A Game of Inches – Part Seven

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I drove straight home , I guess it was about five o’clock in the evening when I arrived. I went in and started gathering everything I would need for the trip in the morning. I put all of my bags by the front door along with my tickets and printed information. I laid out the clothes that I would wear on the plane the next day, then cleaned my room for the last time.

I sat up and watched TV with Ashley for a while, I went to bed sometime around nine thirty. It was really a quiet, somber night, Ashley didn’t have much to say. As much as I was looking forward to starting a new life, I knew I was going to miss Ashley like crazy. I know I tossed and turned for at least an hour before I guess I finally fell off to sleep.

I’m not sure what startled me out of sleep, I sensed something was not right. I was lying on my side, my back was to the bedroom door. I blinked several times to adjust my eyes to the darkness, beginning to roll over. I had not even turned all the way over when I saw Ashley standing over me, an odd look on her face. I had to look twice to believe my eyes, I had never in my life seen Ashley like this. She was wearing a sheer, white lace top that had a plunging neckline in the front. It came down to her hips, it barely covered the waist line of a matching pair of white laced panties. I must have had a “what the hell is going on” look on my face. She placed one knee on my bed, one hand on my shoulder and leaned down, her face a few inches from my ear.

“Don’t say anything Brian, not a word. This will never happen again, it’s our one and only night together. This is just so when we are in our later year’s, we don’t say I wish I would have.”, she whispered. “Come with me.”

She took my hand, led me from my room into hers, across the room to her bed. I can’t describe what I was feeling, never had I had these feelings before. My eyes were taking in her luscious body, that was clearly visible through the sheer lingerie. She climbed in her bed , pulling me by the hand, until we were both lying next to each other. As we laid there, our eyes locked into each other’s gaze, she softly caressed my cheek with her soft, warm hand. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine, her mouth slightly open, her tongue grazing my lips softly. I parted my lips and met her tongue with mine, chills were running up and down my spine.

She rolled to her right, pulling me over her slightly, her head resting on the pillow. I gently pushed my tongue between her lips into her mouth, tasting her eager hot mouth, as I had never before. I slowly slid my hand down her smooth flat stomach, my fingers inching inside her silk, lace panties. I eased further down over her smooth mound until my index finger was pressing into her hot, wet pussy. She moaned into my mouth as my finger found her clit for the first time, her body pressing into mine with urgency. As much as I wanted to be inside of Ashley at that moment, I was determined to make this night last as long as possible, there would never be another.

I carefully pushed Ashley’s top up her stomach, exposing her beautiful, firm breasts. I broke our kiss and leaned over her, gently sucking one of her rock hard nipples into my mouth. Again she whimpered softly as my tongue danced across it, my finger still massaging her swelling clit. As I continued to gently lick her nipple, I slid my hand out of her panties, grabbed the waist band and pushed them down her long, lean legs. I released her nipple from my mouth, then gently began kissing down her body, until I was only inches from her pussy. I extended my tongue, then gently flicked it across her clit several times quickly. She immediately let out a long soft moan, her back arching off the bed in response to the pleasure she was enjoying. I moved over her, then settled in between her legs, lifting one over each of my shoulders. I extended my tongue and took one very long lick from the bottom to the top of her luscious slit, pausing again to tickle her clit with my tongue.

“Oh MY Goddddddddddd, Brian.”, she moaned softly, “That feels so good.”

I eased my tongue slowly inside of her soaking wet pussy, my finger replacing my tongue on her clit. I gently stroked her clit with my finger, as I plunged my tongue in and out of her pussy. She was beginning to breathe heavily as her fluid ran into my mouth, coating my face. I felt her thighs beginning to tighten around my face, I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. I ran both hands up her stomach, finally reaching her breasts, where I softly kneaded them with my hands. I was out of my mind with passion, I was truly pleasuring a goddess, the woman of my dreams. Suddenly with no warning, Ashley exploded into a violent orgasm, her thighs clamping down on my head.
She grabbed the pillow on both sides, as she bucked against my mouth, spraying my face with her cum, which was thick and very sweet. As she came down from the powerful explosion, I continued to gently lick and suck her swollen, very sensitive clit. She released the pillow and began to slowly, softly squeeze her luscious breasts.

“Mmmmmmmmmm Brian, that was wonderful.”, she whispered.

She held out her hands as a motion for me to slide back up into her arms. I pushed my self up and moved over her, resting my weight on my extended arms. I leaned down and kissed her gently, pushing my tongue between her lips. I felt her hands caressing my chest, my shoulders and up and down my arms. My lips left hers, I opened my eyes taking in this vision of beauty that was beneath me.

“Brian, your body is incredible, so strong and powerful. I really feel like a woman in your arms.”, she purred.

With that she put both hands on my chest and pushed me gently to her left, rolling me over on my back. She put her lips on my chest, kissing me gently as one of her hands moved slowly down my stomach and into my shorts. She quickly found my raging hard on, her fingers gripping it softly, almost with a delicate touch. She slowly stroked me up and down, her motion was so loving and gentle. I knew no matter how much I tried, I was not going to be able to last very long. Slowly her lips followed the path her hand had just taken, until I felt her pull on my shorts, then push them down my legs.

I felt the tip of her tongue flick across the end of my cock rapidly, her hand grabbing the base firmly. She sucked just the tip of my cock into her warm, wet mouth, her tongue swirling around the head rapidly. She slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft, softly pumping me into her mouth. The feeling was absolutely incredible, every nerve in my body was on fire, never had I felt this good in my life. Somehow, she knew I was getting close, she lifted her mouth from my cock, released me, then moved back up my body.

She straddled me, reached between us and found my rock hard cock with her right hand. She moved her face over mine so that her lips were only inches from mine, her eyes locked into me.

“I have wanted to do this for a long time.”, she whispered.

She then pulled up on my cock, pressing the head between the lips of her pussy, into the soaking wet entrance I had so long dreamed of. She slowly inched her way down on my shaft until I was buried deep inside of her. I watched her beautiful eyes roll back into her head as my cock stretched her pussy for the first time. She was extremely tight, but sopping wet, her pussy clamping down on my cock. I felt the cum boiling in my balls, I was seconds away from cumming. I grabbed her ass with both hands and held her tight, not allowing her to move.

“Please, don’t move. I don’t want to cum yet Ash.”, I warned.

She smiled down at me, then lowered her entire body on mine, her lips again only inches from mine.

“Don’t move, just kiss me sweetheart.”, she urged.

For the next five minutes or so, I did just that. Our mouths were pressed together, our tongues were dancing as I enjoyed the sensation of her hot, wet pussy around my cock. I could tell by her breathing that she was once again possibly building up to another orgasm. I broke our kiss and whispered softly in her ear.

“Can you cum again Ashley ?”, I asked.

“Brian, I think I can cum all night with you. That won’t be a problem.”, she replied, her words laced in desire.

I took her by the shoulders and rolled her over on her back, then resuming my position between her legs. I reached down and grabbed my cock, pushing it once again in her steaming, wet pussy. With one quick push, I buried myself in her womb, my pubic bone pressing hard on her clit. She threw her head back and moaned in passion. Her hands immediately went to my hips, urging me to fuck her.

I began to slowly pull my cock out of her until just the head was inside, then pushing back hard until I bottomed out. I knew after just several thrusts I was going to cum , so I just let go completely. I began to thrust into her as rapidly as I could, slamming my cock into her with reckless abandon. It didn’t take more than a few strokes before I knew I was there.

“Oh Ash, I’m gonna cum…..”, I cried out.

She was holding on to my hips tightly as she began to thrust her pussy towards me, meeting each of my down strokes with one of her own. I slammed into her with one final thrust, holding her tightly as the first jet of cum exploded into her womb. As the cum exploded from my cock in short, powerful spurts washing her insides, she once again cried out in passion, another orgasm overtaking her. We both held each tightly, our bodies shaking with pleasure for several moments. Finally spent, I rolled off of Ashley, falling into the bed next to her. She rolled over facing me, her hand softly caressing my face. She leaned over and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue separating my lips quickly. I pulled her close into my arms, kissing her passionately. Finally we broke the kiss, our eyes opening, staring at each other.

“I love you so much Ash, so much it hurts.”, I whispered.

She placed one finger up to my lips, holding it there gently, as she looked caringly into my eyes.

“Shhhhhhhhh, please don’t.”, she begged.

“I’m sorry Ashley, I can’t help how I feel about you.”, I replied.

“I know sweetheart, I love you too.”, she answered.

We laid there for a while, our arms wrapped around each other, not a word was said. I finally tilted my head back towards her, she was staring directly at me. I leaned over towards her, my lips finding hers again. I kissed her sweet lips once again, my tongue finding hers instantly. In less than a minute, I felt my cock stir to life once more. I began to kiss her cheek, her neck, down to her shoulders. I could feel her body once again respond to my lips, soft moans coming from her lips. I slowly worked my way down her body once more, my tongue leaving a trail down her smooth flat stomach. As my tongue reached her pubic mound and to the top of her pussy, she quickly reached down her hand grabbing my shoulder in protest.

“Brian wait please, let me go shower first.”, she urged.

“Nuh uh.”, I said quickly, as my tongue found her clit.

I knew what she meant, to be honest I was not sure about what I was going to do myself. But being here, this one time with Ashley, I just didn’t care. As I extended my tongue and slid it down the length of her slit, I felt a large bead of my cum drip from her pussy onto my tongue. I hesitated for a second, the taste was salty and extremely bitter. I regrouped quickly, my tongue sweeping up and depositing the cum all over her swelling clit. Her hands quickly went from my shoulders to my head, pulling my face into her pussy firmly. I eased my tongue deep inside of her releasing what was left of my load into my mouth. Ashley’s mind was already reeling, her hips bucking against my face wildly. I’m sure the thought of a man eating his own cum from her pussy was fueling her desire. By now my face was coated with my own cum, my tongue sloshing in and out of her sperm soaked pussy. I felt her fingers dig into my scalp, her body become rigid underneath me.

“Oh Jesus Brian, please don’t stop…..make me cum baby….oh yea..
Oh yeaaaaaaaaaa…, oh yessssssssssssssssss. “, she wailed.

Her third orgasm was by the far the longest and most violent, I could barely keep my mouth on her pussy as her lady cum oozed from her slit. I tried to swallow as much as I could but there was just too much. I continued to lick and swallow as much as I could, easing her down from her orgasm, as I gently sucked and licked her clit.

After she had come to complete rest, I moved my body back up against her, laying my head on her soft, firm breasts. She ran her fingers through my hair, as I listened to the faint beating of her heart.

“Brian, that was absolutely the most intense orgasm I have ever had in life. The thought of what you were actually doing just made me insane.”, she whispered.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Ash.”, I answered.

After a few moments she got up and went into her bathroom to shower, I did the same in the bath in the hallway. I brushed my teeth, put on some shorts and a tee shirt and returned to her bedroom. She was still in the shower as I climbed back into her bed. Seconds later she came out of the bath, wrapped only in a white towel. She climbed into bed, tossing the towel on the floor behind her. She immediately moved towards me, her lips met mine in a passionate kiss. I pulled her close to me, my lips responding to hers izmit escort bayan once again. I couldn’t get enough of Ashley, I wanted so much to please her, make her my own.
I felt her hand slide down my body, inside of my shorts, wrapping around my hardening cock once again. Within a minute her hand had worked it’s magic, my cock was swollen and engorged. She moved her body down mine, her lips once again swallowing my cock, her tongue flicking the underside of the head. She brought me to the brink of orgasm several times, knowing exactly when to stop and let me recover. Finally she released me from her lips and moved back up next to me. She looked at me through lust filled eyes, her face flushed with desire.

“Fuck me from behind Brian, bury your cock in me.”, she pleaded.

I quickly pushed my self up on the bed and moved down the mattress. She rolled to the center of the bed, pushed herself up to her hands and knees, lifting her ass in the air for me. I moved in directly behind her my cock moving between her legs. She reached down between her legs, grabbing my cock and guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. Once again she was soaked in desire, her juices flowing freely. I pushed forward ever so gently, the head of my cock popping inside of her wet pussy. Before I could even move again, Ashley pushed back with all of her force, driving my cock deep inside of her body. I reached down and grabbed her hips and I began to move in and out of her body, my cock gliding effortlessly in her soaked vagina. She reached down and began to vigorously rub her clit and I drove my cock into her over and over, I could tell she was close to cumming again.

“That’s it Ash, rub that pussy for me. Rub it, baby. Cum all over my cock.”, I urged.

“Oh Brian, it feels so God damn good, fuck me sweetheart, fuck me hard.”, she cried out.

“Come on Ash, let it go baby…..let it go…”, I begged.

Suddenly without warning, she cried out, as loud as I have ever heard her. Her body shaking once again, her legs trembling under me.

“Oh my God Brian…… I’m cumming babyyyyy…..”, she whined.

I thrust forward once more, burying my cock inside of her, my hands holding her hips firm. She was impaled on my cock, as her pussy once again released a torrent of juices, much of it running down between our legs. As her orgasm subsided, I began to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her, my hands softly running up and down her back. As her breathing returned to normal, she looked back over her shoulder, her gaze locked onto mine once again.

“Fuck me baby, fuck my pussy hard. I want you to cum for me.”, she begged.

Once again I began to move inside of her, slowly with long smooth strokes. I could feel the orgasm building in my balls, my cock began to throb inside of her pussy. Once again, she looked over and shoulder at me, her face flushed, her words dripping with lust.

“Pull out before you cum, I want you to cum in my mouth.”, she urged.

It took maybe three more slow, long strokes before I knew I was ready. I pulled out of her quickly, as she scrambled around the bed to face me. She quickly grabbed my cock and swallowed it, driving it to the back of her throat. She cupped my balls in her soft hands, just as the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat. My head was spinning as my cock erupted into her soft, warm mouth, her tongue washing the cum all over the head of my penis. She continued sucking with passion as the last few remaining shots of cum oozed from my cock. I fell over exhausted, onto my back, completely out of breath. She knelt over me, sucking my cock deep into her mouth again, her tongue softly bathing me with gentle strokes. She softly caressed my balls, as she lovingly licked and sucked my penis for several minutes. She then moved up along side of me, laying her head on my chest, her arm draped across me. We laid there for quite a while before I looked over at the clock. I was startled to see it was almost four in the morning, we had been making love for close to three hours.

Ashley looked over at the clock as well, realizing the same thing that I had. She quickly turned back to me, her eyes wide and bright.

“Oh my God, Brian. You better get some sleep. You leave in less than five hours.”, she exclaimed.

“It’s ok Ash, just come here.”, I answered, pulling her close.

We slept in each others arms until about six thirty, when I got up, dressed and got ready for the transportation service to arrive. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my first cup of coffee when Ashley came in, the matching white lace top and panties once again adorning her gorgeous body. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Ashley, you’re so beautiful, God I love you so much.”, I said softly.

She walked over to me, bent over and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue gently licking my lips. She pulled away, her hand caressing my cheek softly, then moved over to the chair and sat down. She reached across the table and took my hand into hers, a warm smile on her face.

“Brian, thank you so much for last night. I have never in all my life experienced the passion and love that I did last night. I will never forget it as long as I live.”, she said softly.

“I love you Ash. It just feels so right when I am with you, how can that be a bad thing ?”, I said, pleading for an answer.

“It’s not a bad thing sweetheart, it’s just something that can never be, please understand that,.” she urged.

“I’ll try Ash, but it’s going to break my heart.”, I said, tears forming in my eyes.

Before she could say anything, I heard a horn from outside the kitchen door, it was my ride to the airport. I slowly stood up and walked over to Ashley, pulling her up into my arms one last time. I softly pressed my lips to hers, this one last time, she would never be mine again. She kissed me back with all the passion and love I had experienced just several hours before, her arms holding me tight. As I opened the door to leave, I turned around once last time to see her.

“Make me proud sweetheart, be careful and stay safe. Call me when you get there.”, she asked, doing her best to fight back the tears.

I turned without saying a word, closing the door behind me. I walked toward the large black town car, the driver meeting me halfway, taking my two bags. I climbed into the car as he loaded my bags in the trunk. We pulled away from the only home I had ever known, leaving the small town which had embraced me as their own. Before I knew it, we were on the highway, the town disappearing through the rear window.

Two hours later I was at thirty three thousand feet in the huge jumbo jet headed to California. For the first time in my life, I felt truly alone, hollow and empty. My plane arrived in Los Angeles at one o’clock, my driver was waiting for me outside the terminal. As we pulled out of the holding area, I received a text message on my phone, I answered it quickly, hoping it was from Ashley. I recognized the number as Courtney’s, I paused for a second, realizing the error I had made. I had forgot to call her and tell her goodbye, I felt awful. I opened the text, my eyes adjusted to the small screen. It was a short simple message.

If you must go,

Then I wish you love,

You’ll never walk alone,

Take care my love,

I’ll miss you love.

I read the words, over and over, very simple, yet so powerful. The realization hit me hard, my stomach sinking quickly, a huge lump forming in my throat. The same heartbreak I was feeling leaving Ashley, was what Courtney was feeling this very moment, several thousand miles away. I felt the tears run down my face, as I closed the phone, how could I have forgotten to call Courtney ?

It was a quick trip across town to the San Diego training facility, we were there in less than thirty minutes. I was amazed at the intense amount of traffic on the roads, I was so used to small town life. As I entered the lobby of the team’s offices, I was overwhelmed at the sheer massiveness of the facility. The entry was lined in trophies and awards, pictures of past teams and players adorned the walls. I was greeted by a very pretty, young lady who was seated at the reception desk.

“How may I help today ?”, she said, with a pretty smile.

“I am supposed to report here today, to uh … Coach Reed. I am Brian Stevens.”, I told her.

“Oh Mr. Stevens, they are expecting you. Please take a seat, I will call someone to get you.”, she replied.

She dialed a number and spoke to someone quickly, then hung up and told me they would be with me in a moment. Several minutes later, Coach Reed came through the huge double doors, a smile on his face.

“Brian, welcome, welcome. How was your flight ?”, he asked, shaking my hand.

“Just fine Coach, thank you.”, I answered.

He asked me to follow to his office and we both moved through the double doors to the back. There were a maze of hallways and offices that were all occupied by several people. We finally arrived in Coach Reed’s office, a massive room, which was decorated much like the entry area, with memorabilia of past seasons. I sat down in one of the two huge chairs that faced the desk. Coach reed picked up the phone and made two calls asking both parties to meet him immediately in his office. Several moments later, I was introduced to Coach Mike McCluskey, who was the head coach and Dean McKinney, who was the head trainer. Both seemed excited to see me, we talked for close to thirty minutes. They had arranged a press conference for four o’clock, so they ushered me towards the media room. Coach Reed warned me that the questions would come fast and furious, the media had little heart. He also told me her would sit at the table next to me, and if at any time I felt uncomfortable about a question, tap his foot with mine and he would intervene.

