Body Double

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There was great excitement in a small Yorkshire village when a film company arrived to shoot a remake of ‘Wuthering Heights’ on location. It was a major production, mainly financed with Hollywood money, thus an internationally famous American star was required to play Cathy. The rest of the cast were British, including a darkly handsome Heathcliff.

It all began when the owner of the cottage, Julia Cooper, opened the door to two men almost identically dressed in parkas and jeans, though there was a great difference in height and girth.

“Hi.” The younger, taller and slimmer man beamed at her.


“We work for a film company and we’re scouting locations.”

“Oh, how exciting..”

“Ninety per cent boredom, ten per cent excitement.”

“Are you making a film round here?”

“A remake of ‘Wuthering Heights’.”

“You’ve come to the right place.”

“Bronte country.” He smiled. Rather a nice smile. “My name’s Jonty Trevalyan.”

“Pleased to meet you.”

They rather formally shook hands. The smaller man pushed his way inside.

“Are you the owner of this house?”


Julia had taken an instant dislike to this intruder. Jonty was still standing outside. She looked at him; he shrugged.

“I am Mark Selbie,” the small man declared. “Art Director for Focus Productions and the new version of ‘Wuthering Heights’.”

“Oh. I see. Except I don’t. Why are you here?”

“I was looking around a few days ago,” Jonty explained. “I saw this cottage and thought it would be perfect for a scene in the film. I knocked on the door, but apparently you were out.”

“You should have left a note.”

“I agree, but it was absolutely pouring with rain and I was soaking wet. Been tramping around the district and got caught in a sudden downpour.”

Julia laughs. “It happens on the moors.”

“So, anyway, I thought I’d bring Mark see the place for himself before making a final decision.”

“Wasn’t your recommendation good enough?”

Jonty shrugged and gave her a small smile. “I’m only the Assistant Director.”

“Sounds important.”

“Nothing more than a gofer.”

He stepped inside and Julia closed the door. She confronted the Art Director, who was poking around, looking through various doors.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was icily cold.

“Hope so. Splendid cottage you’ve got.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

“Late 18th century.”


“Not modernised structurally.”

“Is that a condemnation?”

“On the contrary. You’re to be congratulated on leaving well alone. Too many people buy splendid old property then ‘restore’ it. I use the word advisedly. As far as I’m concerned, they’re nothing better than vandals. But this….” he gestured with his arm. “….splendid. Good for our purpose, too.”

Julia frowned. “Your purpose?”

“18th century, retaining its original appearance and set apart from all the other property.”

Julia smiled. “Yes, my parents loved it. I haven’t lived here for a number of years.”


“My father died a month ago and I inherited the property. I’m putting it on the market.”

“Um.” Selbie vaguely nodded, his thoughts elsewhere. “It’s perfect for an interior scene we have when we see Cathy and Heathcliff having sex for the first and only time.”

Trying to remember the story of ‘Wuthering Heights’, Julia frowned. “Does that happen?”

“It does in this movie,” the Assistant Director cheerfully replied. “That’s Hollywood for you.”


“Anyway, we wanted your permission to use this cottage. A few exterior shots, a couple of interiors. We’ll refurnish completely for the filming. Period stuff, of course. Wall decoration; it all has to look right. Most of the action will take place in the master bedroom.” Selbie opened another door. It was a cupboard. “Can I see it?”

“Oh, I don’t….”

Jonty smiled. “Don’t worry, Mrs….?” He raised his eye-brows, interrogatively.

“Cooper. Julia Cooper. I’m not married.”

“Don’t worry. When we’re finished everything will be re-instated. You won’t notice anything. We’re pretty good at that kind of thing.”

“Would I have to move out?”

“Not at all, as long as you don’t mind living with a film crew and a lot of equipment for a few days. Some areas will be out of bounds, of course.”

Julia grinned. “Such as the master bedroom.”

Jonty smiled back. “Exactly.”

“How long will you be?”

“Five days are scheduled.”

“For one love scene?”

“It’s a pretty hot one. No holds barred. Totally nude, very intimate. There’s a couple of days rehearsal with clothes on so they know exactly what they’re doing, then another with very little clothing, so they get the feel of each other….”

“A good way of putting it.”

“…..then a couple shooting it.”

“I thought the director would call ‘action’ and they’d simply go through the motions of making love. After all, most of us frequently do it in real life.”

Jonty shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s rather more controlled Pendik Escort and mechanical in the movies. But it still has to look good.”

Tired of the conversation, Selbie demanded a decision. “There’s other property we can view, though I must admit to liking this very much. But we have to get it fixed up today. I think…..eight hundred pounds would be the highest amount we could offer.”

Julia looked at him, wide-eyed. “Eight hundred pounds to use my house for a film?”

“A day,” Jonty interposed.

“For five days?”


“That’s…..” Julia did a quick mental calculation, but thought she must have got it wrong. “Four thousand pounds,” she gulped.”

“Please, Mrs……” Selbie snapped his fingers in irritation.

“Cooper,” Jonty reminded him.

“Yes….yes….Mrs Cooper.”

“She’s not married.”

Selbie clucked in annoyance. “Please can we have your answer. Yes or no?”

Julia hesitated briefly, then nodded. “Yes.”


There was much activity at the cottage the day before rehearsals were due to start. An iron bedstead was installed with genuine looking 18th century furniture in the periphery of the camera’s eye. Three cameras were to be used, two in fixed positions and the third hand-held. Several large, powerful lamps provided a fair amount of illumination and even more heat. The set was closed to everyone except those essential to filming the scene and the window was blocked off to thwart peeping-toms.

The Oscar winning American actress remained aloof from everyone, spending all her spare time ensconced in a vast, centrally heated caravan. She was accompanied by a somewhat butch secretary and minder, the two of them seemingly inseparable. Rumour had it that they were lesbians; rumour was probably right.

The actor playing Heathcliff was completely the opposite, always finding a friendly word, and even managing to remember the name of the most humble technician. Alan Drury was born and bred in Warwickshire, but ironically, as he ruefully admitted, had never been asked to play in Stratford. He was in his early thirties, dark-haired, blue-eyed and with finely handsome features. For his part as Heathcliff he had grown a light beard. In company with most of the other women on the set, Julia was completely smitten by the handsome actor.

The kitchen seemed to be a natural rendezvous for people not actively engaged in the immediate proceedings and Julia was on permanent call to make tea.

“I hope we’re not abusing you and your hospitality,” Alan said as she filled his cup.

“I enjoy it. I wouldn’t do it otherwise. How’s it going?”

“Well enough.”

Julia was at the epicentre of all gossip as she dished out tea and biscuits. The first two days, clothed rehearsals, apparently went with few hitches or arguments. Kisses, caresses and general body movements were discussed and agreed with vague gestures and pretence of the action. By the end of day two the Oscar winning actress had permitted some fumbling and had obediently spread herself on the bed with Alan on top.

Storm clouds began showing themselves on the morning of day three. Julia saw Alan Drury enter her bedroom wearing a ruffled cotton shirt and breeches. A few minutes later the leading lady, clad in a flimsy, pale-coloured full length dress with plunging neckline, rushed in surrounded by helpers, who seemed to be hiding, and/or, protecting her from prying eyes. She was probably a few years younger than Julia, but had much the same build and colouring.

The Oscar-winning actress was ushered into the bedroom for her big love scene. No-one, absolutely no-one, was permitted to be in there except Alan and the Director. No matter that the cameraman protested he must align his equipment and do some dummy shots in preparation for the Big Event. Miss Oscar Winner was naked….well, almost. In truth she wore a bikini which successfully hid all of her most intimate parts.

The rehearsal went badly. This was supposed to be as near the real thing as they could get with her in a bikini and Alan in shorts. Cathy flinched every time Heathcliff, the love of her life, got anywhere near her. She went into hysterics when he mounted her in simulation of the love act and she felt his hardness against her thigh. Alan went flying off the bed as his co-star threw him off her.

Almost immediately an altercation started, loud enough to be heard in most parts of the house.

“This is so ridiculous.” That was the actress.

“What’s wrong now?” The Director sounded peeved.

“I can’t play this scene.”

“But, lovey, it’s all arranged.”

“Don’t give me any of that lovey crap. I’ve fucking had you limeys up to here.”

“I’m sorry, Ms Dawson, but you agreed to play this scene as written. It’s in your contract.”

“This fucking scene isn’t in the book. I’ve read the book and there’s nothing like this. Cathy Earnshaw doesn’t bare her boobs and ass in front of Heathcliff – or anyone else.”

“She does in this movie.”

“Not this gal.”

“If you don’t do Pendik Escort Bayan this scene as written the whole dramatic thrust of the piece is lost.”

“I don’t do porno.”

With that, the Oscar-winning actress slammed out of the bedroom and out of the cottage leaving behind her a thick fog of gloom. There was a long silence, then the Director and Alan came out of the bedroom, followed by the cameraman.

“What the hell do we do now?”

“I could try to persuade her that it would all be very tasteful,” the cameraman half-heartedly suggested.

“Is that necessarily true?” Alan enquired.

“I wanted it to be as raunchy as hell,” the Director admitted.

“Suzi Dawson and raunchy don’t go together,” the cameraman sighed. “She’s bible belt. They don’t do things like that.”

“But she agreed. She knew before we started that this scene was integral to the action and she was going to have to do it nude and roll around a bed with Alan here. We don’t expect her to do it for real, but she has to make it look convincing.”

“Maybe if we call head office they’ll bring some pressure to bear.”

“We don’t have time to play around. We’re all set to go. I’d replace the bitch if I had my way, but there’s too much in the can now. We’re behind schedule and over budget. We can’t afford to waste time.”

The Assistant Director coughed.

“What is it, Jonty?”

“If you don’t mind a suggestion, Michael.”

“Anything would be useful right now.”

“A body double.”

The cameraman nodded. “Possible. Yes, distinctly possible. I could shoot everything except the face and then splice in a few shots of our star’s wondrous features. You’d never see the join.”

“That’s all very well, but where are we going to get a body double fast enough to shoot this bloody scene here and now when we’re ready?”

There was a deep silence.

“I’ll do it.” Julia, sitting quietly in a corner, spoke in a small voice.

The Director looked round. “Who said that?”

Julia held up her hand. “Me.”

All the men looked at her.

“A good physical likeness.” Jonty nodded his approval.

“Hair’s similar,” said Alan.

The cameraman looked critically at her. “I’d say we could get away with it.”

“You realise what you’re offering to do, Mrs Cooper?”

Julia smiled at the Director. “Appear naked in my own bedroom.”

“More than that, Mrs Cooper.”

“I’m not married. Please call me Julia.”

“You’ve got to make love to Alan here.”

“That would be a great chore.”

“I’m not joking. This is an international movie; big budget, big stars. What’s up on that screen has to look like the genuine article. It isn’t, of course; it’s all fake, but that mustn’t show. The audience have to believe that what they’re seeing is true. That’s where acting comes in. A body double has to be as convincing as the star she’s impersonating.”

“I can do that.”

The Director looked at her for a few moments, then threw up his hands. “Okay, okay. I’ll go and tell our star what’s happening. Get yourself into a bikini and let’s go, go, go.”

Julia sped away, followed by a wardrobe assistant.

The Director turned to Jonty. “Get London. I want casting to round up a suitable body double pronto and have her stand by.”

“Don’t you think Julia can do it?”

“I don’t know what the hell she can do; and neither does she. It may be her own bedroom and she may be doing what comes naturally, but it’s a different ball game in a room full of people with cameras prying at you. We can’t afford to waste time and that’s why I’m going with this crazy idea, but I’d feel safer knowing there’s a professional waiting in the wings, even if we’re delayed till she gets here.”

“Right.” Jonty went off to phone.

Less than an hour later Julia and Alan stood facing each other in the bedroom. She was wearing the same décolleté dress as seen earlier on Suzi Dawson. Underneath she wore a rather plain pair of knickers and a brief bikini. Her hair had been released from its pins and tumbled down the sides of her face, looking slightly unkempt.

“Helps to hide your features,” the Director explained. “I intend to start by walking you through the moves we’ve been rehearsing for the last two days.” He sighed at the thought of so much wasted time. “Alan is familiar with the choreography of the scene, so relax and let him guide you.”

Julia nervously smiled. “It’ll be a pleasure.”

“There’s been some dialogue setting up the situation.” Alan put his arms round her; it was a strong, firm embrace. “Cathy has willingly come to Heathcliff in defiance of her brother. They kiss; long, passionate kiss.” He gave her cheek a light peck.

“Won’t my face be seen?” Julia asked.

“Not yours,” the Director replied. “Ms. Dawson’s sweet features will fill the screen. A kiss she’ll do. Anything more…..” he shook his head.

“Heathcliff unfastens her dress.” Alan suited the action to the word, pulling the flimsy garment forward, off her shoulder, then allowing it to fall to the ground.”

“At Escort Pendik this point you’ll be naked except for the knickers.” The Director looked at her critically. “All right?”

“Yes. Is this thin dress all they wore?”

“It was the fashion.”

“It’s more like a nightdress. They must have been frozen in a climate like ours.”

Alan grinned at her. “It’s very sexy, don’t you think?”

“Shivering from top to toe isn’t much of a turn-on.”

“Right. The dress is off, now he pulls down your knickers so you’re completely naked.”

“There’ll be a facial shot of our star,” the cameraman explained, “but the body will be yours.”

“Very nice, too,” Alan murmured.

Julia blushed.

He slowly sank to his knees, planting kisses all over her, including her breasts, still protected by the bikini. He removed her knickers and buried his head in her crotch. She felt embarrassed as a little vaginal juice escaped and trickled down her leg.

“You bend over him,” the Director instructed, “and pull the shirt out of his breeches, then off above his head.”

“You want me to do that?”


She did, but there was an awkward tangle of head and arms before the garment was free. They laughed.

“Don’t worry,” said the Director. “This is a first run-through and you learn by your mistakes. Right, shirt is off. He tongues your pussy while you are bent over his back, arms stretched and hands inside his breeches, cupping his buttocks. Now he’s going to put you on his shoulder, stand up, swing round and lay you on the bed.”

It was easier said than done. With a great many grunts and a deal of effort, Alan followed the directions, collapsing on top of Julia as soon as she was on the bed. His heavy breathing had nothing to do with sexual arousal.

She giggled. “Not much of a Tarzan.”

“All he had to do was swing from trees, not pick Jane up from a crouching position. I don’t want to do that too often.”

He turned over on his back, still breathing deeply, then heaved himself up.

“You could make a girl self-conscious about her weight,” Julia scolded.

