Slut at the Old Folks Home Ch. 01

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Anna is a very attractive married woman who’s been working for me for a number of years, she is married and I know her husband well, in fact he sometimes helps me set up some of her adventures. She is a complete slut, exhibitionist and loves old men, big cocks and fucking!

They are quite filthy fantasies and real life, she tells me all her adventures even when I’m not there.

Chapter 1

When David said “do you want me to crack your knickers off!” I said what? David laughed and said Tom had sent him a text message and laughed. Let me see you bastard I said, I grabbed David’s phone and read the message, “Thanks David, you were right, she was lovely and the dirtiest slag we’ve seen for years, we sent her home with her knickers full of spunk, her hubby will have to crack em off!” Below was a picture of me with David’s prick in my mouth with Tom spunking on my face. I couldn’t remember any photos being taken, but they take a good one, the timing was perfect with Tom’s spunk literally splashing my face!

You bastard David I said, you set me up and told them god knows what; I told them you were the hottest piece of snatch around that’s all, he said and laughed.

I’ve worked for David for a few years now, the job and money is good and David is one dirty fucker. If I had a quid for every time I sucked or wanked him off or he’d fucked and fingered me I’d be rich; even worse, he was friends with Mike (MY HUSBAND) and am sure the two bastards used to set me up so that when I got home at night, Mike would fuck me silly whilst I told him of my filthy tricks that day!

David took back the phone and looking at the picture of me sucking cock, said looks like you enjoyed yourself as well. I grabbed David’s hand and pushed it up my skirt, as his hand went over my knickers covered fanny, he said “fucking hell Anna, your knickers are soaking” I pulled my skirt up to my waist and he could see how my knickers were mattered with spunk. As I did this I reached forward with my other hand, David’s zip was already undone and I wrapped my hand round his hard on.

Turn round Anna, David said, let me see your arse, you dirty cow he said, there’s spunk running down the back of your leg he said! I bent forward over the back of a chair and parted my legs, showing my cum filled knickers, my fanny and arse.

David moved forward and I felt the end of his knob rubbing up and down my crack through my knickers, you dirty fucker he said, your gash is wide open as I felt his bell in in my hole, I’m going to fuck you through your knickers and push that spunk right up you. He then started to fuck me seriously, my knickers started to come off my hips as David’s knob rammed them further up my hole. The sensation rize escort of having spunk filled knickers shoved up my gash by David’s rampant prick made me cum, my legs started to tremble as David then started to tense, I’m going to fill your fucking cunt with spunk David shouted as I felt his hot cream fill my hole.

As he pulled his prick out, my knickers remained full of spunk in my cunt, leave them he said as I moved to pull them out, let Mike get them out later, David then sent a text to Mike, don’t know what he said, but I could guess and knew I was in for a mega fuckathon when I got home!!

About a week later I was in the office when David called me and said I needed to go back to the Old Folks home the next morning as they wanted to invest in one of the schemes as he’d received a call from Tom. The dirty fuckers I thought, they want a rerun!

Given what happened the last time, the next morning I dressed appropriately, I had short grey skirt, well above my knee, tight white blouse and no bra, red heels, copper stockings with red suspender belt and no knickers, I also shaved my fanny that morning. So as not to appear out of order to the matron, I put on a raincoat to make myself look presentable!

The matron took me to the same room as before and they stood up as I entered, when they saw the raincoat they had looks of disappointment on their faces.

Jeff and Tom were on the sofa and David sat in the chair, there was a chair and table for me, I put my bag on the chair and turned towards them.

I started to undo my raincoat and said, I understand that you want to make an investment, they nodded, I slipped off my mac and let it hit the floor. When they saw how I was dressed I thought their eyes were going to pop out! I sat on the edge of the table, my skirt was above my stocking tops and as I lifted on foot and put it on the chair, my legs were obviously apart and my fanny was on view to all.

Having 3 old blokes looking at my snatch knowing that they were going to fuck the shit out of me was turning me on like crazy, I was in first class slag mode!

Get your fucking knobs out, wank for me I said, toss yourselves off whilst you look at my cunt. All 3 wasted no time in getting their pricks out, Tom and David were about 7 inch, nice and hard with red bell ends, Jeffs was a good 10inch gnarled with a big purple bell end. I’d had that up my arse the week before but today I wanted it up my gash along with Tom and David’s. I pulled my skirt right up around my waist so they had a perfect view of my open cunt, all 3 had fucking hard ons and were wanking. My cunt was dripping, it hadn’t been touched but I was that fucking horny. Undress I said sakarya escort to them, let me see your spunk filled balls as you wank, again they wasted no time, Tom and Jeff had quite tight balls, but David, fucking hell, he had a right pair of danglers!

You could cut the atmosphere in the room with a knife, the smell of sex was incredible, I got off the table and still with my skirt up around my waist walked across to David, I lifted my leg and put one foot on the chair arm, finger me David I said, finger me off whilst you wank. He rammed two fingers straight up me, I wanted something in my cunt so much that I came straight away, the dirty cows fucking cumming David said, my twat farted as cunt juice sprayed all over David’s hand. I was positioned so that Tom and Jeff could see David’s fingers sliding in and out of my hole. The two of them were wanking their pricks like mad as I urged them on, go one you dirty fuckers I said, I want fucking till I can’t walk and you’ve emptied your bollocks up me. I moved from David and stood in front of Tom and Jeff, my legs were well spread and with both hands I pulled my cunt flaps apart, my dripping hole was on display for them. They wasted no time and both got their fingers in me, that’s it I shouted, finger me off while you wank; my cunt was squelching with the fingering I was getting, a massive jet of cum squirted out my fanny as they fingered me off, I was dying to feel their knobs up me but held off, they were going to treat me like the slut I was!

I walked back to the table and sat on it again, this time though I leaned back, spread my legs and lifted them in the air, my fanny was gaping for them as I said to Tom come here.As Tom approached me with his knob bobbing up and down, I said to him, fist me, shove your hand up my dirty slut cunt. I felt 4 fingers go in straight away and within 20 seconds he’d managed to get his fist up me, ram it in Tom, let them see what a filthy fucking cow I am, cum was spraying out of my hole, I was being a slut and was loving it, I couldn’t get enough and had lost control.

Tom had got my blouse open and was sucking on my tits, my nipples were like chapel hat pegs, rock hard, when I shouted to David to come and fuck my mouth. I grabbed David’s prick which was oozing precum, I licked his bell end whilst I wanked his knob, I then started to rub it all over my face, what a slut I was, I’d got a guy fisting my cunt whilst I rubbed another blokes knob and bell end all over my face. I’d got his balls in my mouth and started to suck on them, my mouth was full of his big hairy balls sacks, he lifted one leg and put his foot by my head, lick underneath my balls Anna he said. I pulled on his knob samsun escort so I got his balls on my face and started to lick underneath them, fuck yes he shouted and I could feel his knob get bigger as I wanked him and rubbed him over my face. I knew licking underneath a blokes balls was one of the best things you could do, I also knew that his arse was close. I started to lick the rim of his arse, fuckin hell I was manic and stuck my tongue up his arsehole! The sluts got her tongue up my arse he shouted as I fucked his arse with my tongue, I’m fuckin cumin he shouted and grabbed his prick from my hand, I opened my eyes just in time to see his bell end swell as the biggest jet of hot sticky spunk plastered my face, the old fucker couldn’t stop, and shot three more loads all over my face, I was caked in spunk. Pull your hand out Tom I shouted, show Jeff my gaping cunt, as Tom pulled his fist out of my hole with a plop my cunt was wide open, I’m going to fuck you Jeff.

I got off the table and walked across to Jeff, spunk was dripping off my face on to my tits and my thighs were soaked in my cunt juice. Jeff’s massive prick stood to attention, I turned round and faced away from Jeff as I lowered myself down, I felt his bell end touch my hole. I relaxed, swoosh his fucking knob went right in, I could feel his end pushing my cervix, then fuck it went straight through it and he was in up to his balls, his bell end was in my womb and I was cumming like crazy as the dirty old cunt started to fuck me. I was cumming in waves, as I called to Tom, fuck me, Tom got in front of us and his prick went right in alongside Jeff’s, the two then fucked me in tandem, my snatch was gaping, two old men’s pricks up it, god it was fantastic. Take a picture I shouted to David, I was lying back on Jeff, legs in the air and David pulled one leg further apart so he got a perfect shot of the two knobs in my cunt, he took another standing back so my spunk covered face was also in the picture. I didn’t need to ask, but he sent them straight away to my boss David. The two bastards fucked me like this for a good half hour. I lost count how many times I’d cum, before Tom said he was cumming, he pulled his cock out and jumped up, I made an O with my mouth, and he put his bell end to my open lips as he started squirting spunk into my mouth, my mouth was full of spunk I swallowed what I could with a river of cum running down my chin. Jeff was still fucking the shit out of me, I was still cumming like crazy! Jeff started to cum, I felt his knob swell and then there was a hot feeling has he emptied his balls up me, I could move, I just let him fill my belly with spunk.

I slid off Jeffs knob to the floor, I was exhausted, my face and tits were covered in spunk, Jeffs spunk was running down my legs, lets get you cleaned up David said and helped me to my knees, he then moved right in front of my face and rubbed his knob all over my face.

I finally wiped myself down with the inside of my mac and decided to go back to the office…

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The First Meeting

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Big Boobs

We have been talking for so long, meeting is both exciting and nerve racking. What if you don’t like me in person? What if you don’t show up? What if it was all in my head, and the only way we click is through a computer screen? There are so many what if’s I don’t know what to do with them all!!

Still, I sit here, impatiently waiting for you to show up at Starbucks so we can meet, for the first time. My leg is shaking, I keep playing with my cup and looking between the parking lot and my phone, just waiting for you. Car after car pulls in, 15 minutes goes by and I debate calling to make sure you’re coming to the right Starbucks. Another car pulls in, and I hold my breath, hoping and worrying that it’s you.

As you step out of the car, I feel my face heat as I blush, worried that you won’t notice me, and praying that you do. As you walk in, you scan the coffee shop until you see me. Smiling, you walk to the counter and place your order, making me wait. I think you enjoy me squirming. In fact, I know you do.

You walk over to me with your drink in hand, smiling and say “what, no hug?” I blush again, and stand up to give you a hug. You do that evil laugh in my ear and murmur “good slut” making me blush again. As we separate, you let your hand linger on my ass, making sure i can feel you touching me.

We sit down, sipping our coffees. I feel my cheeks flushing again as I look down at my cup, unsure what to say. You laugh again, “what, you’re shy now? That’s so unlike you.” You sit there, staring at me, smiling at how shy and uncomfortable I am. I glance up and giggle just a little bit. I start rambling about unimportant things, just talking trying to make it so there is no awkward silence. You sit there, laughing, smiling, enjoying how much I fidget, how shy I am, how much I’m kütahya escort giggling and blushing.

We have some small conversation, mostly with me talking and you just laughing at how awkward and shy I’m being. Finally, our coffee’s finished, we stand up to leave. I’m standing there, nervous not sure what to expect. I had walked here, so I was waiting for my cue on whether I should just leave, or follow you to your car. You stare at me, that smirk on your face scaring and exciting me at the same time.

“Come with me, I think we should go see a movie.” You say, and start walking towards your car. I smile, excited by you wanting to stay with me awhile longer, and hurry behind you. You move, as though to open the door for me, and instead, press me up against the car, and assault my mouth. I give you everything you want, opening and letting you in, moaning into your mouth, begging for me as you grind your hips against mine. I can feel you smile as you shove your tongue into my mouth, claiming it for yourself.

You release me, holding me so I don’t sag to the ground. You reach behind me, and pull open the door as you laugh. I drop into the seat, trying to wrap my mind around what was going on. You slide into the driver’s seat and turn on the engine. As we pull out of the parking lot, you place a hand on my leg, and just let it rest there. Your thumb making small circles on my thigh. I just keep staring at the floor, my cheeks getting redder and redder the longer your hand stays on my leg.

You drive for a little bit, and pull into the 24 hour sex shop that’s down the street. You tell me wait in the car, and get out. I sit there, fidgeting, and I keep glancing up at the store entrance, waiting for you. I can feel my heart pounding from the excitement, malatya escort my stomach dropping from the fear. After a few minutes, you walk back out, a black bag in your hand, and that smile on your face. You put the bag in the back seat, not telling me what’s in it, and I don’t ask. I know that when I need to know, I’ll know, and not a moment sooner.

We drive around for awhile longer, your hand rubbing up and down my leg, but never up far enough for me to really get any pleasure. It is the sweetest type of torture. I start wiggling, trying to readjust and get our hand to touch me where I want it most. I hear you laugh because you know what I’m trying to do.

“Fine slut, you want something to do? Suck my cock.” I eagerly lean over and unzip your pants. I pull your cock out, and lick it. I put as much of your big cock in my mouth as I can in my fit. I can feel your cock grow and get harder in my mouth. I moan as I feel you get bigger, and start working my mouth up and down, my tongue moving around. I suck on your head, my tongue swirling over you. I reach down and start fondling your balls as I try to deep throat your cock. I get a little over halfway before i start gagging. I try to pull off, only to feel your hand on the back of my neck pushing me back down. “I want you to take it deeper, slut. Take all of my cock.” I open my mouth as wide as possible and am able to take you a little further before I start gagging. I pull back and lick your head a bit before trying again. I get a bit further, but I still can’t take all of you. You hold my head down, telling me “breath through your nose, breath through your nose.”

When you finally let me up, we’ve stopped. I look up as I try to catch my breath and notice we’re in the mall parking lot. You put manisa escort your cock away, and get out of the car. I look at you, and you motion for me to follow you. I walk beside you, wiping my mouth and checking my make-up to see how much it smeared. You take me to the movie theater, buy two tickets, and we head into the theater taking our seats in the back. We talk a bit about nothing while we wait for the movie to start.

As soon as the lights go down, your hand goes back onto my leg. You lean over and whisper “You’re in trouble, slut, for not wearing a skirt.” I bit my lip, trying to not moan as I feel your hand move higher on my leg. You pull your hand away and lay your arm across the back of the chair, pulling me to lean against you. I feel every inch of you touching, and I start squirming again. You reach your hand down, and start fondling my breast. I start breathing heavier, and a small moan escapes. “Don’t make a sound. You don’t want anyone to notice what a slut you are, do you?”

I bit my lip, trying to hold back any noise as you reach into my shirt, pushing away my bra. You chuckle as you feel how hard my nipple is. “I think you want people to know what a slut you are, don’t you?” You taunt as you pinch my nipple. I whimper a little, and quickly look around to see if anyone heard. You just laugh as I try to hold back another moan while you play with my nipple, teasing me.

I don’t know how long we sat like that, it didn’t seem like it was for very long, when the lights suddenly come up. You quickly pull your hand out of my shirt and wait for me to try to adjust myself before standing up to go. You hold your hand out to me, and pull me behind you. It’s almost 8:00 when we walk back outside.

In the car, we talk a little, but nothing too exciting happens. You pull into my driveway, and lean over to kiss me goodbye. Before you let me out of the car, you say “Don’t cum slut. I want you to wait and cum when I can watch you. Tomorrow I’ll get us a hotel room.” As I walk to the door, you pull away, that evil smile on your face that makes my stomach do little flips.

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Holly-Cam Pt. 08

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Female Ejaculation

[Author’s Note: All characters in this story are 18 years or older.]



(A short recap from Part-7)

Lana decided to spend that night with her mommy and daddy (gee, what a surprise!) so Holly and I took an Uber back to the bungalow. In the backseat, I checked my phone for missed calls or messages, and found one from my boss with further details about Saturday’s meeting, and one from Joe and Sandy back in Florida.

“Well, that’s interesting,” I laughed after reading Joe’s e-mail. “Joe says that he and Sandy are flying out here to join us. They’re going to land Thursday morning, and are wondering if there’s vacancy at whatever hotel we’re staying at.”

Holly laughed, and said, “You mean The Bisex Bungalow? I think we can accommodate them.”

“Wait! Are you saying that Joe’s bisexual?” I said.

“No personal experience,” Holly answered, “but that’s what Sandy says.”

“Holy crap!” I said. “I’d never have guessed.” Then another thought struck me. “I wonder how quickly that clinic can get a blood test rushed through for them. I’d hate to have to leave them behind when we go to the swingers club get together Thursday night.”


Without Lana there with us, Holly and I almost felt like empty-nesters in the bungalow, and we used the time to make warm, tender love to each other. It was actually a nice departure from the hot and heavy sex we’d been experiencing.

Afterward, we took a walk on the beach. Holly was topless with her sarong around her waist, and I was commando under a wrap-around towel that had a convenient tie to keep it from falling off while I walked.

We walked hand-in-hand in the moonlight, and as the water lapped at our bare feet, Holly said, “This past couple of weeks certainly has changed things, hasn’t it?”

“More than I would ever have imagined!” I replied. “And you know what kind of imagination I have!”

She chuckled, but didn’t make any reply. I had the feeling she was thinking about something.

After a dozen or so paces along the sand, she said, “Ted, I want to ask you something, and I promise that I’ll be okay with the truth, no matter what it is.” She paused a moment, and then asked, “Have you ever made it with another woman since we’ve been married?”

“You mean cheated on you? Nope,” I answered without hesitation. “Well, not until you invited me to screw Lana, right in front of you,” I added. “But I don’t think that counts as cheating.”

I went on, “Your love, your trust, your respect are way more important to me than getting my rocks off.” I showed her my right and, and said, “This is the only mistress I’ve ever had since we started dating, much less since we’ve been married.”