He opened the door and I stepped into a large room with dozens of tables and chairs set up, a podium with a large table at the front of the room. I was lead up to the large table that was draped in the teams colors, a microphone in front of each chair. Several people were already snapping photo’s as we walked up the steps and sat down. Coach McCluskey leaned forward and began the press conference.

“Ladies and Gentleman, please may I have your attention. We all know why we are here, so let’s get right to it. It gives me great pleasure to present to you, this year’s first round draft choice, Brian Stevens.”, he finished.

By the time Coach had muttered the last word, dozens of people started yelling questions at once, I had no idea who to address first. I looked over at Coach Reed, who leaned over and whispered in my ear to just point to one at a time. I pointed to a man right in the front, who seemed to get the jump on everyone.

“Brian, were you surprised that you were picked this early in the first round , I mean truthfully your name was never mentioned as a possible first round pick ?”, he asked.

“Yes sir, I was surprised. I had talked to a couple of teams and we really thought it would be early to mid second round pick at best.”, I answered.

“Brian, is it true that you’re going to be converted from defensive end to tight end ? Do you really think you can pull that off ?”, another guy in the second row said.

“I am willing to do anything it takes to make this team. If Coach thinks I can do it, then I can do it.”, I replied.

“No offense Brian, several basketball players have made that transition, but never a defensive end. What makes you think you can be the first ?” , a pretty blonde lady asked.

“Well….. My Father always told me, if you outwork the guy next to you, every time, all of the time, eventually someone will notice. I try to do that every day, hopefully I can do it here.”, I responded.

“Brian, you are listed at six foot seven and two hundred and seventy five pounds, give or take. Is that accurate ?”, another reporter asked.

“Yes sir, that’s fairly close.”, I answered.

For the next twenty minutes or so, I answered question after question until the room became pretty much quiet. One of the coaches asked before they wrapped up the conference did anyone else have any questions. One young brunette in the second to last row stood up and smiled before speaking ?

“Brian this is non-football related, but um.. do you have a girlfriend back home ? I’m sure the eligible ladies out here want to know.”, she inquired.

The entire room exploded into laughter, it was the first light moment of the news conference. Once everyone regained there composure, I leaned into the microphone to answer.

“I kinda dated a really nice girl back home, we are really good friends, but nothing serious. I guess you can say I am unattached.”, I replied, quietly.

With that the news conference ended and I was led back to the office where someone from my agency was waiting for me. I was asked to report to the training facility the next morning at nine o’clock sharp, I then left with agency driver. I was driven downtown to the main office of my agent, then escorted to the fifteenth floor. The offices were quite impressive to say the least, I saw at least a dozen famous athlete’s photo’s displayed on the wall in just the main lobby. I informed the receptionist at the main desk I was there to see izmit eve gelen escort Dave Phillips, she asked me to take a seat until he was ready. A few minutes later, a stunning brunette who introduced herself as Mr. Phillips secretary came out and greeted me, asking me to follow her to his office. I walked down the long wide hallways, amazed at the number of employees that this firm had on hand. I was led into Mr. Phillips office, he was engrossed in a phone call, it seemed to be quite heated. I sat down in one of the large chairs, his secretary sat down in the other. He wrapped up the phone call, then turned and faced me.

“Hi Brian, it’s good to see you, how was the press conference ?”, he asked.

“It was ok, I guess, I was extremely nervous.”, I admitted.

“Don’t sweat it, it will become routine after a while.”, he shot back.

“This is Carmella, my assistant and right hand. She does everything for me, I would be lost without her. She will take care of you until we get a contract signed. I am already working with their GM on a deal, I think it’s going to be pretty easy, we should get you signed soon.” he stated.

“I have a meeting to go to across town, Carmella will get you settled, anything you need you call her anytime, day or night.”, he said, leaving the room with a wave.

Carmella then opened a large envelop and pulled the contents out, laying them on the desk. She was a gorgeous woman, who was impeccably dressed, her scent was intoxicating.

“Ok Brian, here is your credit card, it has a twenty thousand dollar balance on it for now. I put up the money from our general fund, anything you spend will be deducted from your signing bonus. I have you booked into the Hampton Arms Hotel which is only a few blocks from the training facility. In a week or so, we will team you up with a real estate agent who can find you an apartment or condo down the road. I have a car waiting at the rental service for you, its on us until you can get your own. Any questions ?”, she ended.

“Uh, I guess not. Thanks for everything.”, I replied, completely overwhelmed.

“Just one thing Brian, remember you are contracted with this agency, you can make no public appearances, you can accept no endorsements without checking with us first. If there is any doubt in your mind to the validity of an offer, call me first Ok ?”, she asked.

“Yes mam, I will.”, I answered.

I was then taken to the car rental service where a beautiful new tan SUV was waiting for me. I signed the papers, then followed my driver to the hotel, where I checked in. He left me there, once again making sure I knew to call the agency if I had any questions. I was taken to my room, where I unpacked and settled in. I quickly called Ashley, told her everything that had happened and gave her the number to the hotel. I then tried to reach Courtney, but she was unavailable, so I left her a voice message. I went to bed early that night to be fresh for the next day.
I arrived at the practice facility over an hour early and was in the weight room checking out the equipment when the trainer came in. I could tell he was surprised to see me so early, but we got started right way. He put me through a two hour workout, most of it pretty routine, I had done many of these exercises before. He recorded both weight and reps done on each station, before finally telling me we were done for the day. He slapped me on the back as we were exiting the weight room.

“Brian, I have to say, I am very impressed. You’re a lot stronger than I was led to believe, you’re also in great shape. I can tell you have put the time in getting ready.”, he said, sincerely.

“Thank you sir.”, I answered.

He led me back to the locker room, taking me to the back corner and showing me a locker that had a large white piece of medical tape above it, with the name Stevens wrote in black marker. He informed me, for the time being, this would be my locker until final cuts were made. He handed me a lock and key, told me to get dressed and meet him out on the practice field. I opened the locker to find it stocked full of shorts, tee shirts, mesh jerseys, socks, and shoes. I dressed quickly and made my way out to the field. Once there I was greeted by most of the coaching staff, along with several of the other recent draft choices. I was taken aside by Coach Reed, who instructed me to go with one of the trainers and work out with one the special automated football throwing machines. I was directed to line up about twenty five yards down from the machine, face it and be ready to catch the ball. The trainer would hold up the ball to me, then insert it between the tires seconds later. I’m not sure how fast the machine was set on, but the ball got to me before I was ready. I dropped the first two passes before I was able to get me hands in time for the next ball. After about ten minutes, I was catching just about everything that was being fired at me.

He then yelled he was turning the machine up, to get ready. The ball was almost a blur as it shot out of the machine. My hands were not positioned properly and I felt the point of the ball sting my thumb severely. One of the wide receiver coaches came over and gave me a few pointers on hand position, which really made catching the ball a lot easier. I’m guessing all in all, I fielded close to two hundred balls before I was asked to move back to the field. For the next hour, I was instructed on route running, proper foot planting to make cuts, how to set screens for other receivers and so one. After four hours or so, we were told to hit the showers. Before we were excused for the day, we were each given a current play book, which if lost would mean dire consequences to our future with the team. We were told to be back in the morning at the same time.

I drove straight back to the hotel, got comfortable, opened the play book and became to study it. I immediately was overwhelmed by the wording and terminology of the complex system. Each position on the offense had a name, each direction has it’s own terminology, both the depth and width of the field had it’s own nomenclature. Each formation had at least a dozen possible check off’s in case an audible was called, I knew I had some serious work to do.

Over the next few days, I repeated most of the same drills over and over, some of the terminology being thrown at us little by little. I continued to do well at some things, but have problems with others. My route running was getting better, but I had a hard time adjusting to a ball that was not thrown well. This as I was to learn was a key to becoming a great receiver.

Finally the first camp opened, the first league sanctioned practice, where both veterans and rookies were in attendance. I would be the third tight end in rotation, we had a veteran pro bowl starter and a very good backup. If I were to get any playing time early, it would definitely be on special teams. I guess we were maybe an hour into practice when I got my first opportunity to line up with the starters. We were running some goal line offense, the ball was placed on the ten yard line. Our quarterback Josh Henson, was another all pro, having won two championships in his first six years in the league. He was considered one of the best touch passers in the league. I leaned over in the huddle to listen to the first call of the series.

“Double Slot Right, X Fade Right, Jet Left, 62 Combo on Three.”, Josh barked out.

I Immediately knew I was X, and I would run a lazy fade route into the corner after the slot receiver would cut in front of me attempting to screen my man out. If the play worked well, it should be a touchdown. Before we broke the huddle, Josh looked up at me and told me if I were covered, he would throw to my back shoulder, which was basically the sideline. I nodded, like I really knew what he was talking about. We lined up, I listen for the cadence. As I looked up, I saw the strong safety creep up almost to the line of scrimmage, a possible indication he would have me one on one. The ball was snapped and I broke out of my stance quickly. The slot receiver did a fair job of picking my man, I cut off his back and ran for the corner of the end zone, the strong safety just steps behind me. Josh quickly made up his mind, lofting the ball for the rear pylon. As the ball approached me, I realized it had been indeed thrown over my back shoulder to the sidelines. I basically came to a stop, planted my foot, opened my body up and turned in the opposite direction. By now the safety had recovered, and was right on top of me. I once again planted my foot and jumped high in the air trying to attack the ball at it’s highest peak, knowing the six foot safety could not play at that height. My timing was perfect, I snatched the ball out of mid-air, pulled it in as I fell backwards out of bounds. Several players applauded the efforts, including a few coaches. However the coach on the end line immediately signaled I had come down out of bounds.

“Stevens, all of that effort for nothing son, you have to fucking know where the end lines are rookie.”, he growled, “Get your ass back in the huddle numb nuts.”

I trotted back to the huddle and leaned over ready for the next play. I guess Josh noticed the dejected look on my face. He slapped my knee, getting my attention.

“Hey Rook, let it go, that was a big league catch and adjustment, you were in an altitude no one here can get to. Great catch, you keep doing that, I’ll keep throwing at you.”, he snapped.

True to his word, I was thrown at least another dozen balls while I was with the first unit, I managed to snag all but two of them. As we trotted off the field, Josh ran by me, patting me on the ass.

“We are gonna do good things rookie, with your height, we can play this game at a new level. Hang in there baby.”, he said.

I was immediately excited, an all pro quarterback giving me some praise this early in the season. I trotted off the field and made my way to my locker. My exuberance was shorted lived however as our starting tight end and eight year veteran, Billy Huber walked up to me.

“If you think I’m going to let a defensive end take my spot, you got another thing coming rookie. Stay the fuck out of my way or else.”, he growled.

“I’m not trying to take your job Billy, just try to do whatever I can to help the team.”, I answered calmly.

“Fuck you Rookie, stay out of my way.”, he scolded, turned and walked away.

This was new to me, I had never experienced down right dislike between team mates before. I undressed slowly, showered then left for the hotel. That night I decided to call Courtney, just to see how everything was back home. I called her cell, she answered on the third ring.

“Hey Court, how are you ?”, I asked.

“Briannnnnnnn, hey, I’m doing ok, I’m glad you called.”, she said cheerfully.

We talked for close to an hour, she brought me up to speed on things back home, I relayed much of what was happening here to her. She had been working a lot, her Dad had been delegating more and more of the work load her way. She was working ten to twelve hours a day, sometimes half a day on Saturday. I told her that I would have a break at the end of mini camp, for close to five weeks before training camp started, I would probably fly home for at least a week or two. She said she would look forward to that, it would be nice to see me again.

After the meeting the following morning, I was summoned to the equipment manager’s office. We went over all of my gear, he made size adjustments, we talked about the different shoes that were available, then he offered me my choice of numbers. The only numbers that would be available to me would be either 81, 84, or 89.
I had always wore number 99, but in the NFL a tight end could not have that number, thus it was a mute point. I thought for a few minutes then it struck me. My Dad’s number in high school had been 8, he had been a quarterback, I had two 9’s in my number. So I decided on number 89, which was a combination of both of our numbers. He informed me from now on, all gear issued to me would have the number 89 on it somewhere.

We finished mini camp eight days later, I was really exhausted, the pace was extremely hectic. I spent three hours a day in the weight room, three to four hours on the practice field, then another four on the playbook at night. I checked in with Coach Reed as I left the practice facility for the break.

“Brian, I will be honest. We are really pleased with the progress you have made, you’re further along than anyone hoped at this point. In fact, if we lost our starter right now, I would have to give you consideration to step in and play.”, he said.

“Thanks Coach, I appreciate the confidence you have in me.”, I replied.

“What are your plans for the break ?”, he asked.

“I was going to go home, relax a bit, not much else though.”, I answered.

“Brian, I hate to ask you this, but I would like you to stay here for another two to three weeks and work out with the backup quarterbacks. I think it would do you a world of good. It would still leave you two weeks to go home afterwards.”, he urged.

“No problem Coach, I’ll do whatever it takes.”, I answered quickly.

For the next two weeks , I reported everyday, lifting weights , then working out with the quarterbacks and a few of the receivers. With only a handful of players izmit otele gelen escort in camp, I got my share of one on one instruction, which really proved helpful. By the end of the extra work, I really felt I had a good grasp of the position, even though I knew I had much more to learn. Coach Reed thanked me for the extra dedication I had given, despite I was still not under contract.

I booked a flight and flew home the next day, arriving home on Thursday night. I knew Ashley had school the following day, so I arranged a car to take me home from the airport. I arrived at my house sometime just before ten that night, I saw the kitchen light was on. I knocked on the kitchen door, Ashley opened it quickly, jumping out to greet me, she was completely surprised.

“Why didn’t you call me, I would have come picked you up.”, she complained.

“I know you have school tomorrow, it’s no big deal, I got a car.”, I replied.

I stepped into the familiar confines of home, went to my room and threw my bags on the bed. I went back to the kitchen where Ashley as sitting and grabbed some iced tea from the fridge. I sat down across from her, she was all smiles.

“Have you lost weight ? I mean you look more muscular, but also thinner ?”, she asked.

“Yes, they have me down to 260 lbs, trying to get my speed up. My diet is unreal, my body fat is like, next to nothing.”, I answered.

“I see that.”, she responded.

We talked for about an hour, before we decided to turn in for the night. I have to admit, it was not as awkward as I thought it would be considering what we had shared the night before I left. It was good to see Ashley, it was good to be home. I slept extremely well that night, in fact by the time I had gotten up, Ashley had already left for school.
I got dressed, went into town to the diner to get something to eat. As soon as I walked in, Miss Margie squealed in delight and ran from behind the counter to hug and kiss me. She ushered me to my seat and took my order, she was all smiles. I finished my breakfast, then decided to drive over to the school see Coach Mike for a few minutes.
I parked near the back of the lot, quietly making my way to his office. He was surprised to see me, we spent about an hour talking, then I excused myself so he could go back to work. I looked at my watch, it was close to noon, so I decided to drive over to Courtney’s work, maybe take her out to lunch.

As I pulled into the large lot of Mr. Timmons business, I was happy to see both Courtney’s car and his car, parked side by side in the lot. I entered the office and met the receptionist at the front cubicle. I had been there once or twice, so she remembered me right away.

“Hi Brian, it’s good to see you. When did you get back ?”, she asked.

“Last night, late. I thought maybe if Courtney wasn’t too busy, we could go to lunch.”, I asked.

“Oh, let me buzz her, I know she will be right down.”, she squealed, grabbing the phone.

“No wait.”, I interrupted, “Tell her you have an extremely upset client, whose order was screwed up. Tell her I want to close my account.”

“Oh, you’re bad Brian.”, she laughed, “But it’s sounds like so much fun.”

She dialed Courtney’s extension, it was on speakerphone, Courtney answered quickly. She repeated the message to her, you could tell from Courtney’s reaction, she had no idea what was happening. She told the receptionist she would be down immediately. I made my way over to the small coffee room right off the lobby, and sat down behind one of the walls so she couldn’t see me. A few moments later, I heard high heels clicking across the floor. I heard her asked the receptionist what was going on. The receptionist played it out perfectly, raising her voice in my direction.

“Sir, I have Ms. Timmons here, she wants to see you.”, she shouted in my direction.

I paused for several seconds, then stepped out into the doorway. Courtney’s face went from that of extreme concern, to extreme excitement in seconds. She screamed out loud, her hands covering her mouth and ran over to me, jumping into my arms. She squeezed me with all of her might, kissing me on the cheek, tears in her eyes. I set her back down, just as Mr. Timmons made his way down the stairs into the lobby.

“Brian, great to see you, how’s life in the pro’s ?’, he asked, smiling.
“Ok sir, just trying to understand the system, learn a new position plus play on special teams.”, I replied.

We talked for several minutes then he told Courtney to take the rest of the day off and take me out to eat on the company. He promised he would cover for her, they could catch up later that night. She followed me to my house, we dropped off my car, then took hers across town to the restaurant. It was almost two o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the restaurant, It was still half full, mostly business men and women having a late lunch. Our hostess sat us down telling us our waitress would be with us shortly. Our waitress appeared within minutes and took our order for drinks. As we sat there catching up, I noticed Courtney kept looking around the restaurant.

“What’s wrong Court ?”, I asked.

“Everyone keep staring at us. Um, I mean at you.”, she said softly.

“Oh, I guess I am getting somewhat immune to it.”, I replied.

Our waitress came back and brought our drinks, we ordered our food. We continued talking as we waited for our lunch, both of us catching up on each other’s lives since we had parted. Just before our waitress brought our food, two older men walked up to the table slowly, somewhat sheepishly.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt you. You’re Brian Stevens aren’t you ?”, he asked.

“Yes sir, I am.”, I responded, shaking his hand.

“I just wanted to wish you good luck this year with San Diego. I followed your career in high school and college, I know your grandfather quite well.”, he stated.

“Thank you sir, I appreciate it.”, I answered.

Just as he walked away, our waitress brought our lunch, we settled in to eat. It was a nice meal, I enjoyed Courtney’s company, it was good to see her again. About an hour and a half later we finished up, paid the check and left the restaurant. Courtney dropped me off back at home and I promised to call her later that evening. I was sitting in the family room watching TV when my cell phone rang, it was Dave Phillips, my agent.

“Hello Brian, how are you ?”, he asked.

“Doing well sir, good to be home.”, I answered.

“Well don’t get comfortable, you may have to fly back out here in a few days, I am close to wrapping up your contract.”, he stated.

“Oh, ok. Well I was hoping to stay two weeks, but let me know when you need me back there.”, I answered.