“Yes, I know and I’m sorry. You’re not over-weight, I assure you, but lifting from that position is damned difficult. Especially when I’m supposed to make it look effortless. Right, I’m ready for the next step. Standing over the bed, Cathy is laid out naked. I undo my breeches, pull them off, go down on top of her.”

He did. The small amount of covering separating their most intimate parts did nothing to prevent Julia reacting to the firm, male body pressing her down into the mattress. She was conscious of his manhood, safely hidden beneath his shorts, and her own heart beating fast. She could feel the heat of sex rising in her.

“We kiss….long and passionate.” She longed for him to do that. “Then I take your breasts. Caress…kiss.” Oh, yes, please! “Work my way down to your thighs, then between them. Using my tongue….” Oh, God! Never mind rehearsing. “Then move back up, position myself for entry and….bingo!”

“That’ll do for starters.” The Director interrupted. “Clothes back on and we’ll run it again. I want it as smooth as clockwork – including lifting her onto the bed.”

“Yes, sir.” Alan made a mock salute.

They rehearsed the sequence several times until it was, indeed, smooth and seamless. By this time there was no embarrassment between them and it seemed as if their bodies really did belong to each other.

“Splendid!” cried the Director. “Ready for the moment of truth?”

“What do you mean?” Julia innocently enquired.

“Go through the routine again – naked.”

Julia smiled. “Oh, is that all?”

It was a good day’s work and everybody was pleased, especially with the amateur body double, who put more sparks into her work than the star herself. The following day it would be for real.


“I want you to play this scene as naturally as you can.” The Director was giving them last minute instructions. “Forget the cameras, forget we’re here. There’s just the two of you – Cathy and Heathcliff. You’re both wild and passionate, demanding sexual satisfaction, but you’re also tender and loving. The rehearsals yesterday were great. My intention is to let you two guys go; one take, no stopping. When we see the result we can go back and do anything extra if required. Okay?”

Alan nodded. “Fine.”

Julia felt herself shaking slightly in anticipation. “Yes. Great.”

The Director looked around at his camera positions. “All right. Let’s do it.”

“Rolling.” The cameraman was looking through his viewfinder.


Alan waited for three beats, then cupped Julia’s face in his hands. He gazed intently into her eyes for a long moment before tentatively kissing her lips. More kisses followed in quick succession, each one more ardent than its predecessor until, finally, he gave her a long, deep kiss rocking her back on her heels. Her body flushed with the heat of desire and there was a familiar dampness between her legs.

Alan unfastened her dress and slid his arms inside, kissing her once more as he held her close and ran his hands up and down her naked back. She was weak at the knees. With his hands on her shoulders he pulled the dress off. It cascaded to the floor behind her, leaving her naked, except for the knickers, and vulnerable.

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Self-Confidence Hypno Scam Pt. 02

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Like yesterday, I woke up feeling energized and horny as hell. A peek in my underwear revealed that I was already dripping precum from my dick.

What kind of dream could have caused this? As a virgin, the closest I’ve ever been to fuck was in my dream. I always imagined what a warm and wet pussy could feel like around my dick. Would it be tight on my cock? How would it be to squeeze her soft tits with my hands instead of gripping my rod? How would it smell to have my face stuffed in her neck as I kissed her?

With just those thoughts, I could feel myself getting close to the edge. I grabbed a tissue and started to jerk myself. As my fingers went up on my shaft, I almost felt electroshocked when they touched the head. I loosen my grip to only two fingers. I didn’t want to cum so fast this time. I could feel my cock throbbing between my fingers. Even though my movements were slow and gentle, the familiar pulsing of my dick indicated I was already past my point of no return.

I could feel it again. Each contraction of my dick pumped a spurt of cum. I contained it as well as I could with my tissue, but there was more cum than usual. What the hell is up with me? I’ve been so horny lately…

After that, I hopped in the shower and got ready for the day. Fast enough, I was already outside waiting for miss Stevens.

“Get in, Alex,” Leah gestured to me when she arrived at the intersection with her sports car.

“Hey, good morning,” I said, still embarrassed by yesterday’s event. Why did I have to pop such a huge boner in her car yesterday? I’m not a teen anymore. I shouldn’t be so sensitive.

“Are you alright? You look a bit..stiff?” She asked me with a smirk.

My face went completely red with shame.

“Hahaha, don’t worry about it. It’s not like you could control this,” she laughed, putting her hand on my thigh to comfort me.

“I’m sorry. It’s still just so embarrassing. It’s not something I wanted you to see Ms. Stevens.”

The warmth of her hand on my thigh was a bit too much for a virgin like me. I could already feel my blood pumping in my dick. I did my best and placed my arms over my lap in a not-too-suspicious way that hid my boner. It was so hard to contain it. Her magnificent tits bounced up and down with each bump on the road.

“Hey, I thought you were over this. Call me Leah already! Stop treating me like some fifty-year-old lady,” she said, pouting in frustration.

“Sorry, Leah. You’re right, I forgot that you’re a young twenty-nine-plus-one year old,” I responded, laughing at her overreaction.

“Ah, much better,” she winked at me.

I guess the hypno-files were really having a great effect on me. Never before would I have been able to joke around with my boss like that. This time, when I got out of the car, I made an effort to keep my hardon hidden.

Another uneventful day passed on. The only thing that stood out was that I got my car towed to my mechanic, only for him to call me back with bad news.

“What…Ten days to get the parts? You can’t have them faster? Alright then.” I told my mechanic over the phone as I hung up the phone.

“Hey. Sorry, Alex. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your call, but if you still need rides for the following days, I don’t mind helping you.” Leah told me after she heard me talking on the phone.

“Oh, istanbul Escort Bayan that’s too much. I don’t want to bother you.”

“Will you stop being like that? Just say: Yes, boss! Thank you, Boss!” she replied, bothered by my shyness.

“Alright…Yes, boss! Thank you, Leah.”

“See? Isn’t that easier? I’ll see you at the end of the day.”

She was right. I got to stop being so stubbornly shy. Still, I believed that I had made some progress since I had started this hypnosis program. Thinking about this got me to check my phone to see if I had received my third file. Indeed, I had received it this morning with the same instruction as the day before.

The next 2 days passed without any notable incidents. I got to know Leah a bit better during our car rides. She told me how she had gotten pregnant pretty young. How she moved to our big city because of her ex’s job. And also how she, one day, found her ex with a side piece at home when she came back early. I couldn’t believe someone could cheat on such an awesome girl.

Also, in those 2 days, even though I felt more at ease around Leah and the girls at the job, there was something that was starting to bother me. I just felt like a horny teenager. Before, I was shy, but now I get those raging hardons whenever I get to see a bit of cleavage. The worst time was when Leah helped me with a document I was about to send to a customer. To read it, she stood behind me and leaned over my shoulder. I could feel her warmth and smell her perfume. Her breast accidentally rubbed against my shoulder when she leaned in to get closer to my computer monitor.

“Just there, could you add the specs about our product? Alex? Are you listening?”

“Oh…Yes sorry. Yes, I’ll add it, no problem,” I responded, coming out of my breast-induced daze. I could feel my cock straining against my pants. Precum was starting to ooze out my dick.

“Also, there was something else I wanted to ask you. I was supposed to go see a movie at the theatre with a friend tonight…But she bailed on me, and now I’m left with two tickets,” she told me. Her tone seemed a bit hesitant, which wasn’t like her.

“I was wondering if you’d want to go see it with me? It’s okay if you don’t want to. I know it’s a Friday night, and you probably already got something planned for tonight…” she said, avoiding my eyes.

“Ah no. I mean, I don’t have anything planned. I’d be happy to go with you.”

“Oh great then! We’ll stop by a pizza place after work and go to the movies after!” she responded with sparkles in her eyes, before returning to her office.

I was just left dumbfounded with a leaky cock. Surely, she only asked me that because she was already stuck giving me car rides, it was convenient for her. I’d have to try to control those pesky erections of mine. I don’t want to look like a creep.

The car ride to the pizza shop was more silent than usual. Somehow, I felt like there was some kind of tension. Moreover, I didn’t notice it earlier, but looking at her, it looked like she had put on a bit of makeup. That small touch of black eyeliner gave her a more sensual look. If only I could find myself a girlfriend with such appetizing red plump lips.

“Do I have something stuck in my teeth?” Leah asked when she noticed istanbul Escort me staring at her mouth.

“Ah, no-no. I was just lost in my thoughts. That’s all.”

“Oh, I’m this boring?”

“I..Euh no. I’d say it’s quite the opposite,” I fumbled to answer her.

“Haha, look at you. All embarrassed. Don’t worry, I’m teasing you. You’re so cute when you have this helpless look on your face. I just can’t help it,” she replied, laughing at me with a smirk on her face.

We quickly ate before going to the theatre. Once there, she insisted on getting a place at the rear. She must have been pretty tired of her week because once the movie started, she leaned on me to get more comfortable.

Even though it was dark, I had a good view of her cleavage. She had opened a few buttons of her shirt. I just couldn’t ignore the soft curves of her chest. In my pants, I could feel my undies getting tighter as my excitement grew. Her head was so close to my face that I was drenched in the sweet scent of her hair. All those feelings were just too overwhelming for a virgin like me.

All of a sudden, I felt her hand. It was softly stroking my thigh. What was she doing!? Her eyes still stared at the screen while her finger ran from my knee to my inner thigh. I could feel my cock throb.

Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’m sure I saw her glance at my growing bulge. Yet, she didn’t stop. My dick was drooling precum at this point. I don’t think she realized what she was doing, but I was already on the verge of cuming. I was tensing up in my seat, trying to ignore the feeling. But alas, I just couldn’t do it. The familiar pulsing of my cock made itself present. I was just too close. I had to stop her.

“Leah… I’m sensitive there.. could you not… Mmmmh!”

Fuck! Too late. I closed my eyes and felt my hard cock pump jets of cum in my pants. The orgasm was so strong that my hips shook. With my common sense returning to myself, I understood just how much I fucked up.

“Alex, are you alright?” Leah whispered to me.

“Yeah, I just got to go to the bathrooms,” I lied.

At least, I thought about a good escape plan. Once out of the theatre, I wrapped my jacket around my waist to hide my wet spot, and I took the bus to go home. I have never been this embarrassed in my life. Soon enough, I started to receive calls from her. She probably wanted to scream at me for being such a creep. Fuck, I’ll have to look for a job elsewhere. I quickly sent her a text telling her I got really sick in the bathroom and went home. After that, I just stopped looking at my SMS.

Once home, I just felt like shit. What the fuck happened over there? Why did I cum from such a light touch? Is this because of my self-confidence problems? At this point, I just wanted to stop thinking about this, and a sure way to be able to do this was to play my last hypno-file of the program. This was the fifth and last file to play. I lay on my bed, headphones on, and press play.

Like all these other times, I heard the music and soft voice. The familiar instructions brought me to the brink of sleep. Finally, the last word my conscious mind heard was the :

“At the count of three, you will fall asleep. One. Two. Three. Sleep.” and a snap of a finger…

I felt as light as a feather Escort istanbul before I began to fall into the void. For a moment, I thought it would never end until I hit my mattress. My room was enveloped in light. I looked around a bit, only to find a woman sitting with her back facing me. Slowly she turned around. She was stunning. She had perky tits, mouthwatering thighs, and a devilish smile.

“Oh, you’re back,” the lady said, talking to me.

“You don’t remember me? We met every night those last five days, though. That’s okay. I’m sure your cock remembers me”

At those words, my dick got up so fast, that it was almost as if it had a spring inside of it.

“You see, those last few days I trained you. I trained you to have a cock so sensitive it may never be able to penetrate a woman.”

“What? It was supposed to help my self-confidence! Why would you do something like this?” I pleaded.

“Oh, you’re so cute. I do it ’cause it’s fun. All those men think they own the world. With this little program, I make sure another man stays as pathetic as possible. Right now, what you see is a figment of your subconscious created by this hypnosis.” She said approaching me.

I could feel my dick tensing up as she came closer.

“You’ll see, as this is the last session, I’ll let you remember this one. Still, I placed a mental block on you that’ll prevent you from speaking about this hypnosis with anyone else. At least you’ll remember me.”

“That can’t possible! I even saw a bit of improvement in my self-confidence. You’re lying. I’m just having a nightmare!”

“I guess your improvements were all thanks to a placebo effect. Now, let’s test your true change.”

She pinned me down on the bed. Her perfect body was right over me. From her neck, her perfect tits down her flat stomach to her pink flower, all her being was made to bring excitement out of me. My cock stood proud in the air. It throbbed violently. Precum oozing out the tip.

“Oh, it’s leaking. Are you gonna cum? Will you be able to get inside me before bursting? What if I were Leah? Could you hold it?”

“How? How do you know about her?” I replied, shocked.

“Oh, you silly boy. The hypnosis created me in your subconscious. Of course, I know everything about you. Now let’s see, I’ll squat down on you. How is it? Such a wet warm cunt, almost touching your dick. I would love it if you could pound me for hours. But what about you? Can you at least bare the thought of my moist pussy, gripping your hard cock, let alone just touch it?”

My cock was pulsating. It could almost touch her wet lower lips.

“But you know, like me, that’s not gonna happen. Feel it! Let the orgasm win over you. That’s it. Let it come.” She said, giggling as my balls contracted.

“Uhhh!!” I moaned. I pumped ropes after ropes of cum. She didn’t even have to touch me.

“That’s your life now. You’re gonna be stuck as a poor premature ejaculator. If you’re lucky, one day you’ll be able to get the tip of your cock in a pussy before cuming. I hope you have fun and farewell. We might never meet again.”

As she vanished, I woke up. My briefs were drenched in cum for a second time in the last 24 hours. I immediately looked at my phone to see if I had received another email from the program. There was nothing. Worse, the old emails disappeared. I was panicking. As I tried to text a friend for help about this, I just froze. I was unable to write about the hypnosis. I had a mental block… As I stared at my phone, an SMS came in.

“Are you alright? Please, pick up the phone… I’m sorry for yesterday – Leah.”

To be continued…

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Bowling with Carol

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When I was in my mid twenties a friend and I joined a bowling league at the local University. He was attending class there but we both worked together. The teams were made up of 3 person to a team. Our third person was a very friendly girl by the name of Carol. As time went on I learned that Carol was married. I really did not give her much thought until one might when I was joking and said, “If you don’t get a Strike I’m going to spank you”. Well at that she just turned around and looked at me. It was the way she looked at me that kind of shocked me. Granted Carol was not a real knock out but there was some about her that stood out.