She gave me a big smile, kissed me as we walked, and then said, “I love you, baby! I never actually suspected you of cheating, by the way, but I guess I just had to know for sure. With you traveling so much, you would certainly have had the opportunity.”

“I get it,” I said. “No offense taken.” Then I added, “Same question to you. With me being gone, you had the same opportunities.”

“Never,” she answered. “I never even kissed another person until your Holly-cam shenanigans started things with Sandy.”

I laughed as I repeated, “My Holly-cam shenanigans. I’m not sure whether that’s giving me credit or blame for all of this.”

“Oh, it’s credit!” she said with a smile. “I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out.” There was another thoughtful pause, and then she asked, “So, did you ever suspect me of cheating?”

“Suspect you?” I repeated. “No; not even for a moment. Fantasized maybe, but not suspected.”

“You fantasized about me cheating on you?” she said. “That’s a little weird, isn’t it?”

“Not really,” I said. “Lots of guys have jerk-off fantasies about watching their hot, sexy wives getting wantonly screwed by some young stud.”

“Really?” she said, obviously intrigued. “And who did you imagine me getting screwed by?”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “They were always strangers.”

“You jerked off while fantasizing about me getting fucked by some total stranger?” she said. “And you have more than one of these fantasies?” she added.

“It’s like watching my own private porn movie in my head but with you as the star,” I replied.

“Tell me one,” she said with a lilt in her voice that told me that she was finding this arousing.

I thought for a few moments, and then said, “There’s one where I have you screwing the pizza delivery guy.”

“I didn’t have enough cash for a regular tip?” she said with a chuckle.

“No. You were horny as hell, and decided to see what being a slut wife would be like,” I answered.

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear this!” she said with a wide smile.

“Okay, so I’m off on one of my trips, and you’re home alone and you start feeling kind of frisky,” I began. “You decide to order in a niğde escort pizza, and put a porn video on the TV in the living room, and spend some leisurely quality time with your dildo.

“So, you’re flipping through the preview clips of the porn, and all those little teasers of hot, sexy men and women fucking and sucking have you pretty horny. You toss off your robe, and are sitting, bare-ass naked, on the edge of the sofa with the remote in one hand, and your other hand gently teasing your pussy lips.

“On the screen, you’re watching a gorgeous black girl with a bubble-butt getting fucked from behind while she has her face buried in the pussy of a big titted white woman. You’re just pressing your finger into your wet cunt-hole when the doorbell rings, and you jump about a foot. In your horny state, you had forgotten all about the pizza.

“You jab the pause button on the remote, and scramble to find your robe. It’s that light one that’s just long enough to cover your ass, and you’re tying the sash around your waist as you head for the door.

“You open the door, and here’s this tall, handsome young college student holding one of those insulated pizza delivery boxes. You can’t help but notice as his eyes travel up and down your barely-covered body, and you see a wicked smile spread across his face. His look makes your already-wet pussy tingle even more.

“‘Come in. Let me get my purse,’ you tell him. You walk away, giving your ass a little extra sway, and you secretly give a little tug to the front of your robe to expose a little more of your tits to him when you turn back around. As you get your wallet out of your purse on the kitchen island, you look up, and notice that the TV—with the hot, bisexual, interracial three-way frozen on the screen—is perfectly reflected in the kitchen window.

“You turn and see that he is staring at the window. Then his gaze shifts, and you know that he’s looking at the big rubber cock that you left sitting on the end table.

“His eyes go to your chest and your mostly-exposed tits, and then they meet yours. As he walks toward you with the pizza, he says, ‘Where would you like it?'”

“You’re eyes flick down and you notice the bulge in his pants. You smile to yourself at the effect you’re having on him, and you move your shoulders, trying to get the robe to gap open even more.

“‘Um, right here on the island, I guess,’ you answer his obvious double-entendre question.

“You’re standing right next to him as he sets the delivery box down, pulls out the pizza and flips the box open to show you the steaming extra-sauce pizza you ordered.

“‘Is there anything else I can do for you, while I’m here, ma’am?’ he asks as he turns toward you, takes another obvious look at your tits.

“You lift your eyes from an equally obvious look at the bulge of his dick in his pant leg, and when you bring your eyes up to meet his, you say in one of those cheesy porn-movie lines, ‘It’s awfully big. Would you mind sticking around, and sharing it with me?”

“He smiles that wicked smile, again, but before he can answer, you take his head in your hands, pull him close, and give him a wet, sensuous kiss to make sure he has gotten your meaning.

“Your own horny forwardness surprises you, but not as much as his reaction.

“He puts a strong hand on the back of your head, and presses your face tightly against his, taking your sensuous kiss and turning it into an aggressive mashing of lips and tongues that ends up with him biting hard on your lower lip.

“But you make no attempt to pull away, and he knows he hasn’t misread you.

“Suddenly, he breaks the intense kiss, spins you around toward the counter, grabs the shoulders of your robe, and pulls it down your back, pinning your arms behind you and exposing your gorgeous tits with their fat, puffy nipples.

“With the sash tied around your waist, your bunched up robe has your hands restrained behind you. You could probably pull your arms free if you wanted to, but you don’t even try, and he presses his body up against yours, shoving you against the counter.

“You can feel the bulge of his hard cock against your leg as he reaches around you and takes your full naked tits in his hands. He mashes and squeezes them hard, and then pinches and pulls on your aroused, puffed-up nipples.

“The tone of your moaning tells him what he wants to know, and he leans over and bites down on your ear. He growls between his teeth, ‘Oh, yeah, you like it rough, don’t you lady? Well, let’s see what you can take!'”

“He releases your ear, puts his weight against you, holding you against the counter, and with two strong hands on your back, he forces you over forward at the waist, mashing your naked tits right into the steaming pizza.

“You yelp in surprise and try to lift up as the hot sauce sends pain through your tender nipples and tits, but he is stronger and more determined than ordu escort you are.

“As he holds your naked tits in the burning pizza sauce he is grinding his hips into you, rubbing the fat erection that is still restrained in his pants across your ass.

“It only takes a few seconds for the surprise of having your tits mashed into the hot pizza sauce to wear off, and in your super-horny state, to be replaced by the pain/pleasure paradox. Suddenly, the burning sensation in your nipples and tits feels good, and your pussy begins to leak wetness in response.

“He notices that you’ve stopped struggling, and have even started to squirm your own body to squish your tits into the wonderfully-burning sauce, and he relaxes his powerful hold on you, knowing it’s no longer needed.

“He keeps one hand in the middle of your naked back, however, symbolically letting you know that he is in control. It is a notion that you don’t even try to dispute; you love how he’s “taking” you. His rough abuse has your cunt dripping wet.

“Holding you bent over with your tits mashed into the hot pizza, he backs his hips away from your ass, and you hope he’s going to take out the fat cock that you had felt rubbing your leg, and shove it up your cunt.

“Instead, he flips the bottom of your rob up, fully exposing your lovely ass, and he glides his hand over the smooth curves. You spread your legs, inviting him to slide his hand between them, and at least shove a finger up your pussy if he’s not ready to use his cock on you, yet.

“But then the touch of his hand disappears, and at the same instant that you realize why, the hard slap lands on your naked ass.

“You yelp in surprise, and you jump, lifting your tits out of the hot sauce. But he doesn’t need to shove you back down, again; you’ve come to like the pain that the heat sends through your nipples and tits, and you plant them back into the sauce, yourself.

“Another stinging smack lands on your other cheek, and your squirming in the tomato sauce and wiggling of your ass only encourages your tormentor.

“Finally, you feel his hand go between your legs and then a long finger gets unceremoniously shoved up your dripping cunt-hole. He jams his fist hard against your soaked pussy, grinding his knuckles into the soft folds of tender flesh, and you spread your legs as far as you can to give him all the room he wants. You’re hoping he’s going to add more fingers, maybe even try to shove his whole fist up your cunt. His rough treatment has you so horny that you’re pretty sure you could take it.

“But the fist and the finger suddenly disappear. The loss at your cunt has barely registered, when the hand on your back slides up your neck, and suddenly he has a fistful of your hair. He tilts your head back but he makes sure your tits stay planted in the hot sauce.

“His other hand appears at your mouth, and he growls, ‘Open up! Open your mouth and suck your cunt juice!”

“You oblige, and hungrily suck on the finger like it’s a small dick, savoring the taste of your own cunt.

“He begins to finger-fuck your mouth, almost punching you with each plunge, but you suck even harder, welcoming the forceful treatment.

“‘You really like the rough shit, don’t you lady?’ she snarls while pulling your hair and jabbing his finer in your mouth.

“All you can manage is a mumbled ‘Mmm!’ with your lips clamped around his finger.

“Suddenly, an idea occurs to him, and the finger is pulled from your sucking mouth with a pop!

“You watch him push his long finger into the pizza, coating it and half his fist with hot tomato sauce. You open your mouth wide, but that’s not what he has in mind.

“A moment later, you feel his fist back between your legs, and then the burn of the hot sauce being smeared through your tender pussy lips and up into your cunt-hole.

“You suck in your breath at the sudden pain of the heat against the sensitive flesh, but almost instantly, your fevered brain converts it to a pleasure unlike anything your pussy has ever experienced.

“The temperature of the little bit of sauce dissipates quickly, though, and as you come down from the all-too-brief pain/pleasure high, you’re hoping he will repeat the nasty abuse of your pussy.

“But as the pain from the heat fades, a different feeling begins to build. It starts slowly, almost as a tingle, but very soon, the tender flesh of your pussy lips and the first inch of your cunt are on fire from the spices in the sauce.

“Again, you suck in your breath, and then groan, ‘Oh, fuck!’ as you pull your legs together, involuntarily trying to rub away the searing pain. But it is such a new and glorious pain that you really don’t want it to stop.

“He laughs as he kicks your feet back apart, and says, ‘Oh fuck, is right, lady! That’s what I’m going to do to your sloppy cunt, right now!’

“‘Oh, God, yes!’ you plead. ‘Fuck me! Shove your osmaniye escort fat cock up my burning cunt! Fuck the shit out of me!’

“Seconds later, you hear his pants hit the floor, and get kicked aside. A second after that, you feel the knob of his fat cock against your burning pussy lips, and it is immediately shoved up your cunt so hard that it nearly lifts you off the floor.

“The instant stretch of your cunt causes you to cry out, ‘Oh, fuck!’ again, but that pain, too, is quickly converted to pleasure, and you follow your cry with a moaned, ‘Oh, God, yes!’ as your entire cunt is stuffed full of this total stranger’s hard cock.

“He begins forceful, hammering thrusts up your burning cunt. Every slam of his hips against your ass as his fat cock gets shoved to its full depth has your tits smearing through the pizza sauce.

“Then, with his fist still tangled into your hair he pulls your head back and the arch in your back lifts your tits free of the hot sauce.

“The clinging, sauce looses its temperature quickly, but as that sensation subsides, you begin to feel the burn of the spices on your tender, puffy nipples, and as he fucks your cunt with hard, quickening thrusts, you yell, ‘Oh, God, yes! Fuck my burning cunt! Shove your hard fucking dick up my guts until I cum all over it!”

“You’ve never felt so much pain/pleasure in your life, nor felt so cheap and used. Your hair being pulled; the spices that have your nipples and your pussy on fire; the fat strange cock being jabbed mercilessly up your cunt all conspire to force an orgasm that seems to come from every part of your body at the same time.

“You scream, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!’ as your cunt explodes and pumps a river of your hot cum around the big cock that continues to slam into your gushing cunt-hole.

“You can feel your pussy juice running down your legs as you demand of him, ‘Cum in me! Fill my cunt with your hot jism and put out the fucking fire you’ve got going up there!’

“But he has other ideas—and he’s not about to be told what to do by you.

“He suddenly pulls his dick free from your dripping cunt, yanks on your hair to straighten you up, and then spins you around. You think he’s going to kiss you, and you open your mouth, ready and hungry for what you know will be an aggressive tangling of lips and tongues.

“But he surprises you—and disappoints you—again.

“With your hands still held behind your back by your bunched and twisted robe, he forces you to your knees.

“It is the first time you’ve seen the fat cock that has just fucked your cunt to a stupendous orgasm, and you open your mouth wide. The cock-head is enormous and purple-colored, and you wonder if you’ll be able to take it all when he shoves it into your mouth and forces it down your throat. You can hardly wait to find out.

“But again, he frustrates you.

“‘Maybe next time I come by and fuck your hot cunt I’ll let you suck my cock,’ he sneers down at you. ‘Today I’m going to blow my big load of hot cum all over that pretty face!’

“With one strong hand gripping your hair and holding you right where he wants you, he begins jerking off his stiff dick, inches from your face. You leave your mouth wide open hungering for the first blast of his thick, hot jism.

“In less than half a minute, he begins to make loud groans as his fist flies up and down his fat cock, slick with the juices from your well-fucked cunt. The sight, the sounds, and even the smell of this handsome stranger jerking off his wonderful cock right in your face has the juice running from your pussy, again.

“Suddenly, the fat purple head seems to bulge, and you see a jet of thick cum burst from its pee hole. It goes straight into your open mouth, but you don’t close so you can taste it; you want more; you want him to jerk off every drop of his cum into your mouth. You’ll then show him the big pool of his spunk, and let him watch you swallow it.

“But again, your desires are not to be.

“He continues jerking off in your face, and rope after rope of his hot jism erupts from the fat cock-head, but he moves his big dick all around, painting your face with his thick cum.

“You are amazed at how much cum keeps squirting from his dick, and your face is soon dripping with the sticky goo.

“You recognize from his slower, shorter strokes that he is getting near the end, and you reopen your mouth hoping he will let you suck on that fat cock-head to clean him off.

“But no. He squeezes the last few drops from his big purple knob, and shakes them onto your nose.

“He finally lets go of your hair, and prying your eyes open under the strings of cum he has shot across them, you’re able see his legs in front of you. You can hear him taking huge gulps of air to catch his breath, and he staggers back a bit on shaky legs, and then stops to get his balance. You know he has just treated you like an impersonal fuck-toy, but it still makes you feel a bit proud that it was you who gave him such an intense orgasm that he can hardly walk.

“Still on your knees with your hands behind your back, you lap at whatever cum you can reach with your tongue as you get your eyes open farther, and watch him pull his pants back on.

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Reunion Revenge Goes Awry

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Pamela Barnes let the robe drop to the floor and smiled when her husband whistled. “You like?” she asked, twirling around for him. Pamela was wearing a baby doll teddy. It was light green and looked good on her with her long red hair. The bra squeezed her large bosom together giving her very impressive cleavage and it was sheer enough her pink nipples were visible. The panty was a thong that left the lush globes of her white ass bare. Her stomach was covered by the sheer green fabric, but her toned, fit body was clearly visible through it.

“Your doctor does good work,” said her husband, Richard.

Pamela smiled and climbed beside him on the bed. Her husband was her doctor. She was eighteen years younger then he was. They had met when she got hired as his receptionist nearly fifteen years ago. She laid on her side and looked at him sensually. She stared at him with her piercing green eyes. She knew she looked good and wondered why his face was buried in a medical journal instead of looking at her. She also wondered why she had to initiate sex all the time. Her hand moved over to rest on his stomach and slide under his pajamas. She cupped his genitalia in her hand and squeezed it. It was slow going, but she felt him harden. Richard took the hint. He rolled over, pulling his pajama bottoms down as Pamela quickly pulled the thong off.

Five minutes later, Richard rolled off her, breathing heavily, but grinning. Pamela raised her hips up to hold his sperm in, hoping they were finally making a baby. They had been trying for a year, but Richard had a low sperm count. The fertility doctor said, it was possible for him to impregnate her, but very unlikely. So far, he wasn’t willing to seek alternative means of conceiving. She would have tried anything. A baby was what she wanted most in the world.

Pamela had applied for the job with Doctor Barnes when she was five years out of high school and had just about given up a career in drama. He was a prominent plastic surgeon and offered discounts to his employees. The chubby Pamela Barnes had taken him up on the offer and had some liposuction done to her thighs, ass, and belly. The results had been amazing. Doctor Barnes asked her out for coffee one day and she joined him. They found they had little in common, but both were lonely and soon they started dating.

They dated only for a year before he asked her to marry him and she accepted. Richard didn’t want his wife to work so Pamela used her free time to start working out. She hired a fitness instructor who quickly had excess weight dropping off her body and her muscles toning up. She wanted to tan, but she had the pale white skin common among redheads and burned easily. Her skin was mostly pure white, but tanning brought out freckles, so she gave up the sunbathing idea.

Pamela’s one remaining physical problem were her enormous breasts. They were DD cups that looked big on her chubby body and positively enormous on her fit body. The problem wasn’t so much their size, but that they sagged. Richard lifted them so that they thrust out proudly to the world, but he didn’t reduce them in size. She almost wished he had as they made her back hurt, but she liked all the attention they got her, especially at acting gigs.

A local theater group quickly took on the buxom redhead where they had turned down the chubby Pamela. She had now starred in three plays. It was all she had ever wanted to do before deciding it was time to become a mother.

“I think you should go,” said Richard, finally catching his breath.

“I hated high school, Richard. Plus, you can’t go that weekend.”

“You’re not the chubby geek girl you were twenty years ago, Pam. Go to your reunion. Show off that hot body of yours. Flirt a little. Let them see what they missed out on. Make them jealous.”

“I wouldn’t mind rubbing it in a little.

“Then go. I’m sure half the hot girls back then are chubby now.”

Pamela sat up, leaned over, and kissed her husband. “You know what? I think I will go.”

“Good, have fun.” Richard sat back up and returned to his magazine.