“I will, we are real close to finalizing the paperwork, we are ironing out the incentives now. It’s not quite what I wanted, but considering they drafted you out of position, it’s not bad. If you reach some of the incentives, it gets really lucrative on the back end. All in all, we are looking at nineteen million dollars for four years, nine of that guaranteed. You will get a four million dollar signing bonus, and you’re looking at possibly another six million in incentives if you pan out.”, he told me, rattling off the numbers.

I kind of sat there for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what he had told me. I guess he knew he went a bit too quickly.

“Take a deep breathe and relax Brian. What it basically means is that you will get a check for four million the day we sign. Then you will make a little over three million a year in base pay over the next four years. The incentives are based on if you play, how much you play and how well you play.”, he finished.

“Never in my life did I think this was possible.”, I answered.

“You’re going to be a wealthy young man Brian. I just hope you think wisely before spending the money. Don’t be foolish, invest it wisely, make it last a lifetime. I represent too many veteran players who after ten years in the league are broke.”, he cautioned.

“Trust me sir, I will.”, I answered.

He promised to call me as soon as he finalized the deal, I hung up the phone excited, but disappointed I may have to cut my break short.
A few hours later, Ashley arrived home, I filled her in on the details of my phone call with Mr. Phillips.

“I’m just overwhelmed you’re going to have that kind of money Brian.”, she said, shaking her head, “Your signing bonus is more than I will make in my lifetime.”

“I know Ash, it’s crazy. I can’t believe it myself.”, I answered.

“Well if I ever need a loan, I know where to go.”, she laughed.

“Ashley, seriously, I want you to know that if you ever need anything, you just ask. I would not be here in this position if not for you. You stood by me after Dad died, you never asked for a thing for yourself. You have been more of a mother to me, than my own.”, I told her.

“Brian, thank you so much. But I could never take money from you.”, she replied quickly.

I let the subject drop, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, money is always a sensitive subject. We spent the rest of the night talking, catching up, basically just relaxing. Since it was Thursday night, Ashley turned in around ten o’clock, she had school the next day. I went to my room, called Courtney on the phone and we talked until well after midnight. We made plans to go out the following night before we hung up.

The following morning, I got up early, ate some breakfast then went into town to do a bit of shopping. Since I was renting a car in San Diego, I decided to just look at a few different vehicles to try and get some idea’s on what I would buy when I signed my contract. After several hours of looking, I really still had no idea what I liked so I called it a day and went to my truck. After getting in I decided to call my grandfather, just to see how he was doing. After all, he had made the first attempt to reach out to me, I owed him that much. The phone rang several times before he answered, he sounded somewhat tried.

“Grandpa, this is Brian, how are you ?”, I asked.

“Oh Brian, I’m am fine son, it’s good to hear your voice. Are you in San Diego ?”, he asked.

“No sir, I’m in town. I have a two week break before training camp begins.”, I answered.

“Oh , well I would love to see you before you go back, if that’s something you’re ok with.”, he said cautiously.

“Of course, I am ok with it, how about now ?”, I asked.

“Oh well…. Sure why not ?”, he answered.

Ok great, where would you like to meet ?”, I asked.

“Oh damn, I forgot, I am here alone, your mother has my car.”, he replied in a sad tone, “I don’t guess you would want to come here ?”

“Sure Grandpa, why not ?”, I responded, “I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.

I hung up and drove across town, then ten minutes north to my grandparents home, one that I had not seen in over a decade. I pulled up to the worn, white weather beaten home, my grandfather was sitting on the front porch. I parked near the walk, then joined him quickly on the porch.

We were talking for maybe fifteen minutes when a large car turned down the road heading in our direction. I could tell from the look on his face, he became immediately concerned. He looked at me strangely, then back at the car which was now pulling into the drive. I realized quickly before the car even came to a dead stop, it was my Mother and Richard. I reached across and gently tapped the top of my grandfather’s hand telling him it would be alright. I cannot adequately describe the look on their faces when they exited the vehicle and saw me sitting on the porch. My mother walked slowly up the steps, her husband in tow. I stood up out of respect, no matter what had occurred in the past, it was not of my doing.

“Hello Mom, it’s nice to see you again.”, I said, as politely as I could.

“Brian.”, she replied, “What are you doing here ?”

“I came to see grandpa.”, I answered.

I could tell she was extremely upset, standing right behind her was Richard, he was white as a ghost. Instead of the little, frail boy he used to push around like a tough guy, here was a six foot seven, two hundred sixty pound athlete. I sat back down next to my grandfather, without acknowledging her husband at all. She disappeared in the house with her husband in town, slamming the door behind them. My grandfather tried to make some lame excuse for them, but I shrugged him off.

“It’s her problem, grandpa, not yours. There is nothing she can do to me now, I am a grown man.”, I assured him.

The old man looked back at me, tear swelling his eyes. He reached over and took my hand in his speaking softly.

“Brian, I am so proud of the man you have become. Your father, God rest his soul, did a wonderful job raising you. I so wish I could change the past, but I can’t. It breaks my heart to know what you have gone through.”, he said, tears streaming down his face.

“Grandpa, it’s ok. Don’t worry about the past, it’s over. We have started over, let’s look to the future.”, I answered.

We resumed our conversation, maybe fifteen minutes past, I knew he was on edge thinking that they may come back out on the porch. I decided to cut the visit short, I could always see him again. He wished me good luck, gave me a gentle hug, walking me to my truck. I promised him I would keep in touch, calling him regularly. As I looked up at the front porch, I saw my mother peeking out of the drapes. I pulled out of the yard and drove away wondering what had happened to my mother, how could she be this way ?

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By Blueheatt

I’m Benny. We were all growing out of our gawky 13 year old stage. We had formed a ‘Wanker Club’ because we were getting ‘NO’ pussy. We would sit around one of our bedrooms and wank to hot girls we all knew, including our sisters and mom’s.
We challenged ourselves to wank in risky places for bragging rights. At school was a risky place. We all had found places to wank real quick there. Restroom stalls, under stairs and storage rooms.
Then one afternoon, we all met the unexpected….


She over heard us that day and burst in Tanner’s bedroom catching us all. We were all moaning a little still wanking when it happened. She shocked the shit out of us as we scrambled to put our dicks away. She said: “Don’t anybody move!” We stopped in our tracks and froze. Sean and I were on Tanners bed, and he was sitting in a chair. She came over and sat on the bed slowly. She looked excitedly at Sean and then my dicks, then at tanner the same way. She smiled and said: “Everybody just stay as you are.” We were all shook up at being caught, but didn’t move. Our hearts were pounding as she got on her knees and looked at us, but with a look of glee. Melinda was real hot to look at. Big tits, nice body and pretty face.

She said: “Well….what do we have here, three dicks. What should I do about this. Tanner began to giggle. “Do you think this is funny Tanner?” Tanner said: “Yeah…kinda.” She said: “Have you told your friends about me Tanner?” “No”…he replied. “I told you there is nothing wrong with masturbating, but to let me know, so I wouldn’t interrupt you guys….didn’t I?….I said that I like too masturbate too, and I might want to join you guys. Didn’t I say that Tanner?”….

(Melinda was Tanners MOM!)

“Yeah…but that’s embarrassing mom.” Tanner said. “Well….let’s get this embarrassment thing over with.” Melinda said. She began to undress. Oh my god….a real live woman, with big tits and everything was stripping for us. Our dicks started getting hard again, their was no way to stop them. Melinda was ‘the hot mom’ to think about in our club. We all had wanked thinking about her. Tanner would tell us about seeing her in her bra and panties and we would all shoot big ones thinking about her. She had long reddish hair, big tits and a body to die for. Now she was taking clothes OFF right in front of us! Sean and I were pissed that Tanner hadn’t told us about her offer to wanked with us as we wanked, yet we understood about it being your own mom and all.

Tanner thought…
… oh my god, she’s doing it….well…that’s my horny mom. Dad would shit if he knew she was doing this, and might kill all of us 14 times with a dull knife! I’m sure not going to try and stop her, I’ve wanted to see her naked forever myself. She’s always had ‘that’ look at me and like to rub me and feel my butt as I grew up. She would wash me when I was little and wash my little dick over and over again. I figured that all mom’s did that and didn’t think anything about it…except I liked it. This is embarrassing but…..damn she looks hot. I don’t know how many times I’ve wanked, pretending I’m fucking her……

….my heart is jumping. I’ve wanted to do this for along time. I overheard Tanner talking about the wanker club one time.
“Boys, I know about your little ’Wanker Club,’ and I’m making myself the newest and FINAL member. We’re now going to have some real fun.” I said.

Benny continued…
We all watched at she slowly peeled off her house dress and let it drop to the floor. Oh god, no bra or panties and she was NAKED! She slowly did a turnaround and massaged her big tits. Three dicks stood straight up. She smiled and walked up close to each one of us and held her tits and rubbed her full bush pussy. Did she know that we were about to cum without even jacking? She knew what she was doing and got on her knees right in front of me first. She opened my knees and rubbed my upper legs….then started putting her mouth real close to my dick. She blew her warm breath on my dick.

That did it, and I shot cum like never before, with out even touching my dick. She looked delighted escort kocaeli as she kept rubbing my legs. She then moved over to Sean. His eyes were in shock as did the same thing. She rubbed his leg and blew her breath in his dick. He grabbed his dick as he came, not wanting to cum right on her face. She grabbed his hand and in one jack he shot. She let the cum go on her cheek. We all just stared in shock. Now her son Tanner. He slumped back in his chair and closed his eyes. Both her hands went around his dick. He shot big and she just let the cum go on her face. She moaned and started rubbing her pussy real fast. She jolted her hips and moaned again. I think she had a girls cum, and then lost her breath.
She stood up, picked up her dress and smiled at she left the room with cum still on her face.

Sean and I both told Tanner…”Tomorrow man, tomorrow!, let’s do that again.” He said he’d let us know.
This was a Friday, so tomorrow was out at his house…..but Monday afternoon was ‘on’ he said.
Melinda thoughts drifted back to Jr. High school….

….My secret fantasy is coming true. Young boys make me so fucking hot, and now I have three of them to do as I wish. I’ll make them good and horny, then watch them cum as they wish they were fucking me. I want to feel their body’s. Make them all excited as hell for me, then make them cum for me. I’ve suppressed this for years. I’ve only had Tanner to arouse me in the past, but now I’m going to let them watch me finger myself, feel my own tits and body and then we’ll all climax big.

I’ve always wanted to watch boys shoot their cum. I’ll keep doing more each time, and soon I’ll have all three of them cuming in my mouth…that’s what I want to feel, and hear them moan.

I remembered back to how those wonderful glory days all got started…

My boyfriend in Jr. High school snuck me in to a very remote boy’s restroom. He had me sit on a stall toilet. He took out his boner and started jacking it. He put it close to my mouth and had me suck on it. I was very sexually excited. I sucked it until he shot cum in my mouth and moaned. We did this several times over several weeks. Soon he reached down and put his finger in my slit and rubbed my clit as he shot cum in my mouth. It was the best orgasm I ever had. He just had to tell some of his friends and soon other boys did it to me too. I was thrilled at the attention I was getting.

Most all the boys really liked me a lot, a few called me a ’cum whore’, but I didn’t care at all. I was popular in school.
Tanner’s dad doesn’t like to do that very well. He just fucks me quick and that’s it. Now I’ll get these boys to do it again.

She had us all come in her bedroom. She only had a robe on. She told us to take our pants down and just watch her while we sat side by side on her bed. She stood in front of us and let us watch her take her robe off. She watched with delight as our dicks got to full erection. She had us all lay back as she started in feeling us up. She felt our balls and dicks over and over. She moaned a little doing this. We all put our hands behind our heads and watched her as she played with us. She had this excited wild look in her eyes as she got more and more excited. She scooted us all back and got up on the bed, her legs facing us. She opened her legs wide and said: “Well…lets all wank!” We all watched her. She played with her pussy as it got all wet.

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Melinda moaned in her thoughts…..
Oooooo god … that was heaven…..watching them triple cum as they watched me….oh kocaeli anal yapan escort my god that was hot….I just had the best climax I can ever remember……I can’t even think about next time…
Now it’s my turn. My parents kept me shielded from boys growing up. I wanted to be felt up, and to feel them sexually. I have a good husband but I have desires beyond once a week in bed for 15 minutes. I need some sexual excitement and now I have some. I have plans for them that may make their little balls explode…….
Sean thought….
Wow…Tanner’s mom is a sex machine and she wants to wank with us…we gotta be the luckiest 3 guys in the world. I ain’t never seen a woman wank before, that was awesome. She’s got the hottest body I ever seen. I’m already to do it again tomorrow. Talk to her Tanner. Tell her we all love her or anything to do more wanking.

Tanner told us at school there was a ’Wank Club’ meeting that afternoon. My cock got hard right then and I had to tie a jacket around my waist to hide it. We all waited at Tanners house for her directions.
Tanners mom wanted a ’one on one’ with each one of us. We all flipped a coin to see who went first with Melinda, one on one. Sean won and Tanner and I waited downstairs while he went up.

“Come on in Sean, and shut the door. Let’s have a new kind of wank…Ok?….
He nodded his head like I knew he would. I wore this new shortie robe to watch his eyes scan me and get him good and hard. I loved to watch him get all horny looking at my pubic hair showing, and my cleavage. I whispered to him: (“…what we do together is just between you and I. Not a word to the others…Ok?….just tell them we wanked…you understand don’t you Sean.”)

I rubbed his boner at we stood there.
Now my little wanker, it’s time to teach you to lick pussy, and for me to do the jacking on your nice boner. I had him lay on my bed with his pants down. I laid next to him on our sides, only 69. My pussy is now staring him in the face. I bet it’s the first one he’s seen up close, all wet and ready to lick. I’ve got his boner all to myself now. Hold on Sean, your going to get sucked on till you cum. I whispered: (“…it’s ok Sean, you can feel and even lick my pussy if you want.”) I love his little trembling fingers feeling my pussy. I lifted one knee and scooted my pussy right to his lips. He gasp and slowly stuck out his tongue. I thrust my pussy at him and moaned. That did it, and he was licking my pussy like a hungry tiger. Young boys cum fast so I quick took all of his boner in my mouth. Now he moaned and jerked. No need to jack him he stiffened up and I felt his hot cum pumping my mouth. I pulled his head in tight to my pussy and humped his hot tongue. I worked up a climax by rubbing my clit on his tongue. Wow, he shot again as I worked his boner back and forth in my mouth. He kept licking my pussy like a good little wanker. We both laid over and just enjoyed the cums we just had.
After a while, I reminded him about ‘our little secret’ and not to tell the others. His eyes were glazed over as he nodded his head. He started kissing my tits and feeling me all over. It was tempting not to let him fuck me right then, but I had plans. I finally got him out of my bed and told him to send up the next one.
I was next. Sean wouldn’t tell me shit, but he sure was happy looking. I opened Melinda’s bedroom door slowly. She was on her bed naked! I stopped my dick from cuming as I didn’t look right at her for a minute. She said: “Come on in Benny, let’s wank together. Take your pants down….shhhh…what we do in here is secret from the others…Ok?” I nodded. I was real nervous and did what she said. She had me lay with my dick at her head. I was now looking right at her pussy. She lifted up one leg and I felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing my mouth into her wet pussy. My natural urge was to lick it, so I did.

I was beyond exciting. I just went ahead and felt her butt and tummy as I licked. Then I felt warmth on my fat little dick. Oh god…it felt wonderful as I looked down as saw my dick in her mouth. izmit yabancı escort I couldn’t hold back the cum as I jolted and out it came. She immediately started fucking my tongue. She moaned, shook and I shot again somehow, right in her mouth again. I moaned and so did she. I saw stars and heard angels in my head as my dick tried to cum some more. She made it feel out of the world……..

I lay there in la la land when she said: “Go get Tanner”….
I took one more lick and weakly got up and staggered to get my pants up. I went downstairs with a big grin as I passed an excited Tanner on the way up. Sean and I just sat there all weak…we didn’t speak a word…..
After a while Tanner and his mom were still up there, so Sean and I left to go home.

Melinda’s thoughts about Tanner….
This is my baby, and now we are going to wank together. It’s feel up time for us. I had him take off all his clothes, so I could feel him all over. My boy was hot for his mommy and we liked it. We just lay and felt us for a long time. He was going to be a lover ok, he kissed my neck so hot and felt my nipples so gentle as I felt his big boner gently. His hand gently felt my pussy so good. I was shaking hot for him now. He need no direction as he slid down and started licking my pussy. Then he got up and put his boner between my tits and started slow fucking them. I felt his legs and butt all I wanted. I started teasing the end of his boner with my lips and tongue. He couldn’t take that and let go with a big load of cum in my open mouth. I let him enjoy it all. Then I started sucking it in my warm mouth. He jumped as his big dick had never been that sensitive. He started kissing me like a girlfriend and we felt each other faster in a furious frenzy. I had wanted him, and he wanted me for so long, I just opened my legs for him. We didn’t touch his boner as it just slid right in.

That’s when we heard dad’s car pull in the driveway.
Tanner was like a spring and jumped off me and sprang into his room and shut the door. I staggered to get my robe and ran to the shower, closed and locked the door. We had lost track of time and I quick took a shower and rubbed my pussy in the warm water thinking about the feel of Tanner in me. When I finally came out, dad was out in the garage tinkering with something. I quick fixed the bed and got dressed. Tanner stayed in his room except once to check on me and to feel my tits and pussy real quick….
We all had a nice dinner. (…tanner and I slowly but gently rubbed our legs together under the table.)
The wanker club went on twice a week, but it was always one on one with Melinda. Sean, myself and Tanner never said if we fucked her. Melinda and I did everything but fuck. I think it was the same with Sean. She gave me blow jobs, hand jobs and I came on her tits and pussy. She was our female wank buddy, and it was great….but…
I always wondered if Tanner ever fucked his mom……..

One Friday morning Tanner and his dad went camping for the weekend. That afternoon it was just Sean and I.
Melinda decided on a threesome for us. By now we all just got naked in her bed. We all lay sideways as I faced her Sean was behind her. We were making Melinda hotter that she’d ever been. Two guys feeling tits, pussy and her body along with kissing her. She kept moaning and then I felt her take my boner and put it in her pussy. She reached between her legs and started putting Sean’s boner in her pussy too! We were both going to fuck her….oh my god, this was it.

We all fucked like wild animals. We all moaned as she felt so damn good. She was feeling us, kissing us and fucking us like I had only dreamed about. Sean and I began to moan as our cum was almost here….Melinda held our butts and fucked like a yelling machine! I shot, I felt Sean shoot and Melinda yelled loud and she bucked like a horse and came hard. She shook like a leaf and bit my neck and pulled Sean’s hair. I couldn’t count the number of cums Sean and I shot in her. She held us all tight together as Sean and I were in heaven now. She kept saying: “…oh baby yes, oh baby yes, over and over and over.
Strange…the only one she ever called ’baby’ was…Tanner.