As the weeks went by me and Kelly, my friend, would give her a ride home to her apartment. It some became apparent the Carol and Kelly did not see eye to eye on anything. Carol started talking more and more to me as the weeks went by. Her husband work nights so she had taken up bowling as a means of getting out of her apartment. One night I could tell she wanted to talk to me more so I slipped her my phone number as I dropped her off. Shortly after I got back to my apartment she called me and we talked for about 30 minutes. The next night she called me again. For almost a solid week we talked to each other at night when she was alone.

Then one night she asked me to come pick her up at her apartment, it was early about 7:00. The University was not that far away so I was there in less than fifteen minutes. As I got there she was outside waiting for me. She got in my pickup and I asked what she wanted to do she said she wanted to go to my apartment. So back to my place we went, talking all the way.

Once inside we sat and talk for a while Kurtköy Escort and then she wanted to see the rest of my place. I knew from our talks that she was very lonely at home but I was not about to do anything that would ruin her marriage. When we went it my bedroom she walked around a bit and then looked in my closet and saw some magazines I had in there. She asked if she could look at them and I said yes if she wanted to. So she got them and sat on the bed looking at them. She was sitting close to the end of the bed and I had my back up against the headboard.

While she was looking through them I thought about moving up behind her and hugging her. I shock that idea out of my head for fear of what she might say and do. After Carol got through looking at my Playboy’s and Penthouse magazines she put them back in the closet where I had them. From there we went into the kitchen and had a glass drink.

We had just set our glasses on the table when she noticed a bookshelf I had close by. We were both kneeling down looking at the books at the time when all at once she pushed me on the floor and started kissing me. Of course I was kissing her back. Her hands went to my ribs and started tickling me. That really got to me as I’m ticklish there.

So out of frustration I started spanking her and she leaned into me and started kissing me more. After a few minutes of kissing she looked down into my eyes and said that she better go home. I really did not want to take her but I did. I wanted to take her in the bedroom and make love to her.

Being the gentleman that I am I did as I was asked. As I dropped her off she came up to my door and leaned Kurtköy Escort Bayan in and kissed me again. Not long after I got home she was calling me. Again we talked for quite awhile. She asked me if I had ever fantasized about a threesome when I told no she asked me what I fantasized about. When I told her anal sex she got silent for a minute and said she had never thought about that before. Shortly afterward we said good night and I went to sleep thinking about what had transpired.

The next day at work the events of the previous evening kept going through my mind. By this time I think Kelly had a feeling that something was going on between Carol and me but he never said anything. I got home that afternoon from work and bathed and ate and had a beer. Then about 8:30 Carol called me and asked me to come get her. I could tell that she had been drinking, a lot from the sound of her voice. So I told her yes I would come get her. As I got to her place she came out and got in and leaned over and kissed me. When she had called she had said that she loved me.

Well that kind of surprised me to say the least. But I figured it was the alcohol. We got back to my apartment and she just about slumped on the floorboard of my truck. I went around and was trying to get her out when some guy saw me and helped me get her up stairs and on my bed. I thanked him and he was off. I went into the bed room and sat down beside her and she reached out and pulled me down and we started kissing. She broke it long enough to ask me to make love to her. By this time I was in no mood to argue with her. So I stripped and then removed her clothes. There we were in bed kissing Escort Kurtköy and we were having sex.

Out of nowhere she asked me to hit her. At first I told her no but she kept insisting so I slapped her a few times. That only set her off more and really light her passion. I was really giving to her when she asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass and of course I said yes. So I grabbed her legs and bent them toward he chest and guided my dick to her asshole She was so wet that we did not need any lubricate I pushed and I stared into her. I looked at her face and I saw her tense up as I pushed more into her ass. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no.

There I was fucking her ass and she stared moaning. After a while I got tired of holding her legs up and pulled out of her ass and reentered her pussy. After while she said she wanted me to fuck her ass again. I told her to turn over and she moved onto her side and I laid down behind her and entered her again.

We were rocking along when she started getting sober. At which point she asked where she was. I told her she was with me and she just kind a moaned out a, “Oh no”. She asked what time it was and I looked at the time and it was 1:00 in the morning. She said she had to get home and she stared getting dress. I stood up behind her and reached around and played her tits and eased my dick back into her ass for a last time that night. Afterward I drove her home before she got out she leaned over and kissed me.

Two days later she called me from the hospital. As I walked into her room the next day she was surprised to see me. We talked and we kissed gently. She said she loved me and her husband and did not know what to do. I was tempted to tell her I needed her more than he did but I didn’t do that. I told her she had to decided that herself. A week later she was back at bowling and afterward told me she was staying with her husband and was going to stop bowling. We never saw each other again.

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The Festival Ch. 04

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Author’s Note:

Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. We pick up where the last chapter left off, with Benji reeling from his strange sexual encounter with Dani. Things are going to get wild from here on out, and you’ll need to be familiar with the previous entries to know the characters and context. Look, this isn’t Ulysses, but it does have a lot of moving pieces. Have fun and let me know how you feel in the comments!


We clothed ourselves in silence, only occasionally swapping awkward grins. Amongst Allison’s college peers, Danica was an anomaly. She bored of academic discussions quickly. She was quick to drink, quick to laugh. She spoke her mind and so often found her foot in her mouth. At times she even appeared simple, but Allison loved her because she was, at her core, a simple honest friend. Danica, the motor mouthed blonde, had become a silent enigma now. Was that because she felt guilty? I was too flustered to pry and confront my own guilt. To speak of it, was to make it real, it seemed. I was so very desperate to convince myself that all of this was happening to me, not because of me. But there was a lingering energy and tension between us, something I was perhaps too afraid to unpack.

Dani chose a strappy white top and a pair of flared pink suede trousers. Beneath it, I knew she’d forgone underwear. Wearing my navy shorts, I ventured outside to retrieve my own shirt. It was there we were confronted by the returning Nelly. With those cool blue eyes, she looked us over suspiciously. “She’s pretty steamed,” she said of Macy, “but she said it’s you that has to live with it. Think she still hates Benji, so don’t expect a Christmas card this year.”

“Where is she?” asked Dani.

“At the tropical stage, the music has started and the bar is open.”

“I’ll go talk to her,” sighed Danica. She didn’t so much as glance at me before striding away purposefully. Even in those loose-fitting pants, her bum was prominent. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And about all the things she said.

Nelly elbowed me in the ribs. “So what happened after we left?”

“Nothing,” I lied at once. I didn’t need Nelly being privy to anymore than she already knew. “She, er, told me not to let it happen again.” She told me things about my girlfriend which would curl even your blue hair. My voice got oddly high pitched which might have given hint to my deceit.

But Nelly was satisfied by my answer. I suppose she didn’t expect more. “Ha, she grabbed your baby dick, dude,” she chuckled, “maybe if you weren’t so pathetic, she’d have fucked you. Though I suppose it’s because you’re so pathetic that she let you off the hook. Man, what I’d give to tap that…” she mused while staring after Dani. “Her boyfriend is an oaf, hetero girls have such poor standards.” I stood there uncomfortably while she fawned. “Anyways,” she said at last, “it’s twelve o’clock, let’s get wasted, buddy.” She smacked me on the bottom and set about rummaging through the cooler box for tequila.

“Is that really a good idea?” I asked timidly.

“Well, you could lick my asshole again, if you’d prefer,” she suggested bluntly, offering me the bottle. I snatched it begrudgingly and took a hearty swig to appease her.

The fire in my belly gave me a certain testy courage. “I thought you were gay?” I complained, wondering why she’d taken such an interest in me.

“I thought you were straight!” she shot back, “sure seemed like you liked my brother-in-law’s cock.” She slunk into her camp chair and kicked one out for me. Nelly sipped the tequila and sized me up. “Sexuality isn’t binary, we’re all somewhere along the scale, Benji. But you’ll figure that out in time. Until then…drink.” And I did, anything to keep her from getting other ideas. I’m not gay. Not even bisexual. I wasn’t attracted to men. Maybe, I was bicurious. I did like stroking Robbie’s cock, but I was also very high at the time.

By the time the others returned, Nelly and I were pretty sauced. “Oh my god, seems like you two had a fun afternoon,” Ali laughed fretfully as I struggled to rise from my chair. She turned to Nelly, “why do you insist on corrupting my innocent boyfriend!?”

“I am but a humble servant of the dark lord,” she replied dryly.

“How was your hike?” I slurred. She told me all about it; how they went swimming in a mountain stream, and saw wild goats.

“Where’s Dani?” asked Saul, who had clearly been smoking some weed.

“Somewhere yonder, with Macy,” Nelly gestured toward the stages. Their boyfriends went off in search of them while Jessie and Robbie wanted to shower before partying.

“Come help me get dressed,” Allison proposed, seizing me by the wrist. She led me back into the tent of sins. When we were alone, she broached her concerns. “Are you okay? I’m worried about you.” I’m worried about me. I scoffed, feeling anything but okay.

It was the first time we’d been alone since Escort Bayan arriving at the festival, and I was wilting. There was nowhere to begin, no way to tell her everything. “I’m fine,” I said instead, “you don’t have to fuss over me.” Ali kissed me on the lips, slipping her tongue tentatively into my mouth.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered. Oh, boy. I knew that expression, a twinkle in those haunting blue pupils. “I wanted you last night, but you were already asleep when I got back.” She ran her hand under my t-shirt and along my skinny stomach, kissing my neck. Instinctively, my fingers danced along her spine and to her waist. She wore only a grey sports bra, tight black spandex shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She smelled naturally feminine, a sweet pleasant fragrance even after an active day. It was a pheromone I found addictive. Any other time I’d have her in a heartbeat. Not here. Not in this tent, not in this bed.

“Someone could come in,” I sighed as she continued to seduce me, “Nelly, she’s outside–“

“Then you’ll just have to be quick,” she winked and bit her lip. There was no plausible reason to refuse her. She removed my t-shirt and quickly kicked off her shoes. “Just relax, I’ll take care of you.” Allison rubbed my crotch, nibbling at my ear and neck. Whether it was the alcohol, the anxiety, or the fact I’d already cum thrice in this godforsaken tent, once inside Jessie and most recently on Danica’s ass, it was apparent I wasn’t going to be so easily stirred. She toyed with my cock, teasing it with her fingertips. “It’s okay,” my girlfriend assured me kindly, “I got this.” After removing my shorts, she perched herself on the edge of our bed. She slipped her arm between my spindly legs and placed her palm on my lower back, drawing me closer to her.

Ali took my flaccid dick into her mouth and began to suck on it. Her mouth was so skilled, and warm, and she knew just how to purse her lips to make up for my thin penis. Yet I could not get hard for her, every time I felt a little flurry, I had a flashback to my infidelities, sending me back to limp square one. “It…uh…must be the tequila,” I mumbled sheepishly. She looked up at me with those deep blue eyes. She’s so goddamn beautiful. Her angelic face was smooth and unblemished, like porcelain. Her hair was a mane of auburn that fell to her waist. And yet here she was with my soft two-inch dick in her mouth. I don’t deserve her.

Or perhaps I didn’t know her. “Let me,” I insisted. I placed my hands on Ali’s shoulders and gently lay her down. I kissed the sheen of sweat on her long swanlike neck, kissed her collarbone, her ribs, her flat tummy. My hands roamed under her sports bra, tweaking her small nipples until they rose. I left it on but tugged her shorts down her tall smooth legs, along with her panties. I loved that she didn’t wax her crotch entirely. She left a furry but groomed patch of fiery copper hair around her groin, only tapered off at her bikini line. Nuzzling my nose into her bush, I smelled her. Having had some other experience now, I found it remarkable how different they all smelled and tasted. But Ali’s bouquet was best of all.

I licked through the soft curly hair and found her mewling womanhood. My nails dug into her hip bones as I carved her cunt with my tongue. She arched her back and moaned softly. “Fuck, yessss, Benji,” she crooned. I could have spent my life right there, but instead I thought about what Nelly and Danica had inferred about my girlfriend. Leaving her clit, my tongue traced down her slit and along her perineum. I budged her legs wider apart and angled her groin upward, giving me access to her immaculate backdoor. “Oh, shit,” she gasped when my tongue wormed into her sphincter. Her tight little butthole was near as flawlessly white as all the rest of her. I could maybe taste a hint of salty sweat, but otherwise it tasted like nothing. Clearly, it didn’t feel like nothing because her breaths became unsteady.

Could Nelly truly have gotten here first, I wondered. This felt so distinctly intimate it was difficult to fathom that devious androgynous bitch anywhere near Allison’s asshole. But it was apparent that my girlfriend liked having her ass licked. I could make her cum with cunnilingus, but with my tongue in her asshole she was getting hot and heavy so much quicker. Why wouldn’t she tell me she was into this? But perhaps she was into it now precisely because it was new. “That feels so fucking gooood,” she moaned, “deeper, deeper, my love.” I did have a long tongue, and I used all of it, dipping it in and out her arse until she was soaking wet and gasping for air. She was playing with herself too. Indeed the wet and warmth from her sex spread over my face, down her crack.

I probed her arse with a heavy dextrous tongue, over-and-over, flicking my tongue deep in her anus. Ripples of fierce pleasure rushed through her. She clenched a fistful Escort of blanket in one hand and covered her mouth with the other, supressing her squealing orgasm. “That was amazing,” she panted at last. I was proud to have given her pleasure, but my curiosity was not yet sated. I have to know. “Anal Queen Allison,” Danica had called her. From Nelly’s lips, I’d have dismissed it.

What her mouth couldn’t do, mine did. I was rock hard now, just from eating her ass for the first time. I had never been the instigator in the bedroom, but I was today. I didn’t ask her permission, I flipped her over and grabbed her by the hips, drawing her onto all fours. “What are you–” she asked, still reeling from her orgasm. But it quickly became apparent as I pressed my cock against her asshole. It may not have been much, my skinny pale dick with its pink helmet, but the sight of it straining arrow straight toward her shapely behind was glorious. She didn’t have an absurdly large round ass like Dani, but it was a pert bum with a tasty hint of jiggle. “Do it, baby,” she encouraged me. Not that I needed any more incentive.

With surprising ease, my cock entered her slippery ass. It was nowhere near as tight as I’d expected, but it felt so fucking good. The way her puckered hole seemed to swallow my manhood was so hot. I pushed forward until my pubic bone came to rest against her cheeks. “Aaaah,” she groaned pleasurably, “careful, stud, I’ve never done this before.” So, Dani lied! She was neither simple, nor loyal, nor a friend. That was oddly disappointing. What we’d shared earlier, however inappropriate, had seemed honest to me, in a sense. Had she just been repeating rumours about her best friend or was she trying to provoke me, as Nelly had? Did Allison have anyone in her life whom she could truly trust? As I slammed my dick into Allison’s ass a second time, I forgot all about Dani’s deceit. I was still drunk, but now I was raging horny, imbued with a sense of slumbering pride. “Do you like fucking my ass, Benji?” she purred between my thrusts.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, causing her spine to arch in a most erotic way. “I love fucking your ass, Ali,” I confirmed. She chuckled and clenched her cheeks tight, wiggling her bottom with me inside her.