Pamela rolled over, but she couldn’t sleep. Her three years of high school had been the worst years of her life. Pamela Porci was an overweight Wicca girl who dyed her luscious red hair, purple, wore black nail polish and eyeliner, and played dungeons and dragons. The nightmare began with the nickname, Porci Pig. She still couldn’t watch Looney Tunes without picturing her high school tormentors.

Tormentor number one was Scott Johnson. He mercilessly teased her throughout high school, but the worst was in the auditorium. Several classes had been assigned to do short Shakespeare acts before the school. Pamela, Greta, and Hazel had opted to do the scene with the three witches from Macbeth. Greta and Hazel were the closest things she had to female friends. They included her in their group, but they were overly close and she suspected they were lesbians. Pam often felt like a third wheel around them. After their skit, Scott maraş escort Johnson yelled out, “Ba-de Ba-de Ba-de, That’s all folks,” in his best Porky Pig voice and everyone laughed including many teachers, though he did get detention.

Then there were the blacks, Harlan, Gage, and Keisha. Their torments were daily. Keisha was dating Harlan and Pamela thought they had married after graduating. Keisha would say things like, “Move that fat ass out of our way, white girl,” when they passed in the hall. Pamela had a particularly bad day and actually turned on Keisha to slap her, but Harlan easily grabbed her wrist. “Don’t touch my woman, bitch,” he growled. Afterwards, Pamela had hidden in the auditorium to cry. Gage and Harlan were close and rarely separated. Gage was the one that came up with the Porci Pig nickname and everyday made some sort of pig comment when he saw her. “Yo Harlan, you smell bacon? Porci Pamela can sure ham it up. No, she’s snout funny. Soooeeee, here piggy piggy.” And so on. She knew it was transference, but she came to associate all blacks with her three tormentors behavior. It wasn’t fair, but she couldn’t help it and was now quite bigoted.

She hated them.

Her last tormentor wasn’t really a tormentor, but he ended up hurting her more then any of the others had.

Preston Hunt was a friend since they were little and her secret crush. He was if anything, geekier then she was. He was her dungeon master and the two of them plus some others would play for hours in a bedroom lined with Star Wars Hasbro figures. Pam didn’t even like role playing, but as long as Preston was there, she would follow just to hear his voice. He was short, skinny, and not much to look at, but he was the only guy who was ever consistently nice to her at least up until the day she kissed him. They were alone and both had decided to try drinking alcohol for the first time. She was thrilled when he didn’t pull away as she leaned over to kiss him and his hand flew up to her enormous bosom, squeezing her tits. Soon his hand slipped under her black blouse, slid over several rolls of fat and then was playing with her nipples. Pam gasped and quickly felt her panties go wet. Her nipples had always been very sensitive. She decided to reward him and let her hand fall in his lap. She squeezed his bulge and heard him groan in pleasure. Preston went nuts and released her boob long enough to pull his pants down. Believing that from here on out, her life was taking a turn for the better, Pamela decided to do something guaranteed to keep Preston interested in her. She fell to her knees and sucked his dick. It was her first and last blow job. Oh he loved it alright. He guided her head with his hands and practically squealed like a girl when he came which was only after a few minutes. She even swallowed. The problem came afterwards. Preston wanted to do it again. He wanted to play with her breasts. He wanted to do all that and she was willing, but he didn’t want to hold her hands in school or let her kiss him in front of anyone else. He quickly turned weird, not wanting to be seen with her at all, but always wanting her to come over when no one else was around. It didn’t take Pamela long to realize, he was ashamed to be seen with her and when she did, it tore her heart on two. She couldn’t stop crying for days and finally ended up emptying a bottle of sleeping pills down her throat. She was in the hospital for two days and missed school for a week while she underwent a psychological evaluation. She refused to talk to Preston after that or anyone else. She spent the last few months of school acting like a zombie, going through the motions until she graduated, but she didn’t show up for the ceremony.

Pamela quickly wiped tears from her eyes so that her husband wouldn’t notice. On graduation day, she moved far away from home. Her dream was to go to Hollywood, but she moved to New York City, took acting classes, tried to get a gig on Broadway, then off Broadway, then way off Broadway. Her money ran out, she moved to a cheaper apartment in the suburbs, and got hired as a receptionist by one of the kindest men she’d ever meant.


Pamela boarded the plane to Atlanta wearing a black skirt with a slit up her thighs. She had on black heeled boots that went up just under her knees. She wore a green short sleeve pull over top, that hugged her bosom and showed off a lot of cleavage. She found her seat and waited for take off. She felt her body tremble slightly when she saw the blacks board the plane. She had know idea they lived anywhere near her. Pamela pulled herself together as they approached.

There were four of them. The first two were Harlan and Keisha. Unfortunately, in the twenty years since graduation, they hadn’t lost their looks. Harlan was a black giant covered in muscles. It did look like he was losing his hair, but he’s shaved it and it looked good on him. Keisha still had a nice body, but now had a little belly fat suggesting she’d had a baby. Pam mardin escort would have traded her flat tummy for some belly fat and a baby, but the way things were going with Richard, there would be no baby anytime soon. Keisha had a strange face. It was attractive, beautiful even, but her mouth was constantly turned up in a sneer. It was like she had a huge chip on her shoulder and went through life hating everything. Harlan met Pamela’s eyes and quickly looked at her bosom. Pam feigned a smile as she stared at him and he smiled back. Keisha followed him. Her eyes fell on the white woman with the big tits and her sneer got bigger.

Gage and another black woman were next. Probably his wife, but it was no one from their school. Unlike Harlan, Gage had let himself go since high school. Gage had an enormous belly, big arms, and several chins. His eyes also fell on her bosom and he licked his lips. Who is the pig now asshole, she thought, looking at his porcine face. Pamela smiled at the thought. Gage grinned back at her, thinking she was flirting and he winked. His wife followed, also overweight and not very pretty.

None of them seemed to recognize her.

The rest of the flight was without incident, but the two black men stared at her when she got up to use the bathroom. When they landed, Pam got off first and made her way to baggage claim. It always took awhile for the luggage to arrive, but Pam waited patiently. When the conveyor belt finally started up, she was surprised to see her large bag was first. She reached out for it, but a large black arm beat her to it. “I got that for you, Miss,” said Harlan. He pulled it off the conveyor and handed it to her.

“Why thank you,” she said, smiling at him.

“Harlan, get your black ass over here,” yelled Keisha.

Harlan winced. “You’re welcome, Miss.”

“I’ll see you in a few hours,” said Pamela. She winked at him, enjoying his look of confusion.

“What did that white bitch say to you?” asked Keisha, as Pamela was walking away.

Pamela smiled.


Pamela stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off. Her suitcase was open on the bed.

She pulled out her outfit for the evening. First she pulled out the tight green bra. It was sheer, but tight and squeezed her boobs together amplifying her cleavage even more. The matching thong was sheer and tight. It mashed her red pubic hair down and she’d even had to trim some of her hair. The top was a dark green halter top with spaghetti straps holding it over her shoulders. Her large bosom made it hang loose over her belly and it stopped an inch over her navel. She left her belly bare to show off her flat stomach and the large $500 diamond on the pin through her navel. If she reached up, the top would show off her entire belly and maybe even the bottom of her bra. The second half of her outfit was a short green skirt, sort of like a cheerleading skirt that left most of her legs bare.

Pam twirled around in front of the mirror. She looked fantastic, but wasn’t sure if it was sexy or borderline slutty. Her outfit was cool and June in Atlanta was hot, so she’d be comfortable in it. Plus, she knew other women who had kept their figures would be showing them off. She put on her green heels last, loving how they showed off her legs.

Pamela sent off a text to Richard stating that she had arrived safely and was going down to the reunion.


Pam had to pass the front desk on her way to the banquet hall. The creepy looking black guy who had checked her in stared at her as she walked by. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her breasts the whole time he’d checked her in. She held her head up as she passed.

Pamela felt all eyes on her when she entered the large banquet hall. She was glad the reunion wasn’t at her old school. She wasn’t sure she could have handled walking back in there. She pushed her shoulders back and strolled up to the table holding the nametags. The two former cheerleaders sitting at the table just stared at her. “Pamela Porci Barnes,” she said.

“Porci Pig!” exclaimed the ex cheerleader, Melissa who had also been homecoming queen. She held her hand over her mouth for a moment before removing it. “Sorry Pamela.”

Pamela was shooting death rays out of her eyes, but relaxed. “That’s alright, Melissa.”

“You’ve changed.” Melissa slid the badge over to her.

“Thank you,” said Pam, turning to pin the badge on her chest.

“I’ll get that for you, Miss,” said a man’s voice.

“No thank you,” said Pam, looking up. She froze a moment when she saw the speaker was Scott Johnson.

“I can handle this, Scott.”

Scott had aged well and was quite good looking. He stared at her trying to look suave when she removed her hand from the nametag. “P-p-porci Pi… Pamela. Pamela Porci!”

“Yes, Scott. Nice to see you.”

“You look amazing.”

“Thanks. You’re looking good to.”

“Can I get you a drink at the bar?”

“Maybe mersin escort later.” Pamela turned away from the stunned man. She entered the large room. There was a dance floor. A band was tuning up on it. A big hair eighties band no less. The bar area was crowded. Tables surrounded the dance floor and it looked like most of her class was already here.

Pam looked around and spied the two women near the bar. She strolled up to them, grinning. Both women’s eyes ran over her body and focused on her breasts. My god, they are lesbians, she thought. “Hello Hazel. Greta,” she said, approaching them. Greta was still a little Wicca. She was chubby, wore a black dress and had black nail polish. Her black rimmed glasses were new, she hadn’t worn any in school. Hazel was no longer Wicca, but had gone butch, Hair cut short and kind of tough looking.

“Pamela!” they said in unison. Both women hugged her to the point Pamela got uncomfortable.

“Nice to see you two,” said Pam.

“Hazel here didn’t want to come, but I made her,” said Greta.

“This fucking state doesn’t recognize our marriage,” exclaimed Hazel.

“Well I’m happy for you both.”

“Join us for dinner?” asked Greta.


“Lets find a table near the food,” grunted Hazel. “I’ll go get us some beers,” she added after the three found a table no one had claimed. She returned ten minutes later with three bottles of beer and three shots.

“A toast?”

Pamela held her shot up. “To Macbeth.”

“To Macbeth,” responded Hazel.

“And the three witches,” added Greta.

The three women caught up with the lesbian couple going first. Pamela told them of her life after school, quest for a baby, and how she got so fit. “My husband, the doctor, only had to lift them up a bit. They were tremendously saggy,” she finished.

“You’re lying. Those things are fake,” said Hazel. “Don’t fuck with me, Porci.”

“She always did have big boobs, honey,” said Greta.

“Oh I remember them too, Greta, but I know implants when I see them.

Pamela leaned forwards. “Go ahead and touch them. Both of you.”

Greta and Hazel didn’t need to be asked twice. Each reached out a hand and grabbed one of Pam’s boobs.

“Fuck, they are real,” said an awed Hazel, who didn’t stop squeezing Pam’s breast.

“My husband, the doctor, just had to tighten the skin a bit to lift them up some,” Pam explained again. “You can stop touching them now.” Both women pulled back, but still stared at Pam’s chest.

The class president came up on the stage and made some announcements. Then she told what tables could get up for the buffet. As soon as everyone was seated and eating, the band started up. Greta got them another round of beers and three more shots. Pamela bought the third round after they had finished dessert. Her head was spinning a little after the third shot. The beer wasn’t helping either. Pam was about to announce that she was going to go mingle when a male voice said, “Would you like to dance, Pam?”

Pamela turned to see Scott Johnson again. “Sure Scott, why not?”

The song was fast and the two danced and talked. Scott was divorced and seemed disappointed to find out that Pam was married. “I’ll get us some refills,” he said, when Pam drained her beer.

No sooner had he turned away when Pamela was spun around and into the arms of Harlan. She found her boobs smashed against a hard muscular chest. It was the closest contact she’d ever had to a black man. He twirled her around once. “Pamela Porci, I don’t believe it,” he said.

“You had no idea who I was on the plane,” she laughed. He laughter faded when he pulled her tight again and she felt an enormous bulge against her bare belly. He must be stuffing a sock in there, she thought, or maybe two socks, but then the thing moved slightly and she pulled back.

“What do you do for a living, Pam?”

“Northing. My husband, the doctor, doesn’t want me working and we’re trying to have a baby.”

“What do you mean trying? Keisha had to get her tubes tied after the fourth kid practically walked out of her.”

Pam didn’t want to tell him about their troubles conceiving, so she lied. “We just decided to start trying recently.”

“What kind of Doctor?”

“Plastic surgeon.”

“Obviously,” laughed Harlan. “He does good work.”

“Enough. They’re real. My husband only had to firm them up some.”

“Real my ass… Wait a minute, Pamela Porci Barnes… Is your husband Dr. Richard Barnes?”

“Why yes,” she said, surprised.

“You live in Westwood, New Jersey then. I’m in charge of trash collection there.”

“Small world.”

“Maybe after tonight we should stay in touch.” Harlan pulled her back into his body and pressed his crotch against her belly at the word, “touch”. If felt even bigger against her belly this time.

Pamela pulled back again. “Sure we could double date or something. I thought you were going be a pro football player. How’d you end up a garbage man?”

Harlan frowned, but his cockiness retuned. He knew the reunion game. Pam hadn’t gone to their tenth reunion, but there everyone had been bragging about their jobs, big houses, spouses, etc. “I’m manager of the entire department, thank you. I have a healthy salary, benefits, and a pension.”

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Simon Says

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The following story contains m/m and f/f hot action. If that’s not your thing then I respect your wishes to move along….but before you go, could it really hurt to have just a little look?

If you’ve never before considered the delicious hotness of man on beautiful man then why not try it right now? I had no idea how much I loved the concept until I stumbled across a steamy Emma Holly mmf menage.

So, go on, stumble across it right now…no one’s looking.


Who knew the difference a week could make? Before they’d all stayed at the cabin together Marina had thought that her college roommate’s boyfriend Kurt was a great guy. One week of listening to his red-neck homophobic bullshit and now, now she wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire.

Seriously, it was driving her batshit insane. Everything was gay, according to the erudite Kurt. Especially Marina’s boyfriend Paolo, apparently everything he did made him suspiciously homosexual. Paolo took it in his stride because he was that kind of guy. Calm, kind and not at all bothered by the petty. Not Marina—she seethed.

Oh, not everything was gay. Apparently girl on girl was completely acceptable. He was forever trying to get Jade and Marina to kiss. Marina was not averse to the idea, but not for that asshole’s pleasure.

“Mari, babe, he’s not that bad,” Paolo said—rolling over in the bed to face her—in one of the brief moments they were alone. Jade and Kurt had gone on an early morning hike with a local nature group. Morning sunlight filtered through the cracks in the cabin’s log walls creating a dusty back light of Paolo’s glossy black curls.

“He is! He’s foul! I can’t stand him. What is with all that gay bullshit? Who says that? Who?” Marina hissed, angry that even while they were alone the toxic Kurt continued to invade her space.

“Someone not too confident of their own sexuality,” Paolo said trailing fingertips down Marina’s arm shooting goose pimples across her naked skin.

“Really? That’s what you think? I think he’s just an ass.”

“I’ve seen it before. He’s almost textbook in his denial.”

“Not like you.” Marina knew that Paolo was bi-sexual. He’d been open about it from the start. It was one of the first things that attracted her, his androgynous aura of sexuality.

He laughed a deep throaty chuckle that did things to her, started a simmer deep in her stomach. “No, not like me.”

“Do you think he’s attracted to you? Do you think that’s why he’s so obnoxious?”

He laughed again and said, “Marina, I know you think everyone wants me, but honey, I think really it’s just you.” He rolled on top of her, pinning her arms with his weight. She loved the heavy press of his body on hers, and he knew it. He pushed down on her, the thick bar of his erection driving into her pubic bone.

Already wet with his cum he slipped easily inside, pushing deep until she gasped. He took it slow this time, unlike the frantic coupling of before when they’d woken to find themselves finally alone. Slow, deep thrusts, no hurry. She sighed spread her legs and angled her hips up to meet him. In the quiet of the cabin she listened, loving the wet sound of their bodies meeting and the hushed exhale he made with each push.

It grew, measured and delicious, from her toes through to her scalp she felt the coming orgasm. Her muscles taut but not strained she rose to meet him, reveling in the building feeling.

He didn’t hear the door, but she did. Over Paolo’s shoulder she saw him, standing still, frozen in the doorframe.


He didn’t leave. He watched.

Not her…but Paolo.

She trailed her hands down Paolo’s back and pushed the sheet that covered them both clear of his hips, exposing his taut ass. Kurt still didn’t leave, didn’t move. He stood, silent and still, watching the push and contraction of Paolo’s ass as it thrust into Marina. The look on his face, the shocked look of absolute need sent her over, rushed her slowly building orgasm into an uncontrolled fiery spasm. The shocked clench of her muscles around his cock sent Paolo over too. After a series of short frantic thrusts, he arched his back, cried out, thrust deep and came inside her while Kurt looked on.

“Kurt, babe are you going inside?” Jade’s voice broke the spell; Marina saw her look over Kurt’s shoulder see what was happening and curse, “Shit! Sorry. So Sorry.” Jade tugged on Kurt’s shoulder and pulled him from the room.

* * * *

Afterwards he pretended that it hadn’t happened, but whenever Marina forced Kurt to meet her eyes, she saw the awareness burning there. Continuing to tease him she was deliberate in her movements, cupping Paolo’s ass when Kurt was in sight and trailing her fingertips across the muscles of his lean stomach. Marina wanted to punish Kurt, force the stupid redneck to accept what he so obviously kırşehir escort wanted. Rock him right to his homophobic core. Each time she caught his eyes devouring Paolo it shot a thrill not unlike a hit of a whiskey right through her veins. As time went on she grew more bold, more obvious in her movements, making Paolo so hard that he took her outside, into the woods and fucked her up against a tree.