I decided to keep Tanner’s and my personal live private. Benny and Sean both asked me flat out one afternoon if Tanner and I had full on sex.

I just smiled…..

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Real live driven fantasy 1

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Some xnxx pms can be really surprising!

This story is dedicated to a lovely, horny woman named “Skylar”,

who I met in a xnxx pm and was meant for sending and receiving

pure sexual satisfaction by written words of fantasy.

So after some previous short pms, here our fantastic story starts:

Skylar, I am called Tony and so we are two hotties and hornies … 😉

If you imagine we are in a quite dark room, illimunated by some candles and you

sit with your red wine on a chair nearby the chimney, wearing a mini,

a bright top and a dark slip – nothing more.

I enter the room, wearing nothing than my bright slip, so you see my

bronze-like shining body, the candles are reflected my oil covered skin.

You look for me very appetizing and suddenly I have an idea,

driven by a strong urge arising inside me:

I step slowly into your front, remove the glass of wine from your hands,

take a good sip from it, turn to the table and bow down deeply in slow motion

to place your glass on the table. But to be honest, I do this primarily to

present you my hot backside in front of your face, in the hope, you like my smell.

Suddenly I feel your hands softly touching my inside flanks above my knees,

petting my flanks softly, while moving your hands slowly upwards …

I shiver inside, let you go on and spread my legs a little bit, until your hand

reaches my meanwhile slightly juicy pussy.

I moan silently and you give my pussy below my slip a slow and tender massage

while i start to pet your massaging hand over my puss and vary the pressure which

your hand gives to my pussy.

But “STOP!” escort it shouts loud through my head, first Skylar and then me!

Patience! Patience and slow motion is always required to get to a real mega orgasm.

With this thoughts I get up, turn around, pull you soft at your cheeks upwardsr

and at the same time your top above your head. Eagerly I open your mini, which

immediately falls to the floor.

Now we stand equally in front of each other, only wearing our slips.

Our lips are getting closer and we kiss each other more and more wildly, our

tongues finding and swirling around each others, while our hands are touching

our points of lust between our legs (just touching and pressing), still

without a lot of motions. The feeling of your warm hand on my begging pussy

is such nice and hot – especially when knowing, that you feel the same!

We are breathing more and more heavily.

And again I feel, I want to give you, dear wonderful Skylar, something more,

something additional, something what I would pray for as well!

To do so, I disturb our red-hot situation by grabbing your hips to move and

lean you slowly against the next wall.

Quickly I remove my slip very fast by myself kneel down and tear off your slip

as well. I get a short fantastic smell of your wet cunt, which arouses my

deepest horniness…

I give your cunt a short kiss, to moisture my lips with your devine juice, get

up suddenly and kiss your lips again to let you taste your own tasty juice too.

Slowly I kiss your neck, whispering into your ear: “Skylar, I love and want

you … oh Skylar, be patience, soon I will lick your horny cunt, izmit escort bayan I will let my

tongue slip in and out like crazy and I will enjoy to drink your devine juices”.

You moan into my ear: “Oh YES my dear Tony, please lick me, please, please,…”

After our silently exchanged words, I start to work down very slow, caressing

your tits, sucking and licking your nibbles, which are getting much harder.

Dear Skylar shouts out loud pulsating moanings, which makes me more hot as well.

Then I reach your bellybutton, kissing it keenly and very wet, using my tongue.

Then I kneel down again and push your legs wide apart immediately, so

you slide down a bit deeper, still standing and leaning against the wall.

You start to pet my head and play with my hairs. This feels also so good.

NOW my lips are reaching and touching your shaved labia which are feeling soft

like a plum, but warmer and more wet, dripping like a waterfall.

I suck your pussy and drink from it it eagerly, to satisfy my big thirst.

Then I look up into your glowing face, marked by lust with the desire for more.

Again I’m sure, that my love is reaching you, dear Skylar.

Wordless I take your hands, pull them to your hot cunt and let them spread your

labia actively more wide. Now my free hand gets lost between my legs and starts

to rub my cunt (YES, BAD, DIRTY WORD – BUT DESCRIBING THE TRUTH!!!) following

the interval of my tongue, plowing through Skylars appetizing, demanding and

very satisfying, keen pussy.

I lick your cunt, first slowly and tenderly, then more and more fast and hard

(sometimes I stick my izmit sınırsız escort tongue as deep as possible into your hot hole in search

of your clit) and enjoy your moans which are mixing somehow together with mine.

Always when my tongue touches your clit, you moan out loud.

Meanwhile I’m going on to rub my hot yearning cunt as well.

Suddenly I feel, you start to shiver, tremble and pushing your hips (especially

your pussy) more and more against my tongue spending face.

Then you explode into a giant orgasm, slide down to the floor and at the end

we find ourselfes breathles, satisfied and relieved, arm-in-arm on the floor,

petting and kissing each other very tender- and smoothly in a kind of

total harmony…

Now we started to talk, whispering silently:

Skylar: “Oh Tony, I will give this back to you and this will not be tomorrow,

this will be NOW!”

After a short look at the grandfather clock at the opposite wall I answer:

“My dear Skylar, we passed midnight already, so you can’t give me back anything today.”

Skylar: “No matter, I don’t let you go like this! What about taking a shower together?”

Me: “Oh, that’s a fabuluous idea, let’s go for a shower …”

We get up, arm in arm like longterm friends (which we are so really meanwhile) and

stumble in direction of the bathroom.

Dear real lesbian reader, if you are interested how our keen love continues,

please let me know.

Additionally I learned to know a new nice girl, who could either join us, or to

start a plain new story with me (and later join eventually – allright Lily?)

At last: have a good satisfied (or better content) live, despite all obstacles

comming ito your ways – keep positive all the time and avoid negative influences.

We belong all together!

BR, LiN69

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Giving Comfort

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I know it’s been a tough couple of weeks and that I haven’t done much to help. I rely so much on you for strength and, when you tire or struggle, I don’t always know what to do or have the courage to do even the things that are within my power. Perhaps it is the age difference, but you always seem to know what to do, and you seem to have limitless energy and courage. I do not possess those virtues and, when you faulter, I feel utterly helpless.

You did not hear me from your office but, a little while ago, I cried, my head buried in our comforter at the foot of our bed. Tears relieve my stress and clarity can come to me in such moments. When I had cried myself out, I looked in the mirror and noted my hair pulled back carelessly with a thick black hairband, my worn t-shirt, my faded leggings. When all of your attention is diverted from me to other things, I tend to let myself go. Resolution comes with clarity when I cry myself out and I am resolved to use all of my womanly gifts to restore you.

Though fragile and so heavily reliant upon you, I am a dutiful wife and I love you. I love being with you, love being your comfort and companion, your plaything, and your lover. I know my duty and resolve to do it, so I shower, carefully shaving and lotioning for you. I carefully finish my hair, just the way you like it. I run my fingertips up my legs and my pubic mons, making sure there isn’t the slightest rough patch. You love these panties; their faint white lace pattern reveals just enough, and its matching bra barely covers my nipples. I don’t wear white silk stockings and garters for you often enough but, turning to my left and right in the mirror, I can see why you find me aesthetically pleasing in them.

Your office seems so far away. We share this space, but I haven’t seen you all day. With gentle footfalls, I make my way through the kitchen, dining room, and living room to the oak paneled office where you work every day. It is your place, one designed by you and executed according to your exacting requirements. It is manly, unyielding, covered in wood and leather, your space, your domain. It is a place I only go to clean.

I pause at the door and lean my ear against the panel, listening to see if you are on the phone or on a video call. You are not. I take my time with the handle, turning the antique brass knob to release the well-oiled latch. I slip my lithe body through the small gap that a gentle push creates. Closing the door behind me, I lean heavily against it; settled in my well-intentioned deceit, I paint on my happiest face.

You hear me and look up, taking me in, in a moment, your keen eyes scanning every inch of my body. I look at them intently for your eyes tell me in a moment what you are feeling. Are they hazel or green right now? They change by your mood and the palate around you. Your appreciation is gratifying. I can see that familiar lust in you, in your eyes, the tension in your broad shoulders, escort bayan the pen paused and forgotten mid-signature. Three years of marriage and you still look at me like that. A brief smile plays on your face as I slink over to you, intentionally turning my hips in the most sensuous way I can.

You turn in your chair, creating a space for me to slip into your lap as I round the desk. G-d, how I love how small being with you makes me feel. I “fit” in the spaces you create and the urge to curl up there now, with my head against your chest, is strong. Your big hands feel so good on the side of my head and running down my legs and your lips bring me to ecstasy, long before you enter me, but I am not here for comfort or satisfaction. No, I am doing the unthinkable in our relationship, seducing you instead of you, me.

I stand before you and offer you my hand. You take it, rising to come with me. I can feel in your fingertips your urge to pull me back to you. I would be powerless to resist if you did so, but you let me lead you. I do not need to look back at you to know that you are watching me with an amused look as you follow me across our ranch house to our bedroom.

When we are through the open door, I turn to you. You reach for me, but I put my hands on your strong forearms, turning you so that you have your back to the bed and pushing you gently until your calves rest against it. I push you to sit; “uh, uh, let me have this” I intone as you reach to pull me down to you. You obey me and put your hands on the bed beside you as I take your beautiful face in my hands, turning it up to mine.

“Close your eyes” I demand, as I kiss you softly on the lips. Your stubble is rough on my smooth hands. It would be rough against my inner thighs too but that is not for now. This moment is about you.

I press, ever so gently, on your lips till they part, tasting the coffee on your tongue. I withdraw, smiling at your upturned face and your closed eyes as I unbutton your shirt slowly. It is an awkward angle and I need to drop down to my knees to disrobe you. You instinctively spread your muscular thighs for me and pull your shirt off as the last button comes loose.

You reach for me again, but I gently take your hands in mine and return them to being flat on our bed as I push you back. You let yourself fall and permit me to unbuckle your belt and then unbutton and unzip your pants. First the left, then the right shoe is removed, then your socks. Last of all, I pull your pants off by the cuff, leaving you there in your blue boxers, wonderfully splayed out, your olive skin standing in magnificent contrast with the stark whiteness of our bed.

You are smiling at me, your knees bent at the edge of the bed, your feet resting on the floor. You lock your hands behind your head, offering yourself to me. From the hole in the front of your boxers, your cock is just peeking out; it is an invitation I shan’t ignore and grasp your kocaeli escort bayan boxers, removing them with a tug. You cooperated by lifting your feet, letting me strip you naked.

“Scoot” I demand as I motion for you to move up our bed. You do so hesitantly, unaccustomed as you are to taking commands from anyone, least of all me, your dutiful and loving, but perfectly domesticated, wife. You place your hands again under your head, now resting on a pillow and more comfortably able to watch me minister to you. I kneel between your legs and run my hands up your thighs.

The hair on your legs never ceases to fascinate me with its softer patches where your slacks rub and the courser patches where they do not. I kiss your right thigh, turning your knee out a little so that I can kiss the softer inside. A chance glance in the mirror reminds me of the dark hickeys with which you regularly mark me upon my most private areas. I return the favor now, sucking your skin hard, knowing the bruise will soon be a dark purple, surrounded by a yellow hallo against your warmer skin tone.

You place your right hand on my head, and I can feel the urgency of it, the need as you coax me to travel farther up your body, but I take my time. You are mine and I am yours but, at this moment, I am your agent provocateur.

Having marked you, I continue to kiss up your thigh, pushing both knees out until you are splayed lewdly out in front of me, your firm balls and hardening penis offered up as a sacrifice to our bond, unencumbered by the usual entwining of our bodies.

“Put your hands behind your head and keep them there” I demand. You laugh but comply as I place a palm on each of your outstretched knees and lean in to kiss and suck every inch of your lovely inner thighs. I’ve never been so bold with you before. It is always you demanding that I move and act in ways that excite you. I love your demands, love how you can control me with the slightest glance, the softest phrase, the slightest effort but, at this moment, you are mine. You let me control you.

I stretch my tongue out to lick your taint, noting the point that your testicles join your body. Then, I lick up between your balls. I grab your cock in my left hand, feeling the warm precum coating my fingers as I lift your left testicle and suck on it. Then, I do the right, the whole time playing with your cock, spreading your precum around the head.

The urge to just take you in my mouth is overwhelming but I know my duty and it is to help you forget our troubles. I contain myself. I do not rush. I take my time. I lick and suck on your balls, playfully teasing the base of your cock as I make my way up from the bottom to the top. I feel the veins on my tongue and the rib which I so love inside of me, against the flat of my tongue.

I glance at the clock, resolving to spend no less than three minutes teasing you, secretly willing you to take control kocaeli escort and throw me down, reclaiming your dominance, but you do not. I feel the movement of your hips and thighs under me. I can sense your growing impatience, so I take your cock in my hands and take in the familiar taste of your precum and your lovely musk. It is just a soft kiss, right on the tip, followed by taking just the head between my lips.

I sense, rather than seeing, the movement of your strong hands and I break off my worship of your manliness to remind you to keep your hands behind your head. Then I return to sucking just the head of your penis. I push your thighs together now and straddle your knees as I lift your balls and cock from between your legs. Your cock lies wonderfully against your belly as I lick the length of it, mapping with my tongue the veins as you exude a deep groan of longing.

Slowly, patiently, I work my way up the shaft until I reach the head and then pull it towards me so that your manhood is pointed up at the ceiling. I position my mouth at the head and then, with one full motion, take you. It is only in a few positions that I can take you like this. This is one of them and your crinkly hairs are on my chin as I pause, letting you enjoy the experience of being fully inside of my mouth and partially in my throat.

Your gasp is so very satisfying.

I raise myself up until just the tip is in my mouth and repeat the motion, fully taking you again. In a succession of movements, I take you in and release, again and again, feeling your hips rise to meet me and listening to your breaths as you come closer and closer to cumming.

I love that you love taking me. I am yours. My body is yours but today is about you and I can tell that the spell I’ve woven is complete when you suddenly stiffen up, your muscles contracting along the length of your form, crying out “Oh God, Emily! Yes!”

You cum.

I have only the briefest second to pull myself back enough to have only the head of your cock in my mouth. The one luxury I will give myself is the taste of your cum and, as you powerfully ejaculate in me, I savor it. You fill my mouth, emitting almost too much for me to keep there long; but I succeed, retaining your semen for a moment before swallowing it.

How long has it been since you came? Two days? No, three. I haven’t been a good wife but I’m doing my best to make up for it now as I milk the last drops from you and swallow them.

You collapse on the bed with a most wonderfully satisfied look on your face, one that tells me you will sleep. How wonderful! You haven’t BEEN sleeping well and nothing could make me happier now than to know that my service has soothed you. You sleepily start to speak but I crawl up beside you and place my finger against your lips.

“Just sleep, my darling husband.”

You close your lips as I stand and pull the comforter up from the bottom of the bed to cover your herculean body. I pull the heavy curtains closed choking off the afternoon sunlight but there is just enough light for me to see you close your eyes and turn your head away from me as you drift off.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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i find you laying in bed. topless, beautiful. a purple thong all that protects you from my soon to come assault. i take hold of the waist band and pull them off.
you were on yer back, knees together but feet in the air. the crotch sticks slightly to your moist pussy lips. your panties spring free and are tossed aside, forgotten for now. ill take them with me later; a trophy. 
smooth skin from front to back side to side. havin yer legs up, knees together does a very special thing to a womans vag. the lips puff up an peak out between her thighs (important that everything is smooth).
its a very sexy scene. i had my tongue in your ass in no time. i slide 2 fingers inside you, other thumb an pointer finger rolling your clit around. you are very wet, your lips pouted and glistening. my fingers are replaced with my tongue an mouth and i slide my middle finger, slippery from you, gently into your ass. of course, you moan loudly at this point. i saw it in and out for a minute, warming you up. i rear up an slide into your pussy with ease. bottom out (youre very slippery by now). i hold your ankles an spread your legs wide. slide my hands down yer calfs, thighs, inside an out. very smooth skin. long slow strokes in, out. pausing when im deepest. i pull out, flip you over, and tease your ass with my tongue. your knees are together again (you know how i feel about that). i climb up an “mount” you pounding from behind. sounds and the smell of sex are in the air. i pull back, still inside you so i can finger your ass some more. getting you ready. i turn you on your side so i can see your face as i glide into your ass. slowly softly, you absolutely explode. almost in the fetal position, you show your approval with a trickle of your honey running down yer thigh. which i gather up with a free hand. i bring it to your lips an you suck on them tasting yourself, lost, as i steady my strokes. i slide 2 fingers back into you sopping wet pussy. every movement is fluid an smooth. your legs quake as you shudder from your first orgasm. i slip out of you, roll you onto your back and begin my ascent. stopping at your clit, tummy, and bury my face in your georgous tits. mashing them, kneading them, sucking your nipples;  biting…i have an idea. i stand you up and get behind you. i pull yer hair to one side an suck on your kocaeli escort neck. my hands roam your body, tweaking your nipples, groping your ass. reaching back i easily slide my middle finger into your ass. your legs become wobbly so i spin you round an lay you down. one leg still up in my arm, the other spread wide i impale you once again. staring into your beautiful eyes i begin to pound you into a frenzy. mashing your pussylips with each heavy thrust. i wish you could ride me, but you are too exhausted, your legs couldnt take it. next time for sure. i keep my pistoning up an roll you slightly on your hip still holding your leg up. runing my hand up an down your thigh paying special attention to your clit everytime i get there. you bring your own nipple to your mouth an suck away. my left hand (u are facing right) carresses your ass as i slide a finger in. you shudder for the 2nd time. i pull you to the edge of the bed an forcefully flip you onto your chest, i bury my face in your ass one more time giving you unneeded extra saliva so i can penetrate u with ease…and that i do… you squeal as i commence my assault. gently at first but i pick up the pace. i get into a rhythym with the bed my balls slapping your ass. your pussy is gaping open almost gasping for air drooling all down your shivering thighs. i tug on your hair. not to be rough, but enough to get you to turn and look at me. i can see the lust in your eyes. without warning i slide out and jump right back into your pussy. this does it for you and your knees give out from under us. i lean over your back. you feel secure with me laying on you…in you. my powerful arms lift u a little so i can watch your tits sway gently as i hammer down from behind. i begin to fuck your wet pussy raw. pounding you into the bed you are howling by now. you  beg me to stop though the way you coo between words tells me youd kill me if i did. i feel it boiling up inside, i wont last long now. making sure i bottom out with each an every stroke. i ask you, where do you want it. do you want it inside you or do you want it to slide down your throat? where…
 you, panting heavily, say throat. i pull you to the floor facing me. grab your jaw(not too rough) to open your mouth. i slide all the way in, buried to the hilt. you suck an swallow like never before. i pull out a little, darıca escort you grab ahold of the base and milk me for all ive got. my cum shoots out splashing your tongue an back of your mouth. you swallow as fast as you can, but its too much too fast. cum slips out of the sides of your mouth running down your cheek. you continue to jerk and suck as if theres more in there. completely fucked and satisfied. your body aches but in a good way. you want more but know you cant handle any more. maybe later…

its been days since ive seen you. your at home, in bed. i wanna be in the dark with you, hand up your shirt, suckin on your tongue and bottom lip.  kissin your neck all over.