“Then fuck me harder,” she demanded. I obliged. I knew she had a certain wildness to her, but our couplings had always been tender. This was a whole other side to Allison and I was intoxicated by it. I felt like a man, I felt powerful for the first time. Perhaps ever. “Stuff that cock up my arse,” she begged obscenely. I smacked her ass and she squirmed. I forgot where we were, nothing else mattered. “Deeper!” she implored. That, I could not do. Petite as her bum was, I only had so much to give. Instead, I fucked her faster, rabidly, drooling and rasping as I thrashed into her. What the anus lacks in natural lubrication, it makes up for with the sensory experience. It was almost like her asshole was sucking on my cock, flexing and pulling on it each time I withdrew.

It couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes but I erupted fiercely into her. “Aroooooooooo!” I howled, driving into her during that final pump. There couldn’t have been much cum left in my balls, but what little there was, I left in her asshole.

“Damn, baby,” she panted. I flopped on top of her, resting against her back, and for a moment we shared one heartbeat.

“Great, can we come in and get dressed now,” we heard Jessie chirp from outside. Had they walked in, or just heard us going at it? Allison laughed, wriggling out from under me she popped her ass off my cock, unbothered.

“Give us a minute, Jess,” Allison hollered back. I was still trying to catch my breath. We locked lips passionately. Even as our bodies cooled, the fire burned brightest. “That was fun,” she said, giving my cock a little squeeze.

“I’m so madly in love with you,” I said, fighting back tears. I knew then that I really would do anything to keep her.


We got ourselves dressed, giggling like lovesick teens as we did. Ali wore a white bandeau top and a pair of denim dungarees, her hair bound in a long braid. I wore a loud print shirt and my now dry jeans. When we emerged, we were met with mock applause from Robbie. Even Ali blushed.

“Gross you guys, we all have to share that tent,” snapped Nelly, half seriously. Was she jealous?

“Oh shush,” chided Jessie, “good for you two.” She didn’t seem phased at all. Jessie remained a baffling puzzle. On the surface she was all whimsy and kindness. But I knew better, and that made me uneasy. There was no ghost of our affair etched upon her face. The whole thing might have been a dream if I didn’t have her depraved sister as a witness. Robbie pressed a tumbler of whiskey into my hand like a proud father, clinking our glasses together. Did he truly not remember? All of it is in Bayan escort the past. “I’m going to make things right, be the man Allison deserves,” I pledged to myself.

The married couple went to get changed for the evening. “Shall we go find the others?” Ali proposed, accepting a joint from Nelly. And in what sort mood shall we find them? I dreaded the prospect of encountering Macy.

“You two go on,” shrugged Nelly, drunker than I’d left her, “I need to get ready too.” She seemed despondent. Defeated even. I almost felt bad for her. Maybe she was just a lovesick lesbian, and she’d taken her frustration out on me. She meant to break me, but while I fucked the woman of her dreams, she’d been left outside to listen. That, it seemed, had broken her. We left her moping in the setting sun, heading to where music blared and people danced.

We didn’t find the others at either of the first two stages we visited, and after that we stopped looking. I was an awkward dancer at best, and the music was trashy trance, but Allison held me close and we swayed. Drunk, sexually gratified, and in her arms, the carnal misfortunes of the past 24 hours receded from my brain. “Thank you,” she shouted in my ear.

“For what?”

“For embracing this weekend, for being you,” she replied. There it was again, that pang of guilt.

“Why do you love me?” I blurted out.

The question startled her. “Because you’re…good,” she smiled, “and you make me good.” You don’t know what I’ve done. There seemed to be something on the tip of her tongue. “Benjamin…I…just, I’ve got…you have to understand…”

“There you are!” boomed Saul, high as a kite, interrupting our moment. Dani was close behind him, we exchanged unassuming smiles. You’re a liar, Danica Higgs, my girlfriend is perfect. Lucas joined the dancefloor reunion, boogeying in a silly strut, but Macy scowled and went straight to the bar.

“What’s going on with her?” Ali noticed.

“She’s just in one of her moods,” grumbled Lucas, “maybe you could try talking to her?” Allison did just that.

I was worried, but Dani gave me a reassuring look. “It’s fine,” she whispered almost inaudibly. I didn’t know if I could trust her, but I had little choice. As luck would have it, Nelly and Jessie arrived on the scene. The younger sister gave me a psst and inclined her head aside. All my secrets were pivoting about me in that cacophony of noise. I glanced toward Ali–my love, my muse, my soul.

It was time to settle this, and I needed to get on the front foot. “We need to talk,” I demanded.

“Couldn’t agree more,” Nelly replied, turning on her heel and away from the crowd. She’d quaffed her hair neatly back, and wore a sleeveless silvery sequined shirt that shimmered prettily in the night. On her diminutive frame, it was long enough to be a short dress. She might not even have been wearing pants but she did sport a pair of tall burgundy doc martens.

As she lit a joint, I decided to speak first. “I fucked up, I’m an idiot. And a pervert,” I announced. Contrition, that’s what she wants. The tequila in my tummy still burned hot, firing me up. “I am sorry. Nobody forced me to do any of it, not even you. I gave into some…unnatural urges. It was my mistake. But I am going to spend the rest of my life making Allison happy. I’m not innocent, but neither is your sister. We’re going to have to live with what we did, and so are you.”

The end of her joint glowed bright as she drew deeply. She blew smoke in my face, her expression an impassive mask. “What about Macy?”

“She won’t tell on Dani,” I said, hoping it was true. Macy may have little regard for me, but she wouldn’t destroy their friendship.

“But I might, and if one lie comes tumbling loose, all the others will follow,” she flicked the joint at me with menace, showing what little regard she had for me. I will not win her over with words. I couldn’t allow myself to be bullied, but nor could I risk overplaying my hand.

I swallowed the dry lump in my throat. “Anything, I said I’d do anything.” I let that hang in the air between us. In for a penny, in for a pound.

As it happens, she had a solution. “I’m out of molly, help me score,” Nelly shrugged, she walked toward the camps leaving me unable to frame a reply.

With my long legs, I was pacing beside her in a few strides. “Why do you need me for that?” I asked shrewdly.

“I’m out of money,” she replied cooly, “only one place you can barter for it but I need some muscle to back me up.” She punched me in the arm playfully. My arms are as thin and weedy as her own. I sensed a trap, but the only way out was forward.

She escorted me to a line of portable loos near the carpark, as shabby as they were vacant. “The one second from the left,” she pointed. In there? There wasn’t anyone around, it was dark, why couldn’t the big bad drug dealer just handle his business outside the stalls? “One knock means yes, two means no,” Nelly informed me, not that I understood, “and don’t say a fucking word, it’s better if he thinks it’s just a lonesome girl looking to score.” The cramped plastic cubicle smelled strongly of detergent, especially when Nelly closed the door behind us.

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Female Ejaculation

“I’m bored” wailed Michelle. “Bored, bored, bored.”

Glenda laughed.

“So do something about it. What in particular is boring you?”

“Everything. Home, work and play. It’s all so boring right now.”

“Well, how’s your love life?” asked Glenda.

“Boring, boring, boring,” snapped Michelle. “Now look, Adam’s a great guy and all that but his idea of fun sex is stick it in, wriggle it around, yank it out and watch it spurt. He doesn’t want to come inside me in case I get pregnant. I’ve explained to him what the pill is for but he’s just not interested. And he doesn’t like condoms. He says it’s like trying to feel something through a blaster tyre.

Half the time I don’t even get to climax. He whips it out too soon.

How can it be anything else but boring?”

“Um, why don’t you try changing cocks?” asked Glenda, smiling innocently.

“I’ve been bloody tempted, I assure you, but I couldn’t do that to him. I love him. It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Ha. Like men really care one way or the other. Have you ever seen the statistics of men who cheat on their partners? Most of them do.”

“Adam wouldn’t,” said Michelle. “He’s too noble and too loving.”

“And too boring and scared that you’ll catch him,” finished Glenda.

“That, too,” admitted Michelle with a laugh.

“Well, your noble, loving Adam isn’t above looking down my top when he gets a chance, or going for the occasional grope,” said Glenda.

“He doesn’t!”

“He damned well does. He almost crawled down the front of my dress the other day, he was looking so hard. And he pinched me.”

Michelle blinked. “Really?”


“Rotten bastard. If I catch him groping I’ll make him regret it.”

“Why? It could be the answer to your boredom,” pointed out Glenda.

“How do you mean?”

“It’s obvious. If Adam slips over the traces he can’t really complain if you slip over the traces as well. Actually, if we work it right we can make everything his fault.

From what you’ve told me, Adam gives a really nice fuck when he’s in the mood. It wouldn’t exactly be a hardship if he was to seduce me rather forcefully.”

“Maybe not,” pointed out Michelle, “but what about Peter? You do remember Peter, don’t you? Your boyfriend. The one who’s already servicing your pussy when you’re horny.”

“And sometimes when I’m not,” observed Glenda. “Ah, yes, Peter. He’s rather hot-tempered you know. Why if he caught Adam ravishing me he’d probably turn around and ravish you on the spot, just to show Adam what’s what.”

“I see. Arranging to have me vigorously raped by Peter would certainly alleviate my boredom. Um, why am I a little dubious about this scheme?”

Glenda giggled. “It won’t be a real rape,” she pointed out. “I’ll explain it all to Peter. Knowing him, he’ll be delighted to have a chance to rip off your panties with my approval. He loves sex. And if you wriggle and scream and protest he’ll love it all the more. It’ll make him seem like a real he-man when you finally surrender to his prowess and have a decent climax.”

“And how are we supposed to arrange for Adam to jump you in a place where Peter and I can catch him in the act, so to speak? And how will Peter really feel about you being screwed by Adam? Effectively, while he watches.”

“Oh, Peter won’t mind,” said Glenda, waving away the very thought of such a thing. “I won’t go into details but trust me, he won’t mind. As for setting it up. . .”

“Hold it,” said Michelle, holding up a hand. “Go into details. I insist.”

Glenda blushed. “Well, if you insist, it was like this. It was a month or so ago, on that really hot day. . .”

Glenda was at Peter’s house, relaxing by the pool in her bikini. Peter was in the water, floating. He hadn’t even bothered about bathers, insisting there was no need in the privacy of his own back yard. He’d tried to walk her into swimming nude as well, but she’d been a bit wary in case someone dropped around.

When Greg, Peter’s brother fronted up, Glenda smiled to herself, relieved that she hadn’t stripped. This was the first time she’d met Greg, and she was just as soon she wasn’t naked when introduced to people.

Peter climbed out of the pool and introduced Greg and Glenda to each other. Greg had winked at Glenda.

“Not swimming au natural as well?” he teased her.

Glenda blushed but shook her head.

“Well, I trust you won’t be too offended if I do,” he said. “Just look away until I’m in the water.”

With that comment, Greg started to strip, dropping his clothes near the deckchair Glenda was lying on.

Glenda looked pointedly in another direction until she heard a splash.

“You can look now,” called a laughing voice.

Relieved, Glenda turned back to look towards the pool, and found herself staring at a naked Greg. Peter was in the pool, laughing at the expression on her face. Even as she took in the fact that she’d been fooled, Glenda saw Greg’s cock swell, becoming tumescent. Blushing she looked away again.

“Hey, Peter,” she heard Pendik Escort Greg say. “This girl is really something. Mine if I try her out.”

What? Try her out?

“Go for it,” she heard Peter say. “She’ll enjoy it.”

Go for it? What the hell?

Glenda became aware of Greg leaning over her. He took hold of her bikini bottoms and started briskly pulling them down. Glenda squealed and grabbed for them.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Cut it out.”

She heard a splash as Peter came out of the pool again. To her indignation he took her hands and lifted them away from her pants, seeing them promptly pulled down and off. Peter half lifted her, reached behind her, undid her top and lifted it off over her head.

“Just take it easy, sweetheart,” said Peter. “Greg will do you nicely. Bonk along with him and you’ll find you quite enjoy it.”

Glenda found her protests blandly ignored. The boys just didn’t want to hear. Peter held her hands above her head while Greg calmly parted her legs and settled onto the deckchair, leaning over her. A gentle push and he was taking her, his hands settling on her breasts and getting the feel of them. Greg gave a nod to Peter who released her hands.

Glenda tried hitting Greg, only to find him pushing his cock in deeper. She put her hands on his chest and pushed, and Greg did the same, pushing deeper yet. Each little push, Greg sank another inch deeper, and it wasn’t all that long and he was fully inside her.

Glenda glared up at Greg, even more furious when he winked at her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like the feel of it? Your pussy certainly seems to enjoy it.”

It did, too, Glenda realised. She liked sex. It was fun. The fact that this wasn’t by choice was irrelevant. Greg wasn’t being rough, just determined.

“You’re not going to stop, are you?” she growled at him, and Greg shook his head.

Glenda took a deep breath and relaxed.

“Then you’d better make this good or I’ll strangle you afterwards,” she said, giving way to the inevitable.

Greg pulled back and then drove down hard, to be met by a scream from Glenda. He shouted himself as the world seemed to tip around him, dropping him heavily on his side and back. Glenda was now lying on top of him, still, oddly enough, impaled on his erection.

There was a moment of shocked silence, broken by a shout of laughter from Peter.

“Ah, Greg, deckchairs are fragile things. Not made for any sort of exercise.”

Greg cast a sidewards glance at the ruined deckchair, shrugged, and pushed violently into Glenda, finally drawing a squeal of pleasure. Rolling over he pinned Glenda against the grass and started pumping into her.

After her initial shock, Glenda pushed forcefully up, helping to impale herself on Greg’s plunging cock. She delighted in the feel of it, relishing the fact that she was being taken against her will while her boyfriend watched. Let him watch. Let him see that another man could bring her pleasure. It might keep him on his toes. And if she didn’t get an expensive meal out of him for this little stunt he might just find himself on starvation rations.

Greg continued to take Glenda, enjoying the feel of her under him. She may not have been too enthusiastic about him taking her but, now that they were under way, she was putting some serious oomph into meeting him.

Building up speed, not in a great rush but with steady increments, Greg serviced Glenda. He was hitting her harder and harder, while Glenda squealed and bucked under him, meeting his every demand. Not long to go he decided. He was ready and he was fairly certain that Glenda was, too.

He drove in hard, feeling his climax coming, and drove in harder still.