That night it was Jade and Kurt’s turn to cook. They did a BBQ, outside on the porch. Meat sizzled, Kurt and Paolo watching intently, while Marina and Jade watched them.

“Mmmm, love the smell of meat,” Jade said with a wicked grin.

“You mean the steaks or the men?”

Her muffled impish giggle drew the quizzical gaze of the men, which in turn made them both laugh out loud.

“You up for some games tonight?” Marina asked, meeting her friend’s eyes over the top of her wine glass.


“Group games. I’m thinking a little Simon Says.” A game they’d both played at college before.

“Spin the bottle and do what the other person says? Is that what you mean?”

“Uh huh.”

“Yeah.” Jade took a gulp of her wine and nodded her head. “I’m up for that.”


* * * *

Bellies full of wine and BBQ, Jade laid out two blankets on the floor and put the empty bottle and the kitchen timer between them. They’d turned out the lights and the room was now lit only by the soft yellow light of one bedside lamp.

“What are you doing?” Kurt asked.

“Setting up for a game. You wanna play?”

‘What is it?” Paolo asked as he took a seat on one of the blankets.

“Simon Says. We spin the bottle and whoever it lands on gets to be Simon for five minutes.”

“Anything goes?”

“You can default—but then you miss a turn.”

“OK,” Kurt said sitting on the blanket beside Jade as she first spun the bottle. It rattled on the uneven wooden floor and did two full circles to point at Kurt. Marina took a drink of her wine as she watched his face split into an evil grin. She knew what was coming. Kurt was so obvious. She turned to meet Jade’s eyes and found her looking back with an eyebrow cocked.

“Simon says—Jade kiss Marina.”

Jade came on her knees, her pert little braless breasts swaying under the white tank she wore. Marina came up on her knees to meet her, smiling at the predatory look in her friend’s eyes.

Marina closed her eyes and waited—Simon had said for Jade to kiss her.

Soft warm lips brushed hers in a chaste kiss. Marina snaked out her tongue for a quick swipe along the seam. Jade gasped, opening her mouth to allow Marina the access she wanted. Spearing spread fingers in her short dark hair Marina held Jade’s head still. Slicking her tongue along the sensitive inside bottom lip she heard the little whimper she wanted. Jade opened wide, angled her mouth and thrust her tongue inside Marina’s mouth. Lost in their kiss the buzz of the timer came too soon. They remained nose to nose, exchanging panting breath for a while after they heard the sound.

Jade crawled back to her blanket, nestling herself beside Kurt’s legs she said, “Marina’s turn to spin.”

The bottle went around, landing on Marina. They all turned to look at her. She looked up to meet all four sets of eyes and wondered—what did they expect?

Kurt had puffed out his chest in an obvious show of bravado. He didn’t want her to think he was afraid of her words, but they both knew he was. She wanted to unsettle him further and so she said, “Simon says, Jade suck Kurt’s cock.”

Marina got just the reaction she’d wanted. There was a gasp of shock from both men. Jade licked her kiss swollen lips and nodded. Marina reached over to set the timer, brushing her hair across Paolo’s thigh as she did. He was hard, rigid flesh pushing out the loose fabric of his sweats.

Jade pulled back the elastic of Kurt’s basketball shorts to reveal his cock. It pressed up against his stomach, hard and sticky with pre-cum. She snaked out her tongue, teasing back the foreskin to reveal the swollen head. Around and around she licked the slick plum tipped head as Kurt arched his hips up trying to get her take more. Then with a skill that Marina envied Jade slowly took the whole length in her mouth, right down to the pulsing root.

“Yes,” Kurt groaned as Jade bobbed up and down on his cock.

Paolo’s hand came across the blanket to grip Marina’s thigh as they both watched. The fingers biting into her flesh with each groan that Kurt made. The buzzer sounded, leaving Kurt cursing as Jade’s mouth slipped from his cock. She pulled the shorts up halfway, leaving the wet head poking out the top.

“My turn,” Jade said with a grin and spun the bottle hard. Round and around it clattered until it slowed to stop pointing at her. Jade clapped her hands and gave a childish squeal. “Simon says, Paolo take out your kocaeli escort cock and stroke it.”

Paolo grinned, first at Marina and then at Jade, but when he took out his cock it was Kurt he was watching. His long fingers easily slipped the elastic band of his sweats over his hips revealing his cock and balls. Coming up on his knees Paolo wet his palm first on the moist tip before grasping the shaft and pulling down. The silence of the cabin made Kurt’s excited gasp even louder. Marina didn’t watch Paolo; she’d seen this show before. Seeing Paolo masturbate was one of her favorite things to do. Instead she watched Kurt, his fevered gaze stuck on the hand that slowly stroked the length of Paolo’s erection. Flicking her eyes over to Jade she saw that she too watched Kurt.

The buzzer sounded. Paolo stopped stroking but didn’t pull up his sweats, leaving his cum tipped cock out for all to see. His cock bobbing as his leaned forward to take his turn spinning the bottle. It landed on again Kurt and he wasn’t so fast this time to choose his instructions, his eyes flicking over to look at Paolo and then back at Jade.

Finally he cleared his throat and said, “Simon says Jade and Marina, strip each other.”

Marina moved to the center of the circle and crooked a finger at Jade. First she slipped the tank over Jade’s head, then fell to her knees to remove her shorts, kissing the slight swell of her stomach before slipping the tiny pink panties down her legs. Naked, Jade returned the favor, pulling off her t-shirt and halter neck bikini, pausing a moment to hold the weight of Marina’s breasts before sliding down her skirt and bikini bottoms. They stood in the circle, turning slowly showing their naked bodies until the buzzer sounded.

Marina spun the bottle before returning to take her seat beside Paolo. It landed on Jade, who caught her eye before saying, “Simon says, Paolo and Kurt strip each other.”

Marina expected Kurt to hesitate, but he didn’t, instead he met Paolo in the circle center and waited. Paolo made the first move, positioning Kurt’s arms above his head and stripping off the sleeveless jersey he wore. His chest bare, Paolo trailed his fingers down Kurt’s chest until they hooked into the elastic waistband of his shorts, on either side of his cock. As he pulled on the elastic Paolo went down on his knees, until his mouth was level with Kurt’s erection. It bobbed out, hitting his cheek as Kurt lifted his feet to step out of his shorts.

Getting up to his feet Paolo stood close to Kurt and said, “Undress me.”

Kurt’s hands shook as they went to the buttons of the loose flannel shirt Paolo wore. His fingers stroking against the skin with each button he released. When he pulled the open shirt over his shoulders he ran his hands down the muscles of Paolo’s arms. The shirt pooled on the ground and Kurt went to his knees to pull down Paolo’s sweat pants, his hair brushing Paolo’s cock as he pulled down the sweats. Paolo speared his fingers through the thick straight hair and held him close against his stomach. They remained still for a couple of minutes longer than the buzzer, Paolo standing and Kurt on his knees, his cheek resting on Paolo’s stomach.

Before returning to sit Kurt spun the bottle. It landed on Marina, who too hesitated before speaking. She’d thought when she started this game that she wanted to punish Kurt, but after seeing him now with Paolo she wasn’t so sure. Instead of punishing him, maybe she wanted to expand his boundaries. Help him find what he needed.

“Simon says, Jade taste me.” She spread her legs wide, leaning back to rest on her elbows. Jade didn’t falter, moving between her spread legs the moment she opened up for her. The short black hair of Jade’s pixie cut brushed her thighs as her head came down to meet Marina’s open slit. She’s done this before, Marina thought as Jade’s tongue flicked her clit without hesitation. Strong wet laps of her swollen clit built a rapid orgasm. When the buzzer sounded before she could orgasm Marina gripped Jade’s head and wouldn’t let her leave. The feeling of that insistent tongue and the knowledge that they were not alone sent her over, pushing her into a quick and vibrant orgasm.

When she’d finished pulsing she loosened her grip in Jade’s hair. Jade placed a soft kiss on the inside her thigh, pulled up on her knees and crawled back to sit with Kurt.

Both men looked at her when she sat up, rather than embarrassment she felt a rush of exhilaration at their heated stares. As no one else did, Marina moved forward to spin the bottle, it landed on Paolo and he met her eyes with a half smile.

“Simon says, Kurt taste me.”

Kurt looked first to Jade as if seeking permission. Jade gave a slight nod, imperceptible unless you were looking as closely as both Marina and Kurt were. Paolo moved to stand in the center of the circle. Kurt came on his knees to kneel konya escort before him. Paolo cupped his cheek and stoked his thumb across the seam of Kurt’s mouth.

“It’s OK,” he murmured, “You don’t have to.”

Kurt didn’t answer. Instead he moved his lips to softly kiss the tip of Paolo’s cock. The gentle action unfurled a hot lick of need in Marina’s belly, despite the fact she’d only just come. Paolo’s hand moved to gently cradle Kurt’s jaw and his fingers curled in his hair.

Kurt licked first, a tentative taste of the cum slick tip. His head tilted to look up at Paolo, who smiled down at him. He opened wide, taking in too much at first, gagging on the flesh. Jade moved to his side and stroked a soft hand down his arm to support him. Marina moved too, leaning her head against Paolo’s leg, just inches from Kurt’s mouth. With Jade’s help Kurt continued gradually lowering his mouth down Paolo’s shaft. The room was filled with the sound of his sucking mouth and Jade’s soothing directions, “Suck him. Baby you look so hot. Take as much as you can. Tongue the slit.”

The buzzer sounded and Kurt stilled his mouth, looking up at Paolo who pulled back, removing his cock. Kurt looked disappointed until Paolo dropped to his knees and took his mouth in a crushing kiss. Still holding tight to Paolo, Marina watched, loving the play of male mouth against mouth. Men’s kissing was such a turn on to her, the strength of it so different to when Paolo kissed her.

Marina pressed her hand between the men to hold their cocks together. Jade seeing what she’d done, wrapped her hand around them as well. Fingers linked they spread the pre-cum of the men down their shafts while above they kissed. Paolo ended the kiss first, moving away and then spreading his palms on Kurt’s chest. He pushed him down on the blanket. All three of them moved in to the prone man—Jade kissing his mouth, Marina licking his nipples and Paolo sucking his cock.

Beneath them Kurt arched, writhing and moaning like a man released. Only hours before you could not have paid Marina to touch him, but now, she could not stop. She moved down to join Paolo at his cock sucking the head while Paolo lapped at his balls. Jade left them to return with a tube of lube she pressed into Marina’s hand. She handed the tube to Paolo who slicked his fingers in the gel and spread the cheeks of Kurt’s ass.

Above them Kurt groaned. Jade came down to watch, linking her fingers with Marina’s she pressed against her, watching Paolo spread her boyfriend’s ass. Marina turned her head and met Jade’s mouth, licking and sucking at her soft lips. Unable to resist any longer she moved her fingers down to find Jade’s wet heat. While Paolo opened up Kurt’s asshole with his probing fingers Marina delved into Jade’s soaked slit. Hot wet walls contracted around her fingers as Jade watched Paolo sheath his cock and push against Kurt’s ass. Kurt’s hips rose to meet his rocking thrust, wanting it, needing to be filled. On her knees Marina speared her fingers into Jade’s cunt while she sucked on her sweet puckered brown nipples. At the same time as Paolo had his full length lodged inside Kurt, Marina used her thumb to strum on Jade’s clit.

Kurt moaned, inhuman sounds, thrashing his head from side to side as Paolo pushed deep inside his ass. Marina was caught between the need to see Kurt come and the desire to focus on Jade’s pleasure. Jade gripped a hand on Marina’s wrist, directing the rhythm of the fingers thrusting inside her.

Paolo pulled out of Kurt, guided him up onto his knees and thrust back inside him once more. Kurt’s back bowed as drove his ass back to meet Paolo’s driving cock.

“Look. Look at him,” Jade gasped out as Paolo brought a hand around to grasp Kurt’s cock. With each thrust inside he stroked the length slicking his thumb across the sensitive slit.

“He’s going to come. He’s going to make him come,” Marina whispered in Jade’s ear as she continued to thumb her plump and swollen clit.

“Yes. Yes. Come. Come for him!” she cried out as the tight wet walls of her vagina clenched in orgasm around Marina’s fingers. She drenched Marina’s fingers with her cum moments before she saw Kurt’s cock spurt in Paolo’s hand.

“Fuck Yeah!” Paolo cried as Kurt’s cock splattered it’s cum through his fingers onto the hardwood floor. Once Kurt had finished Paolo brought both hands to grip his hips, the slap of each thrust echoing around the room.

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” Paolo grunted with each meeting of their flesh, until his back bowed, head throw back, he bellowed out his orgasm.

Kurt lay flat, splayed on the floor with Paolo resting his weight above him. Marina and Jade moved to either side of the men, pressing the bodies against them both.

Kurt had his head faced toward Marina, his eyes closed. When he opened them she met his eyes. He looked away. She moved in and pressed a gentle kiss to his open mouth, against his wet lips she spoke, “Simon says It’s OK Kurt.’


Phew, I hope that worked for you. If it did (or if you have interesting criticism) please leave a comment. Oh, and a rating…I love them.

Go on…lay some sugar on me.



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The Family Ritual Ch. 18

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(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the main characters:

The Cassidy’s
Matthew: The Patriarch
Helen: His wife
Hayley: Their youngest daughter
Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell
Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth
Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn
Lance:Elder brother to Matthew
Miriam: Lance’s wife.

Son in law’s
Brandon Mitchell – Actor
Daniel Worth –Sports agent
Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah
* Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, being considered as possible husband for Daniela
Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley
*Isabel Cassidy Smythe – Daughter of Matthew’s Sister Maxine, suitor to Daniela
*Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, Matthew’s brother suitor to Daniela
Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board
Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

*Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley
*Brian West – Assistant to Jake
Daniela –Frederick’s daughter and now submissive to Hayley
Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

* New main character’s

Daniela was very surprised with the room that Mason had arranged for her. Mason had the room redone in Daniela’s favorite colors with a canopy bed, beautiful furniture and a chaise lounge.

“I’ve done this for you. Why don’t you rest and I’ll make us some lunch.” Mason told her.

“I can help.” Daniela said to him.

“No, you will rest or I’ll swat your butt. I will come and get you when lunch is ready.” Mason kissed her cheek.

Daniela unpacked and got into bed. She was very tired and soon fell asleep.

Mason knocked on the door and went in. She was sound asleep. He kissed her face, stroked her cheek, and left her to sleep.

He had lunch alone and did some bookkeeping before leaving for the restaurant.


Margo had a modeling assignment. She arranged everything at the house in upstate New York. She purchased groceries for at least a few months, chains, drugs to knock Miss Daniela out but would not hurt the baby, ropes, a flogger and books. The books and the computer taught her everything she knew about how to deliver a baby.

Wilson had managed to convince Margo to take him to the house since he was supposed to be helping her. Wilson took photographs unbeknownst to Margo and sent them to Blake. Blake laughed at the sheer immaturity of this plot. Miss Margo would pay and Blake couldn’t wait until January 3rd. She would be the one who would be a captive.


Hayley and Jake were planning a party to bring in the New Year. Brandon and Samantha were coming, Mason and Daniela, Daniel and Denise, Quinn and Jonah, Stephen and Mary plus two more couples that were friends of Jake.

Mary was invited to spend the night. Stephen returned from Maine. He had his father’s blessing to pursue Mary and he was glad. He was in love with this young woman. Dent and Sally were coming after the New Year. They were excited to meet Mary. Dent especially wanted to see Jake’s sister. He hoped he would get to deflower her.


Hayley worked with Marvina diligently over the menu and decorations for the party. Hayley wanted it to be festive and fun. Jake helped Hayley when he wasn’t busy at work. Marvina left early New Year’s Eve, since she had her own party to attend and told Hayley that she would be fine. The catering service arrived and set everything up just the way Hayley wanted. As she walked around the house, she was pleased.

Just before the guests were set to arrive, Brian came to the apartment building to receive two envelopes from Hayley for Lance’s punishment. Hayley handed them to him. One would go to Matthew and the other to Kenneth. No one but Hayley, not even Jake, knew what she had decided.


Daniela slept the entire day and woke up just in time for dinner. Mason had gone out to check on the restaurant leaving his housekeeper to look after her. He returned to find Daniela changing her clothes for dinner.

Mason took her to the restaurant. He introduced her to the staff and they were seated in one of the private rooms. “This is my world that I want you a part of. I want to know what you’d like to do. I know that we will have a baby so I think you’ll be home with the child, but other than that, do you want to do something special with your time.”

“You know I’m going to school.” Daniela said, “I’m just in my senior year and I’d like to finish. If we are together then I can transfer here. I would have to travel back and forth until the school year ended.”

“I understand and I can come to Boston. My staff is quite capable of handling things here.” Mason said. He bit his lip, “My parents are coming on January 2nd. They’d like to meet you.”

“Oh my, what do I say to royalty?” Daniela laughed.

Mason laughed loudly, “They are very down to earth, don’t worry about that. It is my sister, Claudia who has her nose stuck up her ass, but karabük escort you won’t meet her for quite some time. She’s in South Africa with her husband who is a diplomat.”

“Tomorrow, I would like to spend time with you until we go to Hayley and Jake’s for the party. Would you like to do anything special? Mason asked.

“No. I think that I’d like to spend the day with you at home.” Daniela said.

“All right, let’s have dinner and then go home.” Mason said feeling flustered.