i slowly pull your shirt off, pause when the shirt is over yer face, coverin yer eyes, your arms stretched up. i hold them there an steal a kiss. deep, passionate

i lay you back, work down to your breasts. take a nipple in between my teeth. gently nibble. you get goose bumps. 
my head moving down your chest, my hand sliding up your legs. slowly over your creamy smooth thighs. 

i put my knee between yours and expertly  work your legs open. your mine now. your little shorts provide zero defense against my advances.
they ride up your thighs as your knees spread farther an farther apart. my hand slides into the waistband ever so slowly. painfully slow. hmm, no panties on…

you feel my hardness dig into your hip as my hand finally reaches your pussy. i see my suckling on your breasts has made you very wet. 

i use my first an third finger to spread your lips as the middle finger rolls your swollen clit back an forth. you coo softly at this. a shiver runs up your spine as the cool night air hits your wet nipples…ive reluctantly released them…

repositioned between your thighs, i grab your waistband and start to tug down. you lift up knowing full well whats to come. i pull them over your feet, your ass lifted off the mattress.  

 i keep your legs up, spreading them wide, exposing all of you to me. slide my strong hands down the back of your legs, pushing on the back of your knees causing you to roll up onto your sholders

fully exposed to me, i bury my face between your thighs. your lips are silky smooth.  engorged. glistening. your taste is indescribable. gölcük escort you reach down and play with your swollen clit while i move down further to show your ass some long overdue attention.

you shudder as my tounge muscles its way inside you. your orgasm is fast approaching as i drag my tongue all the way back up to your clit,  stopping only to dart inside your sopping pussy lips. you whine a little as i ease you back down to the bed, not wanting me to ever stop. never. 

my cock is concrete and the tip is on fire. it cuts through your soft lips like warm butter. your legs spread wide, i easily bottom
out…that did it for you. the first wave rocks you like an earthquake. your legs quiver and you cry out.

 i pull you up to me, our legs twisted together, my cock still throbbing inside you. we use the bed to rock ourselves together as our tongues wrestle each other. we grunt an groan together. sweating together. at
one point we just stare at each other while our hips gyrate back an forth. our love all that matters. 

you can see in my eyes that i wont last much longer.
you lean back and grab hold of my cock as i slip out of you. your pussy drooling, not wanting this to end. you stroke me fast and i cum hard on your tits and stomach. you rub it into your chest making sure to scoop some up into your mouth. “mmmm” you moan, swallowing a little. 

you soon realize your other hand still has a death grip on my cock and im still throbbing. we’re taking advantage of this! i spin you around to the edge of the bed and bend you over it. what a beautiful sight.

 i slide into you and begin to steadily saw back and forth; in and out. long slow strokes dragging across your greasy pussy lips. you begin to spasm as your muscles grip my shaft tighter and tighter. 

i lick my thumb and gently work into your ass. you relax and allow me to loosen you up, knowing whats in store. 

i deftly slip from one hole to the next;  the pussy juice you left on my cock providing ample lubrication for me to slide into your ass…and do i ever bury it into you. 

my strokes are strong in and out, in and out. you begin to moan loudly.  a steady flow creams out of your sex, coating your inner thighs. i can smell it. i want to taste it. 

your muscles clamp down on my cock as your orgasm hits you like a truck. this puts me over the edge and i cum inside you. you love the feeling…warm splashes deep inside you. we collapse together on your bed. 

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The Snow Storm

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The Snow Storm
It started to snow at about ten this morning and at first the weather office called for flurries but it wasn’t long before it was to be a winter storm with snow up to 3 feet. My husband, Doug and I decided to just stay inside, keep the wood stove burning and indulge in a day of sex. We had been cuddling and playing around on the couch when the phone rang. As I went to answer it I saw it was 1:30pm and the snow was coming even heavier. When I answered and said hello I immediately recognized the voice on the other end, it was Tim an officer who patrols the highway. He said the highway had been closed and he was ordered to go home and sit out the snow when he came upon a stranded car. Since he had been doing the final patrol on snowmobile he could not take them anywhere. Tim knew that we always took in stranded motorists when the snow was bad and he also knew that Doug had one of those large track machines they use on ski hills to groom the snow.
I got Doug on the other phone so he could get directions to the car which was about 2 miles away. Tim told us the two had been in the car which had quit running for about 2 hours and were pretty cold. Doug said to give him about 30 -40 minutes and he would pick them up. Tim said he couldn’t stay because the snow was really getting deep, visibility was poor and he might bog down himself with about 20 miles to go to get home. Doug said he would get them and then call Tim to let him know.
Doug quickly got dressed and headed out to the garage. Luckily the garage is heated so he could avoid having to run the machine for 30 minutes to warm up. Within ten minutes of getting off the phone Doug was headed out. We have a radio in the cab and house so we could talk to each other as he was driving. Doug knew a short cut through the forest on a trail he had cut so instead of using the road he headed out that way. He said the visibility was a lot better as the trees cut the blowing snow and this way he would only have about 1 mile of highway to drive on.
In less than 40 minutes he found the car and after a few blasts on the horn he had the passengers in the cab and was on his way back. Although it is good and warm in the cab he suggested I put on a pot of coffee for when izmit escort we get back as he had 2 very cold passengers.
When he got beside the house he directed the two to get out and head into the house while he put his machine away. As I opened the door I was surprised to see two young guys in jeans, shoes and light jackets come inside. These two were certainly not prepared for winter weather. They were both apologetic and thankful for rescuing them. When they kicked off their shoes and coats I noticed their socks and lower legs of their pants were soaked. I got some of Doug’s sweat pants and heavy socks then directed them to the washroom to change and dry off their hair with towels. By the time they had come back out and sat down in the living room I was just serving coffee Doug came back in and went to call Tim.
While having coffee we learned some about them, their names were Jamie and Dan, they were both 20 and how they ended up on the highway. Then we spent time talking about the weather and other small talk. While we were talking I kept thinking that these two guys were really good looking and my mind wandered into the gutter thinking what it would be like fucking the two of them. I figured that since I was 52 and even though I did not look it, I figured that wouldn’t happen. I knew they would be cold so I had stoked up the fire and it was quite warm inside so I had put on a pair of really short shorts and a light top and I couldn’t help noticing the two of them eyeing me.
I decided to smoke a little weed and when I offered the guys some they both accepted. Doug wouldn’t have any in case he was called out again which was bound to happen. It didn’t take long and the three of us had smoked a couple of joints. We got giddy and joked about past times in the snow when Dan asked if they had interrupted our snow day. I blurted out that we planned to just play with each other and fuck our day away. Jamie then said he spent a day like this playing strip poker with some friends and it turned really hot. It must have been the weed because I jumped up and said I got a better game and went to get it.
When I got back I explained there were two sets of cards. The one you draw from has thing to do and if you get naked you draw from the yahya kaptan escort pile marked “stripped”. I got down on the floor and said come on guys let’s try it. Dan and Jamie sat down and just as Doug was about to join us the phone rang. After a few minutes he came back to say he might have to go out at any minute so for the three of us to go ahead and he will just watch.
There was a dice so we threw it to see who goes first and of course I lost, so I drew the first card (Give the first person of the opposite sex to your right a deep kiss using your tongue for 30 seconds). I leaned over to Jamie and the two of us started kissing while Dan kept time. We really got into an erotic kiss and could he kiss. For over 30 seconds, Dan lost track, our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth. I was a little disappointed when Dan called “time”.
Next Dan drew a card which gave him a pass. Then it was Jamie’s turn. He slowly drew a car and read it. “Take off one piece of clothing”. Jamie just laughed and took off a sock. It was then I realized I only had on my top and bottom, no panties and it was my turn. I drew a card and looked at then read it. “Remove a piece of clothing.” I looked at both the guys and my husband and then slowly removed my top revealing my breasts. Both guys said “wow” then Dan drew a card. “Remove a piece of clothing.” Dan simply removed a sock.
Jamie then drew a card and looked at it then with a big smile he read the card. “Lick, suck and fondle the nipples of the first opposite sex to your right for one minute. If they still have a top on remove a piece of your clothing.” I guess I don’t have to remove a piece of clothing,” and then he leaned over and started to suck on one nipple while playing with the other. He moved back and forth on my nipples and I was soon having an orgasm. Instead of one minute Dan let him carry on for three minutes and I’m glad he did.
It was my turn so I drew a card. “Play with the first opposite sex’s genital to your right. If they are still clothed remove a piece of your clothing.” I stood and pulled my shorts off. Then sat back down. Both of the guys said I was gorgeous and remarked how I was shaved. After the two of them had a good gebze escort look Dan drew a card and got a pass. Then Jamie drew a card and had to remove his other sock. Then it was my turn again. I drew a card from the “Stripped” pile. “Have the first opposite sex to your left, suck, lick and play with your nipples for two minutes.”
I turned slightly and lay on my back so Dan could get at my nipples easier and so Jamie would be looking between my legs at my pussy. As Dan started licking my nipples I had my legs together and then I slowly opened them so Jamie could see. Dan was working on my nipples and I could not see Jamie but then I felt him. He was between my legs licking my clit. Dan was sucking a nipple in and out of his lips and Jamie was licking my clit, then Jamie pushed a finger into my pussy and I exploded in an orgasm. Then I had another followed by multiple orgasms. I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled I need to feel a cock in my pussy. Jamie moved around, lifted my ankles onto his shoulders and slowly pushed his very hard cock into my pussy. I do not know when he took his clothes off and I did not care I just told him to fuck me slowly. Dan then removed his clothes and straddled my chest and pushed his cock into my mouth which I took willingly. I was sucking Dan’s cock, Jamie was slowly moving his cock in and out of my pussy and I was just having one continuous orgasm.
Jamie was first to say he was Cumming and was going to pull out but I said I want you to cum in me and that is what he did. I had stopped sucking Dan’s cock because I wanted him to fuck me next and cum in me. Jamie finally pulled his cock out and Dan slid his cock into my pussy and like Jamie fucked me slowly. Just as he started to cum I had an incredible orgasm. As we calmed down I lie between the two of them and let them play with me and kiss me.
I then realized Doug was gone. I got up and found a note from him. “Honey. I had to leave just after Jamie started to fuck you. I will be gone for several hours so make sure you fuck those two young guys a lot. I wish I could have stayed to watch but knowing you, you will be fucking most of the night. Go ahead and use our bed as it is bigger. Enjoy yourself. Love you lots, Doug”
I went back in and lay down between the guys and told them Doug had to leave for several hours and left me orders to fuck you guys a lot. Both of them grinned and we started on a great night.

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The Boss over for dinner_(0)

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]The Boss over for dinner

The knock on the door heralded the Boss( also a good mate) and his Wife’s arrival for dinner. I opened the door and was surprised to find Jim standing there alone. “ Sorry, but Anne has one of her headaches so I hope you don’t mind won’t be coming ,we would have let you know earlier but she was hoping it would have cleared up by now”’ “that’s ok “ I said “ come on in, grab a chair while I get you a drink”, just then my gorgeous 32 year old Wife Carol walked in wearing the low cut dress that I had asked her to wear, also no bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material,(I always get a thrill when I see Carol dressed this way, and feel good when other men ogle at her).

Jim gave her a peck on the cheek and I noticed him having a good look down her cleavage as he gave her the bottle of wine and the bunch of flowers he was carrying. (He knows how to put on the charm) “Sorry about the missus not making it” he said “that’s alright” she replied “all the more for us” with that she turned and walked to the kitchen saying she would get dinner ready, I got Jim and I a drink sat next to him on the settee and started a casual conversation with him which he didn’t seem to take much notice of as he was too busy watching Carol set the table up for the three of us instead of four . He was no doubt looking on one of her bare boobs which I could also see as she bent over the table to put down the plates of food.

“Dinners ready if you two are, come and get it” she said, Jim seemed to have a problem getting to the table as he tried to cover up the obvious bulge in his pants which I’m sure Carol must have noticed as her nipples were now really poking out about 5cm, stretching the already tight dress she was wearing.

Dinner went well and the wine flowed the conversation was from Jim, aimed mainly at Carol, he did say I was very lucky to have not only a great cook but also a beautiful lady for a wife, which again had her nipples stiff I told him he didn’t have to remind me as I found her equally attractive., Carol was now blushing bright red as Jim said he wished his wife would dress up to excite him as much as she was. ”Don’t be silly” she said “Anne is a lovely lady’ She doesn’t have breasts as nice as yours” he muttered “what was that” she asked “nothing “ he replied, but I heard it, loud and clear.

We retired to the lounge as Carol cleared up, I got the Boss a nice stiff drink and he said that that was not the only stiff he had had tonight, I laughed, said “I noticed,” and felt proud and a little aroused, knowing that she had this effect on my Boss. who is very good looking and I know has had a lot of experience with quite a few sexy women in his time.

I must point out that Carol and I were both virgins when we married and had, what we thought was a good sex life. (How little did we know) The booze was starting to get to me as I mixed more drinks for Jim and Carol so I didn’t have one this time round, Jim got up and went to the bathroom and I took the opportunity to mention the hard on that he had had when gazing at her bare tit she said she had noticed but didn’t know why till I told her that one was clearly visible in all it’s glory, “O God” she said “ what will he think of me”? “from the hard on he had, I have a very good idea” I replied.

Carol got up and said she was going to wash the dishes “ I’ll help” Jim said as he walked back into the room, I think he may have heard what we were saying, but said nothing about it, I did say he was a guest and he wasn’t doing any such thing, His reply was that he wanted too as he was really enjoying our company and wanted to thank Carol for the meal and for looking so lovely ,” you relax and have another drink Bob” I sat back for a moment then got up to put on some music when I heard some whispering then an audible “No Jim”, Carol came back into the lounge room with a red face and nipples bigger than I had ever seen them,
Jim was still in the kitchen so I asked if she was ok as she looked and sounded rather agitated.
She whispered that Jim had kissed her on the lips and thanked her for the dinner and had then cupped one of her breasts and said he wished his wife had boobs as big as her, as he placed his other hand on her buttocks,she didn’t want to cause a scene and said nothing at first, but he took her hand and put it on his hard on, she said it felt huge and she actually squeezed it as she felt her pussy tingle, she was in a state of confusion as his hand slipped up her dress and stroked her pussy lips through her thin panties, she broke away with a “no”, and that is when she came into the lounge room,I felt my own cock rising as I realised that my Boss had been feeling up my darling wife, and couldn’t understand why, as I have always been a bit jealous of other men around Carol but didn’t feel that way with Jim, in fact it got me thinking.
Carol said she hoped I wasn’t mad with her, I took her hand and put onto my by now very stiff prick “does that answer your question” I replied.

Jim came into the room and asked if he could have another drink and Carol went to get him one I followed saying I think I’ll have a scotch Carol saying “ I think I will have one too “ she got Jim’s drink and I asked Carol to take it in and give Jim a nice flash as she bent in front of him to put the drink on the coffee table she whispered “no way, he was excited enough in the kitchen without turning him on more,” “ please” I said as she picked up Jim’s drink, it’s certainly got me turned on, she replied “so am I”,I thought “Wow”.
We then both went in to join our guest. She did bend in front of him and I felt another twitch in my prick as I saw his gaze go directly to her exposed breasts. We passed as she went to her chair and I smiled and whispered “thanks”.and I went to join Jim on the lounge

A few more drinks were consumed, and as Carol got more and more tipsy her dress started to ride up her legs exposing a lot more than she normally did, I think she knew what she was doing though as It was so seductive and who was I to complain, this was a great turn on for me and I could see Jim had a big bulge in his pants and I’m sure he could see mine as well.

I asked Carol to come and join us , she asked why, and I told her she looked really lonely all by herself ,she got up and sat between us as I told Jim, Carol had told me what had happened in the kitchen and I didn’t mind if Carol didn’t ,she said she got really turned on by it but was afraid to let it go any further in case I walked in and caught them and got upset and that the feel of another man’s cock sent a thrill through her fingers down to her toes Jim got up to leave and apologised for his behaviour. Carol shocked me by saying “Bob I would like to feel Jim’s prick again if its ok by you , I said “O yes please, Jim, don’t go yet” all he said was “Yes” Carol put her arms around both of us and kissed us passionately.

There was nice soft music playing when Jim asked Carol to dance, he took her in his arms and all 6ft- 3ins of him towered over Carols 5ft-4ins her head coming somewhere around his neck as she snuggled into him and started to kiss it, he in turn started to grind his penis into her belly button, he smiled over at me as I gave him the thumbs up, he slid one of the straps of her shoulder, bared her left breast and stooping to take a nipple into his mouth, He got off to a good start as Carol loves having her teats sucked and really gets turned on, the other strap soon followed and her dress slid from her fantastic body to the floor, by now the dancing had stopped and Carol now wearing a very shear pair of panties was busy undoing Jim’s pants which joined her dress on the floor, she gasped izmit rus escort as her hand went into his boxers and pulled out a huge prick I guessed to be at least 9in long, I could not believe how small my wife’s hand looked around my Bosses cock which seemed to grow even more before my eyes.

Carol sank to her knees and took the head into her mouth (something she had never done with me) I felt a little pang of jealousy at this but it soon passed as I watched what was actually a fantasy coming true, I have always got turned on by the thought of another man fucking my wife but didn’t think it would happen as Carol
and I could never really talk about sex and our fantasies, she started to deep throat the Bosses tool and was slurping on it at the same time.

My own rod by this time was starting to ache so I unzipped my own pants to give it some air and grasped it as I watched that big prick go further and further into her mouth much to my amazement, (I found out later that she had sucked heaps of cock as a teenager because she was afraid of getting pregnant and any way, she liked it, she never told me as I had never asked her to do it to me and I, like a fool had been to stupid to ask).

She was still sucking him while watching me stroke my own dick when she beckoned me over with her free hand as the other was still running the length of the pole in her mouth. I flew off the settee and found my prick firmly grasped and the foreskin pulled right back painfully, at first, but growing in pleasure. I reeled at first when my Wife brought our cocks together but soon enjoyed the contact of my employers dick as she took both the heads of both mine and Jim’s pricks into her mouth.