“Anyway,” Glenda told Michelle, “Greg blew his load in me and I had a wow of a climax. I sort of collapsed on the grass, just seeing stars and such. Would you believe that Peter came over, rolled me over, lifted my bum up high and took his turn. It was a case of bang, bang. First Greg, and then Peter. I was so sensitive after Greg’s ravishment that I climaxed twice more while Peter took me. It was a case of oh, wow.

Anyway, you can see why Peter will probably go along with whatever we come up with. After all, he gets to see me getting fucked again and he also gets a chance to lay his cock on you. That he won’t mind, as I’ve seen him give you the odd look.”

“What do you consider the odd look?” asked Michelle with a smile.

“That look that a man gives you that says someday, somehow, I’m going to find a way to stick my dick in you. You might as well go along with this because Peter’s going to try to fuck you anyway.

What we’ll do is I’ll invite you and Adam to come to my place for dinner with Peter and me. We’ll make it for a workday. You can ring Adam and tell him you’re running late and that you’ll meet him at my place.

Now you know Adam always likes to arrive early. When he arrives I won’t be fully dressed. I think undies and a wrap. I’ll tell him that Peter Pendik Escort Bayan has been delayed and that you both should be here sooner or later and that he should just come on in.

If I can’t get him to make a decent pass, one that I won’t fight off too strongly, I’ll turn in my Vamp Card. As soon as Adam gets his cock out I’ll send you an SMS message. That’ll be your signal to come running and catch us. Time it right and Adam will be caught with his cock up my cunt while I’m suddenly flapping my arms and squealing oh, oh, oh. Help, help, help.

That’s the point where Peter pounces on you, yanks your panties down and ravishes you. I’ll make sure the couch is available do that you can be comfortable during your terrible ordeal.

The beauty of the whole thing is that Adam will assume it’s all his fault and be especially nice to you for a while.”

Michelle chewed on a thumbnail, excitement stirring.

“What happens if Adam doesn’t make a pass?” she asked.

“Then I’d probably write him off as not worth the effort and advice you to get a better grade male. Of course, if I see he’s got a decent erection I might just jump him. It would have the same effect. You and Peter would still catch him screwing me and Peter takes his revenge.”

The two young women looked at each other and giggled.

A dinner was arranged for the following Friday. Adam received the news that Michelle was running a little late and he told her not to worry. They could meet up at Glenda’s place.

Adam arrived at Glenda’s house about an hour before the invited start time, apology for his early arrival all ready. In truth, Adam liked arriving early for dates. He’d learnt that by doing so you often caught your date unprepared and still in a state of deshabille, which had given him several occasions of before the date sex. What he had failed to take into consideration was Michelle and Glenda’s knowledge of this quirk, and the fact that they were depending on it.

Peter had picked up Michelle and they were currently parked at a local park, waiting for Glenda’s signal. Peter had been all smiles, greeting Michelle cordially. Michelle was a little nervous. Was she really going to let this man ravish her in front of her boyfriend? Peter turned to smile at her, and Michelle felt something hot burning inside her. Her resolve tightened. Yes, she was going to do this.

“Um, Peter, why are you going along with this?” she asked, still feeling just that little hesitant.

“Two reasons. One is because Glenda asked me if I would and it seemed like fun.”

Michelle waited for the second reason. And waited a little longer. She sighed.

“And the second reason?”

In answer a hand slid under her dress, moving up to rub against her mound.

“This is the second reason,” said Peter, continuing to rub her through her panties.

Michelle sat there, eyes wise, feeling Peter’s hand rub against her. She wanted to tell him to stop. Then again, she liked it and it was nothing compared to what he would be doing later. She swallowed.

“Um, should you be doing that right now?”

“Just making sure that you’ll be ready to receive me,” said Peter. “As a matter of fact, it would probably be a good idea if I actually tried you for size before we interrupt the party. Just so you’ll know what you’re getting.”

Try her for size? He had to be kidding.

“Ah,” said Peter. “It looks like things are starting to happen.”

“What? How can you tell?” asked Michelle.

Peter pointed to his iPhone, mounted on the dash. Little figures were moving in it. “I had Glenda switch her phone to Skype and prop it up in the lounge room. Adam has only just arrived, so we’ve got time for one little test. Hop out of the car for a moment.”

Puzzled, Michelle did as requested. Peter hopped around and came around to her side.

“We’re effectively hidden from the road here,” said Peter.

He reached down and lifted the front of Michelle’s skirt. Pulling her panties to one side he exposed her mound, her slit glistening slightly from the moisture he’d raised with his gentle rubbing. Before Michelle fully understood what Peter intended he’d unzipped and his erection was pressing against her.

“God, Peter, what are you doing? It’s broad daylight and there are people around.”

“But not looking at us,” said Peter, driving firmly into her. “Like I said, I’ll give you a chance to feel what you’re getting.”

Peter pushed firmly home and held himself there, while Michelle stared at him with wide eyes. He grinned and winked at her, before withdrawing quickly, letting her skirt fall down, covering her again. Michelle could feel her face burning as she got back into the car. Wait until she told Glenda about that little effort. She didn’t believe it herself, and it had happened to her.

Peter and Michelle settled back into the car. They turned to regard the little screen. It seemed that Adam was following Glenda around like a puppy.

Peter’s hand, Michelle noticed seemed Escort Pendik eager to just idly tease her pussy while they waited. And, she realised, she hadn’t straightened her panties. She gulped, pretending to ignore Peter’s insistent little touches.

Glenda answered the door in her undies and a silky wraparound dressing gown. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have a belt right now and she had to clutch it closed.

“Oh, Adam,” she said, sounding a trifle embarrassed. “You’re a little early. I’m not quite ready. Come on in, anyway.”

She glanced across to where her iPhone sat propped on the mantle. As long as she stayed in the front room the phone would transfer the video to Peter and Michelle.

On the table in the front room Glenda had set up a makeup mirror and some cosmetics. She sat down, excusing herself to Adam, intending to continue putting her face on. She waved for Adam to take another seat.

“I’ll stand,” said Adam smiling. “I’m feeling a little restless. Not in the mood to sit right now.” Besides, he could get a better view of her cleavage standing up.

Glenda set to work, carefully doing her face, carefully letting the wrap slide a bit further open. She could almost feel Adam’s eyes touching her cleavage. Smile hidden she continued her work.

After a few minutes Glenda jumped to her feet. By chance, the wrap slid away from her leg, revealing the full length of it, right up to where a black triangle of panties could be seen. Oblivious to this, Glenda darted into the kitchen to check the stove.

Back again for some makeup, Glenda sat down, completely unaware that one leg was now fully exposed. Now that she was no longer clutching it closed the wrap was drifting apart.

Adam watched with interest. Was Glenda aware of how much she was showing? He suspected not. She was a tasty little dish and they had plenty of time before the others showed up. What would she do if he made a pass? There again, he wondered, what would she do if he skipped the pass and just started making love to her?

A bell rang in the kitchen and Glenda jumped up again. This time the wrap slid apart, displaying Glenda’s full figure to Adam.

Adam heard Glenda mutter in irritation as she effectively flashed him. “Sorry about that,” she muttered, dashing back to the kitchen.

“Don’t let it bother you,” said Adam as Glenda returned to the front room. “Nothing I haven’t seen before, and very nice if I may say so.”

Glenda flashed him a grin.

“Not mine, you haven’t,” she said.

Adam decided that was a challenge. He intercepted Glenda before she reached the table and flicked her wrap apart again, holding it while he looked her over.

“Now I have,” he said, “and like I said, very nice.”

Glenda managed a blush and went to twitch the wrap out of Adam’s grip. He moved his hands wider and jerked slightly, causing the wrap to drop off her shoulders.

“You might as well get rid of this,” he told Glenda. “It’s just getting in your way and you’re still covered. Your bikini probably shows more than that lingerie.”

Glenda shrugged, letting the wrap go.

“The difference is,” she said, “a bikini means you’re dressed while lingerie means you’re undressed.”

She sat down to continue with some makeup.

Adam stared down at the magnificent amount of breast and cleavage that the bra provided. He was quite sure he could see Glenda’s nipples through the bra. They were pushing against it, he decided.

Stepping up behind Glenda, expert fingers unhooked the bra. Glenda gave a squeak, but with her hands full of cosmetics she wasn’t able to catch the bra before it fell away, revealing her breasts.

Putting the cosmetic down she sat up, breasts jutting proudly.

“That was uncalled for, Adam,” she reprimanded him.

In answer, Adam cupped her breasts and squeezed. Then his hands tightened and he lifted, causing Glenda to rise up out of her seat.

“You know, I’ve got to do something to fill in time between now and when Michele gets here,” he said. “I think that something will be you.”

Adam’s hands dropped to Glenda’s waist and he took hold of her panties. A brisk jerk had them coming down, stripping Glenda’s last bit of privacy away.

“Adam, do you mind?” Glenda feebly protested.

“No. Not really,” said Adam, slowly and deliberately sliding down his zip.

“Whoops,” laughed Peter. “Looks like it’s time for us to be going.”

Michelle was having nervous qualms now. Butterflies were fluttering in her tummy and very odd sensations were burning further down. She was about to have sex with another man while her boyfriend watched. She turned to see what was happening in the house.

“Oh my god,” she muttered, watching the phone.

“What’s going on?” asked Peter. “Give me a commentary.”

“Ah, well Adam has his cock out. He’s holding Glenda’s hands behind her back and he’s running his other hand over her breasts and pussy. Now he’s pushing his hand between her legs. Glenda seems to be protesting but she’s standing with her legs parted so that Adam’s got room to play.

He’s just rubbing his hand back and forth, trying to get her worked up. Glenda is trying to wriggle, but not hard enough to make him think she really means it. Are we nearly there, because Adam is nearly ready to jump her?”

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Welcome Home Pt. 02

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Master looks up at Luc, our pet, who’s still whimpering and shaking by the door. I whimper, too, feeling Master’s cum leaking from my pussy. Still grinning evilly at the pup in the corner, my husband chastises me.

“You didn’t forget our sweet, patient puppy, did you…?”

I moan and chuckle.

“No, of course not!”

I prop myself up on my elbows and catch my husband’s lips with mine. He kisses me deeply, my already smudged lipstick smearing onto his lips. I gasp softly at the feeling of his still-hard cock withdrawing from me.

That fist in my hair again.

“Well. Let’s not keep him waiting.”

He pulls me towards Luc, pushing us close before releasing me. I rise up off my hands to my knees, and hold puppy’s face.

“Kiss me…”

The pup almost leaps forward, whimpering and shaking with renewed fervor as Master circles around him. He rustles the boy’s hair and presses him forward. The movement pushes me back, Luc coming over and on top of me. Master sinks to his knees as pup’s bare ass rises into the air. A chuckle. He pulls my pet’s head up, and away from my lips.

“Are you ready, pup?” My husband’s voice is husky and amused.

A whimper in response.

“P-please… D-Daddy…”

I can hardly hold back my delighted squeal at the sound of pup’s broken, desperate voice. Master releases a deep laugh, filled with sadistic amusement and dripping with love.

“Good boy…”

He shoves pup’s head down, holding it just over my still-dripping pussy. A loud, long, desperate whimper escapes the boy. Almost a sob, really.

“Please, Daddy, please!!”

Master releases our puppy’s hair and reaches for the lube in his pocket.

“Well, go on, pup…”

He pops the bottle open and squirts a generous amount onto his hand.

“Clean your Mistress out. Like a good little cum slut.”

Luc’s head drops and he eagerly begins to lick me. I can’t help myself crying out, or my back arching violently, from the sudden sensation of pup’s warm, wet tongue against my slit. My little pet, ever obedient, eagerly laps istanbul Escort Bayan the cum from my pussy and thighs. It’s not long before they’re sparkling with his drool, no cum left to be found on my skin.

Insatiable, my pup presses his eager lips to my hole, and I can no longer hold back my violent shivers. I cling to his hair as his tongue slips inside me, drinking up Master’s cum mixed with my pleasure, almost as though the taste is pure ambrosia.

I squeal again and tug Luc’s face closer, and my sweet little pet — trained to perfection — begins to use his whole mouth. His tongue continues cleaning and fucking my hole, his lips rubbing my clit and sending me soaring.

He suddenly freezes, whimpering. A knock on the floor as his tail falls to the wood. He shakes, slowly and cautiously returning to his task, forcing his body to relax.

Master’s cock isn’t small. And pup’s had no more stimulation than a plug for a bit over a month. Nothing could’ve made the effect of the combination more clear than pup’s long, deep moan. He slowly relaxes, his shaking easing in favor of a gentle, instinctive thrusting with his hips. I squeak and moan as he slowly suckles on my clit, seemingly for comfort as he moves faster on my husband’s cock.

Master doesn’t tolerate the softness for long. Soon, he’s thrusting into our sweet little pet, going harder and faster by the second. Luc only allows himself to enjoy for a moment, moaning like the good little slut he is, before realization sets in. He squeaks, a little panicked, as his pleasure builds.


He cries out and moans.


A pathetic whimper. He wiggles his hips in a counter-productive attempt to pull away and ease the pleasure.

“Daddy, n-no! I-I-I’m g–“

He grits his teeth and flushes bright red.


Our little slut screams as an orgasm, his first in so long, rocks his body. No longer in control, he thrusts back on Master’s cock, riding out the waves of pleasure we didn’t give him permission istanbul Escort to feel. I feel a warm spray on my thigh and chuckle. I have to choke back the praise that jumps to my lips, lest he learn to repeat the misbehavior.

My husband groans, the contractions of pup’s ass no doubt driving him wild, but he forces himself to stop. He pulls out of our panting pup, and reaches for his necklace.

“Are you in enough shape to pleasure Mistress, naughty slut?”

A soothing, affectionate hand runs over Luc’s hair to accompany the question. He continues to pant, but nods. His eyes rise up to meet my gaze, sparkling with love and pleasure. I’m sure he sees the same reflected in mine.

“Come, pet… Come fill me up.”

My whisper is raspy and needy, my body still twitching from the earlier pleasure. Slowly, pup obeys, crawling up my body. Master reaches around him and slips the key into the lock. The cage clatters to the floor.


I tug his head down and kiss him softly. It’s not long before his cock hardens completely, now freed from its prison. He comes down over me, presses his cock to my entrance, waits momentarily for any objection, and then gently slips inside. We moan in unison, and though I’m tempted to praise him, his lips are too delicious to pull away from.

My husband spread’s Luc’s legs from behind, petting his back and sides and ass. He holds pup’s hips and thrusts back inside. He leans over us and kisses the back of Luc’s neck while one of his hands holds mine. He begins to guide the pace. Each thrust presses Luc deeper inside me, Master making slow, easy love to both of us. The pleasure builds slowly. Beyond deliciously, beyond irresistibly, beyond anything imaginable, the pleasure builds and swirls between us three.