Daniela reached over the table and took Mason’s hand. He trembled and she smiled at him. “Do I make you nervous?” She said as she took his hand and kissed his palm.

Mason said nothing as she took his index finger in her mouth and sucked it. “Are you teasing me?” He said his voice horse.

“You didn’t answer me Mason, do I make you nervous?” Daniela said watching him.

“You make me nervous and you make me want to spank you for teasing me. I’ve wanted to take all your clothes off that sexy body since I met you.” Mason said seriously.

“I heard you spoke to my father and asked for my hand. I heard you spoke to Jake and asked him how far you could take me.” Daniela’s voice was soft, flirtatious.

Mason groaned, “Woman you’re making me crazy.”

“Then let’s finish eating and go home.” Daniela said.

They finished dinner. Daniela ordered dessert, strawberries with cream and she took her time eating it as Mason watched her his dick growing by the minute.

She was playing with him and he was enjoying every minute of it. They finished and walked hand in hand, back to his home.

Once inside the apartment, the doors closed, Mason pushed Daniela against the wall. He pulled off her coat and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a button down sweater and a short skirt with hose and garter underneath and a push up bra.

Mason unbuttoned the sweater and stared at her breasts in the bra. He licked between her cleavage, and back up to ravage her mouth. Daniela was breathless.

Mason took her hand and pressed it to his crotch. He was steel. “You see what you’ve done to me. You see how hard you have made me. You see how patient I have been with you. I’m trying, really trying to behave, but you’re driving me mad.”

Daniela smiled at him. “You want me, then take me. Show me that you are my master. Show me how much you want me Mason.”

Mason growled, “Please Daniela I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, not beyond my endurance, but I need you to be who you are with me, Mason.” She said grabbing his cock through his pants, “I am your slave tonight, do as you wish.”

Mason grabbed her and kissed her hard. He pushed Daniela to her knees and she unbuttoned his pants. She took his cock in her mouth.

“Did I tell you, you could suck me? I didn’t even tell you, you could unbutton my pants. I’ll teach you to be what I need.” Mason said knowing that he still had to temper his desires.

Daniela looked up at him, her eyes ablaze, “I know I’ve been bad. I should know better, but I don’t think you’re man enough to make me behave. I can be very obstinate.” Daniela said as she took his cock back in her mouth.

Infuriated Mason grabbed Daniela by her hair, pulling her off his cock. He picked her up and took her into the bedroom. She bit his neck on the way and he dumped her on the bed. Mason pulled the restraints from the bed and secured her hands. “I can’t put you in full bondage but I can restrain your hands.” He said.

Daniela could see all the lust he was feeling. She could see the self-control he had been keeping slip away. She smiled and Mason slapped her once, twice, not too hard, but to let her know that he was serious. Daniela stopped smiling. A part of Mason wanted to whip her, but another part, the biggest part knew that she wanted to know who he was as a Dom, her Dom and he would show her with love.

Mason stripped Daniela of her skirt. He freed first one hand, then the other so that he could take off her shirt. She lay before him in garter and hose and that damn beautiful black push up bra. “I hope you don’t love the bra you’re wearing.” Mason said as he took a switchblade from his pocket and cut the bra from her body.

Her breasts were magnificent in his eyes and Mason couldn’t help but suck them. He suckled her nipples. Mason pushed her breasts together taking both nipples in her mouth. Daniela was in heat and made the decision to tell him that she chose him at the party. Mason felt down her body. Daniela gasped. “Yes Mason, yes.”

“You belong to me. I have to give you to Jake for a little while longer, but you belong to me.” Mason said feasting on her nipples.

Reluctantly he let the nipple go to get off the bed and undress. She watched him as he took of his clothes slowly, stripping just for her. His dick tented in his underpants. When he removed them, his dick stood up proudly. Daniela licked her lips.

“You see what you’ve done. You will take care of it with your karaman escort mouth, your pussy and your ass. You can wait to give me your answer, but I will tell you that from tonight on, you belong to me and if anyone tries to take you away from me, I will kill them.

You are mine, that baby is mine.” He said as he got on the bed and opened her legs. Daniela didn’t move she watched him as Mason felt up her thighs to her waist and back down. He bent down to smell her pussy. He licked her bare pubic area. He ran his hand across the stubble, “From now on this is to be clean every day. I don’t want any hair on it. Do you understand?” He said slapping her pussy.

“Ahhhhh.” Daniela said in pain and in pleasure.

Mason hit her there again, “When I ask you a question, answer me.”

“Yes Mason.” Daniela said a wicked gleam in her eye.

“I’m sure that’s not what you call Jake. You will be my wife. Here in this house it is Sir, you can forget that Master crap, but it will always be said with respect.” He said slapping her pussy hard.

“Yes Sir!” Daniela said. It felt so damn good.

Mason slid two fingers into her pussy and felt her clinch them. “My little slut is wet. Your cunt is soaking. I’m going to enjoy this. I had planned to wait, to take my time, but you didn’t want that. You wanted to tease me, so don’t cum until I give you permission.”

“Ah, please Sir.” Daniela begged.

“I love how you beg; you’ll be doing quite a bit of that tonight.” Mason said as he moved his fingers in and out. He had to taste her, but first he lay his head on her stomach, “Little baby, you are my child. I will raise you and teach you and take you riding at the castle, I will love your mother and spank her when she is naughty, but I will always take care of her.” Mason said and then bent down to worship Daniela’s pussy.

Mason took his time. He was a connoisseur at sucking pussy. He had been instructed when he was a teenager by one of his mother’s friends, an older woman who showed him exactly what to do. He brought Daniela to heights, then back down, then back up again. She was begging and pleading for release, but Mason refused her. She had teased him to no end and now all he wanted was to feast upon her nectar and make her suffer.

Mason fell into Daniela’s pussy. He devoured it. Each taste, each lick made him fall more in love with her. All his frustration disappeared, all his pretend anger vanished and in its place was nothing but love. He would die if she didn’t marry him.

Mason stared at her, “Cum Daniela, cum for me.” He said and she let go. Daniela creamed into his mouth and Mason drank every bit. She pulled on the tether, she wrapped her legs around his head and still he drank. He loved her taste, her smell, her stocking legs around his head.

Daniela had never felt anything like it. She came through her soul and she knew at that moment that she and Mason would be together forever. Finally, she released him from the lock she had around his head. She was satisfied and tired.

Mason lay on her chest for quite some time as Daniela came down from her orgasm. He untied her and she held him as he lay on her. Mason looked up and kissed her lips. Daniela with a gleam in her eye kissed Mason’s lips, then she kissed his throat and down to his chest. He had a light dusting of hair and she sucked his nipples. Mason stroked her hair as she continued down to his cock.

Daniela sucked on his cock gently, reverently, tenderly. He allowed her to take him as she wished. Mason watched her. He felt the love she had for him and Mason was glad. He felt as if his heart would burst from happiness.

“Sir, I know we have to be a little bit careful, but I want you to take my mouth.” Daniela said taking her mouth off his cock.”

Mason wound his hand in her hair and began using it to move her up and down on his cock that was growing and hardening in her mouth. Mason didn’t want to cum like this not the first time, he wanted her pussy to receive his semen. He wanted her pussy to be flooded with his juices, which he would then suck out of her.

Jake was right, Mason thought, her dick sucking was superb. He didn’t’ want to know who had taught her, but they taught her well. Mason would make very good use of that mouth.

Halfheartedly he pulled Daniela off his cock. He brought her up to lie on top of him and kissed her lips, “I don’t want to be my very Dom self, not tonight. Tonight I want to make love to you. I will punish you at some point for all the teasing, but tonight that is not what I want. Tonight I want you to feel what is in my heart. My heart is in love with you.” Mason said as he put his cock at her entrance.

Mason moved Daniela’s body so she was underneath him. He pushed slowly inside her. Daniela brought her knees up and Mason moved inside her. “God, your pussy is so tight. It is wrapped around my cock like a glove. It fits so perfectly.” He breathed as he moved slowly back out, then back in again.

Daniela kars escort moaned, she was enjoying his movements. She whispered in his ear, “I love you Mason.”

“I adore you Daniela.” Mason said as he moved his hips faster and faster. Their mouths met and their tongues danced as he fucked into her. Mason had never felt so much and he didn’t’ want it to end. He didn’t want this moment to end.

Mason held on as long as he could, but her pussy was just too delicious, it was pulling him too tightly as he finally had to cum. Mason held Daniela tightly to him as he thrust inside her body and his cum flooded out of him into her.

His orgasm triggered hers and she came, her fingers digging into his back. They whispered their love as they both held each other not wanting to ever let the other go. Mason finally released and with great love and tenderness he went down to her pussy and sucked their mixed juices savoring it and Daniela knew that this was the perfect man for her.


New Year’s Eve and Hayley was dressed in a black and red corseted gown. She looked divine and Jake told her so. He was in a new tuxedo which Brian had ordered hand made for him from London.

Quinn arrived looking stunning in a dark blue gown. Her hair again in long braids, while Jonah dressed in his tuxedo followed behind her. Jake went over to Jonah, “How are you doing? We haven’t had time to talk much.”

“I’m fine Jake, better than fine. Quinn and I are at a good place. She’s always been the strong one and I’m very happy to let her take the reins.” Jonah said.

“I’m happy for you.” Jake answered.

Mary arrived with Stephen. They were holding hands. Jake had Mary put her bag into the guest bedroom.

Denise and Daniel arrived next. Daniel was in a bad temper. “I’m sorry Jake but Denise has been behaving badly today. I’ll be fine, but she will pay for it later.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy yourself.” Jake said.

They had hired a band and music was playing as the bartender was taking orders for drinks and the servers were passing out hors d’oeuvres. Dinner was a sit down dinner at 10:30.

Daniela and Mason arrived and Hayley was happy to see Daniela who looked radiant in a long silver gown, her baby bump barely visible. She and Mason looked so in love.

Brandon and Samantha had taken a trip to Florida for publicity for Brandon’s new movie and they arrived just in time for dinner.

The other friends of Jake and Hayley’s arrived. Everyone was talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. Mary and the two couple who were friends were star struck at meeting Brandon, as was Stephen who had not met his cousin-in-law.

After dinner, the band took a break and the television as turned on to Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve for the countdown. Glasses of champagne were handed out, as were hats, confetti and horns. Everyone got ready to watch the ball as it dropped in Times Square. Daniela was given sparkling grape juice.

They all counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year they said as one then kissed their respective mate. Kisses went around the room and pats on the back, horns were blown and confetti thrown in the air.

Hayley with her arm around Jake’s waist grinned up at him, “This is going to be a great year.”

“Yes, it is. I am marrying my best friend.” Jake said and Hayley kissed him again.


The two other couples left soon after and Daniela asked for quiet. The room went into a hushed silence. “Hi everyone.” Daniela said, her face all aglow, “You know that I had until April to make my decision, but I’ve made it already. I want all of you here to know that I have chosen Mason.”

Jake yelled out, “We could have told you that.”

Everyone laughed. Mason looked around the room. He got down on one knee. Samantha held her breath, as did Mary. Mary held Stephen’s hand as Mason took out the ring box from inside his tuxedo jacket pocket that he carried so protectively. “I know that I’m not worthy of you, but you would make me the happiest man if, in front of our family, you would agree to be my wife.”

He opened the box to reveal the beautiful diamond ring. Daniela nodded, then found her voice, “Yes, yes, a thousand, no a million times yes, I will marry you.”

Mason stood up and kissed her hard as applause erupted around them another round of champagne and a toast. “Wow two weddings in one year.” Samantha said.

“My mother wants us to get married in England. We will discuss it and let all of you know.” Mason said beaming, “but right now I need to get my bride to be home. She is expecting and I’m sure she’s bushed. She gets to meet my parents tomorrow.”

Mary looked at Jake and whispered, “A baby too. What did she mean by her choice was Mason?”

Jake looked at Hayley who said, “She had a few suitors and she chose Mason.”

Hayley, Samantha, Denise, Quinn and Mary all surrounded Daniela and hugged her. They admired her beautiful ring. She and Mason left soon after.


Samantha and Brandon were staying at the Plaza so they took Stephen with them. Stephen kissed Mary and wished her a good night and a Happy New Year.

The next to leave were Daniel and Denise. Daniel looked in better spirits but Denise looked worried. Daniel held her hand tightly as they left.

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Jacob’s Harem Ch. 01

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My family had always been somewhat unconventional. We were just a bunch of misfits that somehow found a place we all belonged. The life we had may not have been the life I had in mind growing up, but it was my life and that was good enough. Little did I know that our life together was about to take an unexpected turn.

Mom had lived a hard life, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Her hair was long and dark, her eyes deep and calm. I wouldn’t call her short, not to her face anyway, but she certainly wasn’t tall. I had towered over her since my early teens. After Dad died, she had taken whatever jobs she could find to care for us kids- most often, a few jobs at a time. But somehow, she always found time for all of us. She was there to help with schoolwork or attend games and recitals; she always stood up for me when the teachers all said I wasn’t cut out for school, even though I knew they were probably right. When it came to her children, she was a mother bear- something that always took people by surprise when they ended up on her bad side.

I was the oldest out of all the kids, behind Mom by only seventeen years or so. I was also her only son, so our relationship had been a little bit difficult during my rebellious years. After I grew up and calmed down, we had grown very close. More than once, someone thought I was a much younger husband or boyfriend. I took it as a compliment; I was never sure how Mom took it.

My twin sisters, Lisa and Jessica, were a few years younger than I was. Although they were completely alike in appearance, they couldn’t have been any more different from each other when it came to personality. Lisa was athletic and outgoing while Jessica was more bookish and somewhat reserved. Lisa’s major was “sports medicine” while Jessica’s was chemistry. Night and day. When it came to looks alone, however, the two were indistinguishable. Both kept their blonde hair long and, most often, pulled back in a ponytail. Both had the same soft, delicate features framing fiercely intelligence blue eyes. They were also both extremely attractive, which boys started to notice early on. When they started to develop, I got in my first real fight.

Then there was the youngest, Heather. She had a different father than the twins and I, having been conceived and born during the brief time that Mom and Dad had been separated. Her skin was a very light olive and her eyes a soft brown. She was very slender, almost dainty in appearance, but she had an energy and love for life that no one else I knew could ever match. Her father wanted nothing to do with her or our mother, but she was as much a part of our family as any of us.

At some point, we had picked up a few strays, too. The turbulent redhead Samantha (don’t ever call her that to her face unless you want a bruised shoulder. It’s “Sam.” Always Sam) was Lisa’s best friend. Her home life wasn’t all that great, so we had become somewhat of an adopted family for her. I felt a little better about seeing her as an attractive woman, since we weren’t related in any way. She was best described as “curvy.” But, again, not to her face.

Last but not least, there was Jamie. She had been Mom’s coworker once- while younger than me, they held the same position at the time. She came over once or twice, and then she just sort of stuck around. It was far from an imposition- we were all glad to have her in the home. She was a great cook and funny as hell. She looked a lot like Mom, too, so it was a little bit awkward for me to admit that the younger brunette was hot.

When Dad died, it left me as the man of the house. I was the one that chased down the spiders and met the boyfriends. Chased them down, too, when I had to. I learned how to unclog sinks and fix holes in drywall. I couldn’t always fix a broken heart or convince a teenaged girl that she wasn’t getting fat, but I suppose most father figures struggled with those things as well. I was also still the big brother for nearly all of them, Jamie being the sole exception; it was itself a full-time job.

It was a chaotic home- always loud and generally disorganized, but it was our home. One by one, as we all became legal adults, we decided to stay. Despite the home being a little too small for so many people, we were happy there.

Most days, at least. In a house filled with sisters, there were bound to be fights once in a while.

I was just coming home from a double shift. I was tired and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep. But even before I opened the door, I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

It really wasn’t unusual for the girls to fight among themselves, but a small part of me wanted to just turn around and go somewhere else for a while. Sometimes, those fights could get pretty intense. I sighed and pushed the door open. Whatever it was, I’d probably have to referee it sooner or later.

I listened, trying to gauge the tone and topic as I hung up my heavy winter coat and set aside my snow-covered boots.

“How long’s it been now?” kilis escort It was Lisa’s voice, pointed and frustrated.

“That’s none of your damn business,” snapped Mom. Oh boy. I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. If I was going to wade in the middle of that, I had to be ready.

“We just care about you, Mom,” Jessica chimed in. She rarely argued, especially with Mom. Things must be bad if she was involved. “It’s just… you haven’t seen anyone since…”

Don’t mention Dad. Don’t mention Dad, I thought to myself.

“Dad,” Lisa finished.


Mom hadn’t dated anyone since Dad died. She said that she didn’t want anyone else after him, but I knew that she was also privately worried that no one would want her “at her age” and with a whole houseful of kids. I never really understood why she felt that way; although she was my mother, even I could admit that she was extremely attractive. Beautiful, even. Lisa and Jessica took after her in a lot of ways, although our mother also possessed the confidence and poise that could only come with time. So, Dad was kind of a sensitive topic.

Mom went silent as I entered the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked, calm and collected. The last thing I wanted was to exacerbate the situation, especially before I knew what was actually going on.

“Nothing,” Lisa and Jessica replied in unison. It was always “nothing” and they always, always presented a united front.

Mom, however, was a bit more forthcoming. “Your sisters seem to think that I need to start dating. Still.” She shot a look at Lisa and Jessica, who ignored it. It was a conversation they had several times before. I had always tried to stay the hell out of it, but I didn’t really have a choice this time.

“Mom,” Lisa began delicately. “We all miss dad.”