The reality of the situation hit me all at once as my once sedate wife said “I want your big cock in my cunt Jim ,please come and fuck me with your beautiful big pole”. I watched as Carol slid to the carpet, pulled off her panties, and opened her legs wide to accept another man’s penis for the first time, pre- cum was running out of my own cock as I watched as Jim’s mighty sword spread her fanny lips wider than they have ever been stretched before she groaned as the first few inches invaded her pussy but groans turned to moans as his cock drove deeper and deeper into her depths, she whimpered at first saying “yes fuck me”, then built up, yes fuck meeeee”fuck my cunt with that big cock “Oh yes, ram me, fuck me harder” I could not believe this was happening.

Where the fuck have I been all my life, why didn’t we talked to one another before now? I knelt over her and stuck my throbbing prick into her hot mouth, stifling her groans as Jim’s cock went deeper and deeper into the depths of her hot box, my dick was spat out as she started her orgasm and screamed to be fucked harder “oh yes harder ,you fucking prick, fuck meeee, oh yes, fuck me, fuck, fuck me I’m coming, shoot your cream into my hole I was in a dream as I had never heard my wife talk like a slut, but believe me, I loved it, ( she has never had an orgasm while I have had my cock in her, (another first) Jim started to shout his own obscenities as he plunged deeper into her cunt than my prick had ever been, she started another orgasm as Jim shot his load deep into her quim “ your cunt is magnificent” he yelled , “Oh yes darling, you are the best and tightest fuck I’ve ever had, your cunt muscles are squeezing my cock like a vice, squeeze it ,oh yes, you are fantastic”.

They both came down from their high, as I sat and drank in what had happened, I heard my darling say “your turn sweetheart, fuck my sloppy cunt” I was in like a flash as Jim rolled away holding his spent and juice soaked cock. My own prick fell into Carols come filled hole as I sampled seconds for the first time. I hardly felt my prick in her stretched hole, but after watching her with Jim, it soon had me shooting my load up her wet cunt, when she asked me to lick her fanny,and please make me come again, I didn’t hesitate as I went down on her pussy and sucked and swallowed Jim’s and my own come out of that fabulous fanny (Another first.) and as Jim sucked on her nipples and squeezed her tits she exploded in the most violent orgasm she had ever had soaking my face with her hot come, Carol looked at me and asked me to come and kiss her, she took my face in her hands and licked all of her cream off me.

Jim’s manhood was again standing as stiff as a pole, Carol didn’t ask this time she actually ordered my Boss to come and ‘FUCK MY TITS’, he must have thought all his birthdays had come at once as he shoved his prick between her 38 inches of flesh, she squeezed them around his manhood and all I could see was his huge gland pointing towards her face and this disappeared down her throat, as he thrust forward, more of his dick came into view while she sucked him and wanked his shaft with her tits, he started to shake as he shot his jism down her throat, “ Oh fuck…fuck… yes” was all he could say.
He left his knob soaking for the time it took for him to climb back down from what must have been one great orgasm, he rolled to one side and a big wad of come started rolling down my darlings chin, God! she looked a perfect slut as I looked at my wife with wonder, I kissed her and she shared Jim’s come with me, pushing her tongue down my throat and I drank the rest of it from her face and neck. I wished we had done this years ago and hadn’t been so naive and not talked about our thoughts before tonight.
All three of us lay cuddled together and agreed that what we had done was really incredible.

We did get to talk after Jim left and she told me she had always fancied Jim but did not think I would be to amused by her honesty we laughed as I told her I had always wanted to watch her being fucked by another man, but was also afraid to bring it up in case she thought that I was bent or something. We cuddled up together and I fell into a dream filled sleep.

We have had the Boss over quite a lot since that night, also we have had weekends away. Jim has tried to get Anne involved, but she is not interested .Still, what we share between us is great.

The green envy did surface one time as Carol offered Jim her virgin arse, and I watched as at first she squealed with pain and then her sobs turned to cries of lust as she told him, in no uncertain terms to fuck her inside out “Shove your 9ins up my hole” she yelled as his prick was a piston, driving my now slut wife to another fantastic orgasm.

Not long after this very enjoyable night, we had a weekend away.
After we had been out and had a great meal, had a few drinks in a beach side bar, we wandered along the shore getting sand between our toes, when Carol lay down on the sand , lifted her dress ( no panties) and begged Jim to fuck her there and then . I kept watch as his magnificent tool ravaged her cunt hoping that some one would come along to witness my Boss fucking her on the beach, alas it didn’t happen and after a rare fucking in the sand hills we went back to the unit. My prick was aching to get into my darlings cunt, once again sampling her come filled fanny.

I had quite a bit to drink that night , so I was really able to hold back a bit as Carol had multiple orgasms while Jim and I fucked her,I was again screwing
her cum filled cunt when Carol yelled out as her final orgasm erupted and her fanny juice shot out over my balls, running down into her crack I shot off a huge load of come as Carol wrapped her legs around me and I soaked my prick in Jim’s and her pussy juices.

A couple of weeks later Jim asked if he could take Carol izmit escort to a convention which was to run over a few days, he had overseas clients staying at a very up market hotel in the city, and as he wanted to impress them, he thought Carols out going nature would be ideal for the job. His wife Anne was certainly not an entertainer.

I wasn’t sure at first, but Carol talked me around telling me nothing would happen if I didn’t want it to, I asked her straight out if she would like some thing to happen she said “yes I think I will love to have Jim all to myself for once” and she was thrilled when I told her to go and enjoy herself,but I would want all the details of her time with Jim over the days they would be away and of course the nights.

The next 3 days dragged as I wondered what Jim and Carol were getting up to and how many times he had his big cock in her, I envied her time with him and had visions of them fucking as I pulled my own cock raw

The three days finally came to an end when I heard their car come up the driveway.
Jim dropped Carol off and gave her a big hug and very passionate kiss and said “Thank you Bob for letting me use your lovely wife, the business meeting was a great success thanks to Carol, “come to my office in the morning” I wondered what he meant when he said, use my wife, but it wasn’t long before I found out.
As soon as Jim left I was all over Carol wanting to know all the details of her time away with Jim and how many times she enjoyed his cock, “don’t be impatient darling, let me have a long hot bath first.” as she stripped off, I looked at her great tits and body, then she sank into the suds and all but her head was visible apart from one gorgeous nipple which I playfully tweaked “Get me a drink, please lover” she said and I told her “your wish is my command oh. horny one”.

I left her to bathe and went to mix a couple of drinks, Just then the phone rang and I was diverted from my thoughts for a short while. I returned to the bathroom to find it empty and found my lovely wife tucked up in bed, fast asleep, her hair cascading over the pillow.
She looked so much at peace, that I felt I would be a right arse hole to wake her up.

“Oh! well” I said to no one “I’ll have to wait till tomorrow”, as I left her to her slumber I took my dick in my hand and said to myself “Well Bob”, look how strong your wrists are getting, as I once more fantasised about Carol and Jim’s trip.

I got up the next day to find Carol still sleeping so I went to work looking towards the return home and all the juicy bits she had to give me about her fucks with the Boss.
I went to Jim’s office as requested the day before, he called me in and asked me to close and lock the door as he didn’t want us to be disturbed.
“You might like this Bob, I put the weekend on video for you to enjoy” (what a mate ), I would have been happy to get Carols story of their time away but now I was going to watch it on disc as well.

Jim slipped the disc in and I watched as my prick was growing bigger and bigger as the movie he had made unfolded. I didn’t realise it at first till I looked at Jim and saw him looking at me as I unconsciously stroked my prick through my pants,” you like watching me fuck your wife don’t you.
I said,”God yes, the night you came over for dinner had been a great awakening on mine and Carol’s part and made our mundane sex life into a joy to behold” “You like tasting my come and licking Carol clean, don’t you’ I replied that I had been introduced into the taste of come when I was a school boy by a couple of older boys when I was about 13 years old and had had my first orgasm as they played with my cock and I sucked on theirs, (they more or less just stuck it in my mouth) but I did like it, and the feel of their pricks in my hand felt great, the hard yet silky feel had stayed in my mind all these years.

Jim undid his fly and took out the dick that had been fucking my wife all weekend and he asked me to hold it, the movie rolled on as I got more and more turned on, as what was on the screen got me really turned on and now blatantly stroking myself. I didn’t hesitate and gripped his hard on in my hand I pulled his cock as I watched the same prick stretching Carols cunt wide open.
The disc rolled on and on, as I watched again what was enfolding.

Jim undid my pants and they slid to my ankles, as he stroked my foreskin up and down my throbbing penis me he said “ come and suck my cock” without any hesitation I went straight down on that magnificent prick of his and took every bit of it down my throat, he was fucking my face and pulling my prick so hard that I shot my come all over his hand as he let loose a salvo of come down my throat I gagged at first but was soon able to swallow every drop thinking I should have saved some for Carol.

I went home that night knowing that what Carol, Jim and I had going was going to last a long long time.
When I arrived , I was greeted by a goddess, my lovely darling was dressed in a see through nightie that I had seen in the video, and had been bought by my Boss, at first I wished I had got it for her, but as she came to me and shoved her tongue down my throat I didn’t give it a second thought.

The lights were dim and soft music was playing as we sat down to the fantastic meal awaiting me.
As we ate she started telling me about the fucking she had got from Jim when they arrived at the hotel, it turned out that he had booked the whole top floor for them and his clients who where arriving the following day. She told me that Jim had been a very patient lover as she came to grips with the fact that she was alone for the first time and was going to give herself to another man while I wasn’t there. He had fucked her for hours and she lost count of the number of orgasms she had, she said she felt really wicked because I wasn’t there, which enhanced the lovemaking with Jim, as an after thought, she added that she had missed me though. “yeh right” I replied.

The rest of the weekend ,she said, was spent serving drinks and generally looking after the bosses clients and she had worn the red dress she had on that first time with Jim as he had asked and the three men there had commented on how nice she looked and felt her up as she handed out drinks etc. she never said any thing to them as she didn’t want to upset them, but she said that it did turn her on being the centre of attention and later that night after dinner her and Jim had retired to the bedroom and screwed the night away.

I asked for all the details and she replied that it was much the same as the first night. I then got up and put a disc into the player and she asked if I had gone and bought a porn movie while she was away with Jim,I replied “not quite” as I turned it on and put my arm around her and pulled her to me I told her she was going to enjoy this.

The movie started with Carol walking out of the bathroom wrapped up in a towel and Jim asking her to give him a flash she opened the towel quickly and then closed it just as quick telling Jim she didn’t want to be on camera and to please turn it off which he did (or so she thought) he placed it on the table facing the bed, she let out a gasp as she saw herself lying on the bed stroking her pussy lips and telling Jim to “come and fuck my tits”.

Carol pulled away from me and started to apologise saying “I didn’t know that the camera was on, your going to hate me” I pulled her back to me again, gave her a big kiss and told her “when this movie was over all I was going to do was fuck her senseless,” my hard on was quite prominent and I guided her hand to it to let her know that it was ok by me and loved watching her on the screen being a slut with my mate.

I asked her then kocaeli escort if she wanted to tell me the full story or watch it unfold on the television screen,she said “you know what happened don’t you”? “yes” I replied “but I want you to tell me all about it”.

The first night was as she had told me earlier, but now she started to tell me about the rest of her time away.
They had dinner in the penthouse which she served to Jim and his guests and sat with them at the table and drank quite a lot of very nice wine and started to really enjoy once again the compliments being given to her. All the wine she had drunk made her very tipsy so she gave her apologies and got up to go to bed .
Jim took her in his arms and as she looked up at him he thanked her for being the perfect hostess and gave her a very passionate kiss in full view of the rest of the men in the room who all thanked her as well and also kissed her rather longer than she thought appropriate and wished her a very good night.

The attention she received had made her rather horny so she asked Jim not to be too long with a little smile on her face, she could hear the men talking and laughing and her name being mentioned from time to time from inside the bedroom as she got undressed, turned out the light and climbed into bed naked, as she always does.
She lay there feeling naughty and started stroking her clit when the door opened and Jim walked in and turned the light back on catching her as she shoved three fingers up her cunt.

“Don’t stop Carol that is so fucking horny to see” he said as he came and kissed her passionately on each of her erect nipples, she was so engrossed with Jim’s ministrations that she didn’t see the other men enter the room, also seeing her with her fingers in her snatch and Jim sucking on her tit, she became aware of them as she felt the bed move as one of them sat down and ran his hand up her leg, when she realised, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and protested to Jim that they were in the room with them and she was not getting involved in this as the hand on her leg reached her wet box and started stroking her lips .Jim put his mouth over hers and started kissing her so she couldn’t talk for a moment as she felt a mouth close over her tit and a hand start feeling her other one.

She started to protest again as Jim moved away from her and saw that all the men were nude and a big cock was put in each hand which was held there in turn by the owners hand, the hand on her clit was replaced by a tongue as she kept saying “NOOO O! GOD NO!” which soon became “O! GOD YES” suck me you bastard, suck my cunt” she then lost all her inhibitions as she started pulling the two pricks in her hand.

Jim meanwhile was busy with the camera getting every delightful bit of the orgy unfolding on the bed.
Carol put the two cocks to her lips and took turns sucking them down her throat and was soon groaning as her orgasm built around the mouth on her cunt,and started yelling to be fucked and felt a huge knob push against her labia, “ O! Yes , fuck me, please fuck me, put your prick up me , fuck me hard O YES, YES I`m coming, fuck me-fuck me-fuck me,”she reached her climax as the cock in her cunt swelled and she felt every spurt of his come splash against her womb, he pulled out and was quickly replaced by one of the cocks she had released as her come had hit her, he pulled out for a moment and rolled her onto her hands and knees then rammed his weapon back up her snatch.

She was then impaled in her mouth as the other man knelt in front of her they got into a rhythm as one prick slid down the other came up, she felt another cum building as the knob in her mouth swelled and filled her mouth with juice, the stud up her cunt really started pounding into her and as she felt her second load of cum shoot into her womb Carol erupted with another mind blowing climax.

She ended up being fucked by all four of them and at one time had all three holes filled with cock, as the fourth guy got it all onto the disc which we were now watching.

She told me she lost count of how many times she had been fucked and how many cums she had over the days she was away, but enjoyed every one of them and hopes to get another invite from my Boss if it is ok by me.
Who am I to argue as I get to see all the details anyway.

I bent Carol over the arm of the chair and slid my throbbing cock into her hot pussy and started slowly to slide in and out of her, she was pushing back at me then started to squeeze my dick with her cunt muscles.

I started going faster and faster and my prick slipped out and hit her sphincter,”Yes oh!! God yes fuck my ass fuck me you bastard fuck mee!!! I’m coming, I shoved my cock in her hole and she clamped down on me and as I shot my load up into her bowels she had a almighty orgasm of her own, her legs gave way and we slid to the floor with me stuck up inside her, I had to go with her or she would have snapped my prick off at the roots.
I pulled out and went down on her clitoris and sucked her to another orgasm then licked her sweet hole and my come from her ass.
Winding down slowly and cuddling in each others arms.

Jim and I have watched our movie, (as we refer to it) a few times now in the office and I end up have the pleasure of sucking his cock on a regular basis while watching it.

I get so turned on when I have his prick down my throat that one time I begged Jim to fuck my own hole he replied “why not, lets see if you are as tight as Carol.” he lubed me up and soon had a couple of his fingers in me and I found the feeling just incredible, I was bent over his desk in the classic doggy position as he slowly inserted the head of his 9”cock into me it hurt like hell but I wanted it so bad, I begged him to keep going and once the head was in and he slid the remainder of it up to his balls which were actually banging against mine.

I was screaming to be fucked harder and harder, Carol had told me that when Jim fucks her and he is about to cum, she could feel his cock head swell inside her, believe me she was so right, I felt it swell and the spurting of his juices as he came inside me. At the same time he started pulling my prick faster and faster and I shot the biggest load ever in my life. What a fantastic stud he is, and knowing that he has now fucked me and Carol, gives me a feeling of utter perverted delight and I am so thankful to him for changing our sex life from so, so, to fucking brilliant.

I now enjoy Jim’s cock up inside me as I fuck Carols cunt and have enjoyed fucking him as his cock fucks the hell out of my wife.
Carol loves to see Jim and I in a sixty nine or fucking each other and often cleans us both up after a session of pure unadulterated lust taking both of our cocks into her mouth.

One of our greatest sessions was when Carol asked us both to fuck her at the same time,the feeling of Jim’s meat sliding in and out of her arse as I fucked her cunt was incredible, just a thin wall between us really enhanced the friction and Carol just kept yelling to be fucked harder and harder.

I’d like to say we all came together in a final orgasm, but I came soon after Carols first cum and slid out from under her and lay watching Jim’s prick slamming in and out of my wife’s butt hole while my cum leaked out of her cunt.

Jim and Carol had an incredible orgasm together and as his cock slid out of her ,I couldn’t help but go down on her and cleaned up all the cum mixture from her cunt and arse.
We lay together enjoying the afterglow and fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

Our inhibitions are completely gone and we now enjoy our sex life to the full with Jim and others, have joined Carol and I on many an occasion, but those stories will have to wait.

I don’t think this would have ever happened if I hadn’t invited THE BOSS OVER FOR DINNER.

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snow days

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We live in a very rural area in hilly country about 2 miles from a small town, when we have wintery precipitation schools often closed. Dad works over the road and is home about every weekend, mom also works at a local plant in town and so at the age of 12 I was left alone during snows days to care for me and my sister. Grandma lived in town and would call and check on us at least once. Like any kid I love snow days and I was in charge of the house and occasionally my mom would take sis into grandma’s house so I was able to run naked and jack off as much as I wanted to. Also I could listen to my music as loud as I wanted too or watch anything on tv or pop in vhs. Dad and mom had a porno tape and I was able to watch it when I was by myself but when my sister was home I counldnt do any of those things and so I just stayed in my room, fix lunch for the both of us and then back to my room. She was 2 yrs younger and played with her dolls while I played with my hot wheels. Occasionally we would play a game together or I would relent and play house with her and it usually ended up with a fight she would stomp off crying while I would just laugh at her, just the usual brother sister relationship.

Our relationship however was about to take a drastic change. I was now 15 and sis was 13, School was in full swing and winter was fast approaching. Finally our first snow, though not predicted to be very much it might just be enough to cancel school. Sure enough it started snowing and continued, and we awoke to about 5 inches, school was shut down.

