2 Blocks from the Beach

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Double Penetration

it was a pretty great morning. A long walk down the beach, a swim, and an hour in the sun letting the sound of the waves crashing push everything out of my mind. Letting go of the deliverables and the plan and eventually…becoming aware that every inch of my skin is warm. That the spray from the surf is cool and surprising. Aware of the bead of sweat slowly sliding down my neck. It’s nearly perfect. Even with the growing pressure, the hunger, the need to let go.

On the walk home I realize I’ve got to pee. Though it’s only a few blocks, I’m not sure I can wait. Right on cue, when I walk by you come out your front door and say ‘hey’. We stand and talk for a few minutes. I love the way you move your hands while you talk. I love that I have to look up and watch your lips to make sure I don’t miss one single accented word. i love when I catch your eye and it feels like you can see right through me. I love the way my stomach flips when you share something personal or when you touch me. My body is screaming, ‘Touch Me!’

OMG I almost forgot. I grab your hand, laugh a little awkwardly, cross my legs and ask to use your bathroom. Ever the gentlemen. You take my hand in yours and lead me. But once we’re inside you stop and turn to face me. I’m intensely aware of your fingers bahis firmaları intertwined with mine. My heart starts beating faster. No words, no conversation, just a shared look. And then you’re stepping into me. Your hands on my shoulders, fingertips pressing hard into my skin. Your hand sliding from my shoulder to my chin, tilting it up, hand sliding to the back of my head, fingers in my hair, pulling my hair back, down, harder and harder still until you hear a small gasp. Then your lips are against mine, barely touching. My breath coming quickly, heart speeding, thinking of your tongue, your teeth, your fingers… feeling the pressure of my full bladder, laughing again, hating to stop you, needing to go.

No words and no hesitation. It just happens. No thinking, no planning, just one step then the next, leaving a trail of clothes ending at the shower.

The first feeling is the hot water like a thousand needles against my sunburned skin. So powerful, so delicious.

My soapy hands sliding down your chest, lingering on your stomach, foam falling from my hands onto your hard cock, sliding down your thick shaft, across your heavy, full balls and to the shower floor. Fingertips circling the tip of your magnificent member, my warm soapy hand wrapping around your head, kaçak iddaa covering it, my fingers forming a circle just below the rim, slowly sliding up, holding a little more firmly as I feel the rim slide through, imagining your cock sliding into my tight pussy the way its sliding through my fist, one long slow demanding stroke. Hand cupping your heavy balls, massaging, fingertips exploring. My other hand covering your head again. The rest of your cock beginning to throb, I know you’re letting go, please let go. Your mouth is on mine, your tongue exploring, demanding, your teeth… biting my lip. More. It makes me hungrier. More. I need more. I’m taking… more.

I slide my hand down your rock hard throbbing shaft, jesus you have an amazing perfect cock.

I’m not sure but I think I hear you laugh.

In one motion you use your hand, twisted in my hair, to turn me around, press me forward, hold me in place. You slide your other hand down my arched spine and between my cheeks, thumb pausing, gently pressing, hearing me say yes..hearing me ask, please. Feeling me press back, eager wicked. Neither of us thinking any more.

Your finger sliding over my clit sending shivers through my whole body, no yes please don’t wait stop now. Now. No thoughts, no sense to the kaçak bahis words I speak when you wet your thumb in my pussy, slide it back between my cheeks, your thumb filling my ass as your finger slides into my cunt. N0 hesitation, pressing deep filling me, feeling them both, wanting your cock but a slave to the need to cum, now. Cunt tightening as you finger fuck me, jesus, squeezing, trying not to pee, knowing if you don’t stop I won’t care. I don’t care. Don’t stop. I can’t cum if I don’t let go, I have to I need to

And for the love of god I feel it, the warmpth of your piss on my ass, running down my crack, my thighs, hearing you moan and then feeling the pressure of your finger on my gspot. Holy Mother of Fucking God the feeling… my cunt opening, fingers inside me, filling me, stretching my pussy, pressing, pressing, letting go, god jesus fucking yes, piss running down my leg, mine, yours, your finger, your thumb, jesus …fucking…christ… quivering from my very core and radiating out, my whole body shaking, pressing back, your hand slowing. Stopping. Sliding out. No. No. Can’t find my words. My hand taking yours, sliding it between my legs, fingers on my clit, grinding against your hand, holy fuck my knees weak as I start cumming again, desperately trying not to say your name, not to…Jesus… the sharp slap, the sting. Again. Harder, again, not begging, demanding, Do It, Spank Me. The smell of sex and cum and piss and fucking and yes, fuck. francis, fuck, fuucck, f. u. c. k.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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