up in the sensation, but a thought trickled through his consciousness wondering how much pleasure could someone feel. He felt as though he had won the lottery or something.

Jerry was not small by any means. When not aroused, he hung a good 8 inches, but when he was hard, he was probably 10 inches or so and girth, it was all she could do to get her small hand completely around his member.

She was doing things with her tongue that he couldn’t imagine possible; and the way she used her other hand to massage his balls, he knew he wouldn’t last. He could feel the pressure build as his balls tightened up and he could feel what he could only describe as a feeling of boiling pressure building up. He didn’t want it to end, but by the same token, sweet release, blessed release would be heaven.

Southern loved cock. Almost as much as she loved pussy and she knew she was good at what she did. She also felt that she wanted to give him the best blow job for a couple of reasons. First, no other guy had taken the time to pleasure her like he had, and second, she loved the feel of his cock in her mouth. She could feel the pleasure she was giving by the way his balls would tighten up. When she would feel them get really hard, she would draw back just a little, let him regain his breath and then go for the pleasure again. She loved the power it made her feel she had, to be able to affect another person so extremely. Besides all that, she loved the taste of a clean cock.

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She Gets What She Wants Ch. 02

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A few days later, Bitsy couldn’t help but grin over her success. Friday, the day of seduction, had gone as smoothly as she could have hoped, without any major hiccups.

Afterwards, of course, Mr. Gellar was, as to be expected, a little thrown off. His repetitive questions of “What were you thinking,” “What was I thinking,” were intermixed with exclamations like “I’m fucked!” and “This can never happen again.”

But Bitsy wasn’t going to let his predictable reaction stop her from having the best sex she’s ever had again. Shit, she could barely stand after the pounding he gave her. She had never felt to satisfied in her entire life – not that she had been having sex for all that long, mind you.

But even at the age of 18, Bitsy recognized the difference between common sex and explosive sex. And what had happened with Mr. Gellar…

Well, she didn’t want to have it again. She needed it. She craved it.

By the time Monday rolls around, Bitsy was ready for fireworks. She was so ready, in fact, that she couldn’t wait til after class.

The minute the lunch bell rang, she strutted towards Mr. Gellar’s classroom, knowing he usually took lunch in his classroom in case he needed to help a student with any questions they might have.

His door was open, and she peeked inside, making sure there were no other students, and the sight that greeted her drew her up short.

There, sitting on Mr. Gellar’s desk, was a woman in a business skirt and jacket, sitting on his desk, while he stood in front of her, kissing her, in much the same fashion that he had kissed Bitsy the Friday before.

Mr. Gellar drew back from the kiss enough to smile at the woman in front of him and say “I missed you, Kerri.”

Bitsy bonus veren siteler scowled, while backing out of the door so she didn’t disturb the reunited couple. Kerri was Mr. Gellar’s fiancé, whom he mentioned every now and then during class.

As Bitsy walked away – and she’s very proud to say she was simply WALKING, not STORMING – she mentally cracked her knuckles. Fine. This would put a small wrench in her plans. No big deal. A little ole’ competition never hurt anyone. And fuck, competition made it that much more challenging, and Bitsy could never say no to a challenge.

However, Bitsy’s body had been prepared for sex. Bitsy could still feel the wetness in her panties every time she walked. And her nipples were rubbing against their confinement in her bra, making it very hard for Bitsy to think about anything but sex.

Every step Bitsy took brought her that much closer to major torment. It made it harder and harder for her to not moan when her breasts bounced.

So instead of heading to the cafeteria, Bitsy headed to the west end of the high school, where she knew a bathroom that was hardly ever frequented because hardly any of the toilets worked.

Bitsy didn’t need a working toilet. She needed privacy.

She walked right in, and luckily, noticed the lock that was on the door, and locked it behind her to ensure privacy.

She went into a stall, sat on the toilet, and wasted no time in pulling up her skirt – she had worn a short, flowy red skirt for easy access for her sexcapade with Mr. Gellar, but it still provided the easy access she would need for her solo sexcapade.

Bitsy slid her hand into her little white panties and could barely contain the whimper bahis of joy that arose from her throat when her finger slipped by her clit.

Her other hand immediately went under her tight t-shirt and under her bra, so she could better access at least one of her nipples to pinch and roll between her fingers.

Now that she was settled, she let her imagination run wild.

In her fantasy, she had forgotten to lock the bathroom door, and she wasn’t in the girl’s bathroom, she was actually in the men’s. She slipped two fingers inside her wet cunt and moaned aloud at the contact, and in her fantasy, the door opened right as she moaned.

“Hello?” it was Mr. Gellar’s voice on the other side of the stall. “Is someone in there?”

The stall door magically flew open, and there was Bitsy, with her fingers down her panties, and Bitsy imagined the raw lust flashing in his eyes before he would protest a little more, even in Bitsy’s fantasy.

She would take her fingers out of her panties, suck on one of her fingers, and hold out another one for Mr. Gellar. “I taste so good, Mr. Gellar,” she would say in her best little girl voice. “Don’t you want to try?”

He would back up against the wall as Bitsy advanced, holding his hands up as she crowded him, but he wouldn’t try to stop her hand as she held it up to his mouth and slid one of her wet fingers into his mouth.

Bitsy was humping her fingers, now four of them inside her pussy, her thumb working her clit, and her fingers pulling on her nipple, as she imagined the change in Mr. Gellar, just like the first time, when he finally would let lust rein his actions.

“Oh, fuck,” she whined as the images assailed her. Mr. Gellar ripping her shirt deneme bonusu off and opening the front clasp of her bra, Mr. Gellar turning them around so her back was against the wall, Mr. Gellar hoisting her up and having her legs wrap around his waist as he humped her against the wall.

She was so close, she was straining against her hand, desperate to reach that climax; the image that sent her flying over the edge was Mr. Gellar, not even bothering to take off his pants, just opening his zipper and bringing his cock out, before he held her panties to one side and thrust his dick into Bitsy’s fuck hole.

As she came, she brought her hand from her breast to her mouth to muffle her screams, just in case some teachers were bringing their lunches back to their classrooms.

After a few seconds of recuperating, Bitsy stood up, put herself back to rights, and walked out the stall. She washed her hands calmly, and though she looked flushed, she decided it wasn’t really obvious what she’d been doing. She unlocked the bathroom door, and started walking down the hallway.

As she was about to pass Mr. Gellar’s room on the way to the library, where she spent most of her lunches, his door was closed. Bitsy frowned at it, slowing as she came upon it. Then an idea took ahold of her, and she couldn’t shake it.

She walked over to the door, knocked, and no one answered. She tired the knob, and as it turned in her hand, the door opened, and Bitsy slipped inside.

Mr. Gellar, and his fiancé, were nowhere in sight, and since there was just the classroom, no closets or anything, Bitsy concluded they must have went to lunch together.

So Bitsy crept over to Mr. Gellar’s desk, flipped up her skirt one more time, slid her panties off, and opened the top draw of Mr. Gellar’s desk to slip them inside. She spotted some post-it notes on his desk, and left a note with her panties that said “Thinking of you. Signed, B.”

Grinning, she walked, pantiless, from the room.

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