“But he wouldn’t want you to be lonely,” Jessica continued. “We’re all grown up now, Mom. It’s okay.”

Mom didn’t respond. One by one, each one of the women- the most important women in my life- looked at me. They expected me to arbitrate, just like I always did when they reached an impasse. In this case, they all wanted something very different from me.

Long moments passed. I took a very deep breath before speaking. “Mom,” I said finally. “They’re right.”

Her eyes narrowed. I know it wasn’t what she wanted to hear, but it was the truth. Jessica and Lisa looked away.

Mom didn’t reply. She stood up, left the room, and slammed her bedroom door behind her.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Mom sighed. She looked herself in the mirror as Heather straightened her dress.

We were all there- Heather, Lisa and Jessica, Jamie, Sam, Me, all helping Mom get ready for her first date in a very long time.

“You look great,” I assured her. She really did. Mom and Jamie had gone out earlier in the day to pick out a new dress. It was tight and clung to her body in a way I hadn’t really noticed before. Then again, I hadn’t seen her dressed up in years. I tried my best not to stare. It wasn’t easy.

“Are we going to meet him first?” Sam asked.

“He’ll have to get past Jake,” Heather joked, poking in in the chest.

I’d met every one of the girls’ boyfriends before they went out together. Most of them were fine, but there were a few that had been left dateless and blue-balled. Good riddance to those ones. But I hadn’t really thought about meeting my Mom’s date first. On one hand, I was her son and had no business interfering with her love life; on the other hand, I wasn’t about to let my mother’s first date in years get ruined because the guy was a creep.

“I think Mom can screen her own dates,” I replied.

“All the same,” Mom said, “I’d like to know what you all think. He’ll be here any minute.” She looked at me strangely; I couldn’t tell exactly what was in her eyes, but I could see that she had misgivings.

“Of course, Mom. Really, you look great. He’s a lucky guy.”

Mom smiled warmly.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Mom, for the first time in a very long time, blushed.

I went down to meet the man, most of the girls in tow. Only Jaime and the twins remained to help Mom get ready. We all sat in the living room, most on the couch or chairs taken from the dining room. No one, not even Mom’s date, sat in Dad’s old recliner. This left him on the loveseat; comfortable, but very much the center of our attention.

The man’s name was Franklin, and he was a perfect gentleman. He seemed to understand our unorthodox family dynamics and bore the interrogation with good-natured grace. He’d met Mom at work (He was a supply chain analyst for a vendor’s company); he’d never been married (he said he hadn’t yet found “Missus Right”); he liked fishing and sailing (Mom didn’t, but that was a small detail). He seemed all right to me. More importantly, to us.

When Mom came downstairs, Franklin lit up. She was already glowing.

“What do you think?” Mom whispered kırıkkale escort to me.

“I like him,” I whispered back, kissing her on the cheek. “Have a good time.”

There were goodbyes and feigned warnings (“have her back by midnight,” Sam warned. “Tomorrow!” Heather added. We all laughed), and then they were off. It felt strange to even think, but I hoped Mom got laid. She needed it. We all watched as they got in his car- he opened the door for her, which was a good sign- and drove off.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Heather asked, moving away from the window. “Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird?”

“What’s weird?” Sam asked.

“That she’s finally going out with someone. I’m glad she is, I mean, but… I don’t know.”

“It’s just different, that’s all. It’s change,” Sam replied. “Hopefully it’ll be something we’ll have to get used to.”

“Yeah,” Heather said absently.

“I just hope she has a good time,” I added. Translation: I hope her heart doesn’t get broken on her first date in years. Franklin was much older than I was, but he was also a big guy; I had learned my lesson about started fights I didn’t have to, but I always welcomed the opportunity to defend myself after someone hurt one of the girls.

“She will,” Lisa said. “I know it.”

“How do you know that?” Jessica scoffed.

“Because it’s meant to be. She’s going to fall in love, I just know it.” Lisa seemed to fall deeply in love a few times a year. To her, true love was always around the corner. It was like she was living in some sort of fairy tale, and had been ever since she was a little girl.

Jessica only rolled her eyes. Jamie’s call to dinner was the only thing that interrupted a sarcastic retort.

During dinner, we talked about anything but Mom’s love life. And afterwards, we all retreated to our separate places in the home. I had just showered and started to get settled in when there was a knock at my door. On the other side, Lisa and Jessica.

“What do you want?” I asked, only a little bit annoyed. It had been a long day and I wanted nothing more than to just jack off and go to bed.

The girls pushed their way past me, coming into my bedroom without any sort of invitation.

“Come on in, then,” I said, rolling my eyes. Sisters.

They sat on my bed, leaving me to take the chair nearest my desk.

“It was good what you did for Mom,” Lisa said.

“What did I do for her?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“She wouldn’t have gone out if you hadn’t said she should,” Jessica answered.

“Whether she’d admit it or not, she needed your approval.” Lisa added.

I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I had only been relieved that she had gone. “Oh, okay.” It was all I could think to say. It seemed only slightly underwhelming, given the credit they were giving me, but I never really had much of a way with words.

The girls exchanged glances. There was something going on between them that I couldn’t quite figure out.

It was bold, brave Lisa that finally asked the question that they had come to ask. “When was the last time anyone did the same for you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, defensive. Cautious.

“We mean,” Jessica clarified, “that you haven’t been dating much yourself. As far back as we can remember, you’ve been taking care of us. Who’s taking care of you?”

“I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I’m fine,” I lied.

My sisters looked at each other again, finding some sort of strength in one another.

“We don’t think so,” Jessica said delicately. “Thin walls,” she added with a wry smile, as if it were some sort of an explanation.

I tried my best to pretend that I didn’t know what she meant.

“But, anyways, we talked about it,” Jessica continued, “and we want to help.”

I knew where they were going with that. It wasn’t the first time they’d tried it. “No,” I said firmly. “You’re not setting me up with one of your friends. The last time was a disaster.”

“That’s… not exactly what we had in mind,” Jessica said after a long moment.

“We want you to fuck us,” Lisa declared, bold and unashamed.

“Both of us,” Jessica clarified, as if it weren’t clear enough already. She leaned closer to our sister. “I thought we were going to be subtle?” she scolded in a harsh whisper.

My brain did an odd sort of summersault, trying to make sense of what I was hearing. I could only manage to stare. I thought that I must have been dreaming. Or maybe hallucinating. Or maybe I had simply gone insane.

The girls glanced at each other nervously.

“I told you he’d be upset,” Jessica fretted, clenching and releasing her fists. She always did that when she was nervous.

Lisa studied my face for a moment. “He’s not mad… he’s confused.” She giggled. “Take your time, Jake, we’ll wait.”

That brought me back to my senses. Even then, I couldn’t quite accept what I had heard. “I don’t know what kind of kırklareli escort game you’re playing, but I don’t have time for it.”

“It’s not a game,” they said in unison. They glanced at each other and laughed at the unintended synchronicity.

“We want to do something nice for you; we want to do this,” Lisa explained.

“You’re drunk,” I guessed. “Go to bed.” If they weren’t my sisters, I would have taken the chance all the same. There was no denying that they were hot, and twins at that. With both of them- the identical twins- sitting on my bed, practically begging me for sex, I could imagine… Your sisters, my brain reminded me. You’re talking about your sisters. Right.

Jessica sighed and turned to our sister. “I told you he wouldn’t want us,” she said. She sniffled. I knew that trick, but that didn’t mean it didn’t work every damn time.

“Why don’t you want us, Jake?” Lisa asked. “Aren’t we pretty?” Her lip started to quiver. Tears started welling in her eyes. She could cry on cue, any time she wanted. It was impressive, really.

“Knock it off,” I argued weakly. I was wearing down; I wasn’t sure if they were serious or testing me for some reason, but I could feel my resolve slipping. I could also feel my cock started to swell. All that my body knew was that two attractive women were sexually available to me. It didn’t care who they were.

Another look between them. They seemed to speak their own language sometimes, and I was positive that they could communicate without saying a word. And then, at the exact same time, their shirts came off.

“Wha…” It was all I could manage.

Neither of my sisters wore a bra. That wasn’t a surprise, though. I had noticed it shortly after they sat down. I had seen their bare breasts before, of course. Growing up together, there were bound to be occasional dropped towels or bikini malfunctions here and there. But they had never showed them to me. After a moment, I realized that I hadn’t stopped staring.

“You like them?” one of the girls asked. I wasn’t exactly sure which one.

Before I knew exactly what I was doing, I nodded. With that, my resistance crumbled and they knew it. Their breasts were perfect- creamy and firm. Pink nipples, stiffening from the cool air and their own arousal, were contrasted against their pale skin. I thought that Lisa’s may have been slightly larger, but decided that illusion was caused when she leaned towards me.

“I knew that would get him,” Lisa smirked.

Jessica only nodded.

“You really want to do this?” I asked. One more chance to back out; one more opportunity to reveal the prank before I fall for it completely. I could barely take my eyes off of their perfect tits to catch their response.

They nodded. Once again in unison.

“Jake,” Jessica replied tenderly. “You’ve done so much for us; and we know how much you’ve given up for the family.”

“Remember when Tanya broke up with you because you weren’t spending enough time with her? You think we didn’t know that it was all of us keeping you so busy?” Lisa said.

“That bitch,” Jessica muttered under her breath. None of them liked Tanya.

“Or the fact that you haven’t taken a day off in as long as we can remember? Even Mom gets weekends,” Lisa added.

“I make more then she does. And there’s a lot of mouths to feed, it just makes sense.”

“Mouths to feed? How about the tuition you’ve been paying so we can go to school?”

“You girls are crazy smart; you just have more potential. Again, it just makes sense.”

They rolled their eyes. “Let us thank you then; it’s the least we can do,” Jessica demanded. “Jake,” she added, her voice softening. “We’ve wanted this for a long time. We’ve talked about doing it for months… but when Mo-“

“How long since you had your dick sucked?” Lisa interjected bluntly.

Any other time, hearing my little sister talk about sucking a dick would have made me sick. Probably earned some asshole a black eye, too. But hearing her talk about my dick while they were both topless? It was something else entirely.

“Too long,” I confessed.

“Then that’s where we’ll start,” she replied with a satisfied smile. As usual, my little sisters had gotten their way. This time, however, we all were going to get what we wanted.

“You won’t tell anyone, right?” I asked.

“Not a soul,” Jessica promised. Lisa nodded in agreement. I looked the two in the eyes, one after the other. There was something I had never seen in them before.


“Take off your clothes,” Lisa said. It wasn’t a request. It wasn’t even a command. It was simply what had to come next.

I stood up; their eyes were fixed on me. Subtle hints of smiles on their matching lips. My heart was thundering in my chest. My legs were weak. Was I really going to do this? With my little sisters of all people?

One more glance at their tits convinced me that yes, I definitely was.

“Someone will hear,” I said. I didn’t know why I was so uncertain. It clearly wasn’t a prank and they obviously wanted is as much as I did, but there was still something holding me back. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of what we were about to do; maybe it was the fear of getting caught. Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough to stop me any longer.

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The Fallen One Ch. 04

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Hi readers, I’ve got to tell you, it has been a very interesting summer. Seems like life has fun throwing curve balls at you and dares you to swing and connect. I have been enjoying my new life of leisure, cottaging, spa weekends (Fucking awesome way to unwind), bought two new cars, five new Armani suits, some custom made shoes and a dozen ties while travelling Italy for two weeks. And believe it or not, I actually finished writing two more stories. I wrote the next chapters of two on-going stories while staying in a villa and now I’m back and writing about Bitch.

Well, get this, Bitch has been fully submitted and from the first viewing since I got back, seems to like her new role. Looks like the girls knew the right buttons to push to get her to break and enough rewards to convince her this was what she wanted all along in her life. Rachel and Carolyn enjoy getting licked and cleaned and have their mornings started with several orgasms each and submit Bitch to a daily dose of pussy and ass stretching to keep her in shape. I noticed several days of DP fisting and Carolyn worked a two hander in her cunt. The sloshing sounds she made during that were incredible. They had her do a beauty touch up on each of them, legs and pussies shaved, manicures and pedicures, and then had her suck their toes and then apply polish to their fingers and toes. They love making her submit to being servile to their every need.

She looks a little butchy now with her hair stubble coming in, like a boot camp marine. No make up or scent is allowed, I was told, so she has no identity. She takes everything they do to her with compliance and gratitude and the best is coming.

A friend of Carolyn is doing some of the artwork I wanted to have done. Piercing and studding all the vital areas and then later, her tattooing is getting done. I had an Email from her friend Rashida, showing the design she worked out and it’s amazing. It uses studs around her aureolas and out into her tits, a line of studs down each outer labia, close to her thighs, two rows going straight up from her clit hood, up to her navel and a ring around her anus, and then the small rings are attached to her clit hood, inner labia and nipples. And for the piece de resistance, a Queen Victoria. To utilize these studs and rings, is a bra and panty set made of solid silver and gold plate mail. They hook on to the studs and keep things in a delicious state of painful arousal. Once I see the footage, I’ll detail the process. Needless to say, inflicting pain costs money and this was costing $5500 for the stud work and piercing, the ink is going on later and the set was $12,500, not sold in stores obviously, but custom fitted for Bitch personally. The girls had done a full and in depth measuring of her tits, pussy and ass, along with photos for clarity of position and shape, and sent them to a place in France that designs them. Secret, someone else is getting the whole set too, only nicer. Another entertainment right-off for my taxes, sweet.

As I mentioned before, my girlfriend wanted an old fashioned handmaiden and I was in the process of letting her know about Bitch. It was while we were in Italy, we visited a few castles and villas and met some very nice people. They had their own personal handmaiden and valet, and after they told me what they do for them to manage their daily affairs, I am definitely getting them.

What’s the use of 30+ million if you can’t enjoy it to the max, I mean really. Tell me you’d be doing something different if it was you. So after she had that thrown her way, she was hounding me to have one and well, I dropped the bomb and told her about Bitch. To my surprise, she didn’t seem too shocked. I thought she’d freak out and call the cops,saying that I was a total sicko. No doubt, upon investigation, they’d think the same thing and nothing would keep me out of jail, except a whole bunch of cash. She took it calmly actually, and admitted she sensed I wasn’t the total nice guy she knew me to be, and I wouldn’t do that to her without something else up my sleeve. She was actually happy I had taken her down off her high horse and didn’t mind the abuse I hurled at her, well the girls did that for me and I’ll add, for some of you readers as well.

Thanks again for writing and telling me your thoughts and feelings for what I’m doing. I’m sure many of you reading can relate to loving someone so much and then have the rug pulled out from under your feet. You’ve sat there looking at them and wondering why the fuck are they treating you like this? You gave your heart to them and now you get treated like a piece of shit. Not too hard to imagine how that makes you feel, especially when your child is getting that too. So for those who write and call me a sick fuck and complain about cruelty, talk to my readers and others, men and women, who have had to deal with this. I’m sure I’d be mailing copies of the discs to you and you’d cheer through it all.

Sorry, back to my girlfriend and Bitch. She looked at her transformation and istanbul escort when I said, ” You can turn her into anything you want”, she didn’t think too long and said she’d go out and see her and see what she thought. She has an idea of what she’d like and thinks she would find it interesting to have Bitch serve her. Happy, happy, happy.

Now, like I said earlier, life throws some good pitches and then some wicked curves. I got a slider thrown to me and I think it’s out of the park. I had submitted my stories and was getting feedback and one in particular came from a fellow writer. She told me how much she enjoyed my writing and I happened to catch her new piece and we ended up getting in touch and Emailing each other, We hit it off and became friends and shared all kinds of thoughts and feelings about things and shared intimate details and described our sex lives and it didn’t take long before we were swapping pics and real names and lo and behold, we’re falling in love. Now I know I’ve got a great girlfirend and she does love me, how deeply I’m not sure yet, but I know it has it’s limitations. All relationships do. What I was finding in my new interest, I knew didn’t exist in my current one, was the depth of character, and her personality had me instantly.

I’ll tell you know, it’s LittleMissJen. She’s a beautiful sub who lives in a south-west state and she is fabulous. I can’t say enough about her as to what she is as a person and as a woman. As a sexual partner, I was coming to learn there was a side of me that liked what her lifestyle was like, and wanted to try it. I’ve always been adventurous and this just seemed to fulfill what I had been missing now, and in all my relationships. I have some Dom traits that LMJ likes in me and she does so many things that turn me on, that I don’t have to coax her into, she’ll do them willingly and gladly on command.

I never saw it coming. Right out of left field and hit home plate. I had fallen in love mutually with the woman my heart desired and she found I filled her life with what every other Dom lacked. So, now I have Bitch getting studded and pierced, my girlfriend going out to check out her new handmaiden and me falling in love with a writer from Literotica. That’s a curve ball if I ever saw one.

You can find out all about it in a posting coming out soon called ‘The Bonding of LanceGT and LittleMissJen’. We thought it was worth putting in a story.

But now let’s get back to the matter at hand, Bitch’s artwork. Rashida came on a Tuesday and Wednesday to do all the work and wow, is she gorgeous. The total Indian princess thing, you know. Slender, long, raven-black hair, those hypnotically, black eyes and a killer body, 5’7’about 120 lbs. I truly think I watched her more, than what she did. She moved with such grace and precision applying the metal, it was hard to concentrate on Bitch getting done. There really are beautiful women in every race.

Bitch came out from the kitchen, naked of course, she’s upstairs now too, and greeted Rashida at the door. Rachel and Carolyn were out on the patio after swimming, judging from the bathing suits they were wearing. Introductions and all aside, they headed down to the ‘Den’ and Bitch was back on her table and having her legs and arms strapped down. The stirrups were spread apart and Bitch was open for business. Rashida wiped her entire pussy and ass area down with alcohol for santitary purposes, professional, don’t need any infections to spoil the show at this stage, right. She opened her kit and took out a pistol like device and a strip of solid silver studs. Apparently the studs have little, tiny barbs that hold them in place, so once they go in, they’re in. She looked at the drawing and studied Bitch’s cunt and opened her and moved her about to see the stretch and limits to her. She used a pen and made dots where she was going to pierce her and Bitch’s face looked nervous when she was counting how many and where they were going. I laughed out loud when they told her that many and more were going in her tits and her face had this sadistically, funny expression of horror. I swear, you would have laughed too. Without the ability to move, she lay there shivering with fear and dread, as Rashida finished and got ready to fire the first of many one inch studs into her sensitive cunt area. The sound of the spring releasing wasn’t that loud, but the yelp from Bitch, had Carolyn fetching a ball gag and muffling the sound, so Rashida could concentrate on her work. I could see Bitch shaking more and more as the gun fired and more silver adorned her outer labia. Her’s were really plump and the barbs had some good meat to sink into. I always liked her pussy. You could get her wet and fuck her for hours. It was such a heavenly feeling, pounding into her and bouncing off her. What you’d call, ‘A real, long distance fuck’, more cushion for pushin’, more bounce to the ounce, built for comfort, not for speed. Too bad she used it as a weapon, instead of giving it izmir escort lovingly to me. Yup, too bad.

After 15 minutes, the outer labia were done and Rashida wiped away the blood drops and looked at her handywork. She re-loaded the gun with another strip and started from her navel and worked down the first row to her clit. The girls strapped her waist down, after she twisted her hips up, when Rashida started getting close to her clit. She was crying hysterically after the second row was done and Rashida again wiped away the blood and looked at her. She discussed it, like a project, with the girls, explaining how the rings connect with the panties and they pull her apart and the effects while moving and doing certain positions. Rashida did another re-load and was using gold this time for her anal ring. I could only imagine getting anything up her ass and the points digging in mercilessly, increasing in agony as the opening was stretched. Combine this with close to 6 sq.ft of ink going on as well, and Bitch was going to be having a very painful next two weeks, I’m sure.

Rashida, I like her name, sounds exotic and mystical, doesn’t it? She aims the gun and six shots later, Bitch is shining like a star. A tight, puckered centre of light brown, surrounded by a shiny ring of bright gold balls. Wipe away the blood and she’s done for studding. Now for the rings.

A long, fairly thick needle came out and was sanitized in alcohol and put to the side. Using some long, thin clamps, Rashida exposed the inner labia and made her series of dots down the side. Taking the needle, she slowly pushed on it and then with a quick jab, the needle was through and the first gold ring was slid into the hole, as she pulled out on the needle, stretching the hole open and then the needle was removed. Three more and the first side was done. Bitch just cried and shook, as no thought to her pain, or attention paid to her suffering, was given. The rings glowed as they dangled from their new purchase. Rashida went to work on the other side and after the last dot was made, Rashida started her work again. Bitch cried and bled as she felt the last one go in, and then screamed as the alcohol pad wiped away the blood. When her little clit hood got stretched out, she panted so fast, I thought she would pass out from hyper-ventilating. She made it through and a thicker ring hung over her clit as it was finished.

Rashida used a curved needle now and starting from the pussy side, pushed it through the flesh at the bottom and with a slow, deliberate movement, it came out through Bitch’s anus, right where the needle was supposed to be. Using the same method of stretching, a larger gold ring was inserted and worked through the tiny opening and completed its journey. All the rings were fixed in place and the job was done.

In two short hours, Rashida had transformed the once comely looking sex area into a glistening work of art. The difference in looks, solidified her appearance firmly, as that of a slave.

Once I took a look at the precision of the studs and rings, I felt nervous about Jen getting it done to her. I knew her enjoyment of pain consisted of very nasty things she liked, but after seeing Bitch get done, I wasn’t sure I wanted that kind of pain inflicted on her. It would be completely her choice to get it done.

They left Bitch strapped down and Rashida came up and took one of her tits and checked it out like an inanimate object, like it was a piece of fruit and not a vital part of the anatomy. She pulled, poked, stretched and squeezed the expensive mound, that tit had become, and sized up her plan of attack for tomorrow. Bitch was left on the table, more for her own good, so she didn’t hurt herself and to let the areas heal. The girls and Rashida went upstairs and got caught up with their lives, laughing pretty hard at some of the things they said, and asked when she’d be back. She was coming around 10 and said she was bringing the bra and panties for a test fit, to make sure everything lined up correctly. The set would need to be adjusted, naturally now that the studs and rings were in place, and she could finalize the proceedure.

Bitch was given strict instructions to keep herself clean and how to walk and sit, while the studs healed in place. Being naked all the time would make that easier to do. In fact, she stayed on the table and didn’t move until bed time and lock up.

Rashida was back just after 10 and spent some time out on the patio with the girls, having some cold drinks and some brunch, enjoying the warm morning. Bitch was down on her table, strapped completely like yesterday and a gag ball waiting beside her head. She didn’t sleep very well, unfortunately, the studs dug into her when she moved and kept her awake, trying to find a comfortable position to get into. Like I always say at a time like this, ‘Imagine My Concern’, get used to it.

I could see her work from yesterday and there was some swelling and redness around her pussy. izmit escort The studs were definitely making themselves known and quite at home. The rings didn’t cause as much inflamation, but a ring of red surrounded each piercing hole.

After a good social visit, the girls came down and Rashida went to her case and went straight to work. The girls were watching intently on either side of Bitch, ready to help with whatever Rashida needed them for. She had them swab the areas down with alcohol on cotton pads, several times. The dots were carefully placed and the design on one tit was completed. Bitch whimpered by the time Rashida was only half way done, counting the dots and figuring as many were going in her tit, as her pussy and ass combined, maybe more, and the same going in her other one as well.

I was hoping the studs wouldn’t damage the new enhancements and ruin the look of her perfect tits. They did look awesome, I have to admit. They looked like they were sculpted and then attached in just the right location on her chest. The aureolae were almost perfect circles and the nipples had been adjusted by the girls to remain somewhat full and erect from the constant suction and stretching they gave her.

Rashida loaded the gun with a strip of gold studs for her nipple and lined up the first dot. Cupping her tit, she pressed the gun in and fired. In a split second, the gun had deposited the first of six ball-headed studs around the aureola. Bitch shook from the instantanious injection and readied herself for the next one. Another squeeze of the trigger and a ping of the stretched spring and there is another shiny ball of gold attached. See, I’m learning about the beauty in pain. Take away any feelings for her, not hard to do, right, and concentrate on the art itself and before you know it, a masterpiece has been created. I was told it would take a week or two for the studs to bond into the flesh before they were usable and the inflammation went away, but it looked incredible already. The first ring around the edge of her aureola was finished in 10 minutes and Rashida loaded a strip of silver studs into it. She had purpose to her every movement and wasted no time in starting the next row. Eight studs ringed the next one, an inch gap between them and contrasted nicely with the bright gold. Rashida looked at the picture she used as reference, and confirmed she was exact in her measurements. Two more rings to go, increasing in number by two each time. I knew how the bra was attached to it and knew it stayed in place with loops and the studs. The straps were mostly just for show, but could be used to increase/decrease the amount of pull on the studs, if desrired.

In half an hour, Bitch’s tit was transformed into a glittering work of art. They gave her a few moments to get used to the studs and wiped her blood off. Rashida went to work on her other tit and shortly had it marked out. She started with gold again and the process continued. Ring after ring was attached and by the time Carolyn called down for a break for lunch, it was done.

The girls sat under the awning on the patio enjoying more drinks and a cold soup Rashida had made along with some small slices of dark bread. It looked good and I’ll have to find out what it was. I love trying new and different foods from around the world. Speaking of which, I almost forgot to tell you, if you remember from the first part I wrote, I said I wanted to collect her cum and ejaculate and boil it like syrup, well it worked.

Before I took off to Italy, I went over and got it out of the fridge and started to boil it in a double boiler. I added two cups of water and did a low boil for an hour and a half, stirring slowly. At first the smell was pretty acrid and then it mellowed out and it took on a different scent, kinda sweeter. It was liquidy, not very syrupy, but it thickened to a point I thought had brought it to completion of the sugars caramelizing. I had three full cups of pussy juice and two of water and I ended up with a cup and a half of a sweet, slightly tangy nectar. I’d call it a sauce instead of a syrup, but really tasty. You never know what you’ll get from a pussy these days. I wonder if there could be a market for this stuff. I mean we all like to taste it in its raw form don’t we? Who doesn’t like the taste of fresh cum? I’m just saying try it like I did and taste it then. Then tell me there couldn’t be a market for it. Just use your imagination and let it run wild and the possibilities are interesting.

I bottled mine and left it in the fridge to age till I got back and tried it on plain vanilla ice cream, top quality of course, and it was heavenly. I was thinking of a nice fruit compote to mix it with as well.

Okay, the girls are done eating and are heading back down. Bitch is lying still and not crying anymore. She seems to be studying, slight pun, her new additions. I’m guessing she’s thinking how this bra and panty thing must work with how the studs are placed. I have a better idea of how it works than she does and I know it’ll still blow her mind more when she does experience it for the first time, even after she knows it in her head. Rachel is putting the ball gag back in and gave her a loving caress on her stubbly head and smiled so sweetly. Fucking nasty, I love it when she does that.

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Jack’s First Job Ch. 04

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The next morning mum made breakfast then she had to work, she had four home visits to do. Jack felt quite relieved as she didn’t mention last night. Mum was pleased and cheerful. Jack spent the day revising work from University, he covered a lot of ground then did the same thing on Sunday.

On Monday, Jack and Jean christened the bedroom. Jack had changed the lock, but he was the only one with a key, that way, he couldn’t be disturbed no matter who was in the room with him. Tuesday, he invited Clare over, she loved it, she was also much noisier there so she must have felt secure. The bedroom proved to be very handy. The beauty for Jack was that he controlled it, he saw Jean again on Wednesday and Clare on Thursday. Mum had her hair cut on Wednesday; she also had highlights done which changed her look. Jack had booked a table for two at the pub on Friday evening; he had ordered a bottle of champagne, to be served on their arrival, he also advised them that they would be eating Chateaubriand to be presented medium-rare. He was so looking forward to Friday evening; he thought mum was too, hence the haircut and highlights.

Friday night arrived after work Jack had come home and showered and shaved. He had dressed in a blazer and slacks; he heard mum still in the bathroom, she had her en-suite bathroom connected to her bedroom. He went to the fridge to get a glass of wine; there was a note attached to the fridge door, it read, “Jack, I got some champagne in for tonight, pour yourself some, and I’ll join you in the lounge, love mum x.”

Jack poured a glass then sat in the lounge. He wondered if mum would mention last night, on reflection, they both had started to kiss simultaneously. Jack felt that they both wanted to kiss. Jack knew himself that if the opportunity came again, he would do the same thing.

Jack was on his second glass when mum came in carrying her glass, she raised it and said, “Cheers.”

Mum looked stunning; she was wearing a figure-hugging dress which showed her curves to perfection. She was also wearing three-inch heels which were unusual for mum as she was a tall woman. She sat beside Jack on the sofa; Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, I’m privileged to be your partner tonight. I’m also pleased that it’s a beautiful evening and we can walk, you’ve saved money on the taxi.”

Mum smiled then said, “Jack, if we walk, I won’t walk in these shoes, I’ll wear flatter ones to walk and put these on before we go into the pub. I like heels, but I never have the opportunity to wear them. I can wear them when I’m with you as you are so tall. Do you like champagne? I want tonight to be special; my beautiful son is spending part of his first wage taking his old mum out for dinner.”

“You are not old mum, you look beautiful, you’ll be the best looking woman in the pub tonight, kastamonu escort and I’m sure about that.”

They finished the bottle then walked to the pub, mum in her flat shoes, she changed back into her heels before they went into the pub. They were escorted to their table then as if by magic, the champagne appeared. Mum was impressed after they had toasted each other, mum whispered, “Jack, that was so thoughtful of you. I appreciate this so much. I want to kiss you, but I won’t do it here, but you are getting a special kiss when we get home tonight. Jack, I enjoyed last night, especially the kisses, to be honest, I was sorry that you went to bed.”

Jack couldn’t believe it; he whispered back, “Me too, I love how you kiss, I didn’t want to clean my teeth this morning as I could still taste you.”

Mum smiled then said, “What a lovely thing to say, Jack, I’m happy that you feel the same way as I do, we must be careful when we are out, especially in the village.”

The main course was served, which amazed mum as they hadn’t ordered. Mum saw that it was medium-rare and smiled. It was delicious; they didn’t speak as they ate as the food was so good. Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off mum’s tits, they looked magnificent, she was wearing a bra, but it must have been a push up one. They finished their meal; Jack said, “That’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing mum, the colours suit you.”

“On Wednesday I spent hours looking at clothes. I found an excellent boutique in the city. I bought three outfits, apart for leggings for you. I haven’t bought anything for years.”

“Your leggings are wonderful, mum.”

“You just like looking at my lady parts, my newest leggings are so tight, but they are comfortable to wear. You weren’t looking at my dress; you were looking at my tits as you were eating your steak.”

“Mum, I love big tits, and you have got beautiful big tits.”

“I loved it last night when we were kissing, and you were playing with them, I loved how you teased my nipples, I was about to cum then you left.”

The waiter cleared the table and asked if we would like dessert or coffee. Mum looked at Jack then said no that we were both full. Jack paid the bill then they left. Outside mum put on her flat shoes then they walked home. Jack said, “Mum, I’d love to put my arm around you and cuddle you as we walk home.”

“Jack, I’d love that too but we can’t. When we get home, I want to kiss and cuddle you; I’ve plenty of champagne in the fridge so we can sip champagne too. Would you like me to wear leggings and a top like I had on last night?”

“I would love that mum; you looked so well last night, I was happy that you weren’t wearing a bra.”

“Last night, I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I’ll change when we get home. Could you kayseri escort get the champagne and fresh glasses?”

“I’d like that mum; I’ll get the champagne when you are changing.”

They arrived at the front door as Jack was opening it, mum said, “I’d love it, Jack, if you were only wearing your boxers.”

Inside the hall they kissed then mum went to change, Jack said, “I’ll only have my boxers on when you come back.”

Jack got the fresh glasses and champagne then stripped, he was sitting on the sofa when mum came back, she looked gorgeous, her leggings were pink, and so was her top. Jack’s cock was semi-hard; it was parallel to his waistband. Jack cuddled mum, their kisses hot and hungry; both were burying their tongues in the other’s mouths. Both their hands were probing unhindered.

Jack was concentrating on mum’s tits as he had done last night, teasing and stimulating mum’s hard nipples. Mum had found Jack’s erect cock, his bulbous head and part of his shaft was now three inches above his waistband, mum gasped when she saw it, her hand was around it stroking it with amazement, mum said, “Jack, your cock is massive, it’s so long and thick, I can’t believe that it’s so big but gorgeous, let me make him hard.”

Mum went down on Jack, her lips covering his bulbous head, her tongue teasing and probing. Jack was loving what she was doing to him, but he wanted to go down on her and make her cum.

He slid his hand inside the waistband of her leggings; her lower stomach felt so soft and flat. His fingers then touched mum’s vulva; it was smooth and swollen, his finger felt mum’s hooded clitoris; it was big and moist to his touch. Mum opened her legs wider to give him better access. Mum purred with pleasure as Jack slid two fingers inside her hot, wet and hungry cunt.

Jack was now in control; he laid mum on the carpet in a position that allowed them to 69. Mum was taking the full length of Jack’s massive cock; it felt so good, her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. Jack had removed his boxers; he had also removed mum’s top and leggings, mum had a beautiful body for her age, it aroused Jack as he looked and admired it.

Jack then went down on mum, sucking mum’s clit, he initially began finger fucking her with two fingers. Mum loved it; she was pushing her puss against Jack’s mouth; she was also gripping Jack’s fingers with her strong cunt muscles. Mum said, “Jack, I love what you are doing, you’re doing it so well, I love how you are sucking my clit, you will make mummy cum, do you want to make mummy cum?”

“I want to mum; I want you to cum in my mouth, I’m so happy that you are enjoying this, every time that we make love, I want to go down on you, I want you to cum in my mouth, then I’ll know that you are ready for my kıbrıs escort cock.”

Jack continued sucking his mum’s clit; he was sucking and teasing it with his tongue. His fingers were going deeper inside her, he formed his fingers into a cone shape then started to fist his mum. She loved that, she opened her legs wider and pushed against Jack’s fist.

Then Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth; it tasted delicious; it was so sweet and tasty. Mum’s cunt was dripping; she was ready for him. Holding mum’s cum in his mouth, Jack took her arms; they tongue kissed for several minutes, not a word was said as her cum was transferred from Jack’s mouth to his mum’s. Mum swallowed her cum then as she lay with her legs open full and Jack stroking her long sex slit with the bulbous head of his cock, mum said, “Jack, thank you for that, it was so intimate and personal, you did it beautifully and lovingly, please take me now, I’m yours.”

With a gentle push Jack slid inside his mum in the missionary position, they were soon riding each other in tandem, it was if they were one, as Jack increased the tempo, mum did the same. Mum was gripping Jack’s throbbing cock at the base and head of each thrust. Jack said, “Mum, it feels so good, how’s it for you?”

“Jack, it’s amazing, I feel stretched, but it feels so comfortable. You are stimulating my cervix, I’ve never experienced that before, it’s a wonderful feeling for me too. I love it when you go deep, Jack, fuck me harder.”

Jack then raised his pace, mum’s legs were in the air, she was supporting them by holding them at the ankle, but her hips and cunt muscles were working overtime.

For the next twenty minutes they continued their intensive lovemaking, they were kissing and touching lovingly. Jack realised that he wasn’t doing this for his own sexual gratification, he was making love to his mum, and she was making love to him, this was something special.

Then mum started to moan loudly; Jack sensed that she was close to cuming; he went faster and deeper. He put his finger on her clit, his cock and finger were moving at the same tempo, mum loved it, her hips were pushing so hard against Jack’s penetrating cock then the flood gates opened, they both climaxed simultaneously.

Mum had a body-shaking orgasm as Jack shot the final dribbles of his spunk inside her. Mum pulled Jack to her then they kissed as mum gripped Jack’s pulsating cock and held him deep inside her dripping cunt. They kissed tenderly and lovingly for several minutes then mum said, “Jack, that was beautiful. I loved every minute of it. I’ve never made love like that in all my life. When I think about it, I have been fucked many times in my life, but I’ve never had anything like that before, you made love to me and gave me the best fuck of my life.”

They kissed again; Jack knew that mum was feeling and thinking the same as him, Jack had been apprehensive about having sex with his mum, they hadn’t had sex, they had made love, they had both loved it. Jack has enjoyed having sex with Jean and Clare, but this was another world, he was so happy that they had done it.

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Rehabilitation At the Beach

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Rehabilitation at the Beach

As I laid my nude, aging body back and exposed it to the world, the heat of the mid-day sun’s rays striking every part of it felt good.

Yeah, I was exposed to the world, but I’d found a quiet, secluded spot, which provided well deserved relaxation after a long ten days of strenuous work, where no one would wander—not that I’d wanted anyone to pass by.

As a matter of fact, it’d been so long since I’d needed (or wanted) anyone for companionship, the wanting had disappeared long ago—it was no longer required—but I didn’t mind.

I closed my eyes and drifted from days of past to that day. I wanted yesterday so bad, but was stuck with the problems of the present. Brief moments of joy enclosed me each time I had memories of past days, but those, too, were soon lost as I was pulled back to the present as if a voice was calling out to me.

It took a few seconds to realize the voice wasn’t within my mind but coming from behind me. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, opened my eyes, and looked up. I saw her standing over my shoulders as her white shirt was blazing in the sun.

Still believing my mind was lost in the past, I searched for reality, for there I was, visiting a nudist beach, and yet, someone behind me was apparently clothed. I wiped my eyes to try to clear the vision above me, and the more I rubbed, the clearer she became, but still wearing that white shirt.

It was too late to react for there I sat, or rather semi-reclined, on a beach chair and naked to the world. What I had was clearly visible even though some may not think it to be much.

I managed a weak hello.

“Um, hello.”

She motioned to the lounge chair that sat across from me.

“Is anyone sitting there?”


I was still trying to determine why someone who was dressed would be on a nudist beach.

“May I?”

I nodded yes.

I felt her hand touch the wooden frame of my chair as she moved around me. I looked at the shirt flowing over her shoulders—it was a bit large but apparently comfortable during the heat of the day. It wasn’t until she’d gone as far as the foot of my lounge that I suspected she was wearing only the shirt and nothing else.

Unfortunately, the shirt was long enough to cover her hips, but I could see her legs emerging from beneath it. They were exquisite and well worth the price of being exposed to a younger woman. I’d only seen her face briefly when as she glanced back as she moved to her chair, not at the start when she spoke to me.

Young? Yes, but her walk and manner were classic as she dropped her beach bag at the side of the chair. As she bent over slightly, her shirt pulled upward to show more of her thighs.

She stood beside her chaise, turned as she sat down on the edge of it, kept her legs low as she raised them from the ground, and pivoted on the chaise as she laid them to rest along it. She had her knees slightly elevated, which hid my view of her legs as I could see nothing more than her calves, knees, and the white of her shirt.

She reached down, found the opening of her beach bag, pulled a paperback novel from it, and grasped it with both hands before resting them over her bosom. She couldn’t have read more than a paragraph before she slowly lifted her eyes away from her book until she was looking into my eyes.

Her voice was clearer and less informal than before.

“Hi, I’m Kathy.”

I couldn’t help but think about what she’d seen when her eyes moved past the top of the book, but it didn’t matter because she’d obviously seen more when she stood behind me.

I stammered because I was unsure whether or not a conversation would follow or only a brief politeness until she returned to her book.

“I…I’m Bruce.”

The latter was correct. I watched as she lowered her eyes to my crotch again (only slower that time), paused, and then glanced down to her novel.

A touch of disappointment overcame me as I would’ve appreciated some conversation that was more than only a “Hi.”

I watched as her eyes moved back and forth along the lines of the page. Otherwise, she laid there motionless, except for the odd itch of her ankle as she moved her other foot against it and slowly rubbed it. Each time it happened, I hoped for the movement to shift her blouse and expose more of her thighs, but it didn’t happen.

She did momentarily lift her eyes, now and then, to see if I was still there. More than thirty minutes had passed, the heat of the day was starting to reach its peak, and yet, I still felt alone. I wasn’t the only one who felt the heat!

Kathy finally rested her open book on the edge of the chaise. She wiped the brow of her forehead to remove the perspiration that’d beaded there and was threatening to break free and slip onto her face. She wiped her fingers, starting at her shoulders, onto her chest, which turned the material translucent as it clung to her breasts.

I looked up just as she was slowly (as if she had all day) beginning to unfasten the buttons of her kilis escort blouse. One by one, the buttons were unfastened and exposing more of her cleavage as the sides of her blouse opened and rested against her breasts.

Finally, as she struggled with the last button, the tail of the shirt fell to her side. She grasped the loose ends, pulled them back for a moment, and then lifted them up. I waited (patiently) for the shirt to be slipped from her shoulders so I could enjoy the moment when she, too, would be naked from the waist up.

No sooner had she pulled the shirt from below her, she wrapped the ends under her breasts, pulled them tight, and tied them into a knot. For but a split second, her left breast had slipped from her cover but once again disappeared as she secured the shirt.

The wait was worth it to be able to see her firm, tanned, breast and the tiniest nipple. She’d given me the smallest, but hopeful, glimpse of her breast, which bore the proof of nude sunbathing. I was content to gaze upon the depth of the cleavage her breasts as they were suspended inside of a cloud of white cloth.

Again, she reached down, picked up the book, and gave me a quick glance.

“It’s hot!”

“It certainly is.”

I was unsure of what she thought my statement referred to—the heat of the sun, or her shirt grasping her breasts.

Kathy smiled and continued reading her book. Pages turned, one by one, again with only the occasional scratching of her ankle as she’d done before. It seemed that any movement by her caught my eye, which caused me to focus upon her.

That time, I saw her cross her ankles after she’d finished laying her legs against the cushion of the chaise. When I saw only a few sparse tuffs of fine, black, pubic hair held tightly between her thighs, it was only then that I confirmed she was wearing only the shirt.

Kathy slowly looked up, stopped half way to twist her neck as if her muscles had tightened, looked at me, and gave me another short smile.

“The sun sure is nice to relax these tired muscles.”

I followed her outline from her feet to her eyes with my eyes as she rubbed the back of her neck.

“Yes, Kathy, it surely does.”

Kathy raised her arms out to her sides and placed them behind her as she stretched her whole body tight. Even the shirt that was tied to her pulled (hard) against her breasts, which made clear outlines of her tiny nipples through the fabric. Just as she reached the extent of her stretch, the knot of her shirt came loose, causing her shirt to pull free of her breast.

“Darn, I always have problems with that knot. What’s the use of trying?”

She pulled the loose ends of the shirt to the side to expose all of her round breasts. The nipples perched upon them were tiny, firm buds and deep in color. After the shirt was freed from her body, she twisted slightly to place it upon the back of the chaise, which profiled her breasts, which were held high on her chest.

She reached into her bag, pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion, removed the cap, and placed it on her thigh. Kathy placed a dab of lotion in one hand and spread it over her shoulders and upper body. Her skin was shining as the sunlight reflected off of her moist body.

As another drop of lotion dribbled onto her palm, I watched as she placed her hand on, and moved it across and around, her breasts. As I watched her slightly distort her breasts as she rubbed the cream thoroughly into her flesh, the top to the bottle was slipping from the top of her thigh to between her thighs.

She leaned forward as she moved her long fingers between her thighs, captured the bottle top, and closed her thighs again, but not without briefly exposing the outline of her pussy.

She saw me looking as I was unoccupied by other things.

“Bruce, can you do my back, please?”

I placed my feet flat on the ground, stood, and moved next to Kathy.

She handed me the bottle, turned over on the chaise, moved to the opposite edge to make room for me, locked her ankles again, and turned her head toward my direction.

My soft cock was hanging between my thighs as I sat down next to her with my left thigh resting along the edge of the chaise. The other was opened to provide balance to my perched stance.

I raised the bottle above her and allowed several drops to fall onto her shoulder blades before I began spreading it about her upper back with my palms and massaging the oil into her skin with my fingers. I placed another drop on her lower back and spread it to just above her butt cheeks. I noticed their round shape and the crease between them that dipped between her tightly held thighs.

“There, I’m done.”

“Feels good and better than I could do. Do all of my back, if you would?”

I couldn’t resist. She followed my movements as I placed two drops on her cheeks, lightly rubbed the oil about—I felt very little give to her tight cheeks—and moved myself further down the chaise to allow my hands to perform their task.

I kırıkkale escort placed two, long streams of oil along her thighs. The warmth of her body and the sunlight was loosening the bond of the oil, which caused it to spread over her thighs and drip between them. Kathy unlocked her ankles but laid each foot next to the other.

Her thighs became less rigid and were barely separated from each other. I continued the application of the oil and vigorously rubbed it into her flesh. It was only when I applied the oil to her upper thighs that I took my time and was careful not to touch where I shouldn’t.

She relaxed some more and allowed me to move my fingers deeper, see her looser cheeks, and see the more visible crease. As I placed the top back onto the bottle, I noticed her eyes were half open as she was still watching me.

After standing, I handed Kathy the bottle as she turned over and moved into the sitting position with her feet supporting her. At the same time, her fine pubic hairs barely concealed her pussy as she separated her thighs again. Her unblemished lips came together as her slit made its way downward.

I felt a twinge inside of me, but I wanted it to be more than a faint feeling. I took my chair and sat as I had before—after all, I wasn’t showing any outward emotion of being that close to someone so desirable. After Kathy re-opened the bottle, she poured a stream of oil onto her thighs and down to her knees.

The oil shone in the hot sunlight as she slowly massaged it against her flesh. When she pressed her fingers between her thighs, she moved the skin against her hand. I took a moment to wonder how steady my hands would’ve been had she asked me to continue with the application of the oil.

Bit by bit, she opened her thighs and raised one up as the other lay open and flat against the chair. I couldn’t help but see the tiny, delicate hairs adorning her pussy as they shone strongly from the oils she’d applied. It’d become easier to see the fullness of her lips where they came together to hide what was held between them.

What she was doing wasn’t obscene or vulgar. It was simply an innocent activity that, as her hand moved back and forth, allowed me a momentary view of her.

Each time, I was able to anticipate when her hand would be low enough on her knee to allow me another glance of her.

Each time, I waited for it and more tingles seemed to build deeper inside of me.

I noticed I was slowly reacting to the feeling of myself growing larger as the start of an erection began. It didn’t amount to much, but considering the period before, it felt wonderful! Kathy looked up, saw my pathetic attempt at becoming erect, and lowered her eyes back to her task.

My cock was hanging low between my thighs without form or shape. My moment of ecstasy had passed much too quickly as it’d lasted less than a minute.

As Kathy continued her task until her body shone from head to toe, she’d occasionally look at me for a moment and then turn back. She returned the bottle to her beach bag, wiped her hands free of the oil on a small towel, then picked up the book to continue her leisurely relaxation in the sun.

She couldn’t have read more than a page when, once again, she placed her hand inside of the bag and found her disk player. She turned it on, placed the headset over her ears, and continued with her reading. I couldn’t tell what she was listening to, but since she continued to flicker her eyes across the pages of the book, it appeared to be the type of music one uses for background enjoyment.

As she turned each page, Kathy became more and more relaxed. She’d slouched lower on the chaise until she was lying flat on her back, feet tucked closer to her hips, and knees raised above it.

First, her toes began to move to the rhythm of the music, then one foot tapped out the beat, and then the other. Soon, her feet were stepping from side to side as if her soul were out on a dance floor. I wasn’t sure whether or not she realized the effect the music had on her, and I wasn’t about to tell her either.

As each foot moved to the music, her knees and thighs opened wider until I was able to look along her thighs and clearly see her pussy without any obstruction from her hands. I couldn’t move my eyes from her, nor did I want to, for she was that captivating!

Every part of her seemed to tingle. Her pink, delicate folds of flesh held my gaze as they’d partially opened and exposed the hood draped over her clitoris. I was barely able to make out the start of the opening to her pussy—I would’ve seen more, had it not been for the sagging of the cloth chaise.

Each movement of her body tantalized me more and more as I ached to see more of her, but I was content with what she’d inadvertently shown me. It hadn’t been wasted either. I felt that ache returning, stronger than ever before, as my cock stood up from between my thighs.

It was long and slender, but as rigid as if I’d been re-incarnated as a juvenile. I couldn’t kırklareli escort believe my reaction—the site and physical being of my erection had almost been removed from my memory. I could only take pleasure in having noticed it for, no sooner had it become erect, it’d once again lost all of its magical powers.

I was glad, if not mildly embarrassed, Kathy had looked up to see my erection for a moment before she returned her eyes to her book. I saw nothing wrong with that. It was, after all, a natural reaction to seeing something wonderful.

Unfortunately, Kathy’s eyes lost some of their glimmer as she looked back again, only to see me in my normal pose. She continued to read and occasionally looked up at me to see how I was doing, but if anything, she was confirming the roller coaster rides my erection seemed to be taking.

It seemed to be only seconds since the last time my cock had stood straight and hard before Kathy laid her book beside her. It must’ve been longer, though, as my shaft, weighted by the constant erections, hung heavy between my thighs.

She raised her back rest upright, eased herself to the end of her chaise, and sat on the edge. Her feet were planted firmly into the hot sand, elbows were on open knees, and a clenched fist was resting against her chin as she stared at me.

Any other time, I was sure I would’ve become erect—who wouldn’t—if I’d seen her so close to me that I could reach out and touch her.

The silky flesh between her pussy lips would’ve driven anyone mad and that’s not considering the clitoris that remained hidden by the mystique hood. I only took a quick glance at her, refraining from staring, for I knew there’d be no reaction.

Her eyes, acknowledging my limpness, briefly had a suppressing emotion upon me. It’d be impolite to look when her face bore some concerns. Kathy sat there and waited for the moment, but the moment didn’t come.

She blurted out.

“Do you not find me attractive and sensual?”

I thought for a moment.

“Yes, I do!”

Her eyes and expression looked sincere. I owed her an explanation, but I found it difficult to find the words to follow.

“I’m sorry, Kathy. Believe me, it’s not you by any means. As you may have noticed during this last hour, I’ve had many erections, all as a result of seeing you, but there’s another problem.”

Her face drained of any sadness she may have been experiencing as concern seemed to remain. I explained the symptoms I was going through with erectile deficiencies, something that struck men of my age with increasing numbers.

She looked puzzled, almost as if I was talking about someone else.

“But how could it be that, you definitely don’t have any problem getting an erection?”

She was right, I didn’t have any problem becoming erect—maybe not as fast as my younger days and definitely slower than had I come upon her years before—but it did stand for me, often on its own volition with no encouragement from me.

“Kathy, the problem isn’t getting it up, the problem is keeping it up.”

That seemed to confuse her more as she shook her head in disbelief. As she leaned back on her hands, her breasts pushed forward from her body. It was also the first time the tender flesh of her pussy had come into full view. How beautiful Mother Nature had created her, unique from all of the others I’d seen. I had no regrets or uncomfortable feelings of looking at her.

I’d accepted my condition a long time ago and was tightly holding on to those brief moments of the past when I did respond (for but an instant) with an erection.

Her eyes were in a trance, fixed upon my crotch as my cock slowly swelled and pushed itself outward and then, as in an athletic feat, began to rise upward until it stood suspended between my thighs.

Her face showed no emotion, except for maybe a slight glimmer in her eyes, as she continued to stare at me and encourage me.

“Bruce, you’ve got to believe it could only be a slight medical problem that’ll soon disappear as so many other ailments do.”

I dared not to speak so nodded my head instead.

Not that I found the conversation trivial, but they were words that I, too, had spoken long ago and had since dismissed. My thoughts weren’t on the conversation but on Kathy. I even took that moment, during a serious discussion, to bathe my eyes in her beauty and the innocence of her exposure.

I felt myself throbbing, and I was uncomfortable as I didn’t know what I’d do next. It’d been so long since that feeling was felt, it seemed to be new to me.

As she sat up, she had a look of confidence beaming from her eyes as she pointed to my erection with her right hand.

“See! I’ve proved it! You only needed a little encouragement and imagination to get yourself over the hurdle and become as you once were!”

Kathy raised her left foot onto the edge of the chaise and grasped it with her left arm as her chin rested upon her kneecap. She was so happy and cheerful to have found a challenge and resolve it. She was so excited.

Her face was alive as my angel of mercy sat across from me and continued to gaze upon her creation. I couldn’t make contact with her eyes because I wanted her to enjoy the moment without any distraction from me. I was content to lower my eyes and take more of her beauty into my thoughts.

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