My husband had already been close when pup came earlier, so it doesn’t take him long to go over now. He groans and pauses, allowing the older boy to take control of the movements as his cock starts to twitch. Gasping and moaning, Master shivers and releases Escort istanbul his cum deep inside our puppy’s hole.

He moves to our sides and guides pup’s lips to his. He reaches down, brushing a finger over my nipple. My pleasure mounts and builds higher, my two beloved men doting on my body, pampering me.

Soon, my claws are digging at the floor. My pussy twitches, and puppy’s cock pulses in response. I whimper. My back arches, and I release a long, loud moan. Shivers work their way down my spine, contractions roll through my inner muscles, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear my husband whisper to our lover:

“Go on, pup. Fill her.”

Our obedient boy groans, complying almost instantly. My moans grow louder as I feel the delicious rush of cum filling me again, the pulsing of pup’s cock contrasting my contractions as we orgasm together, both of us shaking until he collapses on top of me.

We lay there, panting, for a few long moments, enjoying the feeling of each other’s skin, our heartbeats pressed together, our breath in sync.

Master allows us to lay there until puppy shifts to bury his face in my neck, emotions rushing through him as they tend to do after a particularly strong orgasm. Then, my husband lifts the boy off of me and carries him to the couch. He sits, plopping Luc into his lap and petting his hair.

“Hush… There’s a good boy.”

He turns to me.

“Come here, love.”

I eagerly obey, sitting to my husband’s side to curl up behind Luc. I’m sure we’re suffocating him, not allowing any air to touch him, only our bodies surrounding him. I’m also sure he’d have it no other way. Together, we comfort our sweet little puppy. Even as he shakes and hides his face in Master’s chest, we heap praise on him. We remind him of how good he is, and how much we love him. The bright red flush and face-splitting grin he wears betray his contentment, and it only encourages us to double-down on our affectionate assault.

I’m not sure if it’s minutes or an hour, but Luc’s breaths slowly ease and even out. The whimpers and shakes are replaced with soft snores and sleepy nuzzles. I sit up straight and kiss my husband, who then lifts our boy and walks him to the bedroom.

I stand. Drop my ruined clothes to the floor and head to the kitchen. Both my boys had more than earned their dinner, and I had something special in mind.

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Breakfast at Eliana’s Pt. 02

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As you led me by the hand into your master bedroom, the view of your deliciously sexy ass cheeks rolling as you strutted only served to awaken my wilted post-fuck cock, although I’d still need a bit more recovery time. Most men did.

I tugged off my shirt one-handed as you let go, turning left to head into the master bath and get the shower started. I sat on the edge of the bed, lay back and sighed, absently stroking my half-erect member. Closed my eyes and opened them, grinning sheepishly, at the amused sound of your voice.

“Come here, big boy,” you said with a wink. “Come shower with me. I know how to make you hard again.”

I didn’t need much more encouragement as I hopped up and followed your petite little ass into the walkin shower, already going full blast with steamy near scalding water.

You went into the spray first, soaking yourself while you grabbed the scrub sponge and squirted shower gel into it and began rubbing your nubile body all over. I must confess that while we have showered together more than a few times over the past year, I always loved watching you do this. Especially when you bent over in front of me, on purpose I would think, giving me a luscious view of your shapely heart-shaped ass, deliciously sexy pussy nestled in the cleft. You did need to bend over Maltepe Escort Bayan to scrub your lower legs and feet, though.

You saw me staring, grinned, and said, “See anything you like, love?”

I moaned, absently stroking my stiffening cock as you licked your lips seductively, teasingly, and reached between your legs with your free hand to rub your pussy.

“Why don’t you come closer and let me clean you,” you said as you leaned back up and reached out with the scrub sponge to lather me up, starting with my chest and shoulders. Your free hand that had been tending to your pussy moments ago grasped my cock and slowly caressed and rubbed and stroked me until I was fully erect, throbbing hard and aching for you. I’d raised both my hands to cup your perky breasts, my thumbs and fingers tugging and rolling and tweezing your nipples to rigid fat bullet points. Soon, we were both slippery with soap suds, kissing with hungry lips and tongues, and very very aroused.

You turned around and placed both hands against the damp tiles, leaning over and arching your back in that way that I loved, making me burn with fiery lust for you. I moved up against you, pushing my cock into the shallow cleft of your ass, rubbing, sliding, pressing hard so you could feel how hard and hot I was for you. You squirmed Maltepe Escort against me as I leaned against you, placing my hands over yours on the tiles. I pulled back my hips, adjusting my angle so my cock slipped lower to brush over your swollen labia, my bulbous cockhead rubbing over your clit.

“Oh fuck yes, baby, I’m so wet…”

“Mmmm, you want my cock now, babydoll?”

“YES, please, fuck me!”

And I did, pushing off the wall and grabbing my cock to guide it inside you. I grasped your hips with both hands and leaned back slightly, using the leverage and angle to pull and push you along my cock as you pushed back from the wall. From your growing, feverish cries you’d cum very soon, but because I’d shot my huge load earlier, it’d take me a bit longer.

As I pumped you harder and faster now, and you began to shudder under the first of a series of orgasms, I nudged the tip of my right-hand thumb into the tight pink puckered opening of your ass. Gently, I slipped it inside, loosening the area, and you shrieked as you came. I pulled out, grasping my turgid cock at the base, and pushed my cock just past the flared tip inside your ass. Because you’d been so wet and that slippery natural lube coated my taut flesh, my cock easily penetrated your tight orifice. But much bigger, thicker Escort Maltepe than my thumb, you tensed up, hissing between your clenched teeth, then relaxed.

“Mmmm, fuck yes, baby…oh god, fuck my ass, please, make me cum again!”

I held onto your hips but pulled your ass cheeks apart as I began to fluidly and slowly fuck your ass. My cock was so thick and hard that I felt like I’d split you in two, and while I’d fucked your ass before, I’d never been this erect before. You urged me on, telling me in your throaty, lust-filled tone, to fuck you harder, harder baby fuck yes, make me cum, fill my tight ass with your hot huge cum load…

As you screamed out, quivering and spasms wracking your body, I pushed my cock into your ass all the way, my balls slapping up against your pussy, and exploded into your sweet tight ass. Wave after wave jetted out, erupting deep into your anal canal, filling you with my hot white jism. You continued to shudder, groaning, saying fuck yes, baby, fuck yes, love it love you love how you fuck me…

Eventually we slumped down onto the tiled floor as the hot water rinsed us of the soap suds and we kissed until we were about prunes. Then, with quaking legs, you stood up and switched off the water and yanked back the curtain. I got up on legs that were shaky like yours, but a good shaky after such a strenuous but pleasurable fuck session workout.

We dried off with fluffy towels and collapsed on your bed in a tangle of satisfied and satiated limbs, drifting off for a short blissful nap.

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Lockdown Slut Ch. 06

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Rebecca’s mouth hung open as she sat in her new crib. She was stunned, trying to process what had happened to her. It took a minute for her to regain mental clarity, but she was still just as confused as before. What’s the point to all of this? Rebecca wondered. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of this. Why do all of this to me? Why did I ever put that amulet on?

Rebecca’s mind continued to spiral into logical loops with no clear explanation. There was one fact that stood out before all others. While she didn’t want to comply with that mysterious woman’s orders, she figured it would go a long way to avoiding any further punishments. She got off her padded bum and made her way over to the large carboard box. The absorbent padding between her legs was too thick, and pushed her thighs apart forcing her to waddle.

The box was just as heavy as Rebecca remembered it, but this time, the packing tape that had sealed the box had been cut open. She opened to flaps and was overwhelmed with all the items the box contained.

The first item she pulled out was the largest, by far. It was a bag of adult diapers. The package was neon pink, and featured a very childish design on it. It would have looked perfect for an actual package of infant or toddler diapers, but it was very clear from the size and the weight of the package that these were meant for adults. Rebecca remembered what she was instructed to do and brought the package over to the change table dresser and ripped open the side of the bag. She pulled out the diapers and stored them away in one of the many drawers. Upon closer inspection, she realized that she was already wearing an identical diaper. The colours matched exactly.

This package was sealed, Rebecca thought. Just how did that woman manage to put me in one, when we didn’t have any to begin with? There’s no way that another package fit within that box. But, then again, she did make all this appear, so I guess I don’t even know what to think anymore. None of this makes any sense!

Feeling a little more frustrated, Rebecca left the plastic wrapper of the empty diaper bag on the ground, and waddled back to the box. This whole waddling thing is getting annoying, she thought. It’s frustrating not being able to walk quickly.

Rebecca grabbed a couple of the smaller plainly packaged packages from within the box. She began to undo the carboard tabs, and dumped the items out onto the ground. There were all kinds of baby lotions, bum creams, talcum powders, wet wipes, and petroleum jellies. Just about everything that one would need to properly stock a baby’s change table. Rebecca gathered up all the items, and brought them over to the change table, and filed them away in the top drawers, as she figured they would be more accessible there.

With the box being almost emptied, Rebecca turned the box end over end and emptied it onto the nursery floor. Out of the box fell a few more items. There were two items that really stuck out to her. The first was a comically oversized pink pacifier. That has to be a joke, Rebecca thought. She picked up the item and read the description. New! Adult sized pacifier. Our newly minted patent-pending… The description continued on, but Rebecca had already learned enough from it. She brought the package over and shoved it into one of the drawers. If that woman wants to use it on me, she can fight with the clamshell packaging for all I care.

Then there was the issue of the final out-of-place item. There was larger black package, with a clear plastic window allowing Rebecca to see inside of it. Inside there was an assortment of sextoys. There were three differently sized flesh-toned coloured silicon dildos, some clamps, a set of stainless steel looking buttplugs, and a variety of vibrating bullets. These were all things that Rebecca had seen on the internet, but had never once thought about using any of them on herself. The box joined the sealed pacifier in the back of a drawer without a second thought.

Just what exactly is this woman planning on doing to me? Rebecca wondered. There were still a few items to clean up from the box. There was a small stuffed bear, which ended up in her crib, and there were a couple of hairbows. Those bows would look so cute on one of my nieces, Rebecca thought. But… I guess I’d be the one wearing them. Uhg, nevermind. She tossed them carelessly into one of the drawers.

Rebecca turned around, and the cardboard box was gone. She hadn’t moved it, but it had vanished all on its own, just like the spanking chair from earlier. The plastic packaging from her diapers was missing as well. In fact, there was no visible sign that the box had been there at all. Rebecca looked over to her crib and the stuffed bear was still there. And when she checked the drawers, the items were there, just as she had placed them. For now, anyways.

Rebecca looked around the room, looking for what to do next. The woman hadn’t told her what Escort Bayan her next step would be, or what she could do to occupy her time. Suddenly Rebecca’s attention snapped to the wall opposite of her crib. The previously plain wall was now suddenly all black, before filling with a dim white light. Is that a TV screen? Rebecca wondered. The lights in the nursery suddenly dimmed.

Her question was quickly answered as the wall began to project a white spiraling pattern into the room. What the fuck is that? Is the woman trying to hypnotize me? Rebecca wondered. She tried to look away from the screen, but it was all consuming. There was no where she could look without catching a glimpse of the screen in a reflection, or from the oscillating shadows. She closed her eyes, and felt her way back into the crib. In a desperate attempt to defeat the woman’s attempts, she covered herself with the blanket, and buried her head beneath the pillows.

It worked for a time, but then Rebecca began to hear a weird buzzing sound. It was inconsistent, but it was certainly in the background. One would have to focus to be able to hear it, or be under a pillow with no external stimulus. She jammed her fingers into her ears, trying her best to block out the sound.


The word was said loud enough that Rebecca heard it reverberate throughout her body. She felt it down to her bones, and knew that she had to obey. Obedience is pleasure, Rebecca thought. Her fingers retreated out of her ears, exposing her to the subliminal background track that was playing.

“Get out of bed, sleepyhead.”

Rebecca found her body moving of its own accord. This feels just like when my pussy was giving me commands earlier, Rebecca thought. My whole body is listening and responding to what’s being said. It’s not my ears, or my brain in control. This is not good. Rebecca was along for the ride as she felt her body move out of the crib and into a seated position in the middle of the room. Her eyes remained closed as she struggled to fight off her bodies desire to open them. She could see the alternating pattern of the hypnotic spiral through her eyelids, but she hoped that this would be enough.

“Please pay attention to the screen.”

Rebecca’s eyes snapped open. Her body was eager to please its new master, and overpowered her own willpower. She was stuck, her own body was now a prison. She was forced to sit there, unable to move, look away, or block her ears. Almost her entire vision was taken up by the entrancing screen.

I won’t give in, Rebecca thought. There’s no way… that I’ll… ever… surren… der… to… her. Rebecca’s mind slowed and became entranced with the screen. Her mind was forced to be blank as her senses were overwhelmed. Now in a vulnerable state, the video fed mind with hypnotic instruction which she was unable to consciously process any of it. Whatever the video was trying to do, it was being recorded straight into her brain, with there being no need to be comprehended first.

The spiral continued for an endless amount of time. At least, it seemed to be endless to Rebecca. Her sense of time was thrown completely off. In reality, once Rebecca was placed into the forced hypnotic trance, the video only continued on for five minutes. At the end, the spiral grew dim, and Rebecca’s conscious mind was allowed to resurface and process input again.

“Good girl.”

Rebecca felt the pleasure course through her body. She lived to be called a good girl. Her pussy made sure to drive the point home as it began to drip into her thirsty padding. More than anything else at the moment, Rebecca wanted to put her hand on the front of her diaper and rub it, but she remembered her Mommy’s rules. She wasn’t allowed to play with herself. If she wanted to be a good girl, she wouldn’t do it.

“Please pay attention and follow along.”

Rebecca was already staring at the screen from the previous command, but this reinforced the idea within her mind just that much deeper. The spiral disappeared, and in its place a brightly coloured animated children’s cartoon took its place. The type of cartoon made especially for young children, where the characters would ask the audience for help, and ask them to do random things like clapping or jumping up and down. Rebecca dreaded the upcoming experience, as an overly cheery theme song began to play and the opening title sequence began. She didn’t recognize the show in question, but it looked vaguely familiar to her all the same.

The show began with the titular character getting out of bed. She, an older teen / young adult looking girl, was obviously diapered underneath her pyjamas. That’s a little odd, Rebecca thought. Maybe that’s done to connect to the younger audience? The girl turned towards the figurative camera and looked Rebecca directly in the eye.

“Goodmorning, little one. Can you say good morning to your babysitter?” the cartoon girl Escort asked.

“Goodmorning!” Rebecca said in a cheery tune. What… How did I… That damn hypnosis. There’s no way I’d actually play along to something this childish, Rebecca thought. But here she was following along to the screen.

“It’s time to check your diaper, little one,” the cartoon babysitter said. “Did someone have a wet night? Or a dry one?”

Feeling an intense amount of shame build up at the thought of proclaiming that she had peed in her diaper while passed out, Rebecca struggled against her new found subconscious conditioning.

“We… W… Dry. I woke up dry,” Rebecca managed to get out, winning the battle against herself.

“I don’t know about that, little one. From here it looks like someone has soaked their pampers. I’ll give you one more chance to come clean. Little girls who lie to their babysitter and Mommy get punished. I’m sure you don’t want to repeat your last punishment? Do you?”

“No, miss. I woke up wet,” Rebecca said automatically. That small reminder of her recent spanking was enough to scare her straight for the time being. Wait, how does this video know that I was lying?

Rebecca wondered.

“That’s a good girl,” the cartoon said. A tingle of pleasure shot through Rebecca’s pussy. “Now it’s too soon to change you, little one. You have such a big diaper on. I’m positive it can hold a lot more before we have to change you. How about we go and get some breakfast. I’m sure someone is starving after a long night of sleeping.”

The scene transitioned to a stereotypical kitchen, modern in most aspects, and well kept.

“Here, let’s get you ready for your numnums,” the babysitter said. The girl reached towards the camera with her arms forward, as if she was trying to pick up Rebecca by the waist. Rebecca shivered as she suddenly felt pressure around her sides above her waist. Suddenly she was being picked up, her body moving against all logical explanations. She rose higher and higher until her feet dangled, now completely removed from the ground. Rebecca was able to swivel her head around, but there was no one else but herself in the nursery.

“Here we go, little one. Let’s get you tightly strapped into your highchair. Then you can have some breaky,” the babysitter said. Rebecca felt her bottom press against a solid surface. Her back was now being supported by something equally as hard. The sensation of being lifted by the waist faded, and Rebecca hung there in mid-air, supported by an invisible surface. Her attention returned towards the screen for answers. She could see the babysitter grabbing a couple of straps. She felt two straps being draped over her shoulders, and dangled down to just below where her breasts used to be. Then there were two that were horizontal to that point. These ones clicked each other and were tightened. Rebecca felt the straps bite into her flesh.

She squirmed, but it did her no good. She only succeeded in rubbing her skin a little raw against the rough fabric of the straps. The two shoulder straps were clicked into the anchor point, and tightened. Her torso was secured, no longer able to move. Rebecca had no choice but to watch the screen in complete horror as the babysitter continued. She felt a strap come up between her legs, and press tightly against her diapered mound. This strap followed the trend, and clicked into the anchor point, and was tightened, pushing the soggy padding firmly into her sex.

“There we go, all snug and secure. Now hold there as I get your numnums ready,” the babysitter said. She turned her back on Rebecca and went off to complete some tasks in the kitchen, in typical cartoon fashion. None of the actions she took made any realistic sense.

I hope I’m not going to have to eat any of that, Rebecca thought. Wait, can I even eat anything that she makes. I mean, she did get me up in this highchair, and it feels real, and the straps are biting into my skin. But then again, I am stuck in a room that never existed before, and things stopped making sense a long time ago. If I’m being fed, let’s at least hope that it tastes good.

“I hope you’re hungry, little one. I’ve prepared quite an assortment for you to enjoy today,” the babysitter said. “And since you’ve been good today, I won’ have to blend it all up together and force feed it to you.” The babysitter had a comically large sadistic smile on her face. “Now open up, little one, we have a lot to get through.”

The babysitter stepped aside, and behind her were several bowls and plates of prepared food, already pre cut and portioned for a toddler, or a charge bound to an imaginary highchair. She picked up one, and took a spoonful of what looked to be simplified scrambled eggs, and brought it towards Rebecca.

I guess I might as well play along, Rebecca thought. She opened her mouth and felt the cold metal surface of the spoon enter her mouth. she closed her Bayan escort mouth around it, and the spoon was pulled out, depositing warm, luxuriously tasting scrambled eggs in her mouth. Mmm, okay, maybe things won’t be so bad. Rebecca was more receptive after receiving the first tasting of food. It had been awhile since she had last eaten, and was hungrier than she had realized. She took spoonful after spoonful of food, and before she knew it, the stack of dishes on the screen had dwindled down to one last bowl.

“You’ve been such a good baby for me this morning, we just have one last bowl to get through. Open wide, little one,” the babysitter said. On the spoon was a lump of something purple and brownish. Rebecca, not wanting to upset her generous babysitter, opened her mouth to receive this last morsel. What is that? Rebecca wondered. It looks like some kind of fruit of vegetable, but I don’t recognize it. It was delicious all the same, and she swallowed it without reservation.

“That’s a good girl, taking your prunes like a champion,” the babysitter said.

Prunes?! She made me eat prunes? Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. That means that —

“Someone’s going to be making me quite a present later. Especially since I added a little something extra to push things along,” the babysitter said, her sadistic smile now back in full force. Rebecca shivered in her seat. That was the most resistance she could show for the time being.

“Now, let’s set you down for a bit so you can play while we let all that food in your tummy digest,” the babysitter said. Rebecca felt the imaginary straps unbuckle; her skin thankful for the relief. Then she felt the same pressure on her sides as she was lifted from her perch. She floated through the air, and the scene on the screen changed to a generic living room, complete with several different colourful plastic toys and imitations appliances.

“Here you go, little one, let’s put you into your playpen so I can go do some grown up things,” the babysitter said. Rebecca looked down, and on the floor beneath her, there was a huge playpen sized large enough to keep her penned in. It, like everything else, appeared from out of nowhere.

What the fuck is that? Rebecca wondered. How the fuck did that get here. I’m so done with all this magic bullshit. She was set down, this time on something tangible. She tentatively tried to move her limbs and was pleasantly surprised to find that they responded. She had complete control over her body for the first time since being hypnotized. That’s better.

Rebecca pushed herself up to her feet and found that the side of the playpen was just shorter than eye level, allowing her to see out of it, without issue. The paneling on the sides was a colourful opaque plastic-like fabric, that made it impossible to see out, unless she was standing.

“Be good, little one,” the babysitter said, as she stepped away off screen. Rebecca turned around, and her pink nursery was still there, at least on three walls of the room. Her playpen was loaded with lots of soft plushie toys, the kind that a toddler couldn’t possibly hurt themselves with when left unattended. Rebecca dropped down onto her bum. If I’m trapped in here, I might as well see what’s here, Rebecca thought.

A stray thought shot through Rebecca’s mind, burying all her adult thinking beneath it. There’s so many plushies!

She picked up each toy and began sorting them into two piles. The ones that she liked, and the ones that would remain as background characters, never to be touched again. The pile of the unwanted grew faster than the pile of desirables. Rebecca was particular like that, either it fit her lifestyle, or it was discarded. It became very clear that only the stuffies of bears or bunnies were kept, while all the other faux animals were relegated to the far side of the playpen.

With the sorting complete, the most adult task Rebecca could think of, she set to making up a narrative as to why all the animals were there. The first answer she came to was a tea party, to which she arranged all the chosen plushies around her in a circle, and began to serve them tea. She began to give the plushies names, and assign them personalities that fit them. She made jokes and laughed at the comments the animals made.

A few minutes later, the adult mind in Rebecca resurfaced. What in the actual fuck am I doing? She wondered. She dashed her arm across the gathered tea party guests and sent them flying into the walls of the playpen. There’s no way that I was actually enjoying that. Is there? Maybe it’s the hypnosis, or maybe it’s magic? I don’t know anymore. I’m too old to be playing with dolls. I need to rebel and assert myself or this will just continue without pause.

Rebecca grabbed the first thing that she could, a brown bear who was adequately named Mr. Brown Bear and tossed him over the side of the playpen towards the full-wall screen. The stuffed animal harmlessly bounced off the surface, hardly even making a sound. Mrs. Bun Buns was next, and the rest of her tea partying cohort followed soon after. By the time she made it to the undesired plushies, she threw them away with wild abandon, not even trying to make an impact on the hypnotic screen.

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All is Well

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


She stands in front of him, looking in his eyes as his whole demeanor demanded her total attention. She hoped he did not notice her shaking. She was so nervous. Not of him of that she is certain. She has known him only a short time but she knows in her heart that if there is such a thing as a soul mate he is hers!

As his lips touch mine for the very first time I feel like I have come home. I step closer and mold my body into his. My arms reach up and slide into his hair. His hands press against my ass. As he traces the curve of my ass, his tongue slides into my mouth. My moan is audible and his hands tighten.


I hear his words through my fog and I know exactly what they mean. We have spoken about our first meeting and I know what is desired. My fingers fumble on the hem of his tee shirt. I lift it from his body and again he reaches for me. Another mind blowing kiss steadies my nerves. I feel his hands on my bare skin under my sweater and they warm my skin.

As you release my mouth you step back. I feel you kick off your shoes. akbatı escort


My eyes search yours as my fingers unsnap your jeans. Your bulge extremely evident and I am so aware of your reaction to me. I take a deep breath to stop my shaking hands and slide the zipper down. My hands hook in the waist and begin to slide them down over your hips. I slide them down to your ankles and hold them as you step out.

You stand before me in briefs. My eyes lock on yours again as you pull me up to kiss my lips once more. Your tongue sliding in and tasting me. Mine teasing yours. Stroking the length, circling around the tip. Your cock throbs against my stomach with each stroke. We both know my tongue will be doing the same to that same cock.


My nerves return once more. Now is the point of no return. Your eyes hold mine and I see what I need and the breath that I was holding is released as are all inhibitions and nerves. I kiss down your neck to your shoulder. Kissing aksaray escort your chest to your left nipple. My tongue flicking it. Making it hard. My teeth close around it gently and I suck. My hands slide in the waist band of your briefs and caress your ass cheeks. I hear your moan and it excites me. I slide the briefs down now kissing your stomach as I lower myself down.

Your glorious cock is so proud and hard is before my mouth. I take it in my hand for the first time and feel the heat of it. Feel the strength of it. I look up at you and see your nod at my unspoken words.

I lick across the head once to taste the salty drop of precum. I close my eyes as I squeeze the base and press the head to my lips. Pushing them down and around, you feel my warm wet mouth surround the head.

“Open your eyes!”

I do so and you are looking down at me. You watch your cock slide into my mouth. I feel your hips pressing forward and I am not afraid.

I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. atakent escort My hands move to your ass cheeks as you are deep in me. The head tickling the back of my throat. Your hands in my hair. Pressing gently but not forcing. We move in unison for a few strokes until you pop out of my mouth. I am confused. My eyes question.

“Not yet.” I hear you whisper.

Again you pull me up. Our kiss a little more intense. I feel your hands now lifting my sweater. I lift my arms and it is removed. You slide my shorts down my legs and I am frozen. I shiver. Not from cold. You rub my arms.


Almost as if you hear my thoughts. Your one word stills my panic. I step out of them. Your hands mold to the curves I hate so much but you don’t seem to notice. Finding your way to the valley of my breasts. You stroke the curve of each as you unclasp the bra. It falls open and my breasts are free to your caress. The nipples harden instantly and you cannot resist taking one in your mouth. When you bite on it gently I feel my juices begin to flow. You release it to continue.

When your hands go to my panties. I clench them. I stop you. I am scared! You understand my fear but do not allow it. Your hands remove my last bit of dignity and I stand before you. I cannot make my eyes reach yours. You tilt my head up and force them to see.

“All is well.”

And with those words I am free.

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Girls Night Ch. 01

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Author’s note:

I started writing this without much of an idea where I wanted to go. The idea was to write a foursome, but I quickly discovered I wanted to go elsewhere. I say this because, to those that expect an epic foursome, this story might be somewhay disappointing. This story has other qualities. I plan to do a real foursome some other time. The title for that has been stuck in my head for quite a while: Too Many Boots To Handle. The imagination runs wild…

For now, enjoy this story!


A knock came on my door. “Enter,” I said.

My younger sister Jenna peeped through. “Hey Max. Can I invite a few friends over tonight? Just two of them.”

“Of course, there’s room enough.”

“Thanks.” And she was gone.

I didn’t exaggerate when I said we had room enough: we lived in a villa. My bedroom had almost as much space as a suburban terraced house, and between me, Jenna and our parents, I had the smallest. If my sister threw a wild party in her rooms on the opposite side of the house, I wouldn’t hear.

She asked me because our parents were out of town for the weekend for some conference–I hadn’t paid attention when they told me its topic.

I would be spending the weekend behind my computer, fixing the graphics of the latest videogame me and my friends were working on. Progress was slow, the work cumbersome.

My phone pinged.

We’re ordering sushi. Want some? Jenna’s text read.

I looked at the clock, dazed. It was already 6 PM, three hours since she’d appeared at my door. Time passed quickly in the flow, and I found myself hungry. Yes, I sent back.

Some thirty minutes later I heard giggles followed by a rap on the door. I answered.

I thought my eyes must have betrayed me, for three hot girls stood out in the hall.

The first was a cute redhead who looked up at me with big brown eyes. Freckles flowed from her nose over to her blushing cheeks. She sized me up, cocked her head, her two-inch hoop earrings swaying, and smiled.

The second girl was equally vivacious, her dark hair in stark contrast with her light complexion. She wore it in a loose bun, curly stands that had escaped it framing her beautiful face. She stuck out her chest and batted her long lashes at me.

The third was a pretty blonde–the perfect completion to the trio. She held up her perky breasts with arms folded underneath. Any guy could lose himself in the thought of burying his face in her bosom. And such deep green eyes did she have…

I blinked. Her lips were pursed and her brow furrowed. That was Jenna I’d just described. Amid her friends, my brain had turned her into a hot girl as well. I counted the months I’d last had sex. Four. That explained why my stomach cramped, boiling with desire.

“Hello, brother.” Her voice was as cold as her glare. “We have your sushi.” She shoved it into my hands.

I had to clear my throat before I could speak. “Thanks.”

“My friends here insisted they come along to see more of the house. We were just leav–“

“Aren’t you going to introduce us, Jenna?” the redhead said.

She sniffed. “Fine. This is Elaine…” The redhead gave a perky wave. “…and this is Selene.” The dark-haired girl winked. “Ladies, meet my brother Max.”

“It’s a pleasure,” I said.