It was Monday and dad was on the road and mom had to go into work and my grandmother was out of town, which meant my sister would have to stay home with me. I had to get up and clear the truck off and start it up so it would be warm. Mom took off and back to bed I went thinking of a way to get rid of my sister. I awoke to find my sister on the couch with t shirt and panties, which wasn’t unusual. She was talking on the phone to her friends and probably wouldn’t get off till mom got home. She was very popular and very good looking, I on the other hand was sort of nerdy, I didn’t fit into any crowd in school. I was to nerdy for the cool group and to cool for the nerdy group. Everyone always said wow your sister is smoking hot, what happened to you. Actually my sister was very attractive but I would never tell her and always picked fights, like hanging up the phone in the middle of her conversation.

My sister was on the phone all the time, I told her to tell her friend hi, she stuck out her tongue and I stuck out mine and got a bowl of cereal, she signaled that she wanted one too, so I went and got it and brought it in to her. It was kinda funny seeing a surprised look on her face then she was bragging about to her friend. That’s when I figured out that if I was nicer to her maybe her friends would talk to me and I might end up with a girlfriend. I was like any other kid and wanted a hot girl to hang with and figured my sister might be able to help.

She got off the phone and we ate our cereal and started talking about school and her friends, one of her friends wanted my sister to ask me why they call me ugly chubby. I felt the blood rush to my feet and just shook my head, I wasn’t chubby, I was thin and I didn’t fit in much and when I started jr high we had open showers after PE. I noticed that some of the guys was looking me weird and finally one of them said, what is wrong with your dick. I was uncut and thick. I looked around and seen I was in fact a lot different looking than the other guys. He asked why it was so fat, I don’t know I replied. I hurried and got dressed, after that I was in the shower and out faster than anyone, but it didn’t matter everyone knew about my ugly chubby. My self esteem wasn’t the best and now I just wondered why any girl would want something like mine when they could have a smooth looking one that was cut.

My sister said that she heard a rumor but that was all, she knew I wasn’t cut, but I always wore sweats and never let her see me naked or even in my underwear as the day grew on, she teased me a little about her friend wanting to see my ugly chubby, I told her to stop and finally I walked over to the couch and started picking on her. I usually picked on her to be mean but this time it was playful and I was tickling her and took her to the floor and she was tickling me and trying to throw me off. She was bucking me almost rubbing her crotch on mine, I figured she was just playing and I got tired and got off her and before I knew it she depants me. There I was naked in front of my sister. She just stared, and said that’s thing is fat. I pulled my sweats up and screamed you better not do that again or tell anyone, then I went to my room. She followed me to my room and apologized and started talking to me about some of her friends liking me, she said I told my friends that they were crazy and I didn’t want to hear that about her brother. It made me feel good and so I got up again and figured we had better start chores. I quickly done mine inside then went outside and finished my chores and came back in, sis was playing with her dolls, I said aren’t you too old for that. She laughed and said play with me so I took the male doll and started making out with her female doll and we teased like that for a little while and finally she said it was time for bed so we put the dolls to bed and then she laid on her bed and said I had to lay escort izmit down beside her. Going along with her I laid down and she said you gotta hold me so I held her and she scooted next to me placing her but right next to my cock. For the first time in my life I was thinking about my sister and getting into her pants.

I wrapped my arms around her resting just underneath her tits, and for a thirteen year old girl she was starting to fill out nicely. My cock was getting so hard and she kept rubbing up against me, again I wondered if she was doing it on purpose. I rubbed on her a bit and she got up and said time to get up. i got up and was sticking out and she said that I was bad. I smiled and went to the couch. She started teasing me about jacking off, and defensively I retorted that I didn’t do that and then she told me that mom found stains in my underwear. She laughed and said that mom told her that I was changing and it was normal. I just hung my head then she jumped on top of me and it was on, I unintentionally grabbed her tit and she said hey,, “im sorry” , I said and she grabbed my cock through my sweats. I said hey, she said it only fair. I grabbed the other tit and she grabbed my cock. We done this until I finally had my hands on her bare tits and she said that’s not fair. She was trying to get my cock out and playfully I tried to keep my sweats on but the whole time I never let go of her tits. She finally got my cock out and started stroking it. I had never had anyone touch my cock, it felt so good. We continued rubbing and I eased off her and she took my sweats and underwear off and played with it. Her little hand wasn’t able to wrap around and the loose skin would work up and down over my head. She was transfixed by this and I leaned in and sucked her tit. She quickly stopped and got up about that time the phone rang and she went and answered it. I laid there dazed and confused. I just had my sister jacking me. I got up and put my clothes on and realized mom would be home in an hour.

The next day still no school, and mom went to work. I fell asleep on the couch and was awaked with my sis crawling in next to me. Its cold let me have some covers she wined. I let her cover up and she started moving and stuff, I put my arm around her and let it touch her tits, she instantly scooted up next to my cock. She wanted to watch a movie, I said I would get one I found. She said ok, so I went and got the porn, and put it in. she was surprised and asked where I got that and I told her it was in mom and dads room, her mouth was wide open. We lay on the couch watching the porn. She just laid there I slowly kissed her neck and started playing with her tits, she didn’t say anything. After about thirty minutes she was rocking on my cock with her ass and I let one hand go to her stomach and was lightly rubbing her letting my fingers flow over skin onto her panties and then rubbed her crotch. She moaned a little and then turned around and we kissed. We let our tongues touch and I pulled her close so our crotches were touching and she starting grinding me. The phone rang and she sprang up and answered it. Fuck I thought. She got off the phone quickly and wanted to know if I was hungry, she fixed us a bowl of cereal and watched porn.

The porn was over and we were finished eating and she said that it was time for bed. Huh I thought, we are playing house and its time for bed. Oh ok cool, so I got the porn and put it underneath mom and dads bed and she came in there and said lets go to bed in here. She covered up and this time I took my sweats off and lied beside her. We started kissing and pretending we were mommy and daddy and I was rubbing her tits and crotch and finally she found my cock so I slipped my underwear off and let her jack me. It was only a couple of minutes and I started cumming. She jerked back and I grabbed her hand so she could finish. It started shooting cum and she screamed “oh gross”. We cleaned up and it was my turn. I ran my hand onto her pussy and started rubbing and sucking her tits. She finally guided my finger into her and then up to her clit and rubbed so I continued to do that until she shook. She got up and said we were done and took off. Again I was shocked I got dressed and she was doing chores so I got mine done and then back inside. She was on the phone and we didn’t get to talk or do anything the rest of the day.

Wednesday and mom went to work and sis and I were left home alone. We spoke a little and she was on the phone and her friend wanted to talk to me. I was in my underwear and letting my dick kinda show. My sister being nosey wouldn’t let us have a private conversation and was staring at my dick. We talked and she had to get off the phone and hung up. sis wanted to play house again, this time I led the way into mom and dad’s room. We got undressed and started kissing. I was rubbing her tits and kissing up and down her body. I started kissing her vagina and she began wimpering and moaning she had a lot of juice that was really thick and creamy which surprised me, I put my tongue in it and tasted it, after that she really started bucking up trying to get my tongue all the way in. I stopped and worked my way up to her lips pressing my cock against her. She was grinding my cock and I turned over she was on top and I said kiss me. She was kissing me and I started working her head down toward my cock and she stopped. I said I kissed yours, she reluctantly started kissing my stomach izmit escort and then pressed her lips on it. She got some precum on her lips and pulled away. I said its just precum and got some on my finger and put it in my mouth. She seemed appalled but licked her lips and decided to go back down. Slowly she kissed all around finally taking it in her mouth. That was the most awesome feeling in the world. I could feel her warm moist mouth and then she really started sucking it. She was going up and down and really working it. Her little mouth was stretch and she was getting about half of my cock in and going up and down, I felt myself build and let it go, she gulp and choked all the same time and got up. I grabbed her hand and she instantly finished me off.

Why did you shoot in my mouth, that was nasty, I thought you wanted it like the movie I said. She lay down and said it was her turn, so I kissed her again and got near her pussy and for some reason I couldn’t eat her. I fingered her and she was thick and creamy, I finally put my tongue on her clit and fingered her pussy. She wriggled and moaned and then shook, saying please don’t stop, please don’t stop, she almost screamed and then it was over and she got up and took off. I think we both had guilty thoughts and I got dressed and went outside and played around. I would usually be outside but getting my cock played with was way too much fun even if it was my sister. She came outside later and we played in the snow, finally I got her down and covered her with snow, we were both cold and she was getting mad so I let her up. she was aggravated and took off inside, I laughed and followed her in and apologized and hugged her and we started undressing, standing in front of the wood stove. I was hungry and got us some sandwiches. I was in my underwear, and she was in her panties. We got covered and turned on the tv. After eating I said sis thanks for everything. This has been a great week so far and I love you more than ever. She said that she had fun too but thought what we did was wrong and I told her it was but we were just having feelings and would work through this. We hugged and I was getting hard and started kissing her. She backed away. Im sorry I said but I just love feeling you. I haven’t ever felt like this and just wanted to have fun. I explained it was just fun for me and she reluctantly let me kiss her. I said just one more time and then its over. She agreed. I told her I love kissing her down there and she just smiled, it feels good and tickly. Finally we went to bed and started again. I was horny this time and I got a taste of her thick cream. I kept eating her out until she shook and pulled my head away. Its tickling she said. I was hard and it was my cock was at her entrance. I could feel her heat. I lifted my body off her and took my cock and started rubbing her pussy with it. I asked her if she thought it was ugly and chubby. She said it was chubby but not ugly and she liked playing with it. Finally I poked the head into her pussy and she groaned. She didn’t even try and stop me. I push again and she said slow ok. I said ok. I laid on top of her and it slipped out, I got up and positioned it again this time I kept pressure and pressing into her as a laid on top of her. I started kissing and humping her. She was kissing and moving working with me. I slipped in more and she said stop its hurting. I stopped and just moved a little, I asked if she was ok and she shook her head yes. I pressed in some more and this time the head was against her hymen. I thought crap she is a virgin but I didn’t want to stop and she was spreading her legs and put her hands on my hips kinda pushing me back. I said sis this is great,I can feel your heat and she looked at me. You’re the best sis ever. I pulled back and push again she groaned and wimpered and tried to adjust herself and put her hands on my hips, I stopped if I hadn’t I would have lost it I was very close to cumming. She relaxed and I could feel my cock touching her hymen. I pressed again and slipped past it and she cried, its burning, its burning. I stopped and said im close to cumming don’t move, she laid there breathing heavily. I said sis I want this to feel good for you to do you want me to stop. She didn’t say anything so I just laid my head on her shoulder and with that I pressed again and finally was in and started pumping, I could feel her cringing as she spread her legs wider, I knew she was hurting a little, but I couldn’t stop, I was finally fucking a pussy. She really never loosened up and I started cumming and she cried no but it was too late. I was trying to pull out quickly and she screamed, it hurts, it hurts and she winced and I stopped moving and was cumming in her. Finally I pulled out and she moved and we broke our bond. She got up and took off crying. I felt bad and thought crap she is going to tell. I had blood on me and on the sheets. I cleaned it up and then myself and she had locked herself in the bathroom so I went to my bedroom. At that point I can remember that I was nervous and scared.

Thursday, I got up and it was snowing again and no school, yeahhh. Sis was on the phone and I tried to smile at her but she turned away. I got dressed, ate then took off outside. I headed for the woods with the dog following me. She cried out where are you going? I didn’t look back just kept walking. She said fine I will lock you out. Please don’t leave. After a couple of izmit kendi evi olan escort hours I headed back to the house and she was on the couch. I undressed in front of the stove and got my sweats on. She said why did you put those on? I am cold, stupid. She retorted that she wasn’t stupid and I was a nerd and everyone hated me at school. Words turned into hitting each other, and I knocked her down to the floor and she started crying, im telling she screamed. I stomped off to my bedroom and slammed the door. About an hour later I heard a knock, are you mad, Im not mad I said and im not sorry for making love to you. I said that for once in my life I felt like someone really liked me and its my sister. She cried and said I always love you. I know you don’t fit it at school. We just sat on the couch and watched tv till mom come home.

Friday was nice and sunny but still no school. I got up and was in my underwear got me some cereal and then sis woke up and she was in her panties. We didn’t talk much and finally she cuddled with me on the couch. We watched the movie then chores and she was on the phone with friends, I was in my room when she came in and sat down. we were talking and I threw my leg over her and she laid beside me and our crotches were against each other and we were grinding again. I got up and over her and kissed her again. She pushed my head toward her pussy, I couldn’t believe my sis was pushing me. I ate her and she moved all over the bed. I turned over and she went down this time. She said don’t shoot in my mouth. I got close and stopped her. I said get on top. So she did and lowered herself onto my cock. She tried to take me into her and I could see her grimace, finally she said im too sore. We turned over and I got on top. I got in and started to push it in and humped some but she pushed me off. She started pumping me with her hand, I said lick the bottom under the head of it till I cum. She did and Oh damn it felt good. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to jack myself off.

We didn’t have sex until I was 17 after that. I did find some confidence and learned that girls liked playing with my cock. It wasn’t an ugly chubby anymore. I talked with one of her friends a long time and had sex
with her a couple of times but she found it uncomfortable.

Anyways I was lying in bed asleep. My sister came into my room, hey are you asleep. Sis is that you, you ok, whats up, I was trying to wake up. I just wanted to talk to you. Ok how did your date go? He couldn’t get out tonight and so I had my friend drop me off early and thought you might want to talk, as she got underneath the cover. Ok I said, surprised, I knew she had a couple of guys that she was sexually involved with so I didn’t expect her to lay down beside me. There she was in my bed almost full grown, and her tits pressing against my chest. So what did you want to talk about, ooh remember that time when we had missed school, yeah I said. Well I had a great time with my brother and wanted to thank him and kiss him. She leaned in and kissed me and with my head spinning I kissed back, I could smell alcohol on her breath. She worked her hand down to my cock, Sis mom and dad will hear us I said. Don’t worry I checked in and they are sleeping. She was stroking my cock and since our rooms were on the opposite side of the house it was probably ok but I was still nervous. I kissed her and started massaging those tits, fuck they were perky and firm. I got out of my underwear and she was undressing. She started stroking my cock then went down and started sucking it, she stopped and said are you going to stop growing. I snickered and kissed her tits and said, as soon as these quit growing, I will too. I was on top now and eating her good, she orgasmed and then I crawled up to kiss her. Slow she said, just because I have had a couple of guys doesn’t mean im ready for you. My friend said it was too wide for her comfort. I entered her and pressed hard, aaauuughh. She exhaled and her legs got wide. I worked it in and out and finally a little pop and I was all the way in, pushing all the way to my nuts. Gawwwd she clawed my back slow, slow. I started pumping and she was still tight. I started pumping slowly and finally I felt her relaxing. She opened up and I went a little faster, she started bucking and I stopped, why did you stop? She asked. Im about to cum, im on birth control she giggled. Fuck yeah. I pumped harder. She said oh fuck me. what? that was my sister I said in my head. I pumped as hard as I could and I started cumming my cock was jerking and she was quivering. Fuck yeah then she grabbed my shoulders and bucked and tightened her cunt. I was fucking as fast as I could and she was squealing, breathing hard and bucking. My head was on her shoulders and she was squeezing my neck, “I love you” she whispered. I love you too sis. We got done and quickly checked to see if mom and dad was asleep, thank goodness they were. I got back and she said that was the first major orgasm she ever had. I said me too. She said I shook her insides. We laughed and this time she didn’t run out crying. She lie in my bed for a while we kissed and massaged each other. She finally went to bed and that was the last time with sis. I still think about the wet spot we had in my bed and her complaining about being sore the next day.

My sister and I are still close, we have kids and talk often but we never say anything about what happened. I wonder if she ever thinks about our experience. It brought us closer and we rarely fought after our experience. I guess we were both young and needed to explore sexuality.

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School Of Hard Knots

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Big Tits

I was the youngest sibling in a dairy farm family separated by seven years in age from my older brothers and sisters so I was often doing and exploring things by myself in my free time when I had finished my chores. When I was eight and a half years old King came into my life as a puppy to replace Oscar who had passed away from old age a few months before. King was your typical farm mutt, a mixture of golden retriever, collie and who knows what else we got from the litter of a local farmer. I got to name him since it was my job to watch over him and care for him as he adjusted to his new surroundings. I liked the TV show Sky King as a young boy so the name King seemed like a good fit. He had a tan coat with white paws, nose and chest and also the tip of his tail was white with semi erect ears and dark brown piercing eyes. We had a lot of fun times growing up together playing and learning new things as he became a trusted and loved friend of the family. King was around seventy plus pounds when full grown and very strong with good herding and watch dog skills.

As a teen I began to play with my cock when I was alone out in the barn exploring my budding sexual urges. One day while jacking off I began fingering my asshole and enjoyed the sensation leading me to insert other objects in my asshole. The best thing I found to insert were the worn out rubber teat cup liners from the milk machines which felt great as it slide in to my asshole but after a while even that did not satisfy the cravings of my asshole. Then one day while in the barn finishing my chores I saw King licking his cock while lying on a straw bale. The sight of his deep red cock protruding from its furry white sheath sent my imagination into overdrive. I could not get the thought of King humping my asshole with his cock out of my head so several days later when I was sure we were alone in the barn I decided to see if he would fuck me like I was imagining. I stripped naked from the waist down then with just my shirt and boots on I knelt down on all fours on the cement feed alley in the barn calling King over. As he stood by me not knowing what I wanted I gently rubbed his furry sheath then tried to get him behind me in position to mount me. Still not getting the drift of what I was offering him I tried dusting my butt with a little izmit escort bayan powdered milk replacer that we used to feed the calves to see if he would lick it off and take the hint. I was just about to give up when after a few licks of my butt he jumped up on my backside his front legs gripping my hips as he poked my behind with his bony cock. This went on for several more times before he finally hit the bullseye and penetrated my asshole for the first time leading to a quick but satisfying humping by King ending with him licking his cum off my butt while I jacked off. We had three more quick encounters in the feed alley of the barn each lasting just a few minutes with me jacking off while King licked his cum off my wet asshole and ball sack. King now knew what I wanted when he would see me bare assed on all fours both of us getting what we wanted at least that is what I thought being over confident in my brief experience with dog sex thinking I knew all the risks. It was about three weeks later on a warm early summer day when my parents and siblings went to town to stock up on farm supplies and groceries as I stayed home with King. I knew they would be gone for several hours so I figured it would be a good time to enjoy another humping by King. As we entered the barn the aroma of the fresh timothy hay bales drew me to the hay mow at the end of the stable area of the barn. We had just started filling the mow with a few layers of the small rectangular mostly timothy grass hay bales stacking five layers at a time against the wall of the mow like a staircase then working across the mow floor. I thought this would be a great place to enjoy a quick fuck by King. I had taken a big dump shortly before so I was pretty cleaned out and ready for a quick fuck as I spread a little butter on my asshole that King liked to lick. I was feeling pretty excited about doing it in the mow having a much softer surface to kneel on as I knelt down in front of the staircase of bales with my thighs against the layer of bales I bent over to rest my chest on. I was about to call King over but he was already behind me and began mounting me without bothering to lick first. I knew something was different right away because unlike the other times when I felt King’s cock poking me from below it was now poking at my ass from above as my izmit eve gelen escort knees had sunk down into the hay bales. I was totally caught off guard when King buried his cock deep and hard into my asshole almost immediately giving me no time to react to his canine instinct. I was trapped with my thighs against the hay bales unable to move away from his thrusting as he buried his cock to the hilt in me for the first time. I was dumb founded with shock when I felt the pressure of his swelling knot filling and stretching my rectum to its limits. I did not realize at first the load moans echoing through mow were from me with every thrust of his cock into me. This was the first time I ever heard King let out a low growl when at first I tried to pull away from him but quickly realizing we were coupled tightly together his hard knot deep inside my asshole. It was like he was telling me your my bitch now be still and accept it so I tried to relax and spread my ass wide for him knowing he was truly the master now. Thankfully he stopped humping me after a short while just giving me a quick jab now and then I think just to hear me moan as if pleading for mercy being trapped beneath him by his big cock. With King now taking a breather from humping me the painful stretching and burning sensation coming my asshole began to recede giving me some time to collect my thoughts on what was happening to me. I started taking long deep breaths and concentrating on the other sensations flowing into my mind as a way to relax and take my mind off of the throbbing pain from being dog fucked. The feel of King’s warm soft fur against my butt and back felt soothing as he stood over me offsetting the pain of his swollen knot coupling us securely together in sexual intercourse. I noticed the feel of his drool dripping unto my back from his heavy panting and the beads of sweat now trickling down my shaky legs and arms along with a steady stream of precum flowing from my limp penis. As I took in another sweet smelling breath of the fresh hay King began breeding me as I felt his cock twitch deep inside me followed by the warm sensation of his dog semen flowing ever and ever deeper into me. This is when I glanced over at the door way to the hay mow to see my paternal widowed grandmother, who also lived izmit otele gelen escort on the farm, watching me getting stuffed by King. She put her hand over her mouth as a way of telling me to be still and quiet and let King finish naturally knowing I would be in a world of hurt if he pulled his hard knot out of me. I then nestled my head back down into the palms of my hands on the hay bales starting to feel a calming wave of relief wash over me as I began to enjoy the feeling of King shooting his loads of dog semen deep inside me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It all came to an end about fifteen minutes later when I finally felt Kings knot go soft as it slipped slowly from my tender asshole as he stepped slowly away from me knowing his sperm were locked deep inside me swimming ever deeper in search of an egg. Seeing King’s fully exposed deep red cock and purple veined knot as he walked away to lay down and clean up was an eye opener for grandma and me finding it hard to believe what just took place. Standing up afterward my legs were still trembling as I picked up my clothes and walked over to grandma as she closely checked my tender hole saying you will be sore but I do not see any damage thankfully. Seeing my cock very shriveled up and dripping she said we better do some oral therapy just to make sure that is ok too as she slipped off her loose fitting house dress revealing her milky white breasts and thighs contrasted by her darkly tanned face, arms and legs as she wore no undergarments. She then laid on her back in the mow having me kneel over her head with me staring down at her gray haired pussy fully exposed between her legs bent at the knees and spread wide. She then took my penis into her mouth as I lowered my mouth down to taste her pussy in no time I had forgotten about my sore throbbing asshole. After we both came ten minutes later, at least she said she came, we put our clothes back on and my quick fuck with King was finally over close to an hour later. When the family got back they said I seemed different and asked if anything happened I just said nothing unusual. I sure was not going to tell them that I spent the afternoon getting bred by King and having oral sex with grandma!

After surviving the deep knotting from King I swore to myself I would not do that again but a month later in the back cow pasture under a full moon I submitted to King again as he knotted my asshole to his full enjoyment leaving another huge load of semen very deep inside me only this time I licked him clean also.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Chapter 2

Then out of nowhere when she was as tipsy as I was, Toro wakes up.

Patti sat there in her chair legs spread wide apart, the loose cottony shorts opened, for a clear view of her now cleaned up blonde haired mound.

Oh her pussy was absolutely viewable by me sitting right across from her, on the couch, with her legs thrown over each arm of her chair, One could not help but see it all as I looked at her.

Being so lost in her thoughts, she just wasn’t aware of just how she was showing me everything she was.

More so than that she for sure wasn’t even aware that Toro in all his mighty glory had even woke up and now standing and stretching himself out yawning with that huge pit mouth of his as he did this.

The absolute reason he had the name Toro was because he looked exactly like a Bull without the horns of course, and certainly not of ones hugeness, but he was a dog replica of one. So the name Toro was given him.

And here he stood now in all his mighty muscled up mite now looking exactly at what I had been glaring upon!

As I said she and I alike, were now a bit tipsy from the mixed drinks, our minds off in our own relaxed worlds, even after the events of the day in their bedroom.

I wanted so to tell her to move herself out of harms way being spread so out like that in those loose cottony shorts, her legs thrown over each arm of the chair.

Toro just stood there right beside his bed stretching himself, his head and eyes totally locked into looking right at where he had already been earlier, as he began to smell the air with his huge nostrils, no doubt he smelled both her and my womanly scents.

His huge tongue now lapping out from his mouth slapping up over his snout and back into his mouth, I shuddered all over thinking in my mind watching this exactly what he was doing that for!

Then without a single indication he was going to do this or that, he absolutely lunged himself forwards in a full outright run, stopping immediately right there between her spread wide open legs.

Oh she now noticed him, and totally shook all over herself, and was trying to take her legs off each arm of the chair and close herself up.

Just as her legs moved from their spread over the arms position Toro snarled and growled out at her.

She tried to get her legs down and pulled together, but Toro absolutely shot his snarling, growling, angry head right at her right thigh and all but bit her.

She was to scared to move one bit any direction with her legs now, screaming out; “No Toro, Oh No Toro!”

But he only barked out ferociously and snapped at her thigh again.

Now she was screaming and pleading for me to come help her, and I jumped up from the couch to run over and see if I could get hold of his collar and keep him from her.

All he did was turn at me and growled, and snarled, in total anger at my coming even towards him.

I was standing there frozen in my tracks scared to death he was going to lunge up at me and tear me apart!

As if he knew he had me to scared to even try and advance one bit further, he turned back to her still screaming and crying out; “No Toro, Oh no please no more today!”

Still snarling, and growling at her, until she totally was forced to accept just what he wanted.

Then once he realized that both of us were scared to death of him, he merely stopped his snarling and growling viscously out at each of us.

All the while she was pleading and screaming out for him not to do anything else to her, as her eyes cast at me, shot wide open with total fear, and horror, of his being like this to us both.

I knew there was no helping her at all and slowly moved backwards to sit back down on the couch, all the while he would look back over at me and snarl and viciously growl at me for even moving, yet stood right where he was to protect, and have what he was telling us was his!

Now having moved back to the couch I sat down and curled myself up into a protective position scared to death of him.

I was forced to stay right where I was, curled up, and shaking to death in fear that their damn dog had gone off the deep end and was going to outright kill both of us!

But he wasn’t interested in that oh hell no, what he wanted she was outright showing through those loose cottony shorts of hers.

Once assured he had us both right where he wanted, he stopped the viscous angry growling and snarling and snapping at her inner thighs, and reached his head right in and grabbed the loose end of her shorts.

His muscled up body stepped backwards and dragging her body and ass almost off the chair, her legs forced to spread even wider as he did this, all the while she was screaming and pleading and crying out to him to not do this.

But he had that leg of her shorts in a firm death grip in kocaeli escort bayan his mouth, and pulled those shorts almost ripping and tearing from her waist.

Now planted right on the very edge of that chair with her big ass she was her arms thrown back over the back of the chair to keep him from dragging her right off into the floor as he pulled and tugged at her shorts and tore them from her waist and legs.

The ripping of them from her screaming and pleading body filled the room, as he now had them tore from her and merely stepped just a bit aside and dropped the torn to shreds shorts right onto the floor.

As she was forced into her position now as he had done this, crying and pleading for her life to him, he paid her not one bit of obedience at all.

He just walked right up, his head and snout now aimed right at her already hurt and swollen blonde haired bushy pussy, and began then and there to sniff at it.

She was shaking all over herself from the horrible fear he was going to attack and tear her apart.

Steadily crying in fear of what she now fully knew he wanted, of what he had already earlier had!

Her pussy was outright already raw and reddened from his assault of it earlier, but he cared not one bit of her condition.

He was going to have her again, as his snout plowed right up to her swollen pussy, the lips flared outwards from having been so stretched out by his huge cock and knot earlier, and he wanted more!

I sat curled up scared to death being forced to watch it all happen again.

Suddenly his huge thick tongue shot out from his mouth, and raked flatly over the entirety of her swollen and already hurt pussy, making her jerk and jump her entire body about, a screaming crying grunting moan came from her, as that tongue of his raked right over her entire pussy and right up over her clit.

While poor Patti wasn’t screaming in so much horror anymore, She still was being forced to let him now set out to outright lick her pussy, as the sounds of his lapping and licking at it became louder and louder.

She was now thrashing and twisting her body about, loud cries of the agonized pleasure of it all coming from her, as Toro’s tongue worked her pussy over, as her clit began to elongate out of it’s hiding, and making her really jerk and twist about as his tongue and tip raked right over it.

The horrid unwontedness of it all was dwindling fast within Patti as now she began to outright moan and grunt out loud cries of the forced pleasure his tongue assault on her pussy was giving her, the outright wetness between his tongue and her pussy becoming more increasing matting her thick blonde hair together all around and over her pussy lips and mound now.

Then as suddenly as it had all began it stopped.

Patti there spread widely outwards before him, her breathing so labored with the forced pleasure of his tongue thus far on her beaten and already battered pussy.

Then suddenly she jolted her entire body up off the chair as then and there Toro sent that huge now slightly curled up thick tongue of his right up into her pussy forcing it to stretch wide open as he buried it as deep as he could up into her, Patti screaming in the painful and outright pleasure of it all.

Back out and into his mouth that huge thick tongue came dragging out and with it the juices her pussy was now giving him fully from it.

Now over and over again he began his brutal tongue assault up into her pussy as deep as he could plow that curled up thick tongue of his up into her making Patti scream out and cry out with the outright pleasure of it all now.

Then her juices began to pour from her pussy onto his thrusting and working madly tongue, as her head flew back and she screamed out in the outright orgasm of it all.

Over and over again he did this, getting faster and faster with his tongue assault of her pussy, as Patti was thrashing and screaming out in the full orgasmic bliss of it all.

She was outright giving him all the pussy juices his tongue could force itself into her and bring back out juices pouring from his assaulting tongue as the outright sloppy wet lapping sounds filled the room right along with Patti’s screaming torturous cries of pleasure.

And again as suddenly as it had began it stopped!

Patti’s body was wildly twisting and squirming about her loud screams and cries of the pleasure still coming from her her pussy now soaked and splayed wide open from his tongue stretching it so outwards to take it’s thickness.

Toro sitting back on his hind legs now his tongue lapping out over his soaked snout of their combined juices and pulling it all from there back into his mouth savoring the outright taste of her pussy.

As now he to just sat there heavily panting his tongue lulled out from his snout still lapping up any and every single drop that remained from kocaeli sınırsız escort their pleasure.

After Toro had just finished his tongue marathon on and inside my very own Sister In Laws pussy, he sat there back to his normal self, the vicious state of mind he was in now gone from him.

I have to say that was one of the scariest moments of my entire life! That dog had just flipped out crazy! And I myself became far more relaxed now not fearing for my life any longer.

Patti was to far gone from the pleasure that tongue had forced her into. Her arms fell from the back of the back along her sides in total and complete relaxed state.

I truly feel at that moment of all this she had flat out passed out from the intensity of it all.

At that time of my life I had never had any kind of intuition nor even thoughts of another woman sexually at all, but sitting there as I was now looking directly at her wrecked and damaged pussy still widely spread open by his tongue assault of it, I had such a thought.

Was it the alcohol we had drank? Was it to run and Mother her up? Was it due to the horrible fear of life he had us in?

Those thoughts and questions raced through my mind, looking at her beautiful splayed wide open soaked pussy. I swear her inside vagina was still quivering and spasming from what he had just done.

I now know fully she was blessed with what men and women alike for that matter know as a snapping pussy, I could see it working it’s magic all up inside her.

Now I do somewhat at least in my minds thinking back on this all happening, that no wonder Toro became so vicious and aggressive towards her was for this very reason.

His animalistic instincts made him this way towards her.

Somehow and someway when my brother was around Toro released his authority over her. But when he was alone with her, he owned her!

All this many years later I now fully realize this. In short my sweet little Sister In Law was Toro’s Bitch!

How all this got this way was totally out of accident in the makings as most of the time it starts that way. Recalling in my own mind back to when I was at home and Jasper would come take me whenever he so wanted, had me in the same exact spot she was in.

I and my Mom alike were Jaspers own Bitches.

Although a severe difference in the way and style of which they both operated was altogether different. Jasper was more a lover. Toro was a rapist.

I could not sit there and condemn this action between her and Toro, for the simple matter that I myself was just as she, A Bitch In Heat!

As I sat there curled all up on that couch in the corner end of it, everything seemed to flash back over me, and deep in my mind I was wanting to absolutely get right up and get naked, and let Toro come and take me! Rape Me! Fuck Me!

But he seemed to care less of even my presence there, except to stop and even attack me if need be to get at the prize possession he truly wanted, and that was her.

All he did as I uncurled myself from my once scared to death position, and stood up and began to undress myself, was turn his head back to me, then right back where his true attention was.

Why I stood up and did this I truly cannot recall, except to possibly somehow distract him from her.

I was now standing there shorts and panties alike off and he paid me not one bit attention.

Even as scared to death as I had been, watching all this had me wet and horny.

I myself needed another drink and as I went towards the kitchen, all he did was look at me and turned right back to her.

Knowing no doubt she needed one for damn sure as well, since she was his to have as he desired and wanted. I walked over to her to get her drink glass off the side table and immediately he began to instantly growl and snarl at me!

That instantly brought her back to life as she began to scream out; “NO TORO, Oh no please don’t hurt me, I’ll let you do it!”

Not realizing in the least until her eyes opened and saw me standing there fully naked below the waist, staring in fact right up at my own womanly pussy, seeing that I had her drink glass in hand, she said; “Oh yes, oh please yes Jackie make me a really strong one!”

Toro stood up immediately his teeth now fully bared and I saw the hair raise up on the back of his huge muscular neck, and ran from there into the kitchen away from him as he had stopped snarling and growling at me.

I was shaking so bad, scared to death he was going to come into that kitchen and attack me, that I spilled some of the courage water she and I both so desperately needed and really over filled our drink glasses with to much of it, but then shakily added the cola to them and cared little about ice or anything else.

As I was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane walking back into that living room, izmit anal yapan escort I saw he was squatted once again back onto his hind legs just outright staring and looking right at her pussy.

When I walked even close to where they both were he stood up and began to snarl and growl at me again, right back into his total aggressive vicious state of mind, and standing away as far as I could, I sat her drink on the side table shaking so bad I spilled a bit of it onto it, and took my own drink and ran back over to that couch and curled up in my scared to death fashion.

He standing there still in his same state of mind, now growling and snarling at her just for reaching out and grabbing her drink, then sat right back down into his almost obedient sitting stance.

She to was shaking to death in fear of him as she shakily swallowed her drink down and sat that glass back onto the side table, which he did nothing at this just watched intently as hell at her every move.

Finally she spoke out to me shaking herself of the absolute fear of him afraid to even move one single part of her body from where it was now and had been.

“This is what he does to me Jackie, this is why I have to let him have me!”

Then what she said next is what floored me the most; “Your Brother taught him to be this way to me when we’re alone together like this!”

Going on to explain that my own damn Brother taught their male dog to be this way to Patti when he was gone from home, simply and wholly because this way she would not go fucking around behind his back.

Now it all made sense to me as to why she just wouldn’t leave their house at all when my Brother was away from home!

Toro would probably attack her and all but kill her!

She sat there now shaking and scared to death, going on that he would get her this way, and keep her this way, until he was satisfied and content that he had done his job as taught by my own damn Brother to do.

Saying on, that sometimes he would mate with her multiple times a day until he was himself to give out to go on, and she was a total complete wreck herself from it all.

I said to her; “You mean Toro does this because my damn Brother taught him to do this Patti?”

Yes she shakily nodded her head and said.

How can I help you Patti I asked her? She just shaky voiced as hell told me there was nothing I could do to stop any of it, or Toro would attack me and tear me apart!

That Bastard I screamed out meaning outright my damn own Brother taught Toro to do all this.

Suddenly an idea came into my mind, one that was a horrible thought in it’s own accord, but I had to do something to help her.

I un-sprawled myself, and then and there sat up on the couch, moved my ass right to the edge of it, and having put my legs out and feet on the floor, I spread my legs wide apart as I could, and then called out; “Here Toro come on boy, give me some of that tongue!”

All he did was turn his head to me and just stared long and hard at what was offered to him, then just altogether ignored me and my offering, and turned right back to her.

I shivered all over as his eyes told of his wanting so to come over to me and give me what he had just given her, but the intensity, and vicious look in his eyes told me he would take me when he wanted, not when I wanted him to!

It was a failed attempt to get him away from her, and protect her in some way from him.

All I would be allowed to do was sit right here and watch him take her, and have her, and that was it.

Now as if he had his mind made up of what he wanted to do next, he stood up and then and there nudged his snout and head right up into her inner right thigh, nudging it upwards from it’s state over the arm of the chair.

Patti did nothing at first to damn scared to say or do anything but when he suddenly snapped her inner thigh and growled like hell, she cried out;

“O.K O.K Toro oh please don’t bite me, I’ll do it Toro, I’ll do it Toro!”

As she shifted herself in the chair taking her legs down off the sides and onto the floor Toro just stepped back fully allowing her to move now, as she spun herself in that chair onto her front first, her big rounded ass showing itself fully to me, then slithering her body downwards off the chair her legs on the floor now, and then onto her knees she went.

Crying and shaking as she did this now only her belly upper body was in the chair, as she pushed her big beautifully rounded ass up into the air, and spread her legs widely out her arms and hands clutching at the arms of the chair.

I sat there shaking and shivering myself to the core, seeing that she was being forced by Toro to get into this position, or be torn apart by his vicious biting and attacking her.

Now she was in this position her head laid onto the chair along with her shoulders her arms and hands outwards against the arms clutching and hanging onto them for dear life knowing what was about to happen.

She was crying and shaking all over in the horrid fear of having to once again give herself to Toro sexually!

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