“Oh, I’m sure it is,” Jenna said with a thunderous look. “Now–“

“Did you ladies meet Jenna in college?” I asked. It was a fair assumption; she was in her first year, and her only other friends were her old ones from high school, most of which I knew. I didn’t know these new friends of hers, but I already liked them better.

“Yes, we’re in the same class,” Selene said.

“Are you alone?” Elaine said, peeking into my room. “You can come eat with us if you want. We make for wonderful company.” Selene nodded at that.

That wasn’t a hard choice. I gave them my best smile. “Let me shut down my computer. I’ll be right there.”

Elaine and Selene filed into my room behind me, noting my open project on my monitors. “What are you working on?” Elaine asked.

“It’s a game.” I sat behind my desk, a girl hanging over each shoulder as I showed it to them. They leaned in close enough that their hair brushed against my face, Elaine’s loose red on the left, Selene’s strands of black on the right. Their perfume, sweet and light, intoxicated me. I breathed deep to take it all in.

“Ahem.” The three of us turned. Jenna still stood in the doorway. “Do you mind? I’m hungry.”

“No, of course.” I shut down my computer and we left the room. We walked up the wide, crimson-carpeted stairwell, through hallways lined with Corinthian columns–my parents had particular tastes. Elaine launched a further inquiry after my game; she liked to play games with her siblings. “You should see my gaming room,” I told her.

We entered the anteroom to Jenna’s rooms, which had doors to her gym, her study and a small movie theatre, then penetrated through into her bedroom. I hadn’t been here in years. She’d redecorated istanbul Escort Bayan it into a young woman’s bedroom with floral bedsheets, art on the walls, and a lot of mirrors: a full-person mirror, three above her make-up drawer, and several hand mirrors just lied around. The west-facing wall was windowed from floor to ceiling, a sliding door leading to a balcony with an impeccable view of the garden. The setting sun was a glowing ball that bathed the room in orange light.

We wordlessly arrayed four stacks of pillows on the plush carpet–there were no chairs to seat us–and dug into our sushi.

We all enjoyed the moment as the sun slowly sunk, reddening, until the horizon started swallowing it, licking sliver after sliver off its bottom. Nobody dared break the silence. Jenna didn’t even snort as Ela 6ine rested her head on my shoulder, though I caught her look from the corner of my eye.

The sun disappeared, but left a red sky in its wake. We’d long finished our dinner when that too faded, first to yellow, then blue, ending with a dark purple. Elaine let out a heavy sigh of contentment while Jenna pulled the drapes closed to banish the scenery and turned on the lights. We shifted our pillows from a row to sit in a circle, legs crossed and stealing long glances.

Within seconds, the atmosphere shifted from relaxed back to charged.

“That was beautiful,” Selene said. “But you haven’t yet experienced the true pleasure of our company, Max. Stay a while longer.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to intrude on girls’ night.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she quickly said before Jenna could usher me out. “Actually, we were going to dress up from Jenna’s closet. We could use a male opinion.”

“Do we, really?” Jenna asked.

“Definitely,” Elaine said, laying a hand on mine. “Beauty is in the eye of the perceiver, and as a college girl, a man’s eye is most important of all. We have to learn what appeals to men.”

“All right, I’ll stay, for educational purposes,” I laughed.

“I’ll go first.” Selene rose gracefully and disappeared into an adjoining room, Jenna’s closet. My sister loved to shop for clothes. Each month she spent tons on outfits and shoes, and it all disappeared into that room once she’d worn an item more than twice.

Elaine and I chatted about college life as we waited on Selene. Jenna kept herself out of it with a sour expression.

Selene returned sooner than I’d expected, considering the overwhelming amount of choice she must have had and ladies’ tendencies to take their time. She pranced into the room in a slim light-blue dress that hugged all her body’s curves. The dress had a dipping neckline to display a large amount of bosom, overtly sexual yet somehow it maintained an air of elegance to match Selene’s essence. The hem hung just below her perfect ass to show off her long, shaven legs which disappeared into a pair of white sneakers.

Elaine gasped, and Selene did a twirl. “And?” she asked me.

“You look gorgeous,” I told her frankly. “But you might be a little overdressed for some occasions. Would you wear this on a first date?”

“Probably not.”

“That’s the real challenge, to be alluring in your mundane outfits. This you pull of amazingly, but if you also manage to pull off your everyday clothes… You’d be irresistible.”

Selene nodded thoughtfully, then sat down. “You try that, Elaine,” I said.

“Yay,” she said, bouncing into the closet.

“Where did you buy this…” Selene asked Jenna. I tuned out as they discussed stores, staring at Selene’s voluptuous body. She noticed, often turning to smirk at me. In those moments, Jenna snuck a furtive glance at Selene, too. I was glad she didn’t entirely hate this.

Elaine emerged in a long-sleeved, high-necked, white sweater that covered only her chest, exposing a tight stomach, and a short red skirt dotted with white circles. She was detail-oriented, that much she made clear with her jewelry–hoops through her ears and rings on her fingers–, but also by staying within her color palate; her nails had already been lacquered red, which would only look good with black, white or red. She twirled like Selene had, her skirt flaring just high enough that I saw her underwear from my position on the floor.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes! That is what I mean. While this is a pretty ordinary outfit, in my eyes you look incredible. Do you know why?”

Elaine shook her head. Selene and Jenna gave me curious looks.

“Proximity breeds attraction. While this is not as hot as Selene’s outfit, the fact that I’ve seen its like worn quite often more than makes up for that, because I’ve learned to love it. Studies have been done on this, showing that over time, new couples find each other increasingly attractive. The same goes for your outfits.”

Elaine sat down, pensive. “That makes sense, now that you say it,” Selene said. Elaine nodded in agreement.

“Now, put your feet in the middle,” I commanded. “Let’s istanbul Escort talk shoes.” They did, stretching their legs so their feet rested in the middle of our circle. Only Jenna didn’t move. Elaine wore a pair of white sneakers similar to Selene’s. It was quite like Jenna to buy the same pair twice. She’d probably forgotten she owned the first when she bought the second.

“You can never go wrong with these sneakers, but they are a little boring. This is just one guy’s opinion, but a pair of boots make any outfit better.”

“Ooohh,” Elaine cooed, “what do you have in mind?”

I knew that Jenna had anything I could come up with. I was limited only by my creativity. “Selene, try some high heels, they’ll accentuate your figure. That can be either stilettos or blocked heels, but find something elegant that suits your dress.” She disappeared into the closet. I took a moment to inspect Elaine to come up with something for her. She was beautiful as she blushed at me. “How about combat boots?”

“Yes, good idea!” She smiled and hopped off.

Only Jenna and I remained, accompanied by an awkward silence. She wouldn’t even look at me, and I didn’t bother talking to her. I knew she was mad, but I was having too good a time to care.

The girls returned having followed my suggestions. Selene wore a pair of black stilettoed leather ankle boots. “Are you sure?” she asked.

“Oh, definitely,” I said.

Elaine had chosen a clunky pair of combat boots, adorned with a metal zip at the front, long laces tied over it and then the buckles strapped them down so she wouldn’t trip. We grinned at each other. I didn’t need to compliment her. She knew.

They lowered themselves onto the pillows and turned to Jenna. “What are you going to wear?” Elaine said.

“Uh… This.”

“Come on…” She tried to convince Jenna to join.

Selene leaned into me and whispered, “I’ll talk to her.” I nodded. “Jenna, can we talk in the hall?” she interrupted Elaine.

Jenna nodded and they left Elaine and me alone.

“So…” I said.

She smiled. “So…”

“I get why Jenna brought you two here.”


“Growing up, we had trouble fitting in, with such rich parents. When she brought home friends in the past, it usually caused a rift between them. It must mean she really likes and trusts you.”

“Aw, thanks!” The conversation trailed off again, but we maintained eye contact. She sat beside me, her legs pointed at me. I put a hand on her boot, heart battering against my chest.

Hold on. I’d forgotten to check. Jenna was eighteen, that could mean… “How old are you?” I asked, panicky.

She smiled. “We’re all eighteen, silly.” She rubbed her other boot over my hand. “How old are you?”

I squeezed her foot. “Twenty-one.”

She couldn’t contain herself any longer. She leaned forward, slowly, her eyes intent on mine. She was so pretty, her lips looked so soft, perfect for kissing.

Elaine abruptly sat back and retreated her boots. Stunned, I started to ask what was wrong, when the door opened, and Jenna and Selene entered.

Jenna turned straight into her closet.

“What did you say to her that changed her mind?” I asked Selene as she sat back down.

She laughed. “Nothing. I Frenched her, and now she’s horny, ready to do anything.”

“Oh,” Elaine said, “well, in that case…” She jumped at me, not to kiss me, but to pull my shirt over my head. “Wanna lend me a hand?” she asked Selene.

Four feminine hands stripped my clothes away, and I was quickly naked, my throbbing weapon saluting the two girls. There was a silence. “I want your boots,” I said.

“Yay!” Elaine exclaimed. She jumped on Jenna’s two-person bed and lay on her back, knees bent and presenting her boots to me. Selene raised an eyebrow at me. “Come,” Elaine encouraged her, patting the bed beside her, and Selene took the same position next to her.

I went to my knees before the bed, faced with two completely different pairs of boots. Elaine’s had heavy platform soles that made them bulky, whereas Selene’s were elegant with tall, slender heels. In a sense they were polar opposites. I noted how small the girls’ feet were, just like Jenna’s. Cute.

But which to choose first?

I settled on Elaine; while Selene still looked doubtful, Elaine brimmed with excitement to have her boots licked.

I started slowly, with a kiss on the toes, then soft licks. I guessed Jenna hadn’t worn these boots more than ten times, for they were dusty yet good as new. Above me, Elaine lifted her skirt and pulled her thong aside to bare her shaven pussy.

I shifted over to Selene’s boots, treating the leather to tiny prods of my tongue. She soon drew her dress up to her waist, showing me she hadn’t worn a slip to begin with.

I turned back to Elaine, who giggled as I licked with my full tongue, hungrily attacking. She played with her feet, poking back at my tongue with her toes, and rubbed her clit.

Selene stroked Escort istanbul herself too, a wonderful sight as I took the toes of her boots into my mouth–something I couldn’t do with Elaine’s thick soles–and fucked them.

I climbed onto the bed before the girls to stick my cock between their boots.

“What are you doing!?” Jenna stood in the door opening, in a white dress that emulated Selene’s and suede thigh-boots.

“What does it look like?” Selene said. “Come join us!” Jenna set a step forward, then hesitated. “What is it?” Selene asked.

“I…I’m a virgin,” she said.

“Don’t worry about that,” Selene said. She pointed at me. “You. Lie on the bed.” Though a little disappointed I didn’t get to fuck her and Elaine’s boots, I obliged. “Come,” she beckoned Jenna, “I’ll show you how to, and then you can practice on a real cock.”

The pair positioned themselves on either side of my waist, and Selene started her lesson on riding cock. Elaine appeared on her knees beside my face. She raked her fingers through my hair and smiled. “You want to continue with my boots?”


She reclined to my side and lowered the dusty sole of her boot onto my mouth. I cleaned every grove for her. I gave her my hand, which she guided to her pussy, plugged her with two digits, and fingered her.

Selene and Jenna watched me worship Elaine’s dirty boots for a moment, perplexed, but quickly turned their attention back to my cock and how to ride it. “I’ll go first,” Selene said, preparing a reverse cowgirl.

She slid with her cunt down onto me and sat down with me balls-deep into her. “You don’t have to go this deep right away, just feel what is comfortable for you. Then, slowly move your hips back and forth, taking him in and out, at whatever pace feels good for you.” She demonstrated, thrusting my cock into her, first slowly, then quicker and quicker, rocking my body as she moved hers, which made it harder to hit the spots of Elaine’s boots I wanted to lick. Then she stopped, my manhood buried deep inside of her. “Now you try,” she said, and rolled off.

Jenna climbed atop me, ready to lose her virginity to her brother. I didn’t think they saw me as her brother at that time, but as… a cock, a piece of meat. And I was more than happy to be just that.

Jenna rubbed her lips on my tip, then eased me in, breathing heavily. God, her virgin pussy was wet! And tight! She stopped with half my length inside of her, and very slowly pulled back, starting to fuck me, panting and moaning.

“Yes, go on,” Selene encouraged her, “you can do it, girl.”

I wanted to cum in her, so bad. It’d been four months, and I was more than ready. But I kept back, as good brothers do, and let her learn to ride.

Like Selene, Jenna still wore her dress, the hem hanging on her stomach. She pressed her suede legs against my body to balance herself, her feet pointed at me. I grabbed her booted foot with my spare hand.

By the time Elaine thought her first boot clean enough and offered me her second, Jenna had become more accustomed to my cock, and sped up. “Oh fuck,” she panted, thrusting her lips down to the base of my cock.

This continued a while, and I finished with Elaine’s second boot, too. She rid herself of her thong and went to her knees above my face. She lifted her skirt to bare a beautiful pussy, glistening after my fingers’ treatment. “Do you want to eat my pussy?” As if she even had to ask.

I leaned up to kiss her sweet lips. She lowered herself to sit on my face, and let her skirt fall over my head. She swayed her sexy hips slightly, fucking my tongue, and rested her boots on my chest. I grabbed them instead of Jenna’s, for she seemed the only one who liked the attention I gave her boots. “Oh, yes,” came her reply.

Jenna’s riding became irregular. “Oh, fuck,” she kept repeating.

“Yes, go on,” Selene said to her. “Lean into that feeling, it is good…”

Jenna arched her back. “OH MY GOD!” she screamed, ramming pulsing her pussy against my cock. “YES!”

Elaine lifted her skirt to share a smirk about my sister’s orgasm, then let it obscure my face again.

I slid out of Jenna as she got off me, panting. “Well done,” Selene said. “My turn.”

She climbed onto me, but my tip hit something much tighter than her pussy. Selene pressed and pressed, and forced my tip–well lubricated by Jenna’s orgasm–into her ass. She barely needed a warmup. Soon she had most of my length in her ass, and rode me hard. Jenna crept between my spread legs, her hair resting on my thighs. I could only assume she was eating Selene’s pussy.

Between Elaine sitting on my face and Selene taking me in her ass, I couldn’t hold out much longer. Apparently, the girls couldn’t either, for, within a few minutes, they both shook heavily. Selene’s orgasm passed quickly, her ass contracting around my cock, but I’d been building up Elaine’s a while longer.

She lifted her skirt so I could watch her cum. She threw her head back with a squeal, shuddering uncontrollably–her pretty red hair and golden earring dancing along with–and pressed her legs together with my head in between. With my tongue, I treated her orgasming clit, relishing the sweetness of her pussy. She grabbed my face between her hands and dug her long red nails into my scalp